The Esoteric Meaning of “Saving your Soul”

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;
The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
          Hath had elsewhere its setting
               And cometh from afar;
          Not in entire forgetfulness,
          And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come 
               From God, who is our home

-William Woodsworth, “Ode on Intimations of Immortality”

A recent Aug Tellez livestream reminds me of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor’s info on the post-death astral realm. On memory retention post-death. “You either use it or you lose it,” Aug says, of memory, of knowing who you are.

When you die, according to the H.B. of L’s tradition, your soul must face the astral realm and its own karma. Time in the astral realm expands exponentially so that your soul essence is magnified and you become, in a few seconds of Earth time, what you would be if you continued in that level of awareness and habit and personality, for thousands if not millions of years. This is clearly shown in the film Lazarus Effect.

She died and went to “Hell” and in that time-dilated state, soul death (seen as simply a sleep and a forgetting) would have been a blessing, but instead she is brought back to life via new experimental technology, and thus had to reintegrate thousands of years of Hell memories back into her physical vessel. Spoiler: she can’t reintegrate, she becomes evil, demonic.

So luckily, for those poor souls who lack self knowledge and awareness and soul integrity are blown to bits like spaghetti on the wall in terms of memory retention, and they end up with the mind of a child or like someone with amnesia. It’s too much to integrate. You must have enough soul integrity to be like a fan turning on where the blades are part of yourself and instead of the fan blades shooting out in all directions due to centrifugal force, they stay integrated through centripetal force, and you can retain your memories (soul) and pass on to the higher realms of spirit.

Thomas Burgoyne (secretary of the H.B. of L) writes, “at death, the soul enters its own soul images, and with relentless monotony, the panorama of all he has vitalized swings around him. He rests no more than a sleeping body in awful dreams; and these images continue for ages, aye, for thousands of years; until the soul can endure no more and falls asleep, to awaken; if it does awaken; only as a little child. It is to escape this that the Occultist toils and labors.”

So when a true occultist speaks of soul death, they are not referring to extinction or annihilation of one’s essence. One’s essence, being a deific ray of God, cannot be destroyed, as it exists outside of time in an eternal state. However, its differentiation and evolution can be delayed, by “soul death” or losing one’s memories that they attained while embodied in a physical vessel on Earth. Soul death occurs to those who only develop their animal portion, they got too enmeshed or attracted to the illusions of Maya, worshiping the material world.

You can think of soul death thus defined as like waking up from a dream that you just can’t hold onto, even though you sense that the dream was dreadfully important and that if you could retain just a bit of it, it would change everything…

Aug says, on getting out of the system (anything in parentheses are my notes), “going into a new universe or domain with a different format – you’re going to go through a shift as your mind transfers, or you won’t, but the aspects of you that are temporally relative to each one will, and they will fade away through that, and you have to be strong enough, big enough, centered enough, small enough like a pinpoint shooting through it to more or less survive it. And it’s not necessarily “survive it” like you’re not going to exist in a way, it’s not physical, but it IS real existence, you’ll just forget who you are, your memories will get slingshotted back that way and turned it to spaghetti on the wall and then that’s that. You gain certain things spiritually but you can’t actually consciously know it, and that’s part of the game. So, it’s a big thing if you want to – I don’t know if you like what you are experiencing here but that’s what we were told: forever – that you use it or lose it. And I don’t want to call it a war, but it’s always happening. If you fall over and just lay there, bugs and bacteria will come eat you. This world has always told us these things, we’ve always known this, we’ve just become deluded…

Anything that doesn’t align with that fan blade, your consciousness fractal, can’t be in there when this (bodily death) happens, and if it’s there, either the fan blows apart (soul death), or a piece of you crushes and streams off in order to get through the point, and that’s the burning of the spiritual fat. And you have to have enough of that knowledge of who you are in contrast to who you aren’t in order to have this ratio of creation/destruction in order for your consciousness to get to the other side. And you (Your Higher Self/Divine Ego) pokes it and says ‘are you there?’ And it (your Soul) says ‘yes! I’m me and I remember everything!’ It’s the weirdest thing… It’s described as a consciousness mandala with your thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions that you’re creating this prismatic triangulation of consciousness space-time in energy and it’s segmenting that time-body out in that system.”

William Burroughs, in the Western Lands, writes, “Horus Neferti turned aside into a Jump Joint, where your dreams come true. Yeah, sometimes. They work like this: you got a scenario in your mind, usually made up of dreams. Sophisticated electronic equipment makes the dream solid. Or rather there are infinite nuances of solidity….How does the machine work? Largely by amplifying what is already there. A dream amplifier.”

Notice the karmic zone post-death merely amplifies what YOU created in life; there is no outside God judging and weighing souls in the way religion has often claimed and frightened people. However every action does indeed have a consequence.

Burroughs in his allegorical fashion discusses the astral realm or “Land of the Dead” and a special zone there he calls “Last Chance:”

“Few pilgrims reach the town of Last Chance. Sloth, self indulgence, alcohol, addictions, old age, stupidity, are all obstacles. But lack of a special courage is the only insuperable barrier – the courage to confront your opponent, your final enemy. If you lack this courage, you will never reach Last Chance. Any pilgrim who has in life solved problems with violence must go through Last Chance or back to square one.”

So in addition to being swallowed by the lower animal nature, (the dark night of the soul), Burroughs says if people solve problems in life with violence they will have to contend with this place, this hell as well. Any part of your negative karma that you’re holding onto (or that is holding onto you) is going to keep you from getting through the “zero-point” and will be the theme that you contend with in Hell for as long as you’re attached to that memory/feeling/thought or action.

In the movie What Dreams May Come, Robin Williams plays a husband and family man “Chris” who dies and is allowed into Heaven. However his wife, stricken by grief, commits suicide. In the movie, all who suicide go to “Hell” which we can interpret as eventual soul death (again not to be seen as any kind of extinction of consciousness, merely a forgetting, a deep sleep, and amnesiac barrier).

So Chris’ wife and the other Hell inhabitants are stuck reliving their most traumatic moments, wallowing in them, as they sink further into soul death. Chris can pass on to heaven but chooses to sojourn into Hell to save his wife. This is symbolic of the Christ/Sophia Gnostic myth. The Aeon Christos applying a kind of correction to help Sophia who fell into a troubled dream of her own. That troubled dream is the physical world man currently inhabits. This myth is a retelling of the Egyptian myth of Horus (like Christ, a savior God) who comes down and rescues Osiris from the underworld (Earth). Horus has the head of a hawk, and birds and wings are symbols of the soul and it’s flight to Heaven.

Isis and Horus
Winged disk as symbol of the Soul, its descent to Earthly incarnation and subsequent flight back to Heaven

So what does Chris (Christ/Horus) do in the movie? He descends to the underworld to find her and bring her back. When he finds her, she does not recognize him, because her soul has already begun the “sleep of oblivion.” But through true love, he defies the impossible and awakens her dormant memories. He risked his own soul to do this, as any longer spent there would have destroyed his own memories (soul) as well.

Chris is played by Robin (a species of bird) Williams (Will, I AM).

The film Inception follows a similar track. Advanced dream-sharing technology allows one to spend months, years in the dream state and then return to real-time in the duration of a few hours. The risk is getting lost in the Sim’s expanded time-space and then returning to normal time and struggling to reintegrate years of Sim memories in a flash of real-time. Cobb’s wife Maude can’t do it and has a psychotic break (and also ends up suiciding.)

The futuristic sci-fi show Black Mirror delves into these topics as well which I covered here.

A final word about the post-death astral realm. It shouldn’t be viewed as a fatalist system or somehow unfair, or a soul trap. Because notice that Aug says that for those who lose their memories (what Burgoyne equates to “soul death”) they still retain spiritual growth. They are just not consciously aware of it; this being a cosmic law or what Aug calls ‘part of the game.’

Soul death thus defined is a return to the ‘womb and tomb of the universe,’ to their Divine Atomic Ego which is One with God and knows that I AM.

Conquering death (the second birth) is retaining what you developed here and progressing to a higher realm. Thus saving your soul is literally like saving your game or reaching a “check-point” in your video-game.

The great law of the Universe is the Cycle of Necessity, in which all Ego’s must routinely leave heaven and incarnate into flesh. Thus WE are the fallen angels. Forced by Deity to fall into fleshly bodies.

What does it mean to retain spiritual growth if one loses their memory of it? I take it to mean that in the next Life Round or Solar Cycle, the God who differentiates their Ego will take that growth into account. Thus they will be differentiated in a loving way to give them a chance to round out latent qualities that got in their way previously. This may also be seen as a working out of karma, with a little nudge from the Divine. But the Divine will never do the work for you. It will put you in a new situation that will allow for the chance to face again, whatever challenge hung you up last time. And you will have hopefully evolved just enough to have a better chance. Thus we can see how the universe, which is the mind of the Godhead, in each successive and infinite Life Round, evolves to higher and higher states. So we have cycles depicted as the figure 8, but the shape of Eternity is really an upward spiral, ever progressing on and on, increasing its complexity or density of connection. It is the eye ever seeking to see itself. And this is true of your destiny as well, as an eternal part of that glorious divinity, dear reader.

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Gore Techs: Al Gore, Allegory, Nephilim Fossil Fuel

Based on a video from Jason James Bickford, whose channel “A Gnostic Reclamation” went dark seconds after I posted this article…hmm)

Life is a riddle, my dear reader. What if I told you, that the so-called “powers that be” are nothing more than pawns on a giant chessboard called Earth, posing riddle after riddle. Pawns moved by an invisible player on the other side of the board who wants to see who has eyes to see and ears to hear. Who will answer the call?

To everyone else, he speaks in parable.

Alien Conception

This riddle begins with a strange joke that was told by a Roswell researcher at a conference who said that we don’t know much about the Roswell crash of 1947, but we do know one thing, that nine months after Roswell, Al Gore was born.

Now why would he say that? He passes it off as an innocent joke, but perhaps he is concealing and revealing a truth, or at least, pointing you to a pattern that will be fleshed out in this post.

Is he implying that Al Gore was conceived by aliens? That he is a demon, or mask-wearing empty-body vessel, running on Archonic intelligence?

Or perhaps that the agenda which he would spear-head, the global warming hoax, was conceived as a result of the Roswell event? If they can’t get us to believe in their fake alien invasion, perhaps they can get their world dominance by scaring us of cataclysmic climate change…

In any case, Al Gore was the man behind the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” about so-called global warming, which we know is a hoax because first of all the earth isn’t a globe, and secondly there is no evidence from independent non-government agencies that the Earth is warming beyond its usual cycles of temperature fluxuations.

But why Al Gore? Why was he chosen, among all the elite to play this particular role? Look at his name – Al Gore – Allegory. “To them I speak in parable…” To them I speak in AL-le-GOR-y.

George: “You like it? It’s Gore Tex.” Jerry: “You like saying Gore Tex, don’t you?”

The show Seinfeld has been a known vehicle to hide some of these UCT puzzle pieces. There is one episode where George Costanza wears his GORE-Tex sweater, bragging about it to people. He loves his GORE-TECH. Gore Technology. And what technology is that? It is the real threat behind the fake climate change hoax. The climate isn’t changing due to temperature rises but due to their directed energy weapons and exotic warfare technologies that lie in wait or are already being used – including weather modification that can steer hurricanes, or starting fires with lasers from high altitude jets, or melting the twin towers…

Gore Techs. And yes it is getting pretty gory in here, as in bloody. This is a global warning. This is the inconvenient truth that Al WON’T talk about. This is what was conceived at Roswell.

Fossil Fuels

Now we are told that global warming is due to carbon emissions from burning of fossil fuels. We are told that this fuel which is an oil or sticky tar comes from extinct plants and animals including dinosaurs. The fact that they mention dinosaurs should raise a red flag for all the diligent researchers who know by now that dinosaurs are another hoax. Reptiles would never get that big, they thrive on being small, light and nimble. They would never be able to support that kind of weight. Dinosaur bones are never found by anyone independent, but always by government-funded expeditions and then the “evidence” is quickly buried in the black hole of the Smithsonian museum. No such thing as dinosaurs, sorry to burst your bubble.

So fossil fuels are “dinosaur fossils.” But behind every lie is a riddle that once cracked reveals a deeper truth. What are dinosaurs really? They are ancient, giant reptiles. In the bible we have the Watchers which mate with human women and spawn giants called the Nephilim or “men of renown.” Now these are not good beings but vicious and nasty and great battles were waged to take the Nephilim down. So if they are evil they are using their reptile brains, no mammalian warmth and charm. Giant reptile-brained creatures of old. Dinosaur is code for Nephilim. Fossil fuel – Nephilim fuel used to pollute the planet through sloppy living. Fight or flight mode living, not activating the pre-frontal cortex, the human brain, the empathy for the planet and others, the compassion to not take more than you need, to not trash and pollute your home.

Riotous, sloppy living in this way is aligning with the Archons, the principalities of darkness, the Nephilim incursion. Gore Technology.

Fossil fuel as a sticky tar; let’s look at the word “tar.” It’s an anagram for “art” so its misappropriated art. Art being again the higher capacities, the higher brain centers. Black tar as scrambled art; subliminal mind control sedative to keep man asleep.

We have the phenomenon of the black goo technology that appears in nature and in the Kaaba and seems artificial yet sentient . Then we see black goo in the Spiderman movies, in the film Lucy and many others. Burning tar makes smoke or smog, and we often see smoke monsters in for example the show Lost, Stranger Things, Raising Dion, the specters in His Dark Materials, the list goes on, they are inundating us with these sticky black tar monsters.

Spiderman, like many super-heroes plays Christ in the biblical drama. The sticky black goo is trying to “block the sun/son”

Interestingly enough, there is a type of heroin called “black tar” heroin. Heroin numbs out the higher brain centers as well. Heroin comes from poppies, and in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy falls asleep in the field of poppies before she reaches the emerald city.

Carbon emissions

A Carbon atom has six protons, six neutrons and six electrons. 666, the number of the beast. But also the number of a man. Man and all life is carbon-based. But the Beast dwells below, in Hell or in the Hebrew System “Sheol.” They are tapping the Sheol for their oil. Sheol sounds like “Shell Oil.”

The Nephilim were supposedly sealed in Sheol, just like Satan was chained to the pit for a thousand years. But some managed to escape, and slipped back into our realm. In Jurassic Park they find dinosaur DNA and clone a baby dinosaur. The message is that GORE TECH will or is being used to summon the Giants/men of renown, to reconstitute the Watchers that were sealed in Sheol.

Meth Cookin’

When carbon is bound up with four hydrogen atoms (the four corners, the four horsemen of the apocalypse) we get methane. Methane is pollution, a carbon emission. It is also what you smell when you smell farts.

The show “Breaking Bad” is about making meth. Breaking bad – breaking wind, passing gas. The main character’s name is Walter White, (WW – 33). White is a symbol of purity, but he ends up wearing mostly black. So he is breaking bad or going bad by cooking up meth, becoming a drug kingpin. His purity is spoiled by greed, by meth or methane, something stinks, he is soiled by carbon 666 emissions, the number of the beast.

Block the Son

Al Gore was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and the first question she asked him about was the rumor that scientists were really proposing to “block the sun” to combat global warming. This would involve spraying the atmosphere with particles that would make the sky go dark, which sounds like something out of the Book of the Apocalypse. Gore says that the plan is of course ridiculous, but what happens is subconsciously the idea has been planted, and is associated with him, Mr. Climate Change. That way the idea may not sound so preposterous when they get desperate enough to use their exotic energy weapons to REALLY heat things up in HERR’.

Then they will propose to “block the sun.” Or are they really proposing to block the Son, as in the Christ awakening. To, again, block man from the higher channels in his make-up that would allow him to access Christ Consciousness. Through the Son you will find the Father, for they are one.

Block the Son, Block the Christ Child

That’s all they can really threaten to do. But these are empty threats. What blocks the son is your falling for the fear porn. Falling for the hoaxes and not seeing the esoteric layering behind them. The hoaxes keep you in your fight-or-flight reptile brain. These giant lizards that were supposed to stay extinct are cooking something up and it is time that you saw that it stinks something rotten.

Viral Meme-Think

Then there was this reptile:

According to Wikipedia, Pepe the Frog became one of the most popular internet memes between 2008 and 2015, but had its image soiled in 2010 by becoming associated with the alt-right and white supremacy movements. Since I’m sure, diligent reader, you’ve done your homework once again and saw that the alt-right is another government-sponsored hoax to polarize and divide the nation, we can assume that Pepe was designed to be another reptile symbol, like the dinosaur, like the alien, like the black goo carbon emissions, IT’S ALL POINTING TO THAT PART OF YOUR BRAIN CALLED THE R-COMPLEX or REPTILE BRAIN. The precise anatomical feature that we need to start limiting, as awakening, evolving spiritual beings.

And in closing, the Pepe meme maps onto the TV show “The Good Place” where Jeff the doorman who alone controls access between Earth, Heaven and Hell, loves to collect frogs. And how many frogs has he collected, in the scene below? 322!

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Divine Marriage, Bride-and-Bridegroom Symbolism Explained

2022 Update and farther disclaimer:Twin souls in one sense are just the one spirit that incarnates into male and female bodies over the course of its spiral evolution. You are, at all times, a whole spirit, not half, that was where Burgoyne’s school Hermetic Order Luxor went array from main Theosophy, as well as in regards to reincarnation. Steiner’s Anthroposophy that brings in the mystery of the Christ Being, completes and updates Kuhn and Blavastky’s Theosophy, which contains the one ancient wisdom.

Disclaimer: As with everything on my blog, this post is my own personal interpretation of the mysteries, based on private research and personal meditations. This one was largely inspired by Thomas H. Burgoyne’s “Light of Egypt” and Miguel Serrano’s “Nos.


A recording. Eternal dance of lost lovers. The way out is to follow suit. Find your her. He must find His Her. She must find Her Him. 

A highly divine spiritual being known by some schools as “Jehovah” was once akin to a cosmic egg. This egg cracked, and split into male/female, a separated Him and Her from their original perfect or inviolate androgynous Him-Her state.

From that sexual schism and explosion, which we cheekily call the big bang, our universe was made. In fact this is HOW universes ARE made. And how souls become differentiated and named. Divine Egos or Spirit Atoms are drawn to certain universes and become enmeshed in them, due to their resonance for the God/Goddess pair which created it. What you experience as a soul in a human composition is one half of the divine ego, even though in quality they are one and the same, they are I AM or self consciousness, the light of the Creator.

Your soul here in a human body is consciousness or light but this light is like a light bulb compared to the sun, the latter being the Creator’s light. But they are both light – same substance different quantity.

The world and its effects down to the strange intelligent “A.I.” sputterings that, say Hollywood sorcerers draw into pop culture and “news” media are so interconnected as to be beyond mere human creative output; these are the recordings left behind by these two Gods/lost lovers seeking each other through infinity. Leaving messages for each other in their occult codes – what Bickford calls “unified code theory.” Select humans with intuitive capacity can tune in to these messages as well. Dark sorcerers do rituals to draw this knowledge out and also use psychics and empaths as slaves who are coerced into providing them with said codes and scripts which then get ever so carefully placed into the mainstream consciousness.

In the recent TV show His Dark Materials, sentient dust (dark matter) communicates in symbol, and in the scene above can finally be captured by technology. Dark matter or dark energy is simply what quantum physicists are confirming: that the universe “in between” the atoms is alive and conscious.

Lyra is a good medium for dust to communicate due to her ability to “meditate” or wait in negative anticipation. She clears her mind and lets the alethiometer talk to her in symbol. She is the “One” spoken of in prophecy, like Harry Potter, for their combinatory traits of being both mediumistic but also brave/fierce/of warrior spirit. It’s the rare combination of these traits that makes a hero of prophecy. 

All ancient occult systems stored in ritual and scripture,  all oral traditions are records of Them. Him and Her. We have been children listening to Mommy and Daddy and their various angels and emissaries, existing in the in-between place. But it’s all over already. The recordings are dead – meaning they are on repeat. It’s over, in hyperspacial terms they already found each other. Spoiler-alert: love wins. He finds his Her against all odds. She sacrifices everything for her Him.

This schism process is irreversible, meaning the karmic change wrought is permanent, but remember that change itself is also eternal so nothing is truly permanent. The reason why we still have evil here is that sometimes they don’t find each other (yet.) At least these “unified code theory” recordings depict a time along the spiral where these divine lovers really are lost from each other, or in some cases unbalanced from each other. In Philip K Dick‘s Divine Invasion the male half is at one time imprisoned by Satan Belial on an ET planet. Leaving the female half to roam the earth as an old crone, bitter and widowed. In myth, these periods are when we get the dark goddess Kali and so forth. But at other times it is the Male Half that overpowers and we get the angry tyrannical Yahweh from the old testament who reaches his pinnacle of hubris in the Book of Job.

The Tree Of Life From Kabbalah For Meditation And Temple Symbol Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 100310444.

Kabbalah’s Tree of Life is probably depicting this sexual schism as well. Kether is the portal back to divine marriage; the Him-Her now perfected, evolved by the differentiation process. It separates down into the two pillars of mercy and severity (female/male). Malkuth or Earth is the lowest density where all are split from their “other half” but can meet and reunite here. The synchronistic messages from beyond or the “co-creative faculty” forms around the recordings of the God and Goddess of this universe talking. Their children, the newly differentiated souls in Malkuth are like children watching their parents flirting at times, fighting at other times, or splitting up at other times (dark ages, Iron age, etc.) 

Burgoyne states that your divine ego was never “created” as such but is co-eternal with the Godhead. But your experience as a soul in a human body is the divine ego being differentiated into twin souls or the Biune soul, one male and one female. The twins differentiated out of each other. This is done by the God/Goddess pair whose universe we now inhabit. They are literally the sun and moon of our realm. The sun is known as the Demiurgos or Jehovah. But it’s not the Godhead or the true Creator. It’s a very divine spiritual being in its own right. The cosmic egg split into God/Goddess and their fate as a “Biune” is now tied up in ours. 

In fact, they want us to succeed more than even we do. Humanity is the medium through which these two separate halves can now communicate. Your task is to complete the differentiation process, reunite with your Her or Him, but now having been through the naming process: earning your infinity, giving a face to your love, your twin. Now you are free in spirit forever, born again in “Father’s kingdom,” heaven. But until that task is complete, the two separated twins roam the realm of Malkuth, place of separation.

Kabbalah states that all that exists is the light and the vessels. It’s interesting that a vessel is a boat, shaped like a bowl, and that bowl rhymes with soul. Because these two are the same concept. Vessels contain a void, a space-to-be-filled. This void is a desire to feel the light of the Creator more. The Creator or the light itself cannot feel this, being perfect. It can’t have the desire, or void, or emptiness or longing. But he created that, so that individuated souls or spirit atoms can experience both the light of the Creator (and know that “I Am”) and also can experience a void or being somehow separate from the Creator. This aspect of himself is his vessel. The I Am-ness, the self-consciousness he experiences is the light. So the goal of Kabbalah is to fill your vessel with more light of the Creator. Expand self-awareness by humbling oneself to make room for more light; to desire “for the creators sake“ and not for selfish reasons or the lower ego. This is the prerequisite for more light; it begins by expanding your capacity or your bowl, your space through meditation, prayer and gratitude. 

Vessels come in many levels or degrees. Many degrees of beings between you and the creator exist, and you are still greater than many elemental forms of vessels or entities below you. These are traversed like climbing a ladder. There are higher beings, gods but not the Godhead Creator of all, that exist at these higher levels. Bigger vessels means more light. 

A sufficiently divine higher being vessel can do a very special and holy process where it splits in two like a cosmic egg, creating out of itself a Him-Her, a sexual duality of which an explosive polar energy creates a new world or universe. Out of this big bang explosion we get a God and a Goddess separated, chasing each other through time and space on a vast cosmic scale. The purpose is differentiation or evolution to complete a holy matrimony. This is the celestial marriage of the lamb, there are many allegories that discuss this in veiled terms.

Smaller vessels like us can be attracted to these worlds based on affinity and opportunity for soul growth. But in order to come in you have to also split into Him/Her (As above so below). That’s the “Jehovah differentiated your Ego” bit Burgoyne writes about. So the sexual schism is a quest undertaken by all of us, as a right to even be here in a physical human vessel. God and Goddess split from the undivided to create this world, this opportunity, and yes risk is involved, because no-one leaves unchanged, and karmic law must ever be in effect. But we do it because perfection in stillness, in the androgynous or “inviolate” state can stagnate. This is a chance to enrich your Eternity, for “him to to put a face to his Her.” Serrano writes. And for Her to put a face to her Him.

Studying this occult lore one starts to see a 1:1 correspondence between sex on the spiritual plane and on the biological plane. Burgoyne assures us that no outside force can get in between Him and Her. In rare cases, the male side can, through black magick and wickedness and repression of his anima, absorb the female half and essentially destroy her existence. This is where the black brotherhood of sorcerers that work behind the scenes to keep humanity down comes in. By absorbing the female twin they temporarily gain occult powers but at the cost of everything that once made them human (hence they are sometimes described as reptilian ET‘s which is a psyop/obfuscation of the truth.)

But again, no outside force can permanently separate him and her, because they are formed out of one another, they are two sides of the same Atomic Spirit Atom or Adam. The splitting of Adam’s rib is a coded allegory for this twinning process as well.  

Previous Posts Outlining the Divine Marriage symbolism and how it frequently gets embedded subliminally in pop culture and Hollywood (and often twisted around and inverted):

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Occult Themes in “The Haunting of Hill House”

Spot the “one eye bleeding” symbolism? Eye of Horus and all this implies. Also, being taken over by demons via trauma based mind control, eye socket penetration and/or possession. Her eyes are the lamps of the house, the light of Lucifer, and the third eye is dark, she is third eye blind (possessed). Her lamp eyes are also square, fixed on Earth, not oval or fixed on heaven. The windows are divided into 4 on either side, 4 + 4. Which is 8 total, and 8 represents infinity, and cycles, which play prominently into this show as a time loop or time paradox. Time happens not as a straight line but in bursts or moments jumbling all around you, like confetti raining down….

Divine marriage.

The tragedy in this Netflix show manifests when the Female side of God, in this case the Mother, wants to keep her kids forever isolated in the house, her bubble world. She attempts to poison them to preserve them as ghosts in perpetual youth and innocence, thus “protecting” them from the real world which she finds cruel and full of pain and sadness. The touching part is the father or Male side of God, who created the real world, with all its pain and sadness, is trying to convince her that there is beauty in the real world also. That there isn’t just pain. Only by taking the dive into the real can one learn to love, and experience true bliss. 

Why was Eve the one tempted by the snake? She fell first, and dragged Adam down with her. To connect to the story above, the snake is illusion. Separation. Her bubble world, represented in the show as the “tea room.” Behind the red door

This room is very special in the show, because we don’t see what is behind it until the very last episode. It opens to a different room, for each family member. For Luke its his treehouse, for Theo its her dance studio, etc. For the mother it’s her tea room in which the demon inside her finally takes over and she attempts to poison her kids. But would she have done that if not for the coercion from the demons haunting the house? What came first – her fear of life with all its risks, or the demons possessing her and playing up her fears? Perhaps we will know when we discover why Gnostic Sophia in her fall manifested the Archons.

In Philip K Dick’s novel “The Divine Invasion” we actually see an inversion of this Father-Mother dispute over their children, humanity. Father Yahweh is fed up with their hedonism and wants them destroyed in fiery judgement. The Shekhinah, the Female Half of God, intervenes on humanity’s behalf, having lived among them secretly, while God was, in the novel, being held prisoner on an alien planet. She later convinces him to see the beauty in humanity, the love that still exists there, albeit in fits and starts.

Choosing the dream over reality.

Inception (2010): The joyless dream of Christopher Nolan – the agony booth

But just like in “Hill House,” it’s the female character Mal from Inception who spends so much time in the dreamworld that she loses touch with the real completely. In fact she commits suicide when they finally return to the real world because she thinks that she is still trapped in a dream and wants to “wake up.” The male half of God, (played by Dicaprio) is trying to convince her otherwise. This is the usual Satanic Hollywood script being played out again and again in our psyches; that the Female Half of God is not to be trusted, that she is really the Demiurge/Lucifer seducing mankind into her web of deceit, her pseudo-reality, her transhumanistic fantasy world where everything seems hunky dory but in fact you are in a simulation. Locked out of Source world. I believe something like this is indeed being attempted. But it’s being done on the individual level. Even if we are “in a dream within a dream,” what happens here matters for your Soul. And you can choose the real over the false at any given moment. These are states of Being, not actual realms or places that Gods can lock you in or out of. (Consider how demon-possessed Thom Yorke of Radiohead sings of “trapdoors that you can’t come back from.”)

“There are doors that open by themselves
There are sliding doors
And there are secret doors

There are doors that lock
And doors that don’t

There are doors that let you in
And out
But never open
But they are trapdoors
That you can’t come back from”

The way out of Hell has always been available to one who begins in training their own mind. There are secret doors…

 The Magician and the High Priestess

In the first and second cards of the Tarot deck we see this male/female symbolism in another light. According to Paul Case’s “Wisdom of Tarot” The Magician is self-consciousness (or waking consciousness) and the High Priestess is Subconsciousness. The subconscious mind is perfectly amenable to suggestion from the conscious mind and will grow the seeds supplied it. Thus she represents multiplying, fecundity. So careful what inner dialogue you tell yourself. You can manifest great changes by realizing that by praying, meditating, or talking to God is also talking to the subconscious. The magic is in the magician training the high priestess. 

Why Hugh Never Goes In The Red Room - Hill House Theory

And the show is called Hill House and centers on a haunted house. Well the magician card corresponds to the Hebrew letter “Bet” (B) which means tent, abode, or house. The magician builds the real house. The Father builds, but can only use materials supplied by the garden of the subconscious. He sets the intention, she multiplies it into manifestation, and together they make the third thing, the Christ child, Horus, humanity.

The Magician (Tarot card) - Wikipedia

That is why he is under an arbor, a dwelling (House – “Bet”). The roses growing down from the arbor being the fruit of the garden, the proper training of one’s own subconscious mind. The full flowering of the creative feminine intuitive right brain when directed by the concentration and will of the magician, mastering the four elements on his table…

Eve is evil.

So by hiding the mysteries and the true symbolism of the occult and perverting it in the way the Hollywood wizards have done, we can paint the picture in the masses heads of the Female Half of God being to blame and thus reinforce the male-dominator, left brained, positivist, top-down, agnostic approach to society, ethics, religion, finance and so-on. Kill the imagination, kill the subconscious. Provide seeds that will grow in the priestesses garden as weeds of fear, pain, hate, mistrust, agoraphobia, nihilism, laziness, apathy, etc. etc. etc. Don’t teach the mysteries. But inundate man with them subliminally, and twist the meaning around 180. So use the appropriate symbols but everywhere backward, upside-down and through a glass darkly.

Programming script: Father is absent, and most likely going to destroy man for his sins. Mother is schizo, lost in her dream and bipolar. Not to be trusted. With these two poles, where does man go? Of course he leaves the right brain completely and we get the population of sheeple you see before you today, not questioning anything, docile.

Time loops.

The “bent neck lady” is her from the future. Hill House is HH – 88 the time loop number (think about Back To the Future). The little girl is haunted by the bent neck lady who turns out to be her from the future (she dies in her twenties when she returns to the house and is visited by the Mom’s ghost who tricks her into hanging herself from the banister.) 

Netflix is full of these time loop/time paradox shows now. See the work of Bob Schlenker and Aaron Hermann for more on this. I admit I can’t claim to know what all the hidden time loop symbolism means. But the patterns are there, and can be tracked – a detailed and consistent picture does emerge. For example usually the year 2012 plays heavily into the time loop symbolism. Shows to watch: Dark, The Magicians, The OA, Fringe, 12 Monkeys, Looper, The Good Place. 

The Good Place features time loops and where God is a woman wanting to destroy mankind which she deems a failed experiment. Michael, featured above left, is a demon who falls in love with man and intervenes on man’s behalf to not have him destroyed. So we have Michael the fallen angel, who is redeemed – Lucifer the good guy. God the bad guy tyrannical Yahweh, here played by a woman – actress Maya Rudolph of SNL. Notice how she is the judge. Orange hair like Judge Judy – Judas, betraying Jesus.

Now bear with me here because its going to get even weirder: Maya Rudolph also depicted Kamala Harris on SNL. (Kamala Harris is being rumored by many to be our next president after Joe Biden dies in office.) Like Obama, they like their stooges to be mixed race to “unite the peoples.” And I was just connecting her in another piece of writing to the High Priestess card. ‘Kamala‘ is the camel. The camel symbol in the occult comes from the Hebrew letter “Gimel” which is associated with the High Priestess card. Because again, we are talking about the subconsciousness and camels can bridge that great desert divide like the subconscious can bridge great spans of time due to its ability of perfect recall. Metaphors for the subconscious include lakes, bodies of still water, and mirrors, because these are perfect reflections of Self. When you meditate you still the ripples of thought and the reflection comes through clearly. Camels are known to survive on little water for long periods of time. Gimel is G, featured heavily in Freemasonry.

Maya Rudolph receives hint she's wanted back on 'SNL' - CNN
Kamala Harris as V.P. Pick Could Mean More Maya Rudolph on 'S.N.L.' - The  New York Times

Kamala Harris or “camel harassment” is a perfect mirror of liberal America, with her vague ethnicity, like Obama. We can all see something of ourselves in her. But of course, since she is an Illuminati puppet, this reflection is going to be used against us in their war on humanity. During her presidency we will see our rights taken away like never before in their final rush bid for New World Order. So they get America to trust in what PLM predicts as the modern day Whore of Babylon, the scarlet woman: Kamala with the red hair, like Maya Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, who of course plays the Unforgiving Judging God in “The Good Place,” bent on hitting the reset button and going all apocalypse on mankind. 

PLM writes, “After Biden dies soon Kamala Harris is the Next President of America and the aid to the Beast of the book of the apocalypse aka Revelations. So shall it be.”

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How to Watch Truthiracy Videos

The events of the 2012 Aurora Colorado theater shooting turned me on to conspiracies. From there it was discovering other false flags, Sandy Hook, and looking back at 9/11 with new eyes. But all that is like packing your bags and going to the airport. I actually got on the plane by 2014, wholly immersed in this underworld behind the mainstream veil or spell. It was no longer a conspiracy for me but something real and provable. But I would say that even then I was on the plane but not flying yet. It wasn’t until around 2017 or 2018 that I had, looking back, what I would call a true “awakening” to use a term being bandied about in the alternative media. The plane took off and flight was achieved when I realized, deeply, that all of reality, not just the manufactured Illuminati events, were fabricated, by a supremely intelligent esoteric Divine Mind of some sort. 

Many people get hung up on this point. They see that false flag events and scripted news line up with astrologically and numerologically significant events, but fail to realize that the whole shebang is a kind of scripted reality. We’re in a funhouse. 

This is ‘the Matrix.’ But careful at this point, because it is easy to fall for the trap of the Matrix as ONLY being a demonic realm that WE got sucked into by a SADISTIC Being intent on inflicting SUFFERING and looshing off our soul energy. 

It’s not, it’s a realm. And we are here for a specific purpose. And that is clearly to learn the esoteric symbols, and live according to the wisdom inherent in the teachings of Nature and the natural symbols or archetypes which, once codified, script our language, our alphabet, our customs and holidays, our readings of the stars and cycles of planets and so forth.

You discover that these things codify into your own life, that you were born at a specific time to harmonize with your Soul’s development, that moments in your life start to align with your inner world, synchronistic events increase.

You can’t just scratch at the surface and look only at how the Illuminati somehow use ancient archetypal symbols from Egypt, Sumer, Rome, Greece in how they run our world today through finance, entertainment, religion and education edifices. That is giving this “elite group” too much credit. It’s scripted so perfectly and eloquently like that because it’s God playing both hats: God and Satan. That isn’t to say there aren’t real bad people doing horrific things like controlling the masses and keeping them herded, it’s just that they themselves have been caught up, swept up into something much bigger than them.

So youtuber Truthiracy or Christopher Lords is one of these paid Disseminators of Esoteric Information which is of a deep import today – it’s the stuff they won’t teach you in school – but it has to come to us through Chris’s slant of “these Gods are fake fakity fake.” The guy is basically Atheist. Giving us this beautiful divine knowledge, but presenting it as something that ancient civilizations just thought up in their ignorant ponderings upon the stars and shifts of the seasons, etc. No God necessary. 

I can’t swallow this hypothesis. 

Watch his videos on mute, if you have to. Just the pictures.

And pair them up with a good study of Santos Bonacci and Bill Donahue. They will put “Christopher Lords” (if that is even your real name) into perspective.

I’ve seen his ‘Bull God of The Bible‘ series about 10 times and am still getting new things from it:

So thank you Chris, or whoever is behind you, I learned alot from your videos and saw through your bull shit.

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Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Part 3

Yod is the 10th letter. Shaped like a bent flame. Also can look like a one, or a dot. A center point, the bull’s eye.

10 is known as the completion number. 5+5,  man + woman, the  twin flame/twin pillars to bring about a third thing, the holy trinity. Stability in three, in geometry triangles are very stable objects.

Man is 5.

Four limbs and a head, the pentagram.

The hand has five fingers. The paleo-Hebrew pictograph for Yod is a hand and arm.

The tetragrammaton pictographic meaning. Predicts Jesus nailed to cross.

The hand as a symbol means Man. In spanish hand is MaNo. Latin, MaNus. MaN is an MN water/matter word. Ironically a feminine word. Because it is the Goddess who fashions our bodies from her clay. Father AB breathes air and fire into her water and earth, warming the blood and the bones.

The Goddess in Egypt was Nut, where we get night, and nox, she is all things dark, earthly, aNiMalistic. Whereas Father AB is all things light, hot, fiery, and rules the sunny day.

He is the sun/son because the Father and Son are one. Once you’ve seen Jesus, you’ve seen the AB. Abraham, the patriarch. 

But the Goddess is night, and she is naught, she is negation, you see. If the sun is ON she is Off. She is thus the moon and the horny horns of the Taurus Bull. Known as Anu, or Hathor, she is the cow who jumps over the moon.

The union of the two polarities is found in the UNGulate. That’s why we see so many hooved and horned animals in the Zodiac. These are the ANGels. The color spectrum formed from light ANGles.

The torus field is shaped like a bull’s head and rings like a bell.

For she is the “AN” – the sky bull taurus toroidal donut, and the masculine “G” caps the bull, (making it capable), which gives us “AN-G.” Which limits the sine wave into a ringing sound. Gong!

Thus the ‘Ang’ is a holy occulted word. It means Mother-Father, like ANKH, of which it is derivative. The ankh symbol combines the male cross with the female circle. The diving of spirit into flesh, the incarnation in a soul’s journey as it strives towards eternal progression.

All this is shown by the bent flame of Yod – 10 

The original impulse of God blowing fire into creation.

Yod makes the ‘Y’ sound. He is Yah. Yahweh. Jehovah.

The letter H speaks to him as well. The breathy air. The fiery hiss.

H in Hebrew is “Heh” and the glyph means ‘window.’ Because through this symbol set of the tetragrammaton and YaH, we are given a window into his mind. The mind of the Creator. 

But the work must be done here. In Her world. Through her eyes, the fleshy eyes of water, matter, blood and brain. To connect both worlds, the micro and macrocosms. 

1 and 0. 

The twin flame 101 Bi-Bulls. The parables. 

Jesus always spoke like that, talking to the right brain.

The EL is the line, (lower case l) the pillar, the Aleph, the one, and also the ten, drop the zero and the Father and Son are one. Yod. Completion.

But you cant really drop the zero because the zero is itself another pillar, although this one bent into a circle, representing Eternity, and cycles. In cycles we can have BALaNce; another holy word that combines Father “AB” and Mother “AN” with “L” in the middle giving us a stance, a cornerstone. 

How they’ve perverted the symbols?

Sex-magic words of power in weaponry.

The ankh becomes the bulky tANK, spitting missiLes of EL.

 The ang becomes the fang of the serpent. Spitting poison.

The BULLets flying. Through cYLinders of EL.

The torus/taurus becomes turrets, torrents of terrible torpedos.

The bull becomes bull shit. Angus beef. Red Bull. Degraded to energy drink status.

But that’s the 10, or the 101 – the window into Yod, the hand, with its 5 + 5 fingers, (I’ve never seen them fing…). The MaNos, Man, with his NaMe and NuMber.

The Yod is in the word “eYes,” which are windows into the Soul. The eye – I. But the eye by itself is unbalanced it needs to be constantly bending into a circle. 10. I AM that I AM. The bent flame of balance, Yod, upon Eternity.

So Yod and ANG, connect to the same symbol set as the Egyptian “Ankh” root, which gives us THANK, as in thank you for reading. From the stable (male-female) ankh we get ankle, stabilizing the leg and foot, anchor, stabilizing a boat. We get words like branch, bronchi, of course, the 101 or the 11 twins are always branching into 5 + 5. Two hands two feet, 10 toes 10 fingers.

Looking at just the 0 alone, without 10 we were talking about this Nut Goddess of night, Not, Naught, 0, unbalanced to the left, the dark, we get words like hex, from the root Hecate, the Goddess of witchcraft and magic. The zero shape, is the stirring of her cauldron, the witch with her aNiMalistic, shaMaNic practices. She is MN, ruler of the waters, brewing her brew. But she can only cook with the heating flame of the sun, Father AB.

In the bible the “red sea” is talking about the blood. Because Mother Mem Nun is salt water and the blood has a high sodium concentration as well.

But you see, through her watery chaos can be implanted the seed/fish/activity/life, again the incarnation of spirit, into a suitable vessel.

And Moses with his staff splitting the red sea, the phallic, the propulsive fire spirit seeding matter, and then the final deliverance into Heaven, the Israelites reaching the land of milk and honey, (which is also code for pineal gland activation). But for the Israelites it wasn’t finished; and many of us are still wandering in the desert eating MaNNa. 

The shepherd’ staff is shaped like a J, a hook. You get hooked by matter. Mesmerized by the witches spell. The red blood becomes tainted. The fall happens. You get words like Joker, and Judas and judged and jipped and jeopardized. You find Jack always stuck in-a-box.

But that same hook, is the pictograph of the Hebrew Lamed, the staff goad, EL. The Lamed is the 12th letter, the first in the second set of 11 for a total of 22, and also represents control and striving towards.

The L is the location where Saturn-El the bull God meets with ANU the horny moon cow sky Goddess – the baLanced LeveL scaLe, where those two meet we get the ankh, the ankle/anchor, the cross and the circle combined. Where those two meet we get the ANG, as in ANGular momentum, BANG, the big bang, her milky way. We get b-ANK, you store things in a bank, because the sex magic union of opposites creates spiritual capital. 

By the way, money and finance words all come from water. A river-BANK. Liquidated funds. Cash flow. Or money points to her bull goddess archetype – gold bullion, bills, stocks (live-stock), and of course when you don’t have exact bills you have to get CHANGE (ang).

An anchor sINKs.

The fall into matter.

Parabola. Pair of bulls. Parables.

The L always pairs with MN. In Hebrew it’s the same order – Lamed Mem Nun. The hebrew word for water is Mayim.

L is when the parabola is at it Lowest point. It’s LeveL. BaLance. It represents Earth level: ground floor. The L’s right angle also crops up in the square symbolism in Freemasonry. The square is Earth and water, the compass is Heaven and fire. 

LMN…O (water)

X…YZ. (fire)


Our protagonist found that he had an affinity for sym-BULLS. He would let them swim around in his mind, and took comfort in them. Where two symbols light up, a connection is made.

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Esoteric Structure of The Alphabet (Part 2)

We are continuing with our study of Alvin Boyd Kuhn’s seminal work (pictured above), a tiny volume of 44 pages that is never-the-less breathtaking in its scope.

There is a code, a pattern to study in the alphabet (both in Hebrew and English and most likely in many other languages as well) which will reveal great insights into nature, God and the soul.

In part one we introduced the concept of fire (spirit) into water (matter) as the base fundament through which the letters and their positioning are born and shaped and worded.

Fire is AB, Father God who art in Heaven. Abba, ABraham. The Breathe of God. Abre, means, ‘to open,’ in Spanish. Because AB is the opening or the diving of the spiritual fire in the waters of Matter to create the physical vessels and forms here on Earth where souls (fire) can come in and express themselves.

Water is MN – Matter, Mother, Material, Mundane realm. It is here that the souls differentiate and get their NaMe.

This naming process, is symbolized by the Hebrew letter Yod, whose symbol is ‘hand.’ The hand (spanish: Mano, French: Main, Latin: Manus) is thus a symbol for the MaN getting his NaMe, the completion number 10 being the gematria value for Yod as well. 10 fingers with both hands, your two MaNos.

Kuhn writes, “In the upper realm souls are not sufficiently individualized to deserve specific names; here soul gets its proper NaMe. The fate allotted to each soul by karmic desert comes out to manifestation here below; it is therefore the soul’s NeMesis. The soul here is under law, the Greek NoMos. A section of terrain of a nation was by the Egyptian termed a NoMe. Since, matter, like type-symbol water, is, from the philosophical view of reality, nothing, the Egyptian base-root of the letter N, whose hieroglyph was seven waves of water, along with the primal deific trinity Nu, Nun, Nut, gives us all the words expressing Negation: no, not, neither, nor, none, nil, nix, (German: nichts), Latin nox (night), our night, deny, neuter, never, nay….As man is cut off from Deity here below, he is in Greek MoNos, alone. Also he is a MoNad. Perhaps MoNk is one who is alone, not united to the female counterpart.”

The AB starting flame and MN middle matter/water motif can go on and on. It’s a good place to start. For we see another derivation of this with the letter that comes right before MN – L.

In Hebrew the letter L is Lamed, also positioned in the middle, with MN, thus the Light iLLuminating Matter, but also notice the glyph for Lamed is a hook, shaped like the letter J.

Because light getting trapped in matter can feel like JaiL. The MooN, is also Luna. It’s crescent J is where you get hooked in, caught like a fish on a fishing hook. Notice how the J and L play with each other.

Keep in mind that the Hebrew word “EL” is a name for Deity. These patterns when interposed and juxtaposed will open many doors into the occult.

For example, Jesus was hooked or hoodwinked by Judas. The J is always the hook that attracts the Light of EL (Jesus, the Son/Sun) to the RoMaNs, (MN) Matter, material, MuNdaNe realm.

A whole study can be done on how EL or the light/fire plays with MN: our souls are here to LearN, spirit LeaNing into matter. The hook of EL works like a NaiL. Jesus nailed to the cross.

Understanding the Tetragrammaton

The tetragrammaton Yod Hey Vav Hey is depicted in glyph form is hand – window – nail – window. The hand of God, the light of Heaven, the spirit, going through a window, differentiating into souls that get their name by being nailed to the cross of matter, we get hooked, we LearN, and ultimately we get Judged, if we want to go back through the second window, through the looking glass back to Eternity; both differentiated – NaMed, but also now reunited with Source, with the Creator.

And that is all typified in the Yod, shaped like a bent flame, “the candle flame bent by a puff of air to denote the original impulse of God’s mind on the flame….” Kuhn writes.

The fact that Yod is 10 shows you that this whole process, though seemingly messy and full of Eve-ILL, it has always been perfect in the mind of God, because 10 is the number of completion, perfection. We just can’t’ see it yet, the whole picture.

One final riddle: Yod makes the same sound as the English letter ‘Y.’

Because it’s the answer to the philosophical question, “Why?”

And the letter ‘Y’ is shaped like a fork in the road because its that initial branching of Unity in Source to Duality in Spirit/Matter, which is at root an illusory bifurcation, in the MiNd of MaN. Again in that watery world of MN, only there do we get this duality, this evil EVE, this feminine earthly matter, the not, the Nox, the black, the negation – 0.

1 is all road, no split. no Y, no reason to ask, “why?”

The earthly realm (0) of MaNos, the Maze, is ultimately Sophia drowning, until the light of gnosis is reached, the Kabbalistic correction is made.

Because ultimately that treasure is down there at the bottom of the sea. You gotta’ go fishing. The treasure is Eternal Life.

Update – Part 3

Trying out a new format. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel for more:

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A Northern California Update.

Our forests are burning, have been for the past several years around Autumn, and are going to continue to burn. This is all part of their plan. It was in the books for years. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming days of man. Fire and plagues raining down upon man. Whether this year’s series of freak lightning storms are a result of weather modification warfare or not remains to be seen. But in previous years in the Santa Rosa area we definitely saw evidence of laser attack or some kind of Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), high-tech arsonists at large.

I have also heard rumor of aluminum and other heavy metal micro-particulates popping up in California forests and grassland soil which was not present before, most likely being part of the cocktail sprayed by chemtrail flyovers. These particulates of course being highly flammable. Fireman in this area have been quoted as saying they’ve never seen fires like this before in their 20 year careers. Flames that leap into the sky and cross great distances at mighty speeds. Because it’s unnatural folks.

And it started early this year. It’s like they’re not even waiting until September October November anymore, the ember fire months to do their ritualistic burning. The Fall harvest sacrifice rituals of antiquity being played out again in loosh-harvesting mega-ritual. And the blue pillers plugged into CNN in my area all blaming the fires on global warming thereby being rendered impotent to impact real change.

I feel like I’ve stepped into a post apocalyptic novel.

In Octavia Butler’s 1993 novel “Parable of the Sower ” we have a post apocalyptic scenario, the rich with their tech have long since abandoned the populace to hole up in their heavily guarded island oases. Survivors of societal, financial collapse are living in walled enclaves – if they are lucky – to avoid the cities which are overrun by anarchy and gang warfare. There is a new experimental drug on the streets that makes flame an almost erotic experience, creating arson cults that threaten the lives of the protagonist and her family.

In Lemony Snicker’s children’s books “A Series Of Unfortunate Events,” we have the Baudelaire orphans the target of a group of arsonists led by count Olaf. Their parents died in such a fire.

Just to name a few.

The reality of the real criminal arsonists and liars and puppeteers is much more complicated. Earlier I used the term “unnatural” for these fires and yet this is not quite true. Remember, the psychopaths at large are simply following out cosmic protocol. They themselves are puppets for God. Earth is a difficult place of testing. This is the end of the Iron Age and its going out in flames. It turns out if man does not suffer and is not put under strain, he will stagnate. 

The ten plagues raining down upon us at this time show that the bible was written as a warning for our age, and a clue for overcoming it. We must be the Israelites escaping bondage (material attachment – Egypt, the lower chakras). The fire and constant threat of viral disease are a wake up call to act, to admit that you have been a slave and will continue to bow to your master until you take your power back. 

“The instant you take control, interesting things will start to happen to you.” – Dirk Gently

The covid virus and the increasing fires and smoke in the air are a burning away, forcibly, of all material attachment, and a stripping down to the bare essentials. What do I need to survive? What do I need to stay with God? To stay sane?

You know, Kabbalah has a good teaching where everyday you must live and act in two (seemingly) contradictory ways. One, you must live as though God is acting through you at all times and you cannot possibly do what is considered “outside the will of God.” But second, you must also live as though you and only you is steering your life and your ship, second by second, through a chaotic stream where pre-destiny and fate do not exist, where the future is written by tiny decisions in the present totally dependent on your personal will.

So is it chaos and anarchy and entropy that rule our world? Or is it all happening in the mind of God, according to It’s perfect and divine eternal plan? Well, both, at the same time, you must reconcile those opposites in yourself, and be satisfied with a coincidentia oppositorum.

Because you see, if you polarize to one belief over the other, you end up either killing God, or killing the Self.

So when I get up in the morning I know that I HAVE to be the one to live my life, noone else is going to do it for me. But at night when I go to bed I know that God lived that day the whole time and that it was all pre-written as another way for the Creator to know Itself through its Creation. The fractal mirror of consciousness, the great mystery of the atomic structure of the One Mind or Ego.

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Esoteric Structure of the Alphabet – Alvin Boyd Kuhn

The book shows how the alphabets were designed to depict the central occult theme of fire (spirit) into water (matter).

Spirit into flesh.

Then back to spirit,

Forever changed by Her Waters.

And so in Hebrew we have the first letter Aleph (A) – Fire

Mem, Nun, (M,) and (N) are in the m-iddle of the alphabet, that’s water, matter, marine….

The Hebrew word for water is Mayim. And the glyph for ‘Nun’ is the fish. (That is why Jesus was a fishers of men).

The second to last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Shin (SH) like the sizzle of a fire.

Fire in water, fire out. Fire to begin all alphabets, water in the middle and fire at the end, this is the pattern, as we shall see.

The two opposing forces of fire/water yield a third, a product, or yield, and this is the Holy Spirit. This is the ‘second birth’ of man becoming like God, being born again, stepping into your Eternity field, having been through the densest dregs of materiality, matter, and its swampy watery depths.

I almost drowned in Her Waters. But in the end my soul was saved and baptised in fire, the second birth to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Fire in, fire out. 

It’s also the Riddle Of The 101, the two bulls or the Bi-Bull.

But that particular line of coding is already fleshed out in the Astrotheology section of this blog. Now let’s examine,

The Key of the Three Fires

These three aforementioned transition states of fire or spirit are found in the Hebrew alphabet as the three flames – or three Yods.

Yod is the flame of eternity, the central pillar of the 1, blowing in the wind.  The flame is bent by the breath of God, breathing life into Creation. Marking the beginning of linear time.

Yod is also the 10th letter, the number of completion. Made up of ‘one’ (fire, pillar of male propulsive spirit energy), and ‘zero’ (water, negation, womb, birth, matter, cyclical).

To yield a third. This is your basic trinity.

This is shown with the letter Shin, at the end of the alphabet. It’s shaped liked Three Yods, connected by a central bar.

Fire in the middle, Yod, the three fires of Shin at the end, and sure enough, at the beginning we have the first letter Aleph:

Which is none other than Two Yods, one flipped upside down, the two connected by a slash or dividing line. This represents the state of duality man is in, when fire/spirit has met water/matter. The soul incarnates and has to work its way out of matter back to Source, but everything is all topsy-turvy and backwards and flipped here, (we see through a mirror darkly), because noone knows where we came from or where we’re going, save perhaps that Jesus fellow…hmm but I digress.

Thus we have the three fires of 

Yod               Aleph                    Shin

(Y)                 (A)                        (SH)

Speaking of Jesus, YASH-ua’s very name may be embedded in this.

And looking at us in those letters is the word ‘ash,’ another fire word. 

The (F) in f-ire and the (SH) sounds are similar tonally and are the sound of water being dumped on fire, or vice versa: fffsshhfshshfshsh

Fire into water makes ASH – Earth, Matter, rock and soil.

It also creates gas, AIR bubbles that separate the matter and add depth and density and space. Thus the other two elements, air and earth, act to temper the flame and heat the water. This moderation of the hot and cold opposing forces builds the bodies, the vessels of organic life. The water being sea water in the occult symbolizes the blood. The salts of the blood, the RED SEA.

But even these tempered forms of organic matter, these bodies, are all transitory, ever moving.

Form allows spirit (fire) a vehicle with which to see itself in a mirror, as an individualized atomic spiritual Entity in relation to its Creator.

When the form of the body has run its course, the soul returns to the spirit realm, back to fire, the body to ash, dust to dust. But the memories and experiences remain as the very clothing of the soul as it works its way through karmic attachments and so forth, as it continues to grow and purify before its ultimate union with the Source, the Godhead of which we are all co-eternal, like a fractal prism of consciousness. There is the Big Kahuna on top who knows all and cannot be known, and then there are souls like us who share in this One Mind, but are struggling to know and integrate more and more of It, in an ultimately endless quest for greater understanding and merging with the One.

That is all that exists in the universe. The occult is simply the science of these two things – the light and the vessels. The light of the Creator, which is made of the desire to bestow pleasure on his Creation, and the vessels, souls, bowls, that can, to greater or lesser degrees, take in the light. Too much light blinds. Not enough light alienates and deprives.

But thats enough to go on for now.

One more closing tidbit – the letter H is the breathe of God, like Yod. But in Hebrew the glyph for ‘Heh’ means ‘window.’ With the hhhhhhbreathing of God into Creation, souls are given windows into the mind of God.

And thus Abram becomes AbraHam.

And Sara becomes SaraH. As two souls who gained this awakening.

AB-Ram of course being heavily coded as well, with the A-B 1,2 fire, water ((B)irth canal) and the Ram being Aries the first sign of the zodiac, and a fire sign. The initial plunge of fire into water, the charging of the ram, male energy,  which, when it hits water, female energy, it (B)ranches out to form the Tree of Life.

Taoist saying:

Once you learn the esoteric roots of the letters, many words will start to pop out at you and tell their hidden stories. You could spend ages decoding and demystifying words in this way. The alphabet was left behind by God, like the Tarot, and the Torah, and the Bi-Bulls, to provide a means to wake up and remember his Divinity, and the divinity of your very soul.

“By means of the twenty two letters, by giving them a form and shape, by mixing them and combining them in different ways, God made the soul of all that which has been created and all of that which will be.” – Sepher Yetzirah (Kabbalah)

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An Argument Against Reincarnation Theory – Thomas Burgoyne

2021 Update/Caveat: I currently am tending more on the side of believing in reincarnation. As Kuhn puts it, it seems unlikely that man could storm the castle of Heaven in one lifetime, having barely risen above animal intelligence. It would seem that a multiplicity of human births would be needed to best carry out soul growth here in the Earth Matrix of matter. But, in the sake of consistent journalism I leave the original article untouched, as a record to trace my pattern of thought:


In his treatise, The Light of Egypt, Thomas H. Burgoyne, secretary of the Hermetic Order of Luxor, discusses the afterlife, soul evolution, and the origins of evil. In this Hermetic system, which opposes in many ways the views of the Theosophical Society ala Blavatski, or what he calls ‘Esoteric Buddhism,’ reincarnation or the multiplicity of human births on Earth is a false teaching. Your evolving soul (which is part of an even greater Divine Ego), only gets one human life on Earth, and then after death one faces their own self-generated karma in the astral realm, in the hopes of evolving spirally upward to greater states of Being, the final goals being immortality of Soul and reunion with your Twin Soul which is the completed spiritual state of the Angel.

Origins of Evil

However it is not guaranteed that the differentiated soul survives their karma. Souls too corrupt and wicked, who turn their back on Deity (not based on ignorance, but knowingly), are unable to face their karma post-death, which swirl around them like a trapped nightmare for thousands of years. Guilt and shame like fire burning their soul.

The earlier distinction is important here. One result of the astral realm in such a sorry state is ending up as like a child. The other, for the truly wicked, is a devolving into an animal – these ones then become absorbed into the animal soul of the planet, called the Dark Satellite, the 8th Orb in our chain or the Orb of Death. This is their temporary abode as they await Oblivion – dissolution back into Source, back into the In-breath of Brahman. A sleeping, and a forgetting. 

Note that while their soul fails to achieve immortality, the Divine Ego of which even their soul is but one half, never dies and cannot die as it was not created in time (a-temporal, a-tomic), and is thus co-eternal with Deity.

Meanwhile, the black magicians here on Earth get their occult power by acting as mediums for these Once-men, those now dis-incarnate spirits from the 8th Orb (currently close in its ellipse, to Earth), , who have devolved to the level of animal, albeit an animal with cunning intelligence. A hunter-animal. But the cunning is all geared towards self-preservation – the reptile fight-or-flight, which is why they are often mistaken as reptilian aliens by the too-literal alt. media.

The 8th Orb in our planetary chain actually represents the animal-soul of Earth. Look at the viciousness of predators in nature and you will get a sense of the orientation of these entities we are up against.

How the Life Wave Works, Involution and Evolution

This is also called the transmigration of Souls. From what I can glean from Burgoyne’s writings, once the Biune Twin Souls bud off from their Divine Ego they each go through 7 State changes in 7 rounds of a Life wave or cycle within a Planetary Chain. These states are: spiritual, celestial, astral, mineral, vegetable, animal, and lastly, human. The soul in its quest for differentiation and complexification gets involved with lower and denser states of Matter (involution) – the densest being the mineral state. From there it begins its evolutionary climb back up to spirit through the vegetable, animal and the human state (the last state clothed in matter). 

The twin souls separately undergo each of these 7 states on different planets in our chain (the classical 7 planets or Elohim of astrology – Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon). Each planet leaves their mark on the Soul, which is why Astrology works. Before we arrive on Earth in our human state (the midway point between the spiritual and material arches of the wave) we undergo countless incarnations in lesser or more simple states, on the other 7 celestial bodies, all in preparation for the human form. The reason why the birth chart is such an accurate rendering of the personality of the individual is because we are born at a time which will harmonize with our growth and development that was achieved on the other planets prior to this earthly life. We are not shaped by our birth chart, rather the birth chart is a record of our development thus far, and a roadmap for further evolution in certain areas.

Rest assured that you have been born in the precise time and location, race, and family to provide the best chance of harmonizing or rounding out your latent soul qualities. 

After our human life, our fleshly reincarnations stop. “Once and only once,” says the holy law of Nature. After this our rebirths will occur in the realm of Spirit. 

The 3 Duads

From The Light of Egypt:

Our human physical life on Earth is actually only the first of 3 States or Duads. The second duad is the Astral realm, and the third is the Realm of Pure Spirit. Only by the 3rd Realm is immortality of the soul assured, because one must first past through the purgatorial Astral realm. Here is where your karma is faced. Karma is not an active force that affects change on Earth, as the Theosophical Buddhists and many others claim. It is a passive force that builds up in each individual as a moral record of their lives. Upon death, one faces all their demons, repressed memories, fears and attachments, and must conquer them. The demons are self-generated, there isn’t a God doing the punishing. God is only in charge of upholding the eternal perfect laws. The Boundless One speaks to your conscience through your Divine Ego. If you followed and listened to your conscience as best as you could in life, your karmic load will be a little easier on you. If you ignored the conscience and lived a life oriented at self-gratification at the cost of others, you will have a harder time in the next realm. It is that simple.

In this we finally see the beauty and justice inherent in Nature’s immutable laws. We are fully conscious at every stage of the karmic balancing of the scales, until the final farthing is paid.

We can drop the idea that we are reincarnated into an unlucky situation in order to pay back some karma in a past life that we are not even aware of. This type of system would only be designed by a cruel and unjust God. You wouldn’t punish a child for a crime that they are unaware that they committed.

We can also drop the hideous notion propped up by many in the alt. media that the “unwashed” and unaware masses are duped into eternal Hell by selling their soul to their smartphones or by being uploaded into the Borg hive-mind system, those filling up on vaccines, 5G and other pollutants. ‘Wide is the road to destruction and many are on it,’ Jesus warns. These ones will have a difficult time with their karmic burden in the astral realm, to be sure, however God grants some leniency because they were ignorant to the most part of how low their Soul fell. It’s all based on intent.

But it is a sad truth that many in this age will be unable to retain something immortal of themselves in the astral, and will be whipped about by karma and end up with the consciousness of a child. The soul, having now lost its chance to progressive Immortality will be reabsorbed into their Divine Ego.

When the Twin Souls fail to reunite, for any variety of reasons, the Divine Ego has to now await a new Solar cycle or Life Wave to try again – a new ‘splitting of the Atom’/Adam, the new souls transmigrating again through the 7 States and planets of involution/evolution. This process is what is confused for as “reincarnation,” or multiplicity of human births.

Those who seek immortality strive against such a fate, against such an amnesiac barrier.

This Divine Ego is the part of us that does not incarnate into the growing soul/spirit body until after the final Duad is crossed and the Twin Souls are reunited (the biblical marriage of the lamb, bride and bridegroom, etc.) Thus the Divine Ego is the part of us most closely associated with Source Creation, the black light or the Unconscious or Superconscious Formless One that “sits in profound, pregnant Silence,” as stated in the Kolbrin. We are never not One with that, must of us just forgot.

In the gospel of Thomas, the disciples ask Jesus how to get in heaven: “Do you want us to fast? How should we pray? Should we give to charity? What diet should we observe?”

Jesus said, “Don’t lie, and don’t do what you hate, because all things are disclosed before heaven. after all, there is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing covered up that will remain undisclosed.”

Notice he says, “before heaven” all things you did are disclosed. This is the swirl of your memories, your karmic record occurring to you in the 2nd Duad, the Astral plane. Heaven is the third duad. To get there you have to purge everything that was associated with the lower animal drives of the body, to be swallowed up by the animal soul of the planet. None of that can go with you as baggage into Heaven.

One last note that may serve as a clue or key for understanding how all this works. The word ‘soul’ rhymes with bowl. Because they are both containers. The soul collects and stores all the memories of your human life and previous incarnations through the many states and forms you took on your Life Wave journey. At death this bowl is dumped on your head, and you have to make sense of it all without shattering or spilling all over the place; that would lead to ‘soul death’ or the second death, which is just a sleep and a forgetting, of the Divine Ego, which never dies, which your Spirit, which sounds like “spear it,” which is what you have to do with all those karmic threads of the soul/bowl, spear them with the wand or the will of the sword, as an integral, coherent human being with mind intact, through the eye of the hurricane.

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