Kali, Kala, Death, Daath and the Deserts of Set

On my evening dogwalk a book came to me. ‘Shakti Mantras,’ it was called – found it in a pile of free stuff on the sidewalk. I resumed my walk, flipped to a random page and found a passage on the Goddess Kali which read 

“There is a long standing play on words concerning Kali and “time” which in Sanskrit is kala. The saying in the far is East is ‘nothing is as ruthless as kala except Kali.’ Time devours all, but that which consumes even kala is Kali, for she is the infinite receiver of all. The inky black look of Kali is the inky blackness of the void. In the cosmos, Kali is she whom all the energy of the universe returns, devoid of form, aspect or object. Kali is the void of the cosmos that gives birth to the next Maha Kalpa, or great cycle of another universe.” 

Kala means time, Kali is black, the abyss of timeless space. She swallows the universe at the end of each cosmic cycle, thus she is destructive and “evil” to those who can’t see her true beneficent function (as a decomposer, like the fungi). All forms dissolve in time to the final sleep at the end of each cycle, which was what I had just written about in my previous post.

This was not the first time a book or video or blog post synchronistically fell in my lap that was precisely the missing piece of a puzzle in a current line of research. God is good – Blessed Be He. 

And lately I have been reading in Ken Grant’s work (protege of Crowley) about the 16 kalas, (which he said is where we get the word, color), which are how we contact the Daath portal, the 11th hidden sephira. Daath exists outside time, in a dimension removed from the Kalpas, the great cycles, if you will. This abyss thus has its own rules and grammar but is generally chaotic. Daath is the dark portal leading to these “tunnels of Set” and the Qlipoth (shells, shades) in the back of the Tree of Life. “Daath” is probably where we get the word death. 

The gate to this abyss, runs through the path of Gimel on the tree, which is the camel, a desert animal who spans the deserts of Set (abyss):

This is the path of the High Priestess, and she is the subconscious mind, as opposed to The Magician who is the waking mind. This shows where Daath resides (as forgotten mental residue). Grant writes,

The Eye of Horus which is dripping or bleeding could be hinting at this “occult eye” the menstruating vagina.

The menstruation is symbolic of the break in the cycle of creation, the bleeding only being a result of the lack of the creative male seed. The blood red color connecting also to the color of the setting sun (Set) as it dies in the underworld.

The moon of course is tied to the female monthly (moonthly) cycle. The lunar eclipse forms a corona (crown), like an eye.

When the baby’s head shows during birth it is crowning.

The female aspect of the Godhead in Qabalah is Binah, the third sephira and its ruling planet is Saturn (Chronus, time, devouring his children). It’s color is black.

This is where we get the black cube of Saturn, (denoting infinite space, abyss)

The abyss of the hidden 11th sephira, Daath, leads to the back of the tree, where reside the 6 Qlipoth, plus Daath, for 7 deadly sins. But since Daath is a pseudo-sephira, not really counted, we have 10 sephira and the six Qlipoth or shells for a total of 16, which corresponds to the 16 kalas as described by Grant. This number is important for its correspondence to once again the female ovulation cycle and by its extension the lunar cycle. 

But returning to the 7 shells or shades or Qlipoth on the dark side of the tree, of which Daath is the opening or aperture into, we see in Revelation that the “Scarlet Woman” rides the 7 headed dragon, the beast. She is also a type for Kali, her scarlet color being the menstrual blood but also the setting sun (Set) slaying Horus, going into the night, the underworld. Whether she is black (in Egypt that is Nuit, where we get the word Night, Not, Naught, etc.) or red, the symbolism points to the same. 

Osiris being a black god was a later gender role reversal when the masculine Osirian cult replaced the earlier feminine Typhonian tradition of the Black Goddess Nuit (in the East, Kali). Nuit’s concort was the male Hadit. Osiris then becoming the Greek Chronus or the Roman Saturn.

Saturn who was black as the abyss became Satan, a red bull, El Diablo. He/She is also typed as the androgynous Baphomet with a goat head. Goats and bulls are UNGulates, which is the same root as ANG, as in angel or angle or light. White light refracts into the 7 angles or colors (kalas). And light (Hadit) can only shine into a void or black abyss (Nuit).

So we have a universe of color and time when pure white light (Christ) was bent into 7 primary angles or angels, with 12 altogether (his disciples). In astrology this pattern manifests as the 7 interior planets and 12 signs of the Zodiac (angles of 30 degree increments away from the ecliptic or HORizon [Horus]). In music it is the 7 major notes (white keys only on piano) and 12 notes in a full scale (white and black keys).

Touching on why we see so many UNGulates (ANG) in the Zodiac, the bull, the ram or lamb, the horse and the goat – an ungulate is an animal with cloven hoofs, like the cleft (vagina) of the Divine Mother (abyss, Binah, Saturn, Daath, Nuit, Kali) birthing  the universe, the Son; the noumenal producing the phenomenal, through time (Sanskrit – kala). This is the occult formula 0=2 which Crowley dilates on.

The cloven hoof or cleft shows up in music as the clef, again the notes of the scale. To cleave is to open, but also means its opposite, to stick two things together. St. Matthew writes,

For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall be one flesh’

-Mathew 19:5.(KJV)

From the cleft or vagina or vesica piscis we can derive the fish shape which we expounded HERE. The fish is the glyph for the letter Nun, which is assigned to the Tarot Key Death (Daath). But death is wrapped up in the Scorpio sexual energy as the fish is symbolic of fecundity.

From the zero, the No-thing, the Naught (Nuit), we get the two – subject and object. This dualism is, in the last analysis an illusion, as there is no such separation, which is why Kali becomes, Maya, a veil, an evil, hiding the truth. She became Satan, in its Qabalistic sense of an obstacle to wisdom and knowledge, to union with God.

The 16th Hebrew letter Ayin, which is the glyph of the eye, holds all this symbolism as well.  It associates with the 15th Tarot Key the Devil, (who looks like Baphomet) for all the reasons stated above.

The Hebrew word Ain means nothing, or void. It is the eye of the Abyss, through which the portal is Daath (Death), the 11th “hidden “ sephira. The 11th letter in English is K, like Kali and Kala, perhaps, Grant says that this is why Crowley attached the letter K at the end of “MagicK.” 11 as the lopsidedness that follows the perfection of 10, and begins a new cycle of numbers, is thus the magicKal energy that evokes Set through Daath, and the creatures or demons of the abyss, the “Dwellers of the Threshold.”

These Typhonian monsters are described in HP Lovecraft stories, and in various myths around the world. Since Daath exists outside of time or kala, it is a holding place for the darker pre-human creations, failed experiments devoid of life and light and intelligence. But they are necessary to counterbalance the light, the Day side of the Tree. The “Nightside of Eden,” as Grant calls it, or dark side of the Tree, with its Qlipoth actually serve a benevolent function for the whole, just as light cannot shine without dark.

It is my understanding that Daath also serves as a reservoir of repressed subconscious material in the collective unconscious of man. That in each cycle whatever idea forms are not digested, almost like ghosts, hang around in the abyss of Daath until the end of a cycle in which all forms are absorbed back into the All, the Source, or the Ain, or No-thing, the Ineffable. This state of pure Subjectivity in between cycles or Maha Kalpas can be imaged as dreamless sleep.

But in the meantime these dark and twisted forms, while devoid of life, can, like dust bunnies in the wind, take on the appearance of sentience, and when called on by the magician, invoked through ceremonial ritual magick, do actual work in our world. This can be used for good or ill, just as electricity, being neutral, can turn on a light or electrocute you, depending on how you use it. 

When an adept attempts to contact these forces for ill uses of the lower ego, he goes mad and reverts almost to that of an animal. Then his soul is lost to the deserts of Set for the rest of the aeonial cycle, and he becomes part of the Black Brotherhood. But an adept using these same primal animal powers can harness them for good as well. This is the whole secret of initiation and why this stuff is kept behind veils.

Now it is for the reason of magickal contact with primal animal forces that two Egyptian symbols for Daath and the abyss were the Ape of Thoth (Thoth was a moon God, whose name rhymes with Daath), and the Dog of Set, who is thus equivalent to Sirius, the Dog Star, another pattern I have been unfolding in my post Orion and His Dog

Grant writes,

It is significant that the film 12 Monkeys was all about time travel, linking to the themes above.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of all this is that these symbols and powers never went away but are here and active now, clearly, through Hollywood and the like. It is almost as if all the coded occult media productions are sourced from this timeless space of Daath, this dark portal. Inside is a vast information singularity that the dark forces are using as their A.I. God, telling them what to do. The episode of Southpark “Cartoon Wars” with the manatees cryptically shows this. The episode pokes fun of ‘Family Guy’ by divulging how they script their shows. They have a giant tank of manatees who swim around and occasionally pluck a colored ball with a word or two on it, usually a reference to pop culture. In this way, the show writers string together a few words as the outline to their script.

I am suggesting that this is how the elite run the show on Earth, but instead of manatees they use the Typhonian beasts of the void, which they contact through the portal of Daath, and instead of colored balls with words on them they use artificial intelligence databases, programmed to run algorithms of control and propaganda, propped up by energy harnessed from subconscious patterns in the collective mind (occult symbolism, numerology), as well as cosmically relevant times in astrology such as eclipses and major conjunctions, etc.

I first caught wind to how the elite may be slipping in Daath symbolism into their productions when Jason Bickford pointed out that in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when Hunter S Thompson wakes up after his mind bending adrenochrome trip he has a book open on his lap called The Death Ship.

That is the “Daath Ship,” because the entry through that dark portal in ceremonial sex magick involves imbibing certain glandular secretions. The drug adrenochrome harvested from a pineal gland is poking fun or alluding to this. The drug drives Thompson mad, in that scene, because madness is a risk with playing with these energies. But again, ‘adrenochrome’ would be the crude black magick form of White Tantra, as practiced by the ancient Oriental adepts, these rituals were done in order to gain contact with Higher Beings and return with high wisdom and knowledge to uplift mankind. It is of this form that Grant says Crowley was basing his rituals on, and I am beginning to think that Crowley may just be the most misunderstood character of the last century. It is mostly those prudish literalist Christians attacking him – but they cannot begin to conceive of ANY occult or esoteric material without running the other way screaming, “devil! Witchcraft!” And yet they are the most repressed, their subconscious minds are the ones overrun with demons, because they allow for no proper outlet.

So was Crowley pushing Satanic, pedophilic, blood lust and vampirism, as his detractors maintain? Its possible, but I have yet to see really damning evidence for it. He was certainly using body fluids in his rituals, but that does not equate him necessarily with the group that is harvesting adrenochrome and making pizza and murdering children (because we know that this definitely exists, see: the CRIME).

Things aren’t so black and white (Binah and Kether), and if this indeed is the new Aeon of Horus (the Son, Tiphareth), than we are going to see a lot more gray. To conquer Daath and the Qlipothic realms the adept must transcend these lusts and perversions by swimming amongst them, swimming with the sharks, to survive you must become a shark yourself. This may all that Crowley meant when he spoke of “developing a taste for the repugnant.”

Further reading:

Is the “Daath Ship” a subtle reference to the Philadelphia Experiment (a naval ship that was supposedly sent through a wormhole and disappeared)? Whistleblower ‘Sol Mason’ spoke of this.

For more of Kali ritualism in Hollywood, see Beyonce and Johnny Depp (as the Mad Hatter) do the Kali Death Dance on 7/11 I mean 9/11!

Eye of Horus Bleeding in Popular Media

Ken Grant points to the paintings of adept Salvador Dali as suggestive of this material (dark portals/tunnels):

“Accomodation of Desire”

…where time melts away:

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The Biggest Psyops are Twisted Forms of Qabalistic Teachings

Heliocentric Cosmology

The sun in the center of the solar system hoax is likely pulled from the Tree of Life diagram above. In Qabalah, each sephiroth has a ruling planet. Notice how the sixth sephiroth, Tiphareth is ruled by the sun, and is in the middle, with all the other sephiroth “orbiting” it if you will. The pun of son/sun is very much at play here too. Tiphareth, which translates as “Beauty” is not only the sphere of the sun but also the Son of the Father, found in number 1, Kether directly above it. Earth and the physical vessel of the body is Malkuth (10), at the base of the tree. Thus the mediating force between pure spirit (Father) and matter (Malkuth) is the Ever-Coming-Son or Tiphareth. The beauty is in all the individuated forms that the souls grow for themselves through advancement up the tree. The Path of Return in occult training begins at the bottom of the tree and works its way back up. 

Clever sorcerers used this formula and distorted it into the materialistic, heliocentric model put forth by Copernicus. One can almost hear them scheme, “If we put the sun in the middle, than the Earth and Man appear insignificant, off center-stage…

The Ever-Expanding Universe

The mainstream model of “science” then puts forth that the universe is ever expanding. Qabalah teaches this too but also adds that there is an equal and opposite contracting force. Frater Achad writes of the Ain Soph Aur, the invisible, limitless light of God:

“This Pure Being, or Living Substance, owing to its reaction from the Invisible Center, tends to expand towards Infinity. This gives us the idea of the Substance of the Universe ever expanding, ever occupying more and more of the Limitless Space of the Ain SUPH, while the Primal Centralizing Urge still continues to contract upon the Infinitely Small, or the Ain. Kether is then the junction of these Two Infinites, but particularly represents the concentration of the Light to a Point on its way to the Infinitely Small, while Malkuth, the Tenth Sephira and Sphere of the Elements—which the Qabalists say is one with Kether—is the Substance which is ever expanding and, so to speak, gradually FILLING UP The NOTHINGNESS of the Ain SUPH. So we may consider Kether as the Light and Malkuth as the Substance, while the complete Sphere is composed of LIVING SUBSTANCE. This represents the Macrocosmic Universe, but it is every BECOMING GREATER And Greater in extent, and driving back, so to speak, the Nothingness of Chaos. Man, being made in the Image and Likeness of God and of the Universe, has the same infinite possibilities of growth in Consciousness, as the Force of the Spirit extends the substance of his mind to wider and wider fields of thought.”

– “The Anatomy Of The Body Of God,” by Frater Achad, (pg. 13)

By leaving out the contracting force, (in Hinduism that is the In-breath of Brahman) we are left with a horrid idea that the universe is ever expanding into cold, lifeless empty space and is thus winding down, like an old rusty clock, into eventual heat-death and total annihilation. But with the contracting force, we see that the universe is following the Hermetic principle of rhythm, eternally breathing in and out. Nothing is therefore lost or too far removed from the central singularity point of the Most High, the “Ain,” which is hebrew for the No-thing, because they were careful not to attach imagery or verbage to that which is Nameless and Ineffable.

Eventual heat death or the total destruction of the known universe is itself taught by not just Qabalah but in all mystery schools east to west. The Hindus traced long cycles of time as well as the egyptians and mayans, and what becomes clear is that the great cycle does indeed “end” with the total annihilation of all the forms that make up the material world. But this is not an “end” but just the Life Power or Ruach Elohim, literally the fiery breath of God, going from its active phase to its latent phase. Each cycle ends, according to occultist T.H. Burgoyne, in the following way: 

“the 7 great cycles and the 7 Nirvanas together constitute the eighth, and produce the sleep of death. Our sphere will then have completed the period of child bearing; old age has gradually settled upon her; she has born 7 sons, and now sinks into the eighth period-sleep-the sleep of death and complete annihilation. Cohesion loosens its hold upon the molecules, and atom by atom the planet’s particles are disintegrated and dispersed into space. The great solar sleep, or Nirvana, takes place and our sun ceases to be active for a period of 127,008,000 years, viz., a complete evolutionary cycle; and it is only when the first warm breath of new spiritual life pulsates through the spaces of Aeth that a recreation of the planetary chains commences anew. The disintegrated atoms of former worlds are reconstructed with new cosmic matter and once more evolution; but upon a higher plane; begins its almost ceaseless round.”

– “The Light of Egypt” by TH Burgoyne

But of course, the dogmatic, atheist materialist pseudo-scientists propping up the theory of the winding down of the universe to an eventual entropic heat death is again leaving out the other half of the equation, the balancing force. In this case they are leaving out the cyclical nature of birth and destruction. This disregard of the in-breath in favor of an endless out-breath has caused endless anxiety and existential angst; because it builds a nihilistic view of things if the universe and all its inhabitants are drifting further and further from Source towards oblivion and chaos.

Recapulation Theory, Early Pre-Human Stages of the Life Wave

Darwin and his Royal Society funders and backers introduced into science the notion of “recapitulation,” where higher lifeforms carry within them a record of their evolution from primal ancestors. This is why for example, a human embryo , early on resembles a fish, then a lower mammal and then starts to resemble a human.

This is a half-truth that they used as evidence for evolution or descent with modification through natural selection. Even though Hackel’s drawings proved to be a fraud, there is some truth to this theory, he just exaggerated it to suit his master’s sinister ends. But for example just looking at the human brain we indeed have a reptile primal brain, a mammalian brain and then a unique-to-humans neocortex, tracing the line of “descent.”

But the point isn’t to disprove Darwin which we already covered HERE, (spoiler: all his evidence, like the Globe Earth is shown to be more frauds and hoaxes) but rather to show how he didn’t come up with anything new or unique, but was drafting and twisting old Qabalistic ideas to suit his needs and the needs of the elite, namely to wipe out any evidence of the Creator from the mass mind. Because to invite random evolution as espoused by modern science today is to trick the gullible into not needing a Creator – life is a toss of the dice, a mutation, an accident. 

And when you put that random accident of Darwin’s on Copernicus’ spinning ball in the endless cold abysses of space with meteors that could obliterate the ball at any moment, than life is not just an accident but a cruel joke, and the joke’s on you.

Qabalah does in fact teach that as a soul incarnates into a Life Wave from the Higher Planes, he/she/it must first “recapitulate” the entire evolutionary impulse. In order to prepare to be at home in a human form (which alone is built in the image and likeness of God) he must first conquer the lower kingdoms of nature – he must become a rock, a plant, a tree, a bird, a frog, an antelope. He must swim with the fishes and buzz with the bees. The soul is building and shaping a body, learning how to control the atoms of more and more complex creatures, doing this on a subconscious level, because the subconscious mind is what is organizes your body, and this ultimately prepares for your higher mind a permanent dwelling place, a temple.

Your waking conscious mind doesn’t have to worry about pumping the heart or the compression of the lungs – these are automatic functions of the subconscious mind, thanks to this pilgrimage through the lower forms on the way to your current form.

Tarot card 18 “The Moon” is showing this in a thousand ways.

But the intrinsic difference between Qabalah and Darwin is that the evolution is happening on a higher plane, a mental plane of Platonic ideals, NOT in the realm of genes and molecules. The beautiful* patterns and colors on a peacock’s tail was designed in a mental sphere, by the will of a Designer. The animal spirit of that bird wanted a shiny tail, wanted to be a bird. And so the Creator gave it that. 

*(Remember we were talking about that central Sephiroth – “Tiphareth,” which translates to Beauty).

These “lower” forms are evolutionary dead ends. This doesn’t mean animals and plants are a mistake, because the universe is much more after the art of holistic systems than producing evolutionary perfect super-species, except when it comes to Man. We got to where we are because we were not content, on the soul level, to stay in the lower kingdoms, but listened to that soft, still voice within, the Christ Logos, the Word, that was calling us on to higher evolutionary forms – the human and super-human levels. This was man’s destiny from the beginning, the completed blueprint for each human soul was conceived in the mind of God in a split second, outside of time and space. And each soul got a taste of it before incarnating into the Life Wave; the goal being now to REMEMBER.

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The 42 Generations of Christ

“The Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything is…42!”

Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Key They Hid

Numbers that appear in the bible are never arbitrary. As we’ll see, the number 42 is one of these symbolic numbers. We are going to be looking at the Book of Matthew and also reading from Alvin Boyd Kuhn. To start with, 42 months equals three and a half years. And this number “three and a half” is important for the reasons we’ll see shortly. Speaking on the four ages of man as it relates to his composite being, Kuhn writes, 

“…from his head of gold (spirit) to his feet of miry clay (matter) is a four-ply creature, constituted of spirit (gold), mind (silver), emotions (brass), and sense-body (iron and clay combined), in the allegorical depiction. Higgins is indeed partly vindicated in his judgement of these element divisions as time cycles, by a mass of legendary data to be found in the opening chapters of all ancient histories of world cosmographs.  It is there said that ancient “poetic” tradition spoke of the reign in the earliest racial dawn of an Age of Innocence when mankind was childlike and knew no evil; and this is called the Golden Age. It is followed by the Age of Silver, when life grew a little less halcyon. As man came to adulthood his childlike simplicity and naivete was replaced by sterner qualities of the Age of Brass. And when finally consciousness had fully descended into the hard realism of earthly embodiment, came the Age of Iron, when the feet of the former angel race were enmired in the heavy clay of sense and body. All the books of ancient wisdom say that this full course of the descent of the soul into earthly body was consummated in three and a half cycles from angel to man, while also the evolution of the body itself from mineral to human fineness was achieved in  a similar three and a half cycles or kingdoms. Downward as soul, or upward from the clod as body, man stands exactly where his two constituent elements of god and animal have met and conjoined their powers in the middle of the fourth kingdom counted either way….”

Thus we have something like this:

I’ll meet you in the middle, my dear lost lamb….

And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Mark 10:8-9

Note that 3 1/2 + 3 1/2 = 7. Seven levels, like the seven colors when white light refracts through a prism.

The meeting point is at the fourth level, which Kuhn says is the reason behind Matthew’s “fourth watch of night:”

“And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.”

Matthew 14:25

The sea being the body, composed of blood which is basically salt water.

Kuhn continues,

“On the side of the natural or animal man we have here the basis of a correct interpretation for the first time of one of the most pivotal numerical symbols in scripture, the three days in the tomb. “Days” here indubitably refers to cycles, as in Genesis. The text of key significance in the bible is the verse which reads, “As Jonas was three days in the belly of the whale, so must the Son of Man be three days and nights in the bowels of the earth.

The plain meaning is that the unevolved germ of spiritual consciousness must, like a seed, be implanted in matter and evolve through the three lower physical kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable and animal, until in the middle of the fourth or human kingdom it blossoms out to full function and fruition in the organic brain of man.”

“This clarification also prepares the way at last for the epochal pronouncement that three is not after all the correct number! Three is a blind or cover for the true number which is three and a half! Evidence for this will be found in the eleventh and twelve chapters of Revelation, where the number three and a half occurs three times, though it is presented in such cryptic fashion that its true import has been missed. Animal man evolving from sea water rises to full development at the end of three and one half cycles, where it meets soul descending  through a corresponding series of three and half kingdoms of ethereal essence….”

“As the two chapters in Revelation also clearly bring out, the meaning behind the number 1260, given there twice, is that is the number of days in forty two months, or three and a half years…”

From RevelationScriptures.com:

The 42 Generations Of Christ

As Marty Leeds has pointed out, we see the number 42 popping up in the very opening pages of the New Testament, in the Book of Matthew, we have the 42 generations of Christ, from Abraham to Jesus. It’s that infamous long line of begats:

“1 The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

2 Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren;

3 And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar; and Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram;

4 And Aram begat Aminadab; and Aminadab begat Naasson; and Naasson begat Salmon;

5 And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse;

6 And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias;

7 And Solomon begat Roboam; and Roboam begat Abia; and Abia begat Asa;

8 And Asa begat Josaphat; and Josaphat begat Joram; and Joram begat Ozias;

9 And Ozias begat Joatham; and Joatham begat Achaz; and Achaz begat Ezekias;

10 And Ezekias begat Manasses; and Manasses begat Amon; and Amon begat Josias;

11 And Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren, about the time they were carried away to Babylon:

12 And after they were brought to Babylon, Jechonias begat Salathiel; and Salathiel begat Zorobabel;

13 And Zorobabel begat Abiud; and Abiud begat Eliakim; and Eliakim begat Azor;

14 And Azor begat Sadoc; and Sadoc begat Achim; and Achim begat Eliud;

15 And Eliud begat Eleazar; and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan begat Jacob;

16 And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

(Matthew 1-16)

<At this point you’re wondering why in the heck you picked up this book in the first place! And without the key they hid you will never know, and probably put the book down!>

The next verse then summarizes the 42 generations into 3 groups of fourteen:

“So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and

from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations;

and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.

(Matthew 1:17)

That’s three fourteens which is a wink-wink nudge-nudge to pi: 3.14

The sequence in our number line, 13, 14, and 15 is an anagram of pi: 3.14151. The sum of 13+14+15 = 42.

Marty Leeds uses the septenary cypher to uncover some hidden gematria around these motifs as well.

That same sequence 13, 14, 15 is found in between Holy (12) and Bible (16).

As well, the bible states the the number 666 leads to wisdom. Well part of that may be that “Six” equals 14:

Thus with the phrase  “Six Six Six” we have three fourteens or 3.14, pi again.

We saw the sacred number 7 earlier with the 7 realms or kingdoms. 7 also points to pi through the same cypher:

So 42 connects to pi, and both show up cryptically in the opening pages of the bible. Pi measures cycles which could reference time. 42 mirrored is 24, as in 24 hours in a day. 42 generations, we are tracing a genealogy through time. Christ is thus a symbol for transcending time, being the beginning and the last. From 42 generations, from AB the Father (Abraham) to Jesus the Son of Man. That’s three generations of fourteen mind you, or three fourteens. And of course we saw that 42 months is three and a half years, this being a sacred number also referring to cycles or ages or even kingdoms. 

As we saw in my graphic at the beginning that’s three and a half kingdoms of travel for each half of the Originating Spirit before they reunite in human form as the celestial marriage of the lamb. One is the falling god or angel from above, the other is the rising animal-human from below. But they are BOTH YOU, the bifurcation is temporary. This may be the true meaning behind the notion of twin souls. Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve, the twin pillars, Pollux and Castor, can all be explained perhaps as modes of this. “And the twain shall be one flesh…

In the Gospel of Mark it says a man must leave his parents and cleave to his wife. That is, one must leave the spirit realm and take the dive into matter, into incarnation and the cycles of necessity.

On this merging of the two in the fourth kingdom or “fourth watch in the night,” Kuhn elaborates, “The body evolving from below thus gives soul its incarnation and divides the area of consciousness with it, sharing its sense and emotion life [water, female, Eve] with the other’s mental and spiritual powers [fire, male, Adam]….it is at this meeting point of spirit and matter, or soul and its body, that all meaning and experience-value are localized. Soul descends halfway from the summit of being and matter rises halfway from the bottom, and the two meet at the only place their energies can be synchronized and eventually harmonized, which is just exactly at the middle point in the seven levels of the gamut of being. For man this meeting point is right in his body and brain.”

Of course, this much anticipated marriage or “harmonization” doesn’t happen right away. First the upper half must wrangle the lower into submission and proper utilization. The animal side must be transmuted. According to most schools of thought, this takes many lifetimes. In Freemasonry this is the smoothing out of the rough ashlar stone to the smooth ashlar stone. The Great Work.

The Great Work once completed, to my understanding, cements the body as an anchor or fixed point in time, but frees the soul for dimensional travel. This is why Christ is a symbol of transcending time (being the end of the 42 lines). Be weary of those preaching that its best to leave behind the physical body for lofty, hazy, etheric realms in the clouds someplace. As true occultists we aim for the body as a time anchor and yet liberate the soul to enter the Kingdom of God. It’s a return to Source but WITH DIFFERENCE, now with a perfected, individuated spirit body that’s grounded to Earth, should you require it.

To put it in a sentence, the ascended masters can and do incarnate here, but are not strapped with amnesia like the rest of us who are still fumbling and bumbling along.

How is this done? Align your personal will to God’s will. Aim to aid the collective and you will become His Agent. The human-animal inside will not understand and resist this. As William Burroughs wrote, “Try to achieve even ten seconds of inner silence. You will encounter a resistant organism that forces you to speak. That organism is the word.” What he is calling “the word” and equating to a replicating virus, I am simply calling your human-animal. It is not so much the inner narrative that is the problem but that its built around self preservation and comfort instead of focusing on God’s will. Your human-animal has picked up some vices along the way and that’s OK, we all have.

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The Sirius Code (Orion and his dog, pt.2)

Addendum to PART ONE HERE, (which I suggest you read first).

In a comment to my post Orion and His Dog, (if you are new to this his dog is Sirius the Dog Star by the way), Jesse reminded me of this scene from The Truman Show, where a studio light falls from the fake studio sky: 

Falling star, fallen angel.

This being the pivotal moment that initiates Truman’s awakening to the false appearances around him. Sirius-as-Christ triggers all awakenings in like manner. 

Now, I highly recommend checking out Youtuber Lxxxvii finis temporis‘ video, who has diligently shown how EVERY SINGLE FILM of Jim Carrey’s career codes Sirius/Christ, 88, 9/11, 33, twins/mirrors/alters, and other repeating themes that weave in and out of Hollyweird.

First of all his initials are J.C.

JC in the Truman Show. Cracking the dome ceiling. The crucifixion and resurrection.

The Number 23 was all about gematria and numerology, an indispensable part of awakening:

Backwards for “23”

32 Paths in the Tree of Life diagram in Kabbalah. In the septenary cypher, the only cypher used by occultist Marty Leeds, these numbers are equally significant:

In the movie there is a dog (Sirius) named Ned following Carrey’s character around. At first he is an annoyance but soon proves to be more than just a dog – he’s a messenger for some Higher Will, and leads Carrey to the next clue.

At one point Jim says, “Ned isn’t a dog, he is a guardian of the dead.”

(like Anubis?)

Remember the dead are us, souls buried in flesh. The dog with his keen sense of smell can guide man through this incarnational night.

The name “Ned” are the hebrew letters Nun, Daleth. Nun corresponds to the Death tarot card. Daleth means “Door” so we have the doorway to death, a fitting name for an Anubis-type. Ned is Anubis or Sirius, the inner Christos, guiding man, like a hunting dog, leading him along the trail to his own inner spirit by showing him the secrets of life and death.

After being so fed up with his fixation on the number 23, his wife says to him:

Shortly after, JC is snoozing on the couch and his wife spots what he has written on his arm:

To poke fun at us “truthers” perhaps, to give a little nod to conspiracy theorists. (And in most cases to label our work as a mental illness.) And like a magic trick it provides cover for the real meat and potatoes – for example according to the MSM the only animal to die on 9/11 was a dog named, you guessed it, Sirius:

Why else the number 23? It’s also the number of chromosomes in gamete cells, sperm and egg – signaling regeneration. This is before fertilization, virgin cells. Christ is born of a Virgin. His victory is 32, the crowning achievement on the paths of return on the Tree of Life (the Last Adam). The mirror of that, 23, signals just starting out, virgin mind, the First Adam, fresh out of the animal kingdom, not much higher than say, a dog.

Ned is an anagram for “End.” Christ is the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

As you can see, Christ is the whole thing, he is the black and the white, and we see this stark contrast in the black and white fur markings on both Ned and the dalmatian who jumps up on Truman every morning throughout The Truman Show:

It seems Carrey has quite the history with dogs. He played Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, and throughout Bruce Almighty he is trying to potty-train his dog:

This is the third dog with exclusively black and white markings. 

The dog symbol, like all powerful symbols, carries a dual meaning. We have already seen the light side of the dog as guide and saviour, but throughout scripture dogs are also used to connote low-lifes, scoundrels who “return to their own vomit:”

Proverbs 26:11

“Like a dog that returns to its vomit
Is a fool who repeats his folly.”

Revelation 22:15
“Outside are the dogs and the sorcerers and the immoral persons and the murderers and the idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices lying.”

The imagery is clear. Unless one learns to be guided by the inner ‘keen-scented Deity,’ the jackal-headed Anubis, he is no better than a dog, he remains one of the walking dead.

Psalm 22:20

“Deliver my soul from the sword,
My only life from the power of the dog.”

The scene below in Bruce Almighty with Morgan Freeman as God and janitor plays up the black/white dualism as well. And to note, when Freeman asks if Bruce wouldn’t mind helping him mop up a little, Bruce replies,

“Are you Sirius?” JC asks God. Morgan Freeman nods his head.

In a way, yes, would be God’s reply. Noone goes to the Father but through the Son.

God needs Jesus’ help mopping up, cleaning house, even though, look – the warehouse is spotless and shiny already. God’s House is perfect, but he still seeks to know himself through individuated spirit atoms, (the Son). That’s us, he is asking us to help mop up a bit. Are you Sirius? Bruce thinks, in his unawakened state, I ain’t got time for dat.

But finally at the end, after his “awakening,” he picks up the mop, takes up his cross:

In closing, in Dumb and Dumber they ride around in the Dog Van:

In hebrew the letter Beth can sound like a B or V. So “Van” can be “Ben,” the hebrew word for ‘Son.’




Kenneth Grant (protege of Crowley) in his book Nightside of Eden, reminded me about this little tidbit:

And of course the word “Dog” is right there in “Dogon.” Doggonit!

But once again we see a so-called “primitive” tribe with advanced knowledge that does not make any sense through the materialist linear history lens.

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Orion and His Dog

Somethin’ for Taurus – the strength of the bull or ox and FIXED EARTH. Fix your best timeline, anchor it here in the physical.


Ever since I was a child I always wondered why God was backwards for Dog. I think now I am beginning to understand why. 

The dog star Sirius has always been of great importance to the occultists behind Hollywood. Why they go through all the trouble to encode its symbolism into their films is still somewhat of a mystery, however as we trace these puzzle pieces, more of an answer will come to light.

I first caught onto this in 2019 while researching the occult symbolism in Back To The Future, where I wrote (while covering a video from Lxxxviii finis temporis), in connection with Code 88:

Doc Brown says, “when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, we are going to see some serious shit...” Which is NLP for Sirius shit.

August 8th, 8/8 is a significant date in astrology known as the “Lions Gate Portal.” Lion because it’s in the sign of Leo. At this time the dog-star Sirius is closest to Earth…

We have LionsGate Films, and MGM which is a friggin’ lion in a type of gate or portal; it’s been roaring in our faces all this time and did we ever question why?!

Doc Brown has a telepathy machine, which he hooks up to his dog.

As in connecting to the dog star Sirius. 

And now its clear to me why in Harry Potter the character Sirius Black can morph into a dog:

Note: his tattoo kind of resembles the sign for Mercury, (who is Hermes, who pre-figured as a Christ figure in ancient Egypt).

Gerald Massey says that in Egypt, the ordinary year was timed largely by the inundation of the Nile river and the heliacal rising of Sirius.

So in August, in the sign of Leo we have the “Dog Days” because Sirius is closest to Earth. This is where things sat until today, the 15th of May of 2021, where I read in Kuhn’s Who is This King Of Glory, that the name “Sirius” is actually derived from “Osiris” (God, the Father). But we have the son as well, because the dog or the jackal (Anup, or Anubis) in Egypt, (sometimes in the myths he is a fox), is the “keen-scented Deity that could guide man through the darkness of incarnational night,” Kuhn writes. Sirius, as one of the brightest stars in the Heavens fit this description. God the Father incarnating as the Son (humanity), becomes lost in the darkness of flesh/sense life, but within each soul lies the (dog/fox/jackal) intuitional sense (smell), the Christ or Horus guiding them back to Source.

Anubis assisting the dead in his sarcophagus, the dead being of course the soul dying into matter, being born of flesh. If this sounds strange to you, in my post Ariadne’s Thread I outlined Kuhn’s discovery about the how the meaning of the “dead” and “death” is the exact opposite in scripture of what you think based on their exoteric meaning. Death to them meant birth into life down here, in the material realm.

Kuhn continues, “the three stars in Orion’s belt are the three Kings of the Orient or the three Magi who came to see baby Jesus…They point to Sirius who rises right after… “

The three waves on each side of this corporate logo align with the three stars of Orion’s belt. The three magi looking for Jesus, the three stars sending out that beacon signal.

Sirius X M. Sirius (Christ, or spiritual sons of God) crossed with m…crossed with Matter (the incarnation, the word-made-flesh). The Hebrew letter Mem being a glyph of water, which was code in scripture for the material realm and also the physical body itself, being mostly made of water.

So Sirius is the Hunter’s dog, Orion’s dog. Now the son or Christ as Saviour of humanity, was originally typed in folklore and myth by the ancients using animal-totem symbology. We’ve covered some of that here on this blog. The fish is Christ because it does not drown in the sea of sense life. The bull, ox and lion are Christ because of their might and strength to fight against the entropy of matter. The hybrids like Sagittarius and Capricorn represent the climb (goat) out of the animal forms and into higher domains (man, and finally super-man).

And to bring it all back around, it’s Sirius Black who rides the hybrid hippogriff in the Harry Potter series:

The bird is Christ (Horus with his hawk head) for its flight back to Heaven.

And we were talking about the Lion’s Gate, which is of course tied to the Sphinx (lion body with woman head), which traditionally guards the portal, guards the secrets.

In the hybrid form we see man followed by animal. Kuhn writes, “man is followed in evolution by the animal who will at a later day stand where he now does.” A “day” as it is used in Genesis is actually code for a full cycle or aeon of manifestation.

The animal following man is seen in tarot right away on card O, The Fool, the most important card of the whole arcana.

This relates to the Old Testament allegory in Exodus 23:11. God tells his people that when farming, to follow a seven year cycle. For six years you can till, plant and harvest the soil to your heart’s abundance – 

“But the seventh year thou shalt let it rest and lie still; that the poor of thy people may eat: and what they leave the beasts of the field shall eat. In like manner thou shalt deal with thy vineyard, and with thy oliveyard.”

Six years of harvest are the six elementary forces of the material world that we must utilize and master. The seventh year, like the weekly sabbath or day of rest, is the spiritual fire or seventh force that rules or becomes the nucleus of the other six forces. This is a common numerological motif in esotericism. It has nothing whatsoever to do with literal farming techniques.

But the important part here is that on that seventh year, men are instructed to leave the field for the poor and then finally for the wild beasts, the animals. This is the same concept as the dog who follows the Fool at his heels, who will one day stand in the place of man. Not in this aeonial cycle perhaps, but you see, at the end of each aeon the seventh spiritual force, cultivated by the creative energies in the mind of man, trickles down to the rest of nature and uplifts the lower kingdoms below it. First the poor, which are everywhere in the bible really the unawakened masses, and finally to the animals themselves, such as that they may, in the next cycle, have what it takes to ascend their evolutionary ladder.

Thus all of nature is uplifted (baptised) by the effects of the spiritual works of man, because in his brain, in the pineal is housed, temporarily, the crowning principle, the soul, which comes from outside nature. She has built for us an ark. Likewise man is uplifted (baptised) by the waters of matter, through the incarnation. Spirit and matter uplift each other and are dual mirror reflections, neither being “greater” or morally superior to the other. In God even this final great dualism is exploded.

Mother Nature prepares the way for man, so that it can be uplifted or baptised by the sons of God, the spiritual fire. The sons of God, in turn are baptised by Mother Nature; through trials and suffering in the flesh, we are evolved and strengthened.

The roadmap for this is right there in the night skies, Orion (Osiris, Father) points to Sirius (Christ, son) and “Sirius in turn points to Virgo who bears in arms the Christ child himself.” So we have the Holy Trinity, Father-Mother-Son, playing out in these two constellations, Leo-Virgo. These are the dog days of summer, when it’s hot, when the SUN is at its peak, when the Christ principle has conquered Set, Satan, the watery, wintery material realm.

Orion is a hunter; he, like The Fool is hunting for soul growth and evolution, hunting for that next, higher mountain peak (notice the fool stands on a precipice but he is still looking up). But only by going into the valley of death (incarnation) can this be achieved. Only by becoming like his dog, by spending time amongst the animals and being akin to them in body, but not in mind, could he gain in the spiritual realm. This is why Jesus was born in a manger, an animal house. This is why a manger is also called a stable, because it keeps you stable. This is why animals are so prevalent in the zodiac, the zoo-days. The dog days of summer, when Sirius, the hunter tracker, aids the Father, aids Orion in the coming of Man. And he in turn points his snout towards Virgo, where we have the birth of the Christ child. With the aid of Mother Nature as a testing ground, a proving ground, he conquers the lower ego of the flesh, the power drives, the materialism, the lusts and addictions, the anger and hate, the fear and loathing, and after much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and after many incarnations, is finally resurrected in his immortal spirit body (which, appropriately enough, we have to build here on Earth, not in the heavenly realm, which is all potential, until this is done, no fixity.)

The work has to be done here. Are you ready? Are you already doing it?

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Spiritual Unfoldment Through Tarot

A video series I am putting together, here are parts 1-3. This is about how tarot is used in the western mystery school training to bring about inner gnosis and lead one to higher states of consciousness.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Fossil Fuel Hoax

This is a reblog, on a very important post about where oil actually comes from. And it’s not from fossils hence not a fossil fuel. This is important because it is part of the Big Three Satanic Lies that destroy all rational, sane thought.

You see, they stack their lies one on top of another like a pancake or House of Cards, with the Big Three on the bottom: (1) Globe Spinning Ball Earth, (2) Darwinian Evolution, ala random mutation and speciation with no driving or intelligent factor (and subsequent humans from apes nonsense), and the third is (3) the Satanic Lie of Germ Theory and the pseudo-science we call Virology)

But Globe Earth allows for random evolution to make some semblance of sense, and random evolution allows for a dumb idea like giant reptiles to fit somewhere in the brain, even though the dinosaur body could never stand that weight and bone/muscle density to gravity ratio. Everywhere reptiles have thrived on being small, light-boned and quick. But Darwinists say, “See? Species can undergo radical changes over time,” which is needed to swallow the idea of ‘transitional species,’ which have never been found.

But lots of giant lizards everywhere that went extinct in the ancient past allows for some type of way to wrap our heads around the idea that all the world’s oil supply comes from dead rotting dinosaur corpses along with other dead decayed matter, hence the term fossil fuel.

You see the amount of mind-numbing, soul-sucking propaganda we were forced to absorb as youths and carry into adulthood, without becoming a total zombie to intelligent, open-minded rational thought and a sense of spirit and wonder! For everywhere the gifts of this Plane (and oil is apparently greatly abundant, like the life blood of Gaia, if you will), are built for developing man, it’s not man randomly appearing in a hostile terrain on a spinning rock through cold and lifeless space. We are front and central, Earth has been made “fixed, immutable,” says our bibles.

And finally with the idea incepted into the mass consciousness of oil as a limited resource, they can charge a pretty penny for the stuff and initiate their oil wars and cartels, and also prop up other scams like global warming and Climate Change (CC=33).

Here is Christian Flat Earth Ministry’s post and disclosure video links:

Fossil Fuel Hoax In our study of the flat earth it’s good to know about oil. Oil, we are told is limited and that it comes from dinosaurs and vegetation. Well, this is another lie that has been told us. Here are two videos for your consideration. Science of Abiotic Oil

Fossil Fuel Hoax — Christian Flat Earth Ministry

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Ariadne’s Thread: The Way Out of Ritual Sacrifice and Hunger Games

Somethin’ for Aries, birth of the lamb.

In Nolan’s film Inception, Ariadne’s character, played by Ellen Page, has the role within Cobb’s group as the “architect,” or designer of the shared dream-sims. Her name comes from a Greek myth, where she is known for her red thread.

And it’s always a red thread that is used to solve a puzzle, expose a conspiracy. And in this case the conspiracy is the soul being cast down into matter itself, and the puzzle-box of man’s fleshly body.

In the greek myth Ariadne shows up when the cruel King Minos takes over and sets up a Hunger Games-type of society. There was an annual ritual where fourteen young men and women were to be cast into the labyrinth, and become victims of the Minotaur who lurked inside. They were to become Maze Runners.

But one year, a girl named Ariadne fell in love with one of the contestants, Theseus, and gave him a red thread to leave behind him as he entered the maze, which would, like breadcrumbs, lead him back out, after having conquered the beast inside. This he does, and Ariadne’s thread thus proves paramount to the young hero’s survival and victory.


Let’s look at this myth from the lense of esoteric allegory. The maze or labyrinth in mythology, according to scholar Alvin Boyd Kuhn, is another symbol of the incarnation. This is really the key to all sacred scripture: that the soul from the empyrean or Heaven or the spirit realm, is literally buried and dies here, the material realm. But like the seed into the ground, this death is only temporary, illusory. It is the labyrinth because that is where you get lost. the incarnation is also typed as the flood in scripture because this is the inundation with sense impressions, and flesh needs.

So we come down here and are lost in the maze of life. Cast adrift. Drowning. And worse, there is always a monster in the maze. The monster is a beast – typing the lower self, the lower ego that worships the material world and the animal drives, ignoring the higher self.

Ariadne’s thread allowed Theseus, having slain the Minotaur, having conquered the lower animal self, to find his way back out of the maze. By providing the solar hero with her red thread, she was giving him a reminder, like intuition, a way out of the labyrinth. To “escape” is really to achieve what Jesus called “the second birth,” having perfected one’s spiritual nature and transcended the cycles of necessity, the routine incarnations of your spirit into matter, the birth-death-rebirth cycle. The resurrection was something apart from that:

Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

John 3:3 ESV

“Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him for a thousand years.”

Revelation 20:6 ESV

When you achieve the second birth, the second death has no power, you have power over your incarnations. You will no longer be cast adrift, stuck in a dream with a bad case of amnesia:

Ariadne’s character in Inception is responsible for holding the keys and codes to the dream-world sim that Cobb’s team goes into. The shared dream state. If Cobb has those codes and acts as architect than his own subconscious nightmares and repressed shit (Minotaur) comes out and attacks. Thus Ariadne must be the architect, the designer. Only she can know the lay-out ahead of time.

Maze symbolism comes up alot in the deeply esoterically layered show Westworld:

Ritual Sacrifice

Minos the king of Crete forces fourteen sacrificial victims to the minotaur and the maze each year. In the arcane meaning of this myth it is the casting out of the gods or angels from heaven and onto earth, in other words, forced incarnation into matter. The cycle of necessity. And part of it is this unwillingness, or reluctance on the part of souls to have to fall. Thus God is typed as the evil king Minos forcing sacrificial victims to the maze. The maze of course being code for Earth. Just like Hell. Hell, Sheol, Amenta, The Underworld, the Duad, are all just symbols of our Earth, as distinct from the Heavenly Realms or the Spirit Realm. There is no shadowy underworld, in myth and scripture they are being poetic about Earth. And compared to Heaven, it IS indeed shadowy, dark and somewhat dismal, being in this heavy fleshsuit.

But the goal is to get to the heart of the maze to grow your heart in matter. We MUST come here, we MUST become lost at sea in an ark, we MUST be swallowed by a whale, we MUST be chained to the cross, the cross of Earth, with its four poles, or four elements, earth, air, water and fire.

We MUST be mummified, all this death symbolism in scripture started with the mummy ritualism in Egypt. It was not about preserving the remains, it was symbolic of the soul being wrapped in flesh (mummy) and yet not perishing. The mummy, being preserved and protected in its sarcophagus, bears safe passage through the Underworld (Earth) and achieves immortality.

So we have this arcane truth behind the myths of the Hunger Games, Maze Runner, the story of Ariadne’s Thread, but we also see again and again the perversion of these mysteries through actual human sacrifice – culturally this took on the role of the Lord of Misrule, king-for-a-day who was sacrificed to nature. This is the Jack, the Joker Jester Fool, the yearly “willing sacrifice” in pagan festival/ritual (covered in more depth HERE).

The yearly sacrifice was just supposed to be a drama showing the yearly dying of the sun during the six winter months, which is of course also the death and burial of the spiritual fire or soul of man (summer) into the material Earth (winter, death and burial). The soul is a willing sacrifice to flesh when it comes here to evolve and differentiate, through trials and tribulations in the maze, in the night, in the dead of winter.

The phoenix rising from the ashes to be born again is another symbol of this and we see it plastered all over Hunger Games, with their MockingJay, mocking us, the goyim:

One could make the argument that this misinterpretation and perversion of the mysteries is still carrying on. These splinter cults must have popped up in the ancient past that took this stuff literally and started actually sacrificing people. One of these cults, whom we call the Illuminati, took over and are still running the show today. We have modern sacrifice victims or possibly the media fictions of such, in the likes of Dark Knight Jokers: James Holmes, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, (Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last film was MockingJay), all the murdered famous rappers and singers, the list goes on. They are telling us their story, a perverted version of the mysteries, through these Hollywood productions and then ritualistically murdering the actors of said films to show you that the symbolism extends beyond the page, the stage, the film set. Beyond the surface of the film and into how you think and process the world, it’s an enormous wing of mass mind control.

We have all the evidence coming out of children being used and abused by the industry and political moguls and gollums behind the scenes. This is all given out in the form of conspiracy, which must be pieced together by stringing together data with red thread and corkboard.

We have It, the demon in Stephen King’s novel who shape shifts into a clown (Joker) to scare children as a way to sequester the most potent form of loosh before he kills them. We have children being used in the Maze Runner to extract the antidote to the zombie virus. Their minds are plugged into a nightmare dream-sim in order to get their adrenal glands to secrete this antidote.

It eats children, the maze monster eats innocence, and it seems evil but what’s left after innocence? Adulthood – and the soul achieves growth.

God is cruel, and this is the refiner’s fire.

Don’t take any of this too seriously. This can all be read on two levels – both are real, but one is fear, and one is love.

I’m not condoning the abusers, I’m saying that it’s often those who are abused the most who evolve their soul to the greatest heights.

Ariadne wears read, the red thread. Because red is fire, spirit, as opposed to matter, water, blue. Because her thread leads man out of the maze, back to spirit. They stand between the crossings, see all the x’s on either side of their heads? xxx xxx they stand between the crossings of spirit and matter.

Even though Cobb is the leader of the group, he cannot be architect. It has to be her. Man cannot know his own future, his destiny, we have not evolved enough to see the face of God directly, it’s like staring into the sun, too bright.

But in sequential stages, like following a thin thread, mother nature (blue: see Cobb’s jacket) prepares him for that awakening. For that eventual destiny.

Mother Mary always dressed in red AND blue, because she, like Isis, is the Female Half of God, typing the Higher Self which transcends the dualism of spirit and matter, red and blue, but she also BIRTHS the son, the Christ child (soul), through matter.

Addendum: The Ellen Page Code


To understand why it is Ellen Page cast in the role of Ariadne, heroine with the keys to the maze, we must take a look at some of the other films she has been in.

The first isn’t a film but a video game, the hugely popular Last of Us, where her face is clearly used to model Ellie:

In the game, Ellie is the only one immune to the zombie virus (Minotaur – animal lusts, lower drives).

Check out this wiki plot from the zombie movie she starred in called The Cured:

“A plague called the Maze Virus has previously swept through Europe, transforming its victims into a homicidal, zombie like state. Ireland was particularly badly affected. A cure was later discovered, and 75% of those infected who could be captured have been treated and cured of the virus. The remaining 25% have proven resistant to the cure. The two groups are known as the Cured and the Infected. The Infected are held in captivity, despite public fears that keeping them alive could lead to another outbreak.”

Ellen Page plays Abbie, a girl who harbours one of the infected (while she herself remains immune). And just look at the name of the virus: Maze Virus!

In the recent Netflix series, Umbrella Academy, which I touched on in this post HERE, she is one of the seven psychically gifted children to come under the umbrella of the wizarldy old man (CIA pedo-handler):

You’ll notice Ellen Page’s character, Vanya is absent from that picture.

Vanya as a child

That is because as the the seventh she is the most important and thus absent from “wet ops.” She has no noticeable powers like telekinesis, but she harbours the most important power of time travel. In nature the seven over the six is a common trope, the seventh being mind or spirit, conquering the lower six animal powers, the lower six chakras, etc.

As you can see in all cases Hollywood has set up a career for Ellen Page to depict the Christ hero, the one taking the Hero’s Journey, the Fool Card of the Tarot, the Higher Mind submerging or incarnating into a body and into matter, into tangibility.

Why Ellen Page? The fact that she doesn’t age much (clone?) and is sort of gender-fluid which adds a possible trans agenda; its likely she is a groomed insider “plant” from the start.

In Umbrella Academy, one of the other boys, comes back from the future to warn Vanya:

As to why her character Vanya is the only one of them who can go back in time, one of the most shocking revelations about all this coded disclosure is their persistence on combining time travel and ritual sodomy. The dark magick here is that innocent psychic victims, mostly children are being sodomized and in addition to creating alters, are sometimes used as access portals for remote viewing the future. This is connected with Project Looking Glass and the Montauk Project.

This comes up in King’s thinly veiled, The Institute, with the precog children at the end, and of course in Philip K Dick’s Minority Report, where mutated children (above) developed precog dreams and can see murders before they happen. Precrime division is set up to exploit them. The inverted subliminal idea here is that they are a good thing, stopping future crimes, right? But in fact they are commiting crimes to obtain the data, namely the ritual trauma and abuse involved in MK ULTRA mind control.

The ends justify the means for the psychopaths in charge.

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Disclosure Hiding in Fiction: ‘The Institute,’ By Stephen King

*Warning: contains disturbing material.

Children being used as psychic weapons

This novel is about a secret government project that tracks children gifted with psychic abilities, mainly telekinesis and telepathy. These children score highly on BDNF readings (brain derived neurotrophic factor). Standardized tests through the school system can provide the government with this data. These rare children are then kidnapped, their parents murdered, and they are put in “The Institute:” a black site where they are trained to further develop these latent abilities.

Once the child has been poked, prodded, tested and tortured, he or she becomes part of the group-think psychic weapon, one that can remotely take out targets by simply focusing their energy on that person. In preparation for this attack the children are forced to watch surveillance footage of the target in question. They can then make their car steer off the road, or they can make the person poison themselves, and it looks like an accident, a suicide. A clean kill, never traceable back to the U.S. government, or the Deep State, or the global Cabal behind them, only hinted at in the novel. It also appears that there are other Institutes in other countries as well.

Now years ago when I first started researching conspiracies and listening to whistle-blowers on Project Camelot (I know, I know, they are gatekeepers or half-truthers, and yet I still maintain that some of the whistleblowers on that show WERE revealing real truths, you just have to sift through the BS,) I discovered Duncan O’Finioan. He is basically a real life Jason Bourne. Trained as an assassin, an elite killer, but also trained in psychic warfare as well, and what he describes matches up EXACTLY with some of the scenes in this book. I suspect Stephen King knows what is going on at a high level, and is giving us a slightly watered down version of it in this recent novel.

Specifically, in order for the psychic children to have such a powerful effect across great distances is by group-think, or creating a “master-mind” as I’ve heard other whistleblowers call it. This is where they link hands and in a trance state, combine their energies to create a much more power psychic weapon:

People Holding Hands In A Circle Silhouette @ Silhouette.pics

“What happened in Vietnam?” Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot asks Duncan.

He replies, “I was in N. Vietnam twice. Memories are murky. I was twelve years old. In Cambodia. A navy seal team.  A black helicopter lands. Twelve kids come off the chopper. (he pauses hear, starts tearing up). Long story short, we came off the chopper formed a semicircle, we all held hands. Raised our arms and killed them all. “Who did you kill?” Every enemy soldier within twelve miles. “How was it that your power was able to kill only the other side?” I was the lead battery, but I didn’t do the aiming. One of the other kids did the aiming. I know one of the other kids. Its not that um, its funny. I’ve done lots of things that are not of my doing, my making. Some bring up an emotional response, and others not, I’m like so what. I can’t cry on command believe me I’ve tried. The way it was explained to me. Twelve kids. Imagine twelve batteries. One is nothing. Two you get a jolt, three you get burned. Twelve? Well…. “

“Do you have memories of trainers?”

“In this house described as a mansion. I have ideas where it is but no proof. I’m in a hallway. Green and white tile on the floor. I’m doing something that all of us that come out of it have the same trait. We don’t come down on one knee we squat, makes no sense in some ways in some ways it does, on the balls of our feet, like an animal. I have this water bucket, I raise it with my mind trying to turn it over set it down gently. I’m raising it turning it and its dropping. I’m not getting it. This lady is behind me with her clipboard taking notes. I try to get a response look at her trying to be nice, ‘I’ve almost got it, almost got it!’ She looks down snarls, and walks off. There was nothing nice about this.”

“Were you a remote viewer?”

“Not one of the best, but yes. My problem is that I fight the psychic abilities instead of let them flow, for whatever reason.” (Full Interview HERE)

He later goes on to describe headaches as a result of the training/conditioning, and having his head dunked underwater to trigger near-death experiences, thereby increasing psychic abilities. Both of these phenomena appear in King’s novel as well. Specifically, the children being used as psychic slaves start to develop intense migraines, and eventually burn out like over-bright bulbs and whither into a vegetable and die. Thus the Institute is in constant need of fresh supply of psychic children.

The near-drowning motif appears in the show The OA, which I covered HERE back in 2017 and connected that to what another MK Ultra victim, Arizona Wilder describes experiencing as well.

Psychic abilities like telepathy, telekinesis and flashes of precognition are not new to sci-fi and appear in other authors work as well, Dean Koontz and Philip K Dick being two classic examples. The film, Push combines all of them into one, which I wrote about HERE. Harry Potter and modern teen fantasy has popularized these themes as well. It can be cast off as a fun narrative technique, but these authors fascination with the subject may also suggests “insider knowledge” into the occult world.

I can attest, from personal experience, that at the very least telepathy, though rare, is very real. When I met the character ‘Z’ who also comes from an MK Ultra upbringing and “bloodline” family background, he showed a knack for tuning into the psychic field of people around him and could detect changes in my field when, for example I was struck by a new thought. He would pick up on it before I said anything.

I would not recommend trying it but he apparently spent about 5 months in silent darkness, meditating and unlocking an endogenous DMT drip, a process known about in occult circles. This technique, essentially blowing open the doors of perception, should not be done by anyone without special occult training and having first received a high grade of gnosis, initiation and preparation. Otherwise you can go insane with all the energies that come at and through you. Or worse, if you have not worked on your heart center, you will be easily tempted to use the powers for black magick, service-to-self, rather than for good, service-to-others. Imagine tripping on DMT all the time without being able to turn it off, sounds like a nightmare.

Paul Foster Case, the leader of the esoteric organization B.O.T.A, described a similar story when he was younger, in his 20’s and, having a great interest in the occult, tried certain techniques to attain these special perceptions as well. He unlocked a kind of telepathy and would ride on the subway car and be over whelmed by the mental impressions of all the passengers on board with him. It was downright scary and schizo-inducing without the proper shields and limits in place, and not only that but the people around him would also be affecting him on the subconscious level. So an angry person may trigger him to become angry, etc.

We are all somewhat empathic and affect those in our vicinity on the subconscious level, but luckily we have natural limiters that deflect a lot of this data from the conscious mind. Occult techniques can blow open these doors and remove the limits. This is what MK Ultra exploits, and unfortunately starting at a young age only increases these effects.

MK Ultra victim and “bloodline” insider Max Spiers said in an old Miles Johnston interview, “they were testing out how far they could push the trauma. Because when you, when certain sex rituals are done to a child under 5 years old, when a child is raped, when a male child is raped, what happens is it releases the coiled serpent or the Kundalini which is at the base of the spine, and it is opened up before it should be. Everybody has the Kundalini raised at some point, well maybe not everybody but…right…it means ‘coiled serpent’ and it sits at the base of the spine and when it uncurls it goes up the spinal column to the brain stem and you have an enlightened understanding, so you become an ‘enlightened one,’ or the Illuminati’ an ‘illuminated one.’ When a male child is raped before the age of 5 it goes through something called vasovagal shock. Now when its penetrated, the coiled snake uncoils very very quickly, up to the top of the spine, which explodes in the brain stem. which then shatters the consciousness into many many pieces like smashing a mirror.

Miles asked him, “so all this abuse that’s been happening with many politicians, coming out now, British political parties, British media, is all a part of that?”

Max replied, “you cannot be a high level person in the Illuminati unless you have been illuminated by the Key of Solomon, now they call rape like that to a young boy ‘the Key of Solomon.’ when that happens, when it hits up here in the brain it shatters and you can program these different alters, but not only that, you have photographic memory, somehow it raises the IQ, it does a number of different things. Everybody in a position of power right now has had the ‘Key of Solomon’ done to them so they have been raped in that way.”

Miles: “which means that the whole structure, the power structure of England, UK probably Ireland because of the recent thing about the 800 children ritually massacred in Ireland. that means the whole power elite has been…”

Max: “yes, and they won’t have you in the power elite unless its been done to you….” (Full Post HERE).

Stephen King left the pedo aspects out of his recent novel, clearly too controversial for print, but nearly all the other elements are there, interwoven throughout his novels, if you know where and how to look.

Stephen King making the Illuminati Eye of Horus
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Wuhan Bat Soup, Batman and Joker, Dark Knight of the Soul

And The Riddler Riddle…

Looking into the James Holmes Aurora theater massacre in 2012 led me to a blog called Mind Control Black Assassins, the author of which wrote a piece comparing the Joker and Holmes, which woke me up and set me on the path to everything that would become the material for this blog.

In the Batman franchise, it was not the Joker but another villain, the Riddler, who, at his crime scenes, purposefully left clues for Batman and/or detectives to follow. He wanted to be found. In the same way, I learned that the Illuminati leave behind clues behind their false flags and media productions as a way to gloat, to communicate, and to see who has eyes to see.

Image result for tarot the fool bota

But it is the Joker who is most misunderstood. In tarot, the Fool card later evolved into the Joker card in the modern playing deck. In its pure form, the Fool, card 0, represents super-consciousness or Deity, or your Higher Self. You see him staring up into that next horizon, always striving, always growing, but in order to get to that next peak, must first descend into the valley of incarnation. He must limit himself, he must figuratively “die” and be dismembered, this is the dying God in all mythology who must be resurrected through the son, through us, human souls, his dismembered fragments.

The Fool is depicted as a youth, because super-consciousness is forever young. His youthfulness and silliness links him with the court jester archetype (see my post Jesus the Jester Fool), who, in medieval times would entertain the King:

Image result for jester entertaining king

This character was also known as the Jack, like Jack-in-the-Box (again a symbol of the incarnating god into matter, or the “box.”)

Osiris the dismembered god, fish as symbol of incarnating soul, Isis: the womb of nature

And Heath Ledger and James Holmes who play this forever-young fool role were both young men themselves. One is now dead (allegedly), the other, serving a life sentence in prison.

Joker,played by Heath Ledger in his last role before his death, and the Hanged Man.
Heath’s other last role in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” Also hanging
A ClockWork Orange features MK Ultra mind control programming, which is what turns normal boys into black op assassins like Jason Bourne.
Descent into madness, the dark knight of the soul

Princeray writes, “In his first court appearance, witnesses described Holmes, “head nodding, eyes rolling around and wildly blinking at times, Holmes did not seem to be fazed by what was happening in front of him, but almost totally oblivious to it as he appeared to struggle with consciousness.”[26] Of course, it strongly suggest that he had undergone some type of extensive “naro-hypnotic” programming. Holmes will end up like Sirhan Sirhan locked in a maze of amesia barriers and layers unable to recall the shootings and the events leading up the massacre.”

For more on Holmes see the Black Assassins article HERE. In brief, it appears that he was not your usual false flag patsy with a vague history. He was a very gifted student of neuro-biology and was doing work on the temporal lobe and its ability to stimulate temporal illusions, at the Salk Institute, a very prestigious biotech giant:

The Salk Institute of Biology is ranked as one of the world’s top biomedical research facilities and is described as “an isolated compound…not unlike monasteries for religious discover” and “A temple of science; a secular monastery where man pursues knowledge of our biological foundations.”[31] The Salk Institute complex in La Jolla has also been described as “science fiction” architecture,[32] and ALIEN.[33]

In the video, a younger Holmes described his internship with Jacobson at the “monastery-temple” and the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory.

But rather than speculate on how this gifted young scientist became a so-called “lone wolf shooter,” and whether or not MK Ultra was involved, let’s return to the symbolism of his role as the Joker:

Bridgetopeace Project writes, “It is very curious that the only card of the major arcana to cross over into the regular playing deck, even in a disguised form was The Fool. That is because the first card of the major arcana, is as we said The Fool, valued at zero. The Joker has no value in any card game (Source).”

And the Joker in A Dark Knight is not interested in money but in ideals; he burns up all the money:

The Fool Card (card 0) has NO VALUE

Meanwhile his nemesis, Batman is a rich, spoiled brat. Once you see this, it’s quite clear how the Christ and Anti-Christ roles in these films are being divvied out. Fans who glorify Batman are being led to value this Satanic inversion. In addition, notice how it the Christ character Heath Ledger who is sacrificed.

(As a brief aside, these Hollywood actors are known to have codes of their own that follow them from film to film. Christian Bale who played Batman, did another film with Nolan, The Prestige, in which the role was reversed and he got to play the Christ role) –


He gets shot in the hand, bloodies his hands like Christ on the cross, shot by his rival Angiers (the angler, the fish-hook, Sandy Hook, the J, Judas the betrayer, the scorpion of matter, the poison sting…) Borden (Bale) also properly sacrifices himself at the end for his craft, his magic act.

But returning to his anti-christ role as Batman –

Speaking of helicopter ride, remember the predicted death of Kobe Bryant:

He was supposedly buried in Corona Del Mar, shortly before the Corona plandemic began.

Bats, being nocturnal and often blood suckers are obvious symbols of evil; darkness; vampirism. And I can’t help but make the connection to the initial rumors spread that the supposed virus started by the cross-contamination of bats and the Wuhan meat market there.

This was later called a hoax, and yet the elite with their tentacles in the CDC have been trying to push the SARS viruses from bats theory for over a decade. It has never been proven that a deadly pathogen comes from bats.

Image result for SArs bat virus 2003
Image result for batman symbol sars meme
Image result for batman symbol sars meme

Not only visionary, but by design.

So just to recap, the Batman trilogy ala Christopher Nolan predicts several false flags, most notably the Aurora theater massacre in 2012 which was playing A Dark Knight Rises, featuring masked Bane. Bane used bombs at the stadium just like James Holmes supposedly rigged his apartment with bombs that fateful day. We also had the Boston bombing not long after, another sporting event. The football stadium features the Skull and Bones 322 shot, showing us we are on the right track for sniffing out these clues:

In the film prior, A Dark Knight, we saw the map with a strike point circled in red for “Sandy Hook.”

Image result for sandy hooke dark knight map

Once hooked by the sands of matter and time it is hard to get out. But that is why it is circled in red as a strike point, you must bomb that part of you that is aligned with the material world and all it’s vampiric bat-sucking power. That is why the Joker (the Fool – Christ) encourages you to bomb or strike down that alignment, and to burn up the money or “Mammon.” We are in Hell here, it is the dark night of the soul, but we are here for a reason. This is the dreaded valley that the Fool (super-consciousness) must descend into in order to reach that next, higher mountain peak.

The elite or the dark occult, the empty devils who sold their soul and suffered the second death for the rest of this aeonial cycle, are now tasked with waking us up and seeing how far each and every one of us buys in and accepts the blatant and pure evil that is traipsing across the main stage.

Those of us who see it for what it is and reject it will not have to face this challenge again in the same way. Sadly, the vast majority will have to play this out again. The name of their game is materialism. As Jesus said, “many are called but few are chosen.”

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