Bill Donahue – Origins of Christianity

Update 2023:

Here is a prime example of somebody who has learned the truth about the relatedness between Christianity and the ancient mysteries, but forms the wrong conclusions about it, not having the full picture, which can only be provided by Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. Christianity was not “copied” or stolen from the earlier mysteries, rather the earlier mysteries anticipated the coming of Christ, because they had access to an atavistic clairvoyance, which was then lost in later epochs. They were prophets, in the true sense of the term. Christianity completes the earlier mysteries, and the two can be reconciled. For more on this, read my recent post Christianity as Mythopoetic Allegory AND Historical Fact.

Please keep this in mind when reading Bill’s talk below –

From Bill Donahue’s “Origins of Christianity:”

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“Lets talk about where all this stuff came from. It’s sad that there’s a truth kept from people. Our religion is stolen and copied word for word from numerous old religions and cults. Its true, people get mad at you, saying you shouldn’t say that. You’re kind of damned as some kind of traitor or cultist or Satanist for saying this. Christianity is a religious concept that comes from many ancient beliefs: Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Chaldeans, Egyptians and Persians; they took something from everybody. The birth of Jesus is copied word for word from the birth of Hare Krishna. Devaki was a virgin, she found she was pregnant, an angel told her she was going to give birth to Hare Krishna who was God, the wicked King Kansa heard he was going to overthrow the kingdom, so he kills all the children 2 years and younger, so she gives birth in a cave, the stars were very auspicious, the shepherds were the first ones to come and see him.

So why did they copy it? And of course he was born on December the 25, which is when the sun has been born since the beginning of time because that’s the end of the winter solstice. If you want to track the origins of Christianity you can start in ancient Egypt, where science really flourished but there was a great contrast between the people who had money and the people who didn’t have any money. The people who had money were the priests and the politicians.  The Egyptians started this whole thing that turned into what we call Christianity, because they had a longing for immortality beyond the grave, that’s what they were looking for. So they invented this afterlife, and the entrance into the afterlife was based on how well a person practiced the religion, not how good they were, how well they practiced. In Christianity it’s not whether your good it’s whether you say the magic words. Do you receive Jesus Christ as Lord. Well they don’t do it, because Jesus taught the single eye meditation as the single thing you must do, and Christians don’t do it, so how can they be saved? Anyway..

Long before Jesus Christ, people tried to find salvation in what was called the kingdom of Osiris. Before Osiris was Ra, the father of all, and Ra came out of an egg, he layed an egg in the chaotic waters of the Earth and he himself came out of that egg. It’s the same thing as Mary being both the husband and mother of god. In that egg, is part and parcel of the Easter myth. It comes from the star of Babylon which is the goddess of fertility, the goddess of actual sex was Easter. Tammuz his husband and chief would die and every spring  he rose from a grey colored egg. They would have great celebrations but for 40 days before he rose, they stuffed the ashes, and mourned, and faced the east, and finally on the day of fulfillment they went to the temple and the women had to have sex with the first guy who went to church.

They had bunnies and chicks and this is the day Christianity accepts as his holy day. That by itself should tell you something is wrong here. Anyhow, when God came from the egg, he came from the egg he became Ra, Amen Ra. That’s interesting did you now that’s why you say Amen in your prayers you think it means ‘so be it,’ no, it is the name of the Egyptian sun god, homage to the Egyptian god Amen. In the temples of Egypt they would always chant out the name ‘amen, amen.” And Jesus calls himself the amen, in revelation 3:16 in which he identifies himself as the Egyptian sun god. And you say oh no, you’ve gone too far, Jesus wasn’t the Egyptians sun god. Matthew 2 says “Mary and Joseph took the child Jesus to Egypt, to fulfill the prophesy, ‘out of Egypt, I have called my son.’” Hmm…

Well when Ra was born out of the egg, he gave life to his daughter Maat, she represented spirit, then Thoth, his son, was the word. So you have Ra the father, Maat the spirit, and Thoth, the word. You have Jesus, Mary, Joseph, you have Jesus the son, God the father and the spirit. That’s the trinity! The word made flesh, was Thoth, John 1:14 “and the word was made flesh amongst us.” Which means going inside yourself in meditation.

And then in Memphis, Egypt, an interesting thing happened. The story of creation in Memphis was that God took his phallus in his right hand and masturbated and where the semen fell and touched the ground, life was given to earth. And you say well that’s terrible, but it’s not as bad as God impregnating a woman who had no idea what was going on.

And who was the born out of the semen that fell out of the sky from god onto earth? Adam, but it not Adam, it was spelled ‘Atum’, which is the same, the center of all life, the center of the universe. But the first person that was born according to the archives in Memphis was ‘Atum’, and the name was changed to fit English culture in Genesis.

Don’t you see, remember in Genesis it says God took a rib out of Adam to procreate Eve, when you take an electron from an atom, you multiply its the energy, the bible is saying that life began by the splitting of the atom. Aha! Course lot of fundamentalist will get upset at that ‘cus it makes too much sense. The bible makes sense when you get behind the words. So anyhow,

When Atum came forth to life, so did a brother-sister divinity called Shu and Tefnut and they gave birth to Seb the earth god, while the sky goddess, the head, the consciousness was Nut, well you don’t say ‘he’s a nut’ for no reason, the sky goddess out of Memphis was named Nut.

The Sumerians are an ancient culture, they dug canals, had agriculture, they brewed bread, beer. They lengthened the year from 360 to 365 days. The divine god who looked over their development was, the god man incarnate, in that which is carnal. In the center of the carnal mind is that holy place which we touch with meditation, but this particular god-man was known as Osiris. And the Egyptian legend about Osiris was the same as Jesus, he was human: his parent was god, was divine and human, it was the same story, just as the story of Hare Krishna. But there’s something that should be very familiar as I tell it from ancient Egypt which was the tribal totem, this was taken from ancient aboriginal tribes. An animal was slain and it then became the literal sacrifice of God, that’s God being killed and the people would eat the animal and absorb its power. You see, and its in Exodus 21, this is the thing you shall do, kill all these bulls and rams, it came out of Sumeria that’s where they did it, I mean the reason you have Jesus dying is the continuation of human sacrifice, prior to that they had animal sacrifice. And our Christian heritage is, Jesus comes to be lord and we want to spend eternity with Jesus. The Egyptians lived and died for Osiris, it’s the same story.

The mystery of Osiris, only those initiated into it could know its doctrines. For there was a great mystery and it says, “these things must be done secretly” written in the handwriting of God himself. You had to be initiated, now Jesus says in Mark 4:11 “unto you is given to know the mystery of the kingdom, but to those without, these things are done in parables.” And these parables these Christians take literally. In Matthew 13:34 it says ‘without a parable Jesus never spoke.’ The mystery of the kingdom, which has not been revealed to you, is that the kingdom of God is in the right hemisphere in your brain, and you can activate it and open the door by doing what Jesus did in John 21:6 and casting your net to the right side. How can people take this stuff literally, when you see it was duplicated years before in the years of the ancient mysteries of the Egyptians, Buddhists and Hindus, you copied it.

When you take it literally and think Jesus was the only resurrected savior, (he wasn’t,) or that Mary was the first virgin mother, (she wasn’t) but when you take it literally you destroy the real truth, that this was the same old story that was given to the every culture on the earth. It kills our relationships with other cultures, someone calls it Krishna so what its just a different name, why get ticked off about that.

People can’t hear it, when they hear it’s about astrology, and yet in Genesis one it says ‘let the stars be for signs.’  Well shouldn’t you figure out what they mean? Psalms 1:47 says ‘God named all the stars.’ why did He name them Sagittarius and Aquarius, nobody knows. The bible was written in the stars long before it was put on paper. You can read the bible in the stars. It say in Job 38, ‘can you bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades, can you loose the banes of Orion,’ they’re stars, and in the bible it says they can influence people. It’s a shame we have been made ashamed and afraid of nature, and pin our hopes of a religion that goes no further than a book.

The Sun God Ra, from Egypt means the ‘divine mind’. He got married to Nut, the spiritual, the emotional mind. He caught Nut embracing Seb the Earth God, now what you have here is a myth, the human spirit Nut which was emotion, was embracing the lower mind Seb. We are taking from the lower mind when we are committing adultery, we should be taking from the higher mind, in the lower thoughts are where you get in trouble. But Ra decreed that this due to this communion, or this intercourse that her offspring could not be born on any day of the year. Along comes Thoth, (like Christ: the word)who intervened on her behalf, and added 5 additional days to the calender, making the Earth coincide with the seasons, so Thoth resurrected Nut, and she gave 5 children for those 5 days: day 1 Osiris, Horus, Set, Isis, and Nephtis. And Isis married Osiris and they gave birth to Horus too, there’s a statue of Isis, sitting on a chair, and she has baby Horus on her lap and on one Catholic cathedral that exact sculpture shows baby Jesus on the lap of Mary.

When Osiris was killed, his body was cut in 14 parts. And Isis went all over looking and found most parts but missed his phallus, so she had a cast of it made. A model of his erected penis was sent to all the temples in Egypt, all these temples had to display it in a prominent place. That is why we have steeples on our churches today. And I know that’s hard to to take. But, Genesis: genitals, the birth of all life, we make it filthy but it’s a beautiful thing, and that was decreed by Isis. Anyhow, to make the long story short, Osiris ruled 28 years, and that 28 relates to the lunar cycle, of which women have a 28 day cycle, it call comes out of mythology.

Osiris had in his culture a wheat and the barley festival. People would take bread and beer and ‘become one with Osiris’ instead of actually eating people, which they did earlier. And when it came to Greece, it became the culture of Dionysus, and he was the God of wine, so the communion became one of bread and wine, of which we are part of today. We think its our holy communion, no its from Osiris, and Dionysus, copied.

That’s why Jesus said in John 6:53 “Unless you eat the flesh of man and drink his blood you have no life in you.” We’ll show deeper in discussions that the God Set is the origin of Satan, and the story of his making illicit advances to Isis. But for another time!

Watch the rest here:


(Preview) Why God Killed Moses:

Bill: The word god comes from the word good, ‘cus the Greeks wrote the bible and they got their philosophy from Socrates who talked about connecting the god with the good.

Initially the ‘supreme good’ fom Socrates became God from the bible, but you need a plunger to un-clog that stuff out you’ll never be able to get that word out. But there is a supreme photon, but that supreme photon has nothing to do with the God who slams us into submission. There is no entity known as God, we made that up out of the word, same as making up the word devil from the word for evil. Thus the struggle of God and Devil is the struggle of good and evil. But people look at them as real persons. If we made up the names, we really don’t know what their real names are.

We made up words. But if I walk over to Albert, and say “here is Arnold,” would you believe it? How can you give someone a name that doesn’t identify him and have everybody believe? We’ve given a wrong identity. The bible says god is light, which directs our attention to light as the source of life, which operates througout the universe, we can learn about it, cus its really there. Free from the constraints of these people telling us this crazy stuff. We can soar into the light, become one with it.

The teachings in the bible are hidden in deep symbols. The reasons is so that those people who want to use the truth to control the minds of others, will never really know the truth. It intentionally decieves people. Why do you speak in parables? Because to you it was given to know the mysteries, but not them. I don’t want them to know this stuff ‘cus if they can control that power they will misuse it to gain, to control other people’s lives. So what it means is only the disciples of jesus were given that understanding. “It was given to you,” he was talking to his disciples. Now what did he say? Seek first the kingdom of God, it’s within you, and then take no thought, separate yourself from the thoughts of the mind he then goes on to say: activate the pineal gland, if your eye be single your whole body will fill with light, and then he admonishes you you have taken away the key of knowledge because you have not entered within yourself and you are hindering other people. People who do that enter within themselves, stimulate the pineal gland, they are given to know the  mysteries. These are the instructions. Otherwise you will make up stories that will deceive you from knowing the truth.


In “Bill’s Bible Hits” he discussed what I found to be the most shocking of all: in the bible it states that the tribe of Judah had 186,400 members. This tribe was also hinted at being “the tribe of light.” Well this number is very close to hitting the nail on the head as the speed of light in miles!

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4 Responses to Bill Donahue – Origins of Christianity

  1. Jules says:

    I came across your site recently. Doing some digging and saw the Bill Donahue material. I happened upon him about 8 months ago – life changing. You may be right – the only pastor you’ll ever need. He never strays from his message – the outer world is our inner world. We are in charge.

    • Thanks. Yes, Bill Donahue was quite influential for me early on in my awakening. Now, several years after having written that post I would add Rudolf Steiner to the short list of pastors that one would need. Some commonality in their messages but also some variance.

  2. Robb Cormac says:

    So, I can’t bring myself to finish anything beyond the first paragraph because you’re blatantly lying immediately. No one can trust a word you say beyond that. If you’re too lazy or biased to read the stories for yourself, you probably shouldn’t be writing articles about them. I’d suggest doing some more research on the birth of Krishna (not Hare Krishna) in general if I were you. People don’t get mad because of the claim, they get mad because you lie.

    • Yeah, this is an old post (2015) that now I see has a lot of problems, although it contains some useful information as well.
      Your comment inspired me to go back and write a 2023 Update/Caveat, which I will paste here as well:

      Here is a prime example of somebody who has learned the truth about the relatedness between Christianity and the ancient mysteries, but forms the wrong conclusions about it, not having the full picture, which can only be provided by Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. Christianity was not “copied” or stolen from the earlier mysteries, rather the earlier mysteries anticipated the coming of Christ, because they had access to an atavistic clairvoyance, which was then lost in later epochs. They were prophets, in the true sense of the term. Christianity completes the earlier mysteries, and the two can be reconciled. For more on this, read my recent post Christianity as Mythopoetic Allegory AND Historical Fact.

      Bible as Mythopoetic Allegory AND Historic Fact

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