John Lash – The Gnostic Myth Of Sophia and The Birth Of The Archons

2019 UPDATE/Caveat – It is quite possible Lash is another gatekeeper for the flat earth or just misinformed himself about the true cosmology, nevertheless there is some valid info here that should be satisfactory for newcomers to the Gnostic Myth.

Writer, researcher John Lamb Lash interviewed on TheHighersideChats (THC).

Lash: “Many of us have come to understand the simple fact that if something is repressed, it is probably important for human survival and that certainly applies to the intel of the Gnostics and what I call the Sophianic myth of the mysteries, the pre-Christian pagan mysteries. Historically speaking the story of the Aeon ‘Sophia’ which you can consider as a narrative, has been the single most repressed piece of knowledge in all of human history. And we have been very lucky to have been able to recover this piece of knowledge from the mystery schools, this gem of a narrative because of documents discovered in Egypt in 1945 and other materials, very meager, as you know scant materials in a rather shambolic and disordered condition, but none the less if you apply discipline to organize those materials as I’ve done, and if you pull together the plot it turns out that the material from the Gnostics contains the single and comprehensive description of the origin of humanity and of life on this planet. The single coherent description. And this is kind of a shock, that even though I can say it in plain English it doesn’t necessary register on people’s minds. But that is a fact, it’s not a claim I’m making about the gnostic explanation of how humanity originated, and the origin of ET or alien intrusion on our world, the origin of the planet itself, the origin of the 3 Abrahamic religions and all this. I’m not just making a claim that I think it is better than any other. It is the only complete and coherent explanation of those things that exists, and that is a fact.

This narrative is not something that can be spoon-fed to the human mind. Some of you may be hearing about this narrative for the first time. Some of you may already be familiar with my work. The Gnostic intel in the Sophianic narrative cannot be received merely as information, in a passive manner. The nature of this information is so powerful it’s like a psychoactive plant influencing with your mind. When you take a psychoactive plant you must interact with the intelligence of that plant. Well likewise the Sophianic narrative is like a living entity. It is so powerful that if you are going to take it on you must realize that you cannot be a passive recipient but a participant, who evolves and develops this information, actively.

The four key factors of the Sophianic myth can be outlined simply because the nature of the human mind is to seek answers. They may be a lot of people on the planet who are not interested in the answers to certain ultimate questions. Those human animals who are still awake and functioning as intelligent creatures are certainly going to have the craving to ask certain questions. What are these questions?

  • Where does human life originate?
  • How did the planet earth itself come to exist?
  • Are there alien or external entities who are inimical to the human species and pray and attack on the human species?
  • What is it about the human mind that has brought us to situation in the world today where many things in our social order seem to be going very badly wrong? How did humanity get on such as track to self-destruction?

The Sophianic narrative answers these questions in a coherent and very lucid manner. If you are not satisfied with the answers that might come from religion, and you are still looking might do well to look at what the Gnostics said. So now I will tell you. OK?

First of all, what I call the Sophianic myth is really the story about a Goddess. It’s a narrative about a central character and that character is not a God, it’s a female divine being on the cosmic or galactic level. And her name is Sophia which means ‘wisdom.’ We could give her other names but this is the traditional name given to us by the intel.

The story that contains the answers to these ultimate questions is really her biography. Human beings love stories. This is a story, it’s not a made-up story I must emphasize.  It’s a story that was constructed through many centuries of careful investigation and teamwork by shamans who were capable of investigating such mysteries. And so it is a story that comes from a source of high authenticity. So what the Gnostics told us, these ancient seers, or shamans, was that in order to understand what we are doing on this planet we have to go back to the origin of human species or the human genome which they called the Anthropos, a Greek word, you can translate it as the seed of genome of the Anthropine species. We are the Anthropine species. So how did that species originate? In the core of the galaxy of which we are currently located. So the first thing you could say or do when considering this creation story is that it is set in our galaxy. The setting is important, think of any novel you’ve read or movie you’ve watched. It has to be in a setting. The Gnostics tell you precisely what the setting is, it’s not the universe at large or some place beyond time and space where everything miraculously originates. No. The setting is in the galaxy that we are in. Human beings living today have one thing in common we are all inhabiting a planet. That planet belongs to a solar system, a central system and that solar system is embedded in a galaxy. We are in fact embedded in the third arm of a lenticular spiral galaxy. And it has 4 encircling arms, like a pinwheel. That is the cosmic setting of the Sophianic myth. It does not purport to explain how galaxies originated, and we know there are billions of such galaxies as we know today. It simply goes to our galaxy and to the core of our galaxy.

According to the Gnostic seers who investigated the universe with their minds, at the center of our galaxy at the hub which is about 26 thousand light years from where we are, we are out in the limbs, there at the hub is a huge mass of luminosity. And this is something that astrophysicists would also say. This whole galaxy is alive in two different ways. The way it appears as the core of the galaxy which they called the Pleroma, is different from the way life appears in the four circling arms, called the galactic arms. But there is life all through the galaxy. What they taught was that beings, actual living self-conscious beings, divine beings, Gods and Goddesses if you will, capable of acts of will, of perception, seeing feeling, sensing, just like other living creatures, inhabit the core of the galaxy. So the core of the galaxy in which there are no stars and no planets but only a kind of unformed vast ball of stellar luminosity. This was the habitat of these beings which they called Aeons. So Aeon is the Gnostic word for a God, and they discerned that there are male and female gendered Gods. And that is not so hard to understand because if you think of the Aeons as powerful currents, torrents of Energy, that they would be comparable to positively and negatively charged fields.

So these beings should not be regarded as angelic. Don’t picture them as having any sort of anthropomorphic form. We can ascribe to them feelings, and thought, and will, but if you need to conceive them or visualize them, the best way to do it is as vast torrents or serpent-like currents of energy. They are like great sky dragons and serpents of light, that swim and dance and circulate in the core of the galaxy. This is what the myth says. And the story of humanity begins there. Because the myth says very specifically that these Aeons have a way that they pass their time. They live for countless millions of years, as long as the galaxy lives, and it is their pleasure and way to use their time, to perform experiments. So one way to think of them is as scientists, or like artists and scientists, a combination, who love to create experiments. And one of the ways that they do this is by designing life forms. They design genomic patterns, or what is technically called genomic plasm. And they design these plasms. So if you were to ask a Gnostic where does the human genome originate, they would simply say, it is designed in the galactic core by Aeons, for the purposes of conducting an experiment. This is the explanation they give for the origin of our life form and all other life forms in the galaxy. The DNA of humanity is one consistent plasm of nucleic acid. So this particular genome that came to be manifested as humanity on the Earth was designed according to two Aeons, a male Aeon called Thelete and a female Aeon called Sophia. They gave us these names for the purposes of human intelligence we need names to define things.

THC: “So there is an element at this point, it seems like this plasm has been doled out, to places other than Earth in pervious cycles, and apparently it originated near the Orion nebula, which is interesting because of the Vatican’s interest in the Orion Nebula and all their symbolism hidden in their paintings.”

Well it’s a good point because it brings us to the logical question which follows now: if the human genomic plasm was actually designed by these divine beings in the galactic core, then how did they deploy it so it could unfold in an experiment? Well according to the Gnostic view of our galaxy there is no sentient life or even stars and planets at the core of our galaxy because the massive stellar luminosity at the core is at a constant state of eruption that does support any structures of life, so if life as we know it is going to appear in the galaxy it has to have another environment, so that is what the galactic limbs provide.

The living creature of the Anthropos emerges in the planets in the galactic arms in this way: once the Aeons have designed a creature, a living plasm, they actually project it into the outer arms by a method that can be compared to a device used to fertilize an ovum artificially – a pipet. A long glass nozzle used to capture a sperm when the sperm is then injected into an ovum in artificial insemination. The Aeons emanate a kind of stalk of light from the galactic core and through that stalk they implant the plasm into some place in the galactic limbs and there are many many places that they could do that. So it follows from the logic that there are many life forms evolving all around in our galaxy and there are literally millions of different planets that support life forms in our galaxy.

So in order for this process to develop in a way that is of interest to the Aeons, they like to have the experiment be left to its own development. So they don’t control the experiment after a certain point. Once the human genome was designed it was implanted in the third arm in this spiral galaxy in a particular place, and there are places that are especially favorable to the nesting of these plasms. These places are called molecular clouds. The Orion nebula is a molecular cloud. What scientists now know and to my knowledge this has been only a matter of common knowledge for a bout 10 years, is that these molecular clouds are saturated with water. Well don’t you think that a cloud of water, of mist, its immense by the way, more immense that a solar system, would be an ideal place to deposit this living plasm. Because we know life needs water.

So according to that scenario the Aeons implanted this genome which had been designed by Thelete and Sophia into the molecular cloud of the Orion Nebula and then they just let it be. Well what happens next? Well the Aeons do not control the way the experiment unfolds, they are interested in seeing how it happens according to the conditions provided by the cosmos. They do not interfere, they don’t have a beginning, middle and end plan for these experiments, because they like to leave them open-ended, they respect the freedom of the experiment, it may crash, or it may develop in a beautiful and harmonious way. This is what makes it interesting.

Now, in Gnostic cosmology it’s not correct to say that the Earth is just another planet which happened to arise the galactic arms due to the perpetual conditions of materialization and dematerialization of stars and planets. It’s not correct because the Gnostics said, and it’s from the gospel of Phillip, and its one single line “the world system you inhabit came about due to an anomaly.” Now some scholars translate that last word as a mistake. Due to a mistake, or somethings that was not predicted to happen. It wasn’t a mistake, but the planet did emerge in a bizarre manner. Normally planets arise by a natural process of accretion of matter in the galactic limbs, but the Gnostics say the planet earth was special, an anomaly due to the fact that the Aeon Sophia became so fascinated with how this species would develop, and she became so identified with her creation and with its evolution, that she did something which Aeons do not normally do. She left the galactic core, she plunged out into the arms and became involved in the laws of materialization, gravity, electromagnetism and so forth that work in the arms, and as a result of her fall, this is called “the fall of the Wisdom Goddess,” she herself, turned into the planet earth. So what the Gnostics teach is that we are living on a planet which is a habitat of nature consisting of oceans, forests. rivers, and all of that is actually the materialization of a divinity or Goddess from the galactic core. So the very divinity or goddess that designed us is present right now in this planet, present to us, we can reach her, contact her, know she is present, and communicate and interact with her, and this is an extraordinary situation.  Keep in mind that there are many other planetary laboratories in which this is not the case.


Now finally we come to the even more bizarre phenomenon which is called in the gnostic teachings the “generation of the Archons.” Now as you probably know, but others listening may not know, I introduced the word archons into the discourse about 12 years ago, and since then it’s been taken up by many people, but people need to recognize two things. First of all, I spoke of it the way the Gnostics taught. I didn’t speculate on my own ideas about ET’s. I didn’t use the Sitchin hypothesis. (ET’s engineering the human genome). That is not true. ET’s did not engineer the human genome. The Aeons at the core of the galaxy are our true cosmic parents. What I did was I followed the gnostic intel and I reported on the Archons based on the Gnostic intel. And the second thing that I did which unfortunately many people disregard, is that I stressed that the Gnostics taught that the archons or the ET parasites that prey on humanity, came about as a result of Sophia’s action. That she accidentally produced these Archons. And I can’t think of anyone who used the word Archon today who includes that important piece of information.

“Right you need that whole context to understand what the Archons are. And there is also an element in terms of our solar systems composition that involves the Archons. Maybe you could discuss that.”

Sure let’s make that the last piece of our discussion. The first thing that happened as a result of the plasmic discharge from the galactic core, was that it produced this bizarre species, these insect-like cyborgs called Archons. now if you want to understand this phenomenon you have to investigate the Acari insects, or specifically the abiogenesis of the Acari insects. This was an experiment that was done about 1830 by a man named Andrew Crosse. He produced tiny insects, like mites, by the generation of an electromagnetic field. This is a fact. And I didn’t know this fact when I first reconstructed the Gnostic myth!

images (17)The people who provided us the intel on the Archons and they profiled their nature brilliantly, they described how they abduct souls by night, which you would call ET abductions, they described the appearance as being of a neo-nate form, that is to say a prematurely born fetus with large eyes and a big head, and spindly limbs, all this they described. Well have some respect folks, because the people who gave you that intel also told you where they originated, so don’t ignore that part of the intel. They originated in the solar system before the earth was created, before Sophia herself turned into the earth. And they were given the task, by Sophia, and given the power to organize material and elementary substances into their own habitat, so they created the solar system, independently of the Earth, Sun and Moon. And that solar system that they created that belongs to the Archons is the inorganic part of our solar system, that is to say the inorganic planets: Mercury Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, are productions of the Archons and the habitat of the Archons. they live primarily, as far as I can tell in the rings and moons of Saturn. But they are able to travel through the solar system and impinge upon the earth, but they cannot invade the earth, because they cannot live here because oxygen is toxic to them. They are an inorganic species that mainly attacks humanity through telepathic means and by implanting deviant ideas into the human mind. So this is the gnostic message about the Archons, who were created accidentally by our own mother, Sophia.

So what has gone wrong with the divine experiment? Well there are two answers, part of it comes from the Archons and their meddling with the experiment. See the Gnostics claimed that the earth was formed anomalously, and does not belong to the solar system, the earth is a living entity, a living super-organism, captured in an inorganic solar system. The system at large is inorganic, the habitat of the Archons. But the Archons are very intrusive. They do not observe the boundaries of the place where they were put. If they did observe the boundaries they would stay out there, perhaps they would occasionally be detected by human beings with paranormal faculties, but they wouldn’t meddle with us. But the point is they do meddle with us, primarily through entering our minds, and putting foreign implants in our minds. So if you want to understand the role of archons, you have to be able to take on board the concept of what Carlos Castaneda called “a foreign installation.”

“So you were talking about Sophia becoming to earth and being in an inorganic system. There’s also an emphasis on the idea of the sun moon earth system, that it’s like a 3-part system almost like clockwork. And when we talk about the elite they obviously have a synchronization to their events, their false flags, they have codes in their dates, and a lot of people have been speculating why our calendar was reset, at year 1. And I’m curious if this is an Archon plan to get us out of sync with what could be an amazing experience, if we took clues form the sun and moon and the equinox, for how we should be acting.”

Well yeah, the natural opportunity for the human animal on the planet is to synchronize itself with the life rhythms that support our life here, the biorhythms and there are 3 kinds: telluric (motion of earth) lunar biorhythms, (28 day cycle of the moon), and solar biorhythms (4 seasons, and larger rhythm such as sun spot cycles and so on), if we were to observe these rhythms, feel them, respond to them, base our society according to them, then we would live harmoniously in the 3-body system. We are intended by the design of Sophia to live in a 3-body system. We could for instance live in a planetary system that consisted only of a star, the sun, a satellite to the earth, the moon, and the earth. But that 3 body system is captured in the inorganic system of the Archons. So we have two systems operating on us at once. And the tendency of the evil-minded people of the planet is to use the Archontic mindset to take us away from the natural system and put us in an artificial system, the matrix. So when the illuminati use these dates and these codes, they are not really operating and carrying out their nefarious plans according to the natural rhythms, but according to an Archontic system of mind control. That system of mind control that’s called predictive programming, and other things, ‘revelation of the method,’ that would not even work upon us if we lived in a constant interaction with the lunar, solar and terrestrial cycles.

“I’ve heard you describe the lord archon as Jehovah. And there is also this saga that starts with the Zaddikim. Did Jehovah make contact with the Zaddikim?”

Right it appears the Gnostics warned us, about something that happened, not too long ago, I guess around the time of the patriarch Abraham, about 18 hundred BC. Around that time the Archons achieved a great breakthrough into the human mind. Now I want to warn people who have read the works of Zacharias Sitchin and other who claim that these archons hacked in to the human genome. According to the Gnostics they did not succeed to crack into the genome but they did achieve a neural hack. You see the difference? They didn’t biologically crack into the genome because who designed the genome? These cosmic artists and scientists in the galactic core, and they sealed the genome very carefully against intrusion.


However, around 18 hundred BC it appears the overlords – the archons can be considered a hive species. Most of them are drones, the drones are the Whitley Strieber gray alien type, which is called a neo-nate because it resembles a prematurely born fetus. But there are archon overlords or one master of the hive, who is described as Drakona in the Greek Coptic texts, that is a draconic or reptilian form. So there is a reptilian overlord and then there are the Archon drones. This is how you visualize them based on the Gnostic intel, given to us 16 hundred years ago, so they had the scoop on the Archons and ET’s before anyone else on the planet.

They warned us, Irenaeus, in “Against Heresies” in that book he says, “that the lord Archon Yaldabaoth, managed to get access to the mind of a certain part of the human species, the ancient Hebrews. They infected the mind of the Hebrews with an alien virus, with an alien mindset. They chose the Hebrews to be their representative, to wage war on the rest of the human species. By using the ancient Hebrews as their instruments of intrusion. The way they did that is they installed an implant in the brain, a neural hack in to the brains of that particular tribe of people, and as a result there arose a cult, a sect, it didn’t involve all the people of the Hebrew or Jewish racial lineage, but a certain fraction formed a cult called the ‘Zaddikim’ meaning ‘the righteous’ or ‘the superior,’ or ‘the supreme’, and this cult arose around 18 hundred BC and this cult is the germ of salvationist and messianic religion. And it developed first in Judaism, and then it spread to Christianity, and finally to Islam. So all three of the Abrahamic religions derive from the same source, and that is an extraterrestrial implant in the mind. it sounds like a science fiction scenario and yet it is an exact paraphrase of what the Gnostics taught.

This foreign influence takes the form of a religions ideology of salvation, the messiah, the chosen people, and the end-of-the-world scenario. Those ideas which are widespread, do not even belong in the human mind, they are not a product of human mentality, even though they gave been received and translated by our minds, they originated as an alien virus.

Through St Paul, the Archontic virus which had been incubating in the ancient Hebrews in the Zaddikim sect went pandemic in Christianity. So it mutated, and rebooted itself in Christianity, and then rebooted again in more vicious form, in Islam. When you realize these religious ideologies do not originate in the human mind, that is a tremendously incredible awakening.”

Watch the full interview here:

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