the VELON Directive


The following is my interpretation of the Velon, not a precise account of the Velon as introduced by Chris Thomas, psychic healer and reader of the Akashic. 

What we know: they are alien, originating from a planet in a far off galaxy, but they are semi-physical, meaning they have a form with a certain weight and density however it is just outside our wavelength of reality, so that humans only see them “in the corner of their eyes” so to speak, in dreams, in hypnagogic states and by people who are particularly psychic.

Thus they can be seen as nefarious shape-shifters who take on certain disguises to appear in our reality disguises as humans, which is where the whole “illuminati are really reptilians” comes from.  The Illuminati are human, but under control by an alien mind control virus perpetuated by the Velon.

If you are reading this and understanding it you are already smarter than the Illuminati. The Illuminati, once seen as powerful humans operating behind the scenes to bring about their new world order, are now seen as dupes to the Velon lie: The Annunaki tale. Another spun religion that makes it seem like these Annunaki created us. Their story is falling apart. That is why they rely so heavily on brainwashing, torture and mind control, to seduce you into a mindless, unquestioning state.

But some are waking up to the lie. Chris Thomas is onto something, trust your intuition on this. All you needed was Youtube, the free flow of uncensored information.

Those Illuminati who are duped are like the religious sheeple they ridicule, firmly stuck in a materialist, dualistic universe where our creator Gods take all our power and free moral agency away. They then insert into that void ‘Faith’… that the conveyor belt you’re on isn’t leading to the slaughter.

You’re already smarter than they are because you believe in a spiritual universe, where a soul is a unit of free will and self-awareness that has built for itself a body. The Velon mind control virus sucks away that free will. One way it does this is through addiction to drugs or sex. Another is through religion, because they preach faith in a creator God who doles out judgements, thus taking away your free moral agency. And the Velon feed on that.

As Burroughs said, they aggravate or titillate an already fucked up situation. Such as the mismatch of sex hormones between males and females, or the fact that certain chemicals cause a flooding of serotonin. They create nasty situations like codependency, loneliness, addiction, violence, all through this manipulation of free will, and the dumbing down of the human spirit.

The Velon Directive

The following will make more sense to individuals familiar with the work of

Dr Michael Lake’sdownloaddownload-1 The “Shinar Directive” and also the work of Chris Thomas, particularly about the Velon.

“The sons of God took daughters of men to be their wives.”

First of all when reading anything biblical I find it more digestible to replace the One True God of the Bible with Gaia or the Mother Goddess of the Planet.

So after much struggling with this concept from Genesis 6, I think I’ve finally found a theory/story I’m comfortable with. And here it is:

In the creation of man, the Earth was experimenting. She was stuck with Cro-magnon man which wasn’t quite what she had in mind. She needed to get mankind to evolve to the next step. To get the whole soul back in the body (or to become an ascended master, however you want to put it).

The much debated question: who are these “sons of God” who mated with Earth human women? Its like discovering that you have an illegitimate older half brother. We are not Gaia’s first and only human progeny. I think the Sons of God (and note there are not many of them left, meaning they are not a race but a hold-over, or the last few survivors of an extinct race.) I think this extinct race was a previous human experiment, done by Gaia, with the aid of an extraterrestrial God (a planetary consciousness) which came in on the meteorite swarm containing this alien black goo according to Vella.

Now whatever the offspring was, it was enough to have Gaia flood it, scrub it, not once but twice! Killing much the of life on her planet, hurting herself temporarily just to get rid of it. What a sacrifice! What was so evil that it required this, almost like a furious scrubbing in the shower after being raped. See it makes more sense and is more palatable to replace the God of The Old and New Testaments with Gaia or the Divine Feminine. Perhaps she’s in disguise in the Bible and realizes that the only way her message would penetrate the thick egoic skull of Man was to portray herself as a masculine God. But maybe its because I’ve jived with Terence Mckenna’s portrayal of the Gaian Mind Goddess for many years that this is what it takes to finally read scripture.

“The sons of God took the daughters of men.”

Gaia flooded herself to rid the planet of the offspring so created, so hybridized between her Cro-Magnon and alien genetics. Now reptiles get a bad rap, but there is nothing wrong with reptiles as a phylum according to Gaia (the One True God of The Bible). After all, for a time, reptiles ruled the planet. But these alien reptiles are master geneticists. They helped her accelerate the Cro-magnon DNA, in an attempt to get the whole of the Soul back in the body. See what the alien lacked in empathy and compassion they made up for in technical knowledge. Gaia needed them in a way, needed their knowledge of Genetics to help accelerate Cro-magnon man. We were in an evolutionary dead-end. We (Cro-Magnon) had a group soul and strong tribal culture, we were nomads who followed the herd and lived very lightly on the land. We worshipped the mother spirit Gaia and had ecstatic orgies once a month and festivals in her name, using her sacrament (the psychedelic mushroom, and perhaps Ayuascua as well to access her Mind, directly).

But as awesome as that all sounds, something was missing, believe it or not. I mean that could have gone on forever, but eventually Gaia grew restless with her Man creation. He needed to start taking more initiative. He needed to evolve. He needed to become an individuated consciousness. And this leads to the gaining of personal knowledge (tree of good and evil) which leads to personal responsibility and conscience. Our conscience is proof of the soul shard, the 1/4 of our total soul that the psychic Chris Thomas talks about. That is the start of getting the whole soul in the body of one individual, and abandoning the group soul. Obviously the first step of this is separation, Ego. Knowledge that you’re naked, and people are staring at you, knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong. How is it that we just seem to know right and wrong, intuitively? Its Gaia, it’s God within, or 1/4 of our soul shard, our piece of God, that we carry in our individual bodies. And that is the beginning of the Human, Homo Sapian Sapian path, away from Cro Magnon and group think.

Know that at this stage we are still not considered fully human. A fully human being according to God is what we might call a fully awakened being. A Christ-like figure. This merely means a person who has managed to get their entire soul into a body. Highly telepathic, can biolocate, etc. Notice how we want to get back to Group Think, while still retaining our individuality.

The Reptilian ET’s offered Gaia some help in this regard. Gaia allowed them to alter the genetics of Cro Magnon. And it worked, or seemed to at first. This might be where the myths of Atlantis enter into the timeframe. And it also helps to keep in mind that not all these Reptilian ET’s are evil. They have unique personalities too, and like us, contain some benevolent and malevolent beings.

For whatever reason which is unclear at the present time, Atlantis and this first wave of Human failed – Gaia deemed enough of them evil and sank the island to the ground. Her plan was to start again. She was taking notes when the aliens were modifying her Cro-Magnon subjects. She figured she could try doing it herself this time, a purely Earthbound human creation, just borrowing a few ET tricks she picked up. This was the second wave, her Adam and Eve. The Adamic race. Now it wasn’t perfect, we could only accommodate a portion of the soul. But it was a start, it was Good, purely Gaian and had potential. Only this was again corrupted, to make a long story short but this time not from a genetic standpoint but by the Mind. The Watchers used mind control and sharing of dark magic secrets (such as the summoning of Jin or demonic forces) to entice man. Man became evil this time by temptation into the Dark Occult. Gaia planned another drastic move, a worldwide flood this time.

But of course she created an ark, to store the seeds of repopulating, and she thought, that she had preserved the last of the uncorrupted, purely human line, the line of Noah. Noah had deemed himself a good man, who turned down the temptations of the Dark Occult. However we learn, thanks to Dr. Michael Lake, that one of his sons, Ham, had already been corrupted by the Watchers, the fallen angels (which right now I’m equating with the Reptilian ET/ Velon/Anunnaki folk that have a thousand names and a thousand faces….Plumed serpent Gods is my favorite right now.) Perhaps they are often confused as angelic or demonic because being highly evolved and telepathic they can confuse your nervous system to see them as however they wish to appear before you. It is for this reason that they are mistaken as shapeshifting, they don’t shift they just make your perception of them shift. Thomas stresses that they are semi-physical and in a dimension overlaid on ours that is of a higher frequency and less dense. So we can only see them in the corner of our eye, in visions and in dreams, or if you are particularly psychic.

So Ham’s lineage, post flood, held the seeds of Mystery Babylon, Nimrod and the rise of Luciferian cults which spawned the Illuminati and the evil elites of today. In the bible God warns again false idols, false masquerading Gods, and she has prophetic wisdom against the mind control show of Hollywood and the mainstream media today – all under Mystery Babylon control. Jason James’ unified code theory dovetails the coded wisdom of the bible as revealed so eloquently by Lake and others. The Illuminati are aware of Gaia’s code. The code of the bible, the code mysteriously found in all works of inspired art. The reason why one sentence of Her coded wisdom can contain a lifetime of study.

Now with today’s coded headlines, the 9/11’s, the 666’s, it’s the numerology, sacred geometry, and astrology, which are the 3 cornerstones of the alien Annunaki wisdom. Notice how its nothing earth-bound. It’s all about the stars, and eternal, mathematical concepts that are just as true on Mercury as on this planet. That is because they treat Gaia as nothing more than a landing platform. Many of their occult rituals invoke the destruction of the Goddess archetype. They want to use up her resources and when the planet is polluted beyond repair they will ship off to the stars in search of another planet to exploit.

Clearly the much of the codes and predictive programming we are picking up in today’s headlines are manufactured by this Dark Occult to seem like prophecy. But Gaia speaks in true prophetic code. The key feature of a source code, a message from the gods, whether its Gaia or Enki or Enlil or Lucifer or whoever, is that it’s prophetic meaning is true for all time, or outside of the bounds of time. It is true of the past, the present and the future. There is no denying it, and like a good meal, real spiritual truth hits you like hammers and is undeniable. People unpacking the bible know this which is why it is considered prophetic, and the predictive programming in Hollywood and the mainstream media is putting these “glitches in the matrix” right in your face to show that the elites have in their control a source code. or a way of hacking the source code, the messages from Gods.

The reason you know that the elites are, and have always been hacking an alien God source code is because the codes these days are always representing an evil act, such as terrorist attack, false flag attack or even a hoax of one. Trauma-based mind control for the masses, this is how Mystery Babylon always worked from its inception. What is the purpose of trauma based mind control? to create alters, but mainly to create a psychopathic alter. Well these Reptilian ET’s the bad ones are themselves psychopathic. No emotion, no care for others, highly technical and scientific.

Their agenda of total control survived the flood through the dark seduction of the Watchers on Ham, one of Noah’s sons. Now why hasn’t Gaia flooded us again, even though the evil she detested survived the great flood? I think it’s because enough of the good in humanity survived, with Noah’s other sons, that she felt we had a fighting chance. I think that chance is still there, but I don’t believe we have it in the bag like some New Agers will have you believe.

The occult speaks in symbols and in number. This is because what we are discovering is higher dimensional beings that exist outside of time talking to each other. And their source codes are embedded in our reality and picked apart by a few heavily attuned and attentive individuals as prophecy. I often ask why, if these dark malevolent Gods can see into the future, why we are still alive at all, why there they haven’t won, completely, yet. How is it us blind and bumbling humans are still standing. I am beginning to think its because Gaia or some benevolent force on their level is competing for us. And also communicating in symbol and code, which has been the source of all occult wisdom coming down the ages. This wisdom is eternal, and neither good or bad, right or wrong, it is how it is used. Gaia is using it to try and lift mankind up, and these Dark Occultists who answer to a crew of real bad reptilian ET Watchers, are using the wisdom to try and keep us enslaved and in servitude to them.