The Occult World of J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien and The Flat Earth

Was Tolkien an insider into the occult and secret societies? It isn’t clear but there sure seem to be alot of hints and parallels in his work to the flat earth and the book of Genesis and other occult themes.

Eric Dubay convinced me the earth is flat. Santos Bonacci then introduced the idea that not only do we live on a plane but there are planes beneath us, stacked like a pancake. Modeled after the 7 planets or what the ancients called the 7 heavenly bodies.

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You can see at the top, above the 7 layers sits the throne of God.

Now to travel up and down the planes can also be called going east or west, which are terms Tolkien used in his work. For example the elves,  the first born of God, go into the West, which is code for going to Mars, but not the planet Mars, but the underground equivalent.

Sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn. 7 heavenly bodies or wandering stars are also represented in levels below this surface level of Earth.

Not much is known about these realms. But from the hollow earth myths we get the legends of Agartha, which seem to match Tolkien, where advanced humanoids (elves?) live in caverns deep below the earth.


According to Youtuber Flat Earth Paradise, Agartha fits into the flat earth scheme by being literally on the underside of our plane, flipped, and powered by the Black Sun in a perpetual twilight.

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This is the symbol of the Black Sun, which is important in occultism and esoterica and you may remember how the Nazi’s employed this symbol along with the swastika, which is also an ancient occult symbol.

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Another way to visualize our expanding cosmology now that we can dump the heliocentric model is the Norse and Hebrew systems.

According to Rosetta Delacroix, “In Norse mythology there is a Tree of Life. (The tree of life is also reflected in the Kabbalah). The tree consists of nine worlds; three worlds each within three realms. The realm directly above Earth is called Asgard (Heaven) and Earth is called Midgard. These are the only two realms with the base of “gard”. Gard means garden. So Asgard is the upper garden and Midgard is the MIDDLE garden or CENTER garden.”

yggdrasil (1)

“…the name for our home ~ Earth. Now if you scramble the letters around it spells Heart. This is NOT a coincidence. It is code telling us the significance of our home. Our home is the HEART of our world. Now where is the heart located in our body? In the center. So our Earth is in the Center. And we know this because we know that man is a microcosm to the macrocosm- our world. Put another way, As above, so below. As without, so within So we know the Earth is in the center. So the Sun can not possibly be in the center.(S0URCE)

The center chakra, the heart chakra is green, the middle color of the rainbow, and corresponds to earth.


And Tolkien’s Earth is called….MIDDLE Earth! He must have known…

Now according to Bonacci there are Hellish realms down there too, clearly where all the myths of Hell come from, Satan’s strongholds.

Bonacci“Paradise is the earth, it’s the paradise plane, and when humans controlled it, and the true monarchies and human bloodlines, there was peace and balance on earth.  There was a golden age, a silver age, everything was perfect. But when the subterraneans came up, they destroyed that and infiltrated the beautiful Christian and Hindu and Jewish and Muslim traditions which are all the same teachings, they are no different, Krishna is Christ, they are the same philosophy using different words. They coopted these churches and taught an inverted Luciferian brand of this. They’ve been doing it forever. They dwell in the subterranean region of the cosmos because they have been cast down there. Some say they fell from heaven well yeah but it’s the same thing. It’s their choice to stay there because there is a lot of luxury down there, but there is also lot of suffering. But they love the luxury, the lust, the gluttony, and all of the goings on….”

So whether this is the paradise plane that suffered an incursion from another plane, or whether paradise is in a plane above us, Asgard, and we are in Midgard, or the middle plane, is not clear. Funny, I’ve also heard this plane called the Hell plane, with Agartha underneath us as the paradise plane. So there are a few competing theories, yet they all share the same basic structure. Multiple flat planes of existence, either stacked on top of each other like Russian nested dolls, or else held together in by a central pillar or tree trunk or torus field of energy in the middle, what the Norse called the Tree of Yggdrasil, and what Jews call the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah.


Note the middle realm in green, like our Earth, like our heart chakra, in the center of our body, and HEART and EARTH are anagrams.

Tolkien’s Silmarillion and Parallels to the Bible


From wiki: “The tale begins with Tolkien’s Supreme Diety named “Ilúvatar” and his creation of spirits of lesser power than him, yet of independent nature, named the Ainur (“Holy Ones” or “Angels“). With them Ilúvatar makes divine music. Melkor, one of the greatest of the Ainur, in his pride broke the harmony, interjecting his own themes and going against the grain. Ilúvatar then began the music once more, in which Manwë, Melkor’s brother, sang the leading part. Yet again, the harmony was broken.

Finally, Ilúvatar began a third theme which the Ainur could not comprehend since they were not the source of it. He then ceased the music and showed to the Ainur the essence of what their song symbolized, the history of a whole world. This is known as the “Vision of Ilúvatar”. The Ainur became fascinated by it, and asked Ilúvatar to put it into being.

Ilúvatar spoke “Eä”, that is, “Be!”. This command created the universe, and therefore the universe became known as “Eä”. Four of the Ainur who possessed the greatest power formed a region within Eä which they called Arda, a world which was to be the scene of all the following tales of The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. Melkor, who was one of the four, attempted to take it for his own. However Manwë, who was also one of the four, asked for the help of other Ainur. They descended to Arda and Melkor was forced to flee to the unknown parts of Eä.

To the mortal Men Eru gave the gift of freedom, so that when they die their souls go somewhere beyond the known existence. Perhaps they go to sing with Ilúvatar the second Music of the Ainur; this is the reason why Men are not constrained by the fate of the Music like the Elves and other beings of Arda are.”

From Christian Theologian AE Casey‘s paper on the Silmarillion: “Creation has its source in the one God, but from the beginning God seeks collaborators. From the outset it seems as if freedom is woven into the very fabric of creation itself. In this myth (called the Ainulindalë), creation itself is described as a great music, called the Music of the Ainur (the Ainur being the angelic spirits). God is the conductor of the cosmic choir, instructing the angels in their music and allowing and encouraging them to harmonise and to elaborate upon the themes that God (called Eru Ilúvatar meaning the One and the All) has propounded. With their great music the angels fill the void. There is a great harmony, but also the first Fall as the greatest of the angelic spirits (called Melkor) takes it into his mind to introduce themes of his own devising and interrupts the harmony. It was loud and vain, and endlessly repeated; and it had little harmony, but rather a clamorous unison as of many trumpets braying upon a few notes. And it was essayed to drown the other music by the violence of its voice, but it seemed that its most triumphant notes were taken by the other and woven into its own solemn pattern.14 11 “On Fairy Stories,” 60. 12 In constructing his mythology Tolkien was concerned not to paralleled the Christian biblical story too closely lest his tale parody Christianity. Commenting upon an imaginative dialogue between an elf and a woman on the nature and destiny of human beings Tolkien questions whether it is already “(if inevitably) too like a parody of Christianity. Any legend of the Fall would make it completely so?”

God, called Ilúvatar, intervenes at key moments adding new themes of his own. And the discord sown by the fallen – or perhaps more accurately, falling – angels is transformed by being taken up into new and more marvellous themes. And so Ilúvatar pronounces: And thou, Melkor, shalt see that no theme may be played that hath not its uttermost source in me, nor can any alter the music in my despite. For he that attempteth this shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful, which he himself hath not imagined. That creation involves intermediaries does not imply creation by a demiurge as God remains the ultimate source of the music, not just as the first cause. It is God Ilúvatar who then gives the music form, bestowing upon it the “flame imperishable” or life, that only God can give. The music having received form became a Vision. And then the Vision is made a reality and the angels are invited, if they wish, to enter the World that they have helped to imagine, so that they might continue to participate in its unfolding. An interesting tension emerges here between predestination and freedom. From the very outset the freedom of the Ainur is intrinsic to the process of creation. Even though Eru Ilúvatar remains the Lord of History in respecting the freedom of his creatures, God allows a space for what is other than God.”

Now we must tackle this Satan/God relationship once more for it is truly central to the situation we find ourselves in.
God is saying, “there is nothing you can do outside of me.” When Melkor (Lucifer) went against the chorus and interjected his own melodies it created a discord. But God, instead of admonishing or bending, brought the melody back up out of the discordant depths, and the music continued as beautiful as before. “There is no act of destruction you can do that I cannot lift to even higher depths than before.” I think Satan knows this now. He and the other angels have to see it play out to the bitter end in the physical world, even though they were already sold, they know how the end of this act 2 plays out. But only partial knowledge about how it would lead into act 3, the final act. Noone but God has access to the full Vision of course, and part of that mystery lies in man. Humans have a crucial part to play in act 3 and it involves the gift of death (once we die we join God and play a role in the 3rd and final symphony in heaven, so to speak.) In other words God gave man the gift of free will and individuation, such that our soul can give a unique impression on the whole, once all is said and done, here on this earthly plane. The earth is act two, serving two functions. It is acting out what was in heavenly musical form (act one) where God and his angels were performing, Melkor or Lucifer, the most talented angel became egoic and took over the music. The music became ugly by the lack of unity or group consciousness, and then God took Melkor own music and transformed it back into a new third melody, which was a cross between the original music and Melkors, showing that nothing can really exist on its own outside of me, God the supreme diety. Lucifer, still unconvinced, got several other angels on his side. God then created the vision of Iluvatar (God), which showed the entire history and unfolding of our universe, which was like a vast allegory of what had just transpired in heaven and in the music (as above, so below). Now according to Tolkien, the angels were all transfixed and transformed by this vision, even Melkor, God made his point, this seems to be a key fact missing from the scriptures or from common knowledge. This means that Lucifer has already repented for his act of sin, greed, ego, but has agreed to play the Adversary, the Fallen One, Satan, here in the physical world, he plays it out to the end, because it is a reflection of what he did in act 1 with his jealous and corrupted music. He is evil here, but in the largest sense, outside of time, he has repented and been forgiven, he is a messenger of God, he has seen how God redeems it in the end, how God forgave him and even turned his own music back into the grand symphony, rather than shunning him. For that, Lucifer was changed.

A very powerful spiritual message is contained here: forgive your enemy, see the error in their ways, understand them, and it frees up your own heart, lightens your load.

Now, that doesn’t mean that he is not going to shy away from playing out his role as Adversary, the opponent of God, of creation. But he only acts as a sort of merchant for sin. He is the one who sells the guns, the drugs, the sex slaves, the porn, the nefarious tech like cloning and chipping, he teaches MK Ultra and mind hacking, he teaches the art of spying and intelligence, he is the patron of rich and powerful psychopaths who committed grave acts to get there. But he always makes sure that the human involved is acting out of free will, this is why God allows him to do what he does. God not only allows it, he planned it from the start. Remember nothing can exist outside of God. Satan was simply the first of God’s creatures to experience hatred, greed and jealousy and isolation. Now he has become the patron symbol for these things in others who follow into this path, Satan will be there waiting, even though in his heart he is Lucifer again, in the largest sense outside of time.