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Bill Donahue – Origins of Christianity

From Bill Donahue’s “Origins of Christianity:” “Lets talk about where all this stuff came from. It’s sad that there’s a truth kept from people. Our religion is stolen and copied word for word from numerous old religions and cults. Its … Continue reading

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Dr Dan Burisch’s Interaction with an E.T. named J-Rod.

(blogger update 2018: I now strongly suspect Schratt and Burisch as being controlled opposition, gatekeepers, along with Project Camelot and many of her “whistleblowers.” Read at your discretion. There is often some truth hiding in the disinfo.) Paraphrased from a … Continue reading

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Duncan O’Finioan: A Real Manchurian Candidate?

Paraphrased from a Project Camelot interview with Duncan O’finioan: They wanted me because I’m half Native American and half Celtic. The reason is that these two races are more imposed to paranormal or psy-abilities. Both of these cultures practice it. … Continue reading

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