The Simon Parkes – David Huggins Connection

Simon Parkes: My earliest memory was prior to being born. I have a face projected into my mind, and I become aware. I realize there’s a lot in the world. I have been sleeping. I don’t know any dialogue but I’m extremely happy to know there’s a lot more to the world then I am aware of. The face is like a kite shape. Human features. Wasn’t unhappy. Pleasant experience. Next at about 6 months old, being in the cot, looking to the right at the slats of the cot, I see green things, bean poles, but I can’t sit up. Movement above my head. I look, there are two hands coming down to get me and they’re green, only four fingers not like mummy hand’s cus mummy’s hands are pink and has thumbs and there are five. I was picked up round the middle, didn’t hurt, just firm. Lifted straight out of the cot, head forced forward, didn’t hurt me, and I’m looking straight into their face, and research has referred to them as Mantids.


So it’s green, got very huge eyes, two tiny holes for a nose, a very thin slit mouth, and it actually enters my mind through my eyes, it sends a message which I feel going through my optic nerve into my brain and it says, “I’m your mother. I’m your real mother, your important mother.”

It was happy. I had a feeling of falling down a well, so you’re falling down a well but you’re not scared, you’ve lost control and you just falling but not a threatening feeling. From that, it started when I was three years of age and had chicken pox. My mother said I’m going to work now, they will look after you. “What did she mean by they?” I had no idea what she meant, didn’t realize what was going on. “Did they turn up?” Well, I had a sleep and was woken up, my name was called and there was a guy who looked at me like a waiter, in the room he had a tray of glass, and a tea towel over his left arm. I said, “who are you?” He said, “I’m a doctor.” Drink this it will cure your viral infection.


I drink that. I go to sleep and I am woken up again, there were two green beings which looked like my other mum, but they don’t have purple cloak on, I should have mentioned the other one had a purple cloak on. The doctors are eight feet tall, my other mother is nine foot, but they vary. So these ones have no robing at all, I say who are you? They say “we’ve come to make you better.” My chicken pox? “No that’s already been done we’ve come to make you better.” Is my mummy here? “Yes, she had given a message for you, my little Adam, with his back against the tree.” So I know that it was that mother, because no other mother would know that message for me. Because what had happened in between that time was that I had that message through my mind about Adam with his back against the tree. Because as a child I pushed my back against the pillow and pretended it was a tree. So what happened was they wanted to put something into my hand. And they show me, its like a marble. It’s not made of glass. Inside is a tiny speck. And they say we want to put this into your hand, do you give us permission? And my fear was cus it was so huge. “No, no, no,” they pick up on that, “it’s the casing,” they say. What’s inside, there’s a tiny black speck and that’s what they want into my hand, and I ask “does mummy want that, into my hand?” and they said “yes. Mummy has sent us to do this.” Mummy will know where you are all the time if you have this. If you get ill, we will know and help you. It is a good thing.” I then said, “is it a good thing?” and that throws them, because that’s the real questions isn’t it and the answer is, it’s a good thing if you accept it. If you want mummy to know where you are, it is good but if you don’t want those things it is bad. And they say to me you must make your choice. And I said “oh I want mommy to know where I am all the time.” So they say “bring out your hand like this.” And then the doorbell goes to the flat and they both stand stock still, they put they’re hands on my chest like this and I know that one of them is communicating with something else outside the room. And then the door opens and guys with black suits and sunglasses come in and as soon as they do they say “hello, hello” so that I am not scared. They draw handguns, I knew these from cowboy movies. They draw them and go through past me, and I say to one of the doctors, “who’s that?” They say, “human enforcement.” One of them walks to the front door and another one goes to the kitchen, the next thing is the little helpers, the grey creatures.

They always help the big ones, they start drawing the curtains, they can reach cus they got long bloody arms, and I say, “who is at the door?” They say, “them.” “Who’s them?” “Your government.” The doorbell goes again, they say to not telepathically communicate because in their world others can intercept it. If danger threatens, mummy will come with soldier guards, and we will take you to a place of safety. The doorbell goes a third time, they get tense. One of the guys, the human enforcement goes to the backdoor. There’s a curtain that covered it. He moved it, looking and then he is making hand signals. He moves the curtains more and more and I’m looking at a guy outside the window who looks just like him but his face is all long and stretched, and his body looks like it was stuffed with straw, it was all lumpy and he wasn’t moving right. But this guy is obviously an ally of the man inside because they are making hand gestures. Next thing the strange looking man who’s got a white shirt and black tie but he’s got a hat on this one, and he’s got the sunglasses. He’s walking very slowly to the middle of the backyard, and puts his hands up like this and looks up and starts spinning in circles in the middle of our little garden and that’s it, its clear then. The guys put their guns away and its O.K. to go on.

He takes my hand and I’m watching and its weird, there’s no blood but the skin how can I describe it, I start sobbing, there’s not pain but it looks weird. The doctor says to me look at all the lovely animals that have come from the zoo to visit you. And when I look there’s a giraffe, and a cheetah in the bedroom frolicking and playing. I know now that it was in my mind it was never real but obviously my attention is taken away, while I’m watching that, and then they disappear and I look , and there’s not a sign on my hand it looks absolutely fine.

Youtuber Vortek Starling makes the connection between Parkes stories and the artist, David Huggins:

“I’ll tell you exactly where Parkes got the idea for his story from, a guy named David Huggins. Read this: and you’ll see how similar Parkes’ story is to Huggins’. Huggins claims to have been visited by a mantis alien at age 8 and to have fathered children with them. He also has a penchant for making colorful drawing of the aliens and various scenes of him with them. That’s exactly what Parkes did. Parkes went out of his way to draw a bunch of colorful pictures just like Huggins. It’s such an obvious ripoff of Huggins that I’m surprised that nobody here or anywhere else has mentioned it yet. I guess it’s because Huggins lives in Hoboken New Jersey while this Parkes guy lives in the UK, where nobody ever heard of Huggins.”

Is Parkes ripping of Huggins? Or do the similarities actually boost their reliability? Tall greys with wigs and purple cloaks, small grey clones, making hybrid babies, and the mantis beings (which are apparently the ring leaders).
Crescent, who deflowered artist David Huggins.
They both are genuinely grateful for the alien intrusion into their lives.

Corey Armpriester: “David’s paintings may be the work of a madman; or David may be the victim of childhood trauma abuse; or the most radical scenario of all, David may be painting the truth.”

Dr. Karla Turner: “If you think the abduction agenda is just to make hybrid babies you haven’t looked at all the facts…”

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