Fossil Fuel Hoax

This is a reblog, on a very important post about where oil actually comes from. And it’s not from fossils hence not a fossil fuel. This is important because it is part of the Big Three or Four Satanic Lies that destroy all rational, sane thought.

You see, they stack their lies one on top of another like a pancake or House of Cards, with the Big Three on the bottom: (1) Globe Spinning Ball Earth, (2) Darwinian Evolution, ala random mutation and speciation with no driving or intelligent factor (and subsequent humans from apes nonsense), and the third is (3) a Vicarious Saviour in a historical man Jesus Christ rather than the Christos principle in All. (The fourth Satanic Lie emerging is the pseudo-science we call Virology)

But Globe Earth allows for random evolution to make some semblance of sense, and random evolution allows for a dumb idea like giant reptiles to fit somewhere in the brain, even though the dinosaur body could never stand that weight and bone/muscle density to gravity ratio. Everywhere reptiles have thrived on being small, light-boned and quick. But Darwinists say, “See? Species can undergo radical changes over time,” which is needed to swallow the idea of ‘transitional species,’ which have never been found.

But lots of giant lizards everywhere that went extinct in the ancient past allows for some type of way to wrap our heads around the idea that all the world’s oil supply comes from dead rotting dinosaur corpses along with other dead decayed matter, hence the term fossil fuel.

You see the amount of mind-numbing, soul-sucking propaganda we were forced to absorb as youths and carry into adulthood, without becoming a total zombie to intelligent, open-minded rational thought and a sense of spirit and wonder! For everywhere the gifts of this Plane (and oil is apparently greatly abundant, like the life blood of Gaia, if you will), are built for developing man, it’s not man randomly appearing in a hostile terrain on a spinning rock through cold and lifeless space. We are front and central, Earth has been made “fixed, immutable,” says our bibles.

And finally with the idea incepted into the mass consciousness of oil as a limited resource, they can charge a pretty penny for the stuff and initiate their oil wars and cartels, and also prop up other scams like global warming.

Here is Christian Flat Earth Ministry’s post and disclosure video links:

Fossil Fuel Hoax In our study of the flat earth it’s good to know about oil. Oil, we are told is limited and that it comes from dinosaurs and vegetation. Well, this is another lie that has been told us. Here are two videos for your consideration. Science of Abiotic Oil

Fossil Fuel Hoax — Christian Flat Earth Ministry

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Ariadne’s Thread: The Way Out of Ritual Sacrifice and Hunger Games

Somethin’ for Aries, birth of the lamb.

In Nolan’s film Inception, Ariadne’s character, played by Ellen Page, has the role within Cobb’s group as the “architect,” or designer of the shared dream-sims. Her name comes from a Greek myth, where she is known for her red thread.

And it’s always a red thread that is used to solve a puzzle, expose a conspiracy. And in this case the conspiracy is the soul being cast down into matter itself, and the puzzle-box of man’s fleshly body.

In the greek myth Ariadne shows up when the cruel King Minos takes over and sets up a Hunger Games-type of society. There was an annual ritual where fourteen young men and women were to be cast into the labyrinth, and become victims of the Minotaur who lurked inside. They were to become Maze Runners.

But one year, a girl named Ariadne fell in love with one of the contestants, Theseus, and gave him a red thread to leave behind him as he entered the maze, which would, like breadcrumbs, lead him back out, after having conquered the beast inside. This he does, and Ariadne’s thread thus proves paramount to the young hero’s survival and victory.


Let’s look at this myth from the lense of esoteric allegory. The maze or labyrinth in mythology, according to scholar Alvin Boyd Kuhn, is another symbol of the incarnation. This is really the key to all sacred scripture: that the soul from the empyrean or Heaven or the spirit realm, is literally buried and dies here, the material realm. But like the seed into the ground, this death is only temporary, illusory. It is the labyrinth because that is where you get lost. the incarnation is also typed as the flood in scripture because this is the inundation with sense impressions, and flesh needs.

So we come down here and are lost in the maze of life. Cast adrift. Drowning. And worse, there is always a monster in the maze. The monster is a beast – typing the lower self, the lower ego that worships the material world and the animal drives, ignoring the higher self.

Ariadne’s thread allowed Theseus, having slain the Minotaur, having conquered the lower animal self, to find his way back out of the maze. By providing the solar hero with her red thread, she was giving him a reminder, like intuition, a way out of the labyrinth. To “escape” is really to achieve what Jesus called “the second birth,” having perfected one’s spiritual nature and transcended the cycles of necessity, the routine incarnations of your spirit into matter, the birth-death-rebirth cycle. The resurrection was something apart from that:

Jesus answered him, “Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

John 3:3 ESV

“Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with him for a thousand years.”

Revelation 20:6 ESV

When you achieve the second birth, the second death has no power, you have power over your incarnations. You will no longer be cast adrift, stuck in a dream with a bad case of amnesia:

Ariadne’s character in Inception is responsible for holding the keys and codes to the dream-world sim that Cobb’s team goes into. The shared dream state. If Cobb has those codes and acts as architect than his own subconscious nightmares and repressed shit (Minotaur) comes out and attacks. Thus Ariadne must be the architect, the designer. Only she can know the lay-out ahead of time.

Maze symbolism comes up alot in the deeply esoterically layered show Westworld:

Ritual Sacrifice

Minos the king of Crete forces fourteen sacrificial victims to the minotaur and the maze each year. In the arcane meaning of this myth it is the casting out of the gods or angels from heaven and onto earth, in other words, forced incarnation into matter. The cycle of necessity. And part of it is this unwillingness, or reluctance on the part of souls to have to fall. Thus God is typed as the evil king Minos forcing sacrificial victims to the maze. The maze of course being code for Earth. Just like Hell. Hell, Sheol, Amenta, The Underworld, the Duad, are all just symbols of our Earth, as distinct from the Heavenly Realms or the Spirit Realm. There is no shadowy underworld, in myth and scripture they are being poetic about Earth. And compared to Heaven, it IS indeed shadowy, dark and somewhat dismal, being in this heavy fleshsuit.

But the goal is to get to the heart of the maze to grow your heart in matter. We MUST come here, we MUST become lost at sea in an ark, we MUST be swallowed by a whale, we MUST be chained to the cross, the cross of Earth, with its four poles, or four elements, earth, air, water and fire.

We MUST be mummified, all this death symbolism in scripture started with the mummy ritualism in Egypt. It was not about preserving the remains, it was symbolic of the soul being wrapped in flesh (mummy) and yet not perishing. The mummy, being preserved and protected in its sarcophagus, bears safe passage through the Underworld (Earth) and achieves immortality.

So we have this arcane truth behind the myths of the Hunger Games, Maze Runner, the story of Ariadne’s Thread, but we also see again and again the perversion of these mysteries through actual human sacrifice – culturally this took on the role of the Lord of Misrule, king-for-a-day who was sacrificed to nature. This is the Jack, the Joker Jester Fool, the yearly “willing sacrifice” in pagan festival/ritual (covered in more depth HERE).

The yearly sacrifice was just supposed to be a drama showing the yearly dying of the sun during the six winter months, which is of course also the death and burial of the spiritual fire or soul of man (summer) into the material Earth (winter, death and burial). The soul is a willing sacrifice to flesh when it comes here to evolve and differentiate, through trials and tribulations in the maze, in the night, in the dead of winter.

The phoenix rising from the ashes to be born again is another symbol of this and we see it plastered all over Hunger Games, with their MockingJay, mocking us, the goyim:

One could make the argument that this misinterpretation and perversion of the mysteries is still carrying on. These splinter cults must have popped up in the ancient past that took this stuff literally and started actually sacrificing people. One of these cults, whom we call the Illuminati, took over and are still running the show today. We have modern sacrifice victims or possibly the media fictions of such, in the likes of Dark Knight Jokers: James Holmes, Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, (Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last film was MockingJay), all the murdered famous rappers and singers, the list goes on. They are telling us their story, a perverted version of the mysteries, through these Hollywood productions and then ritualistically murdering the actors of said films to show you that the symbolism extends beyond the page, the stage, the film set. Beyond the surface of the film and into how you think and process the world, it’s an enormous wing of mass mind control.

We have all the evidence coming out of children being used and abused by the industry and political moguls and gollums behind the scenes. This is all given out in the form of conspiracy, which must be pieced together by stringing together data with red thread and corkboard.

We have It, the demon in Stephen King’s novel who shape shifts into a clown (Joker) to scare children as a way to sequester the most potent form of loosh before he kills them. We have children being used in the Maze Runner to extract the antidote to the zombie virus. Their minds are plugged into a nightmare dream-sim in order to get their adrenal glands to secrete this antidote.

It eats children, the maze monster eats innocence, and it seems evil but what’s left after innocence? Adulthood – and the soul achieves growth.

God is cruel, and this is the refiner’s fire.

Don’t take any of this too seriously. This can all be read on two levels – both are real, but one is fear, and one is love.

I’m not condoning the abusers, I’m saying that it’s often those who are abused the most who evolve their soul to the greatest heights.

Ariadne wears read, the red thread. Because red is fire, spirit, as opposed to matter, water, blue. Because her thread leads man out of the maze, back to spirit. They stand between the crossings, see all the x’s on either side of their heads? xxx xxx they stand between the crossings of spirit and matter.

Even though Cobb is the leader of the group, he cannot be architect. It has to be her. Man cannot know his own future, his destiny, we have not evolved enough to see the face of God directly, it’s like staring into the sun, too bright.

But in sequential stages, like following a thin thread, mother nature (blue: see Cobb’s jacket) prepares him for that awakening. For that eventual destiny.

Mother Mary always dressed in red AND blue, because she, like Isis, is the Female Half of God, typing the Higher Self which transcends the dualism of spirit and matter, red and blue, but she also BIRTHS the son, the Christ child (soul), through matter.

Addendum: The Ellen Page Code


To understand why it is Ellen Page cast in the role of Ariadne, heroine with the keys to the maze, we must take a look at some of the other films she has been in.

The first isn’t a film but a video game, the hugely popular Last of Us, where her face is clearly used to model Ellie:

In the game, Ellie is the only one immune to the zombie virus (Minotaur – animal lusts, lower drives).

Check out this wiki plot from the zombie movie she starred in called The Cured:

“A plague called the Maze Virus has previously swept through Europe, transforming its victims into a homicidal, zombie like state. Ireland was particularly badly affected. A cure was later discovered, and 75% of those infected who could be captured have been treated and cured of the virus. The remaining 25% have proven resistant to the cure. The two groups are known as the Cured and the Infected. The Infected are held in captivity, despite public fears that keeping them alive could lead to another outbreak.”

Ellen Page plays Abbie, a girl who harbours one of the infected (while she herself remains immune). And just look at the name of the virus: Maze Virus!

In the recent Netflix series, Umbrella Academy, which I touched on in this post HERE, she is one of the seven psychically gifted children to come under the umbrella of the wizarldy old man (CIA pedo-handler):

You’ll notice Ellen Page’s character, Vanya is absent from that picture.

Vanya as a child

That is because as the the seventh she is the most important and thus absent from “wet ops.” She has no noticeable powers like telekinesis, but she harbours the most important power of time travel. In nature the seven over the six is a common trope, the seventh being mind or spirit, conquering the lower six animal powers, the lower six chakras, etc.

As you can see in all cases Hollywood has set up a career for Ellen Page to depict the Christ hero, the one taking the Hero’s Journey, the Fool Card of the Tarot, the Higher Mind submerging or incarnating into a body and into matter, into tangibility.

Why Ellen Page? The fact that she doesn’t age much (clone?) and is sort of gender-fluid which adds a possible trans agenda; its likely she is a groomed insider “plant” from the start.

In Umbrella Academy, one of the other boys, comes back from the future to warn Vanya:

As to why her character Vanya is the only one of them who can go back in time, one of the most shocking revelations about all this coded disclosure is their persistence on combining time travel and ritual sodomy. The dark magick here is that innocent psychic victims, mostly children are being sodomized and in addition to creating alters, are sometimes used as access portals for remote viewing the future. This is connected with Project Looking Glass and the Montauk Project.

This comes up in King’s thinly veiled, The Institute, with the precog children at the end, and of course in Philip K Dick’s Minority Report, where mutated children (above) developed precog dreams and can see murders before they happen. Precrime division is set up to exploit them. The inverted subliminal idea here is that they are a good thing, stopping future crimes, right? But in fact they are commiting crimes to obtain the data, namely the ritual trauma and abuse involved in MK ULTRA mind control.

The ends justify the means for the psychopaths in charge.

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Disclosure Hiding in Fiction: ‘The Institute,’ By Stephen King

*Warning: contains disturbing material.

Children being used as psychic weapons

This novel is about a secret government project that tracks children gifted with psychic abilities, mainly telekinesis and telepathy. These children score highly on BDNF readings (brain derived neurotrophic factor). Standardized tests through the school system can provide the government with this data. These rare children are then kidnapped, their parents murdered, and they are put in “The Institute:” a black site where they are trained to further develop these latent abilities.

Once the child has been poked, prodded, tested and tortured, he or she becomes part of the group-think psychic weapon, one that can remotely take out targets by simply focusing their energy on that person. In preparation for this attack the children are forced to watch surveillance footage of the target in question. They can then make their car steer off the road, or they can make the person poison themselves, and it looks like an accident, a suicide. A clean kill, never traceable back to the U.S. government, or the Deep State, or the global Cabal behind them, only hinted at in the novel. It also appears that there are other Institutes in other countries as well.

Now years ago when I first started researching conspiracies and listening to whistle-blowers on Project Camelot (I know, I know, they are gatekeepers or half-truthers, and yet I still maintain that some of the whistleblowers on that show WERE revealing real truths, you just have to sift through the BS,) I discovered Duncan O’Finioan. He is basically a real life Jason Bourne. Trained as an assassin, an elite killer, but also trained in psychic warfare as well, and what he describes matches up EXACTLY with some of the scenes in this book. I suspect Stephen King knows what is going on at a high level, and is giving us a slightly watered down version of it in this recent novel.

Specifically, in order for the psychic children to have such a powerful effect across great distances is by group-think, or creating a “master-mind” as I’ve heard other whistleblowers call it. This is where they link hands and in a trance state, combine their energies to create a much more power psychic weapon:

People Holding Hands In A Circle Silhouette @

“What happened in Vietnam?” Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot asks Duncan.

He replies, “I was in N. Vietnam twice. Memories are murky. I was twelve years old. In Cambodia. A navy seal team.  A black helicopter lands. Twelve kids come off the chopper. (he pauses hear, starts tearing up). Long story short, we came off the chopper formed a semicircle, we all held hands. Raised our arms and killed them all. “Who did you kill?” Every enemy soldier within twelve miles. “How was it that your power was able to kill only the other side?” I was the lead battery, but I didn’t do the aiming. One of the other kids did the aiming. I know one of the other kids. Its not that um, its funny. I’ve done lots of things that are not of my doing, my making. Some bring up an emotional response, and others not, I’m like so what. I can’t cry on command believe me I’ve tried. The way it was explained to me. Twelve kids. Imagine twelve batteries. One is nothing. Two you get a jolt, three you get burned. Twelve? Well…. “

“Do you have memories of trainers?”

“In this house described as a mansion. I have ideas where it is but no proof. I’m in a hallway. Green and white tile on the floor. I’m doing something that all of us that come out of it have the same trait. We don’t come down on one knee we squat, makes no sense in some ways in some ways it does, on the balls of our feet, like an animal. I have this water bucket, I raise it with my mind trying to turn it over set it down gently. I’m raising it turning it and its dropping. I’m not getting it. This lady is behind me with her clipboard taking notes. I try to get a response look at her trying to be nice, ‘I’ve almost got it, almost got it!’ She looks down snarls, and walks off. There was nothing nice about this.”

“Were you a remote viewer?”

“Not one of the best, but yes. My problem is that I fight the psychic abilities instead of let them flow, for whatever reason.” (Full Interview HERE)

He later goes on to describe headaches as a result of the training/conditioning, and having his head dunked underwater to trigger near-death experiences, thereby increasing psychic abilities. Both of these phenomena appear in King’s novel as well. Specifically, the children being used as psychic slaves start to develop intense migraines, and eventually burn out like over-bright bulbs and whither into a vegetable and die. Thus the Institute is in constant need of fresh supply of psychic children.

The near-drowning motif appears in the show The OA, which I covered HERE back in 2017 and connected that to what another MK Ultra victim, Arizona Wilder describes experiencing as well.

Psychic abilities like telepathy, telekinesis and flashes of precognition are not new to sci-fi and appear in other authors work as well, Dean Koontz and Philip K Dick being two classic examples. The film, Push combines all of them into one, which I wrote about HERE. Harry Potter and modern teen fantasy has popularized these themes as well. It can be cast off as a fun narrative technique, but these authors fascination with the subject may also suggests “insider knowledge” into the occult world.

I can attest, from personal experience, that at the very least telepathy, though rare, is very real. When I met the character ‘Z’ who also comes from an MK Ultra upbringing and “bloodline” family background, he showed a knack for tuning into the psychic field of people around him and could detect changes in my field when, for example I was struck by a new thought. He would pick up on it before I said anything.

I would not recommend trying it but he apparently spent about 5 months in silent darkness, meditating and unlocking an endogenous DMT drip, a process known about in occult circles. This technique, essentially blowing open the doors of perception, should not be done by anyone without special occult training and having first received a high grade of gnosis, initiation and preparation. Otherwise you can go insane with all the energies that come at and through you. Or worse, if you have not worked on your heart center, you will be easily tempted to use the powers for black magick, service-to-self, rather than for good, service-to-others. Imagine tripping on DMT all the time without being able to turn it off, sounds like a nightmare.

Paul Foster Case, the leader of the esoteric organization B.O.T.A, described a similar story when he was younger, in his 20’s and, having a great interest in the occult, tried certain techniques to attain these special perceptions as well. He unlocked a kind of telepathy and would ride on the subway car and be over whelmed by the mental impressions of all the passengers on board with him. It was downright scary and schizo-inducing without the proper shields and limits in place, and not only that but the people around him would also be affecting him on the subconscious level. So an angry person may trigger him to become angry, etc.

We are all somewhat empathic and affect those in our vicinity on the subconscious level, but luckily we have natural limiters that deflect a lot of this data from the conscious mind. Occult techniques can blow open these doors and remove the limits. This is what MK Ultra exploits, and unfortunately starting at a young age only increases these effects.

MK Ultra victim and “bloodline” insider Max Spiers said in an old Miles Johnston interview, “they were testing out how far they could push the trauma. Because when you, when certain sex rituals are done to a child under 5 years old, when a child is raped, when a male child is raped, what happens is it releases the coiled serpent or the Kundalini which is at the base of the spine, and it is opened up before it should be. Everybody has the Kundalini raised at some point, well maybe not everybody but…right…it means ‘coiled serpent’ and it sits at the base of the spine and when it uncurls it goes up the spinal column to the brain stem and you have an enlightened understanding, so you become an ‘enlightened one,’ or the Illuminati’ an ‘illuminated one.’ When a male child is raped before the age of 5 it goes through something called vasovagal shock. Now when its penetrated, the coiled snake uncoils very very quickly, up to the top of the spine, which explodes in the brain stem. which then shatters the consciousness into many many pieces like smashing a mirror.

Miles asked him, “so all this abuse that’s been happening with many politicians, coming out now, British political parties, British media, is all a part of that?”

Max replied, “you cannot be a high level person in the Illuminati unless you have been illuminated by the Key of Solomon, now they call rape like that to a young boy ‘the Key of Solomon.’ when that happens, when it hits up here in the brain it shatters and you can program these different alters, but not only that, you have photographic memory, somehow it raises the IQ, it does a number of different things. Everybody in a position of power right now has had the ‘Key of Solomon’ done to them so they have been raped in that way.”

Miles: “which means that the whole structure, the power structure of England, UK probably Ireland because of the recent thing about the 800 children ritually massacred in Ireland. that means the whole power elite has been…”

Max: “yes, and they won’t have you in the power elite unless its been done to you….” (Full Post HERE).

Stephen King left the pedo aspects out of his recent novel, clearly too controversial for print, but nearly all the other elements are there, interwoven throughout his novels, if you know where and how to look.

Stephen King making the Illuminati Eye of Horus
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Wuhan Bat Soup, Batman and Joker, Dark Knight of the Soul

And The Riddler Riddle…

Looking into the James Holmes Aurora theater massacre in 2012 led me to a blog called Mind Control Black Assassins, the author of which wrote a piece comparing the Joker and Holmes, which woke me up and set me on the path to everything that would become the material for this blog.

In the Batman franchise, it was not the Joker but another villain, the Riddler, who, at his crime scenes, purposefully left clues for Batman and/or detectives to follow. He wanted to be found. In the same way, I learned that the Illuminati leave behind clues behind their false flags and media productions as a way to gloat, to communicate, and to see who has eyes to see.

Image result for tarot the fool bota

But it is the Joker who is most misunderstood. In tarot, the Fool card later evolved into the Joker card in the modern playing deck. In its pure form, the Fool, card 0, represents super-consciousness or Deity, or your Higher Self. You see him staring up into that next horizon, always striving, always growing, but in order to get to that next peak, must first descend into the valley of incarnation. He must limit himself, he must figuratively “die” and be dismembered, this is the dying God in all mythology who must be resurrected through the son, through us, human souls, his dismembered fragments.

The Fool is depicted as a youth, because super-consciousness is forever young. His youthfulness and silliness links him with the court jester archetype (see my post Jesus the Jester Fool), who, in medieval times would entertain the King:

Image result for jester entertaining king

This character was also known as the Jack, like Jack-in-the-Box (again a symbol of the incarnating god into matter, or the “box.”)

Osiris the dismembered god, fish as symbol of incarnating soul, Isis: the womb of nature

And Heath Ledger and James Holmes who play this forever-young fool role were both young men themselves. One is now dead (allegedly), the other, serving a life sentence in prison.

Joker,played by Heath Ledger in his last role before his death, and the Hanged Man.
Heath’s other last role in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” Also hanging
A ClockWork Orange features MK Ultra mind control programming, which is what turns normal boys into black op assassins like Jason Bourne.
Descent into madness, the dark knight of the soul

Princeray writes, “In his first court appearance, witnesses described Holmes, “head nodding, eyes rolling around and wildly blinking at times, Holmes did not seem to be fazed by what was happening in front of him, but almost totally oblivious to it as he appeared to struggle with consciousness.”[26] Of course, it strongly suggest that he had undergone some type of extensive “naro-hypnotic” programming. Holmes will end up like Sirhan Sirhan locked in a maze of amesia barriers and layers unable to recall the shootings and the events leading up the massacre.”

For more on Holmes see the Black Assassins article HERE. In brief, it appears that he was not your usual false flag patsy with a vague history. He was a very gifted student of neuro-biology and was doing work on the temporal lobe and its ability to stimulate temporal illusions, at the Salk Institute, a very prestigious biotech giant:

The Salk Institute of Biology is ranked as one of the world’s top biomedical research facilities and is described as “an isolated compound…not unlike monasteries for religious discover” and “A temple of science; a secular monastery where man pursues knowledge of our biological foundations.”[31] The Salk Institute complex in La Jolla has also been described as “science fiction” architecture,[32] and ALIEN.[33]

In the video, a younger Holmes described his internship with Jacobson at the “monastery-temple” and the Computational Neurobiology Laboratory.

But rather than speculate on how this gifted young scientist became a so-called “lone wolf shooter,” and whether or not MK Ultra was involved, let’s return to the symbolism of his role as the Joker:

Bridgetopeace Project writes, “It is very curious that the only card of the major arcana to cross over into the regular playing deck, even in a disguised form was The Fool. That is because the first card of the major arcana, is as we said The Fool, valued at zero. The Joker has no value in any card game (Source).”

And the Joker in A Dark Knight is not interested in money but in ideals; he burns up all the money:

The Fool Card (card 0) has NO VALUE

Meanwhile his nemesis, Batman is a rich, spoiled brat. Once you see this, it’s quite clear how the Christ and Anti-Christ roles in these films are being divvied out. Fans who glorify Batman are being led to value this Satanic inversion. In addition, notice how it the Christ character Heath Ledger who is sacrificed.

(As a brief aside, these Hollywood actors are known to have codes of their own that follow them from film to film. Christian Bale who played Batman, did another film with Nolan, The Prestige, in which the role was reversed and he got to play the Christ role) –


He gets shot in the hand, bloodies his hands like Christ on the cross, shot by his rival Angiers (the angler, the fish-hook, Sandy Hook, the J, Judas the betrayer, the scorpion of matter, the poison sting…) Borden (Bale) also properly sacrifices himself at the end for his craft, his magic act.

But returning to his anti-christ role as Batman –

Speaking of helicopter ride, remember the predicted death of Kobe Bryant:

He was supposedly buried in Corona Del Mar, shortly before the Corona plandemic began.

Bats, being nocturnal and often blood suckers are obvious symbols of evil; darkness; vampirism. And I can’t help but make the connection to the initial rumors spread that the supposed virus started by the cross-contamination of bats and the Wuhan meat market there.

This was later called a hoax, and yet the elite with their tentacles in the CDC have been trying to push the SARS viruses from bats theory for over a decade. It has never been proven that a deadly pathogen comes from bats.

Image result for SArs bat virus 2003
Image result for batman symbol sars meme
Image result for batman symbol sars meme

Not only visionary, but by design.

So just to recap, the Batman trilogy ala Christopher Nolan predicts several false flags, most notably the Aurora theater massacre in 2012 which was playing A Dark Knight Rises, featuring masked Bane. Bane used bombs at the stadium just like James Holmes supposedly rigged his apartment with bombs that fateful day. We also had the Boston bombing not long after, another sporting event. The football stadium features the Skull and Bones 322 shot, showing us we are on the right track for sniffing out these clues:

In the film prior, A Dark Knight, we saw the map with a strike point circled in red for “Sandy Hook.”

Image result for sandy hooke dark knight map

Once hooked by the sands of matter and time it is hard to get out. But that is why it is circled in red as a strike point, you must bomb that part of you that is aligned with the material world and all it’s vampiric bat-sucking power. That is why the Joker (the Fool – Christ) encourages you to bomb or strike down that alignment, and to burn up the money or “Mammon.” We are in Hell here, it is the dark night of the soul, but we are here for a reason. This is the dreaded valley that the Fool (super-consciousness) must descend into in order to reach that next, higher mountain peak.

The elite or the dark occult, the empty devils who sold their soul and suffered the second death for the rest of this aeonial cycle, are now tasked with waking us up and seeing how far each and every one of us buys in and accepts the blatant and pure evil that is traipsing across the main stage.

Those of us who see it for what it is and reject it will not have to face this challenge again in the same way. Sadly, the vast majority will have to play this out again. The name of their game is materialism. As Jesus said, “many are called but few are chosen.”

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Nature’s Inherent Symbolism of The Fish and The Two Streams

Somethin’ for Aquarius, the water bearer.

Fire and Water – Spirit and Matter

The elements of nature herself provide the most pregnant symbols for elucidating man’s situation as a spiritual being or god incarnated into animal flesh. Furthermore the same symbol set provides the clues as to man’s inevitable destiny back to Heaven once his imposed “death” in matter or the material realm has reached its culmination.

Everywhere in ancient scripture, fire was used to denote spirit, and water to denote matter. As we saw even in the very alphabet, the story of fire plunging into water, becoming engrossed in flesh, but not drowning in the flood of sensory experience – rather converting the water into steam (air is another spirit symbol) and setting the course for evolution back out of water, back to Deity. This involution/evolution process is the great Cycle of Necessity.

Aquarius pouring a double stream

Water, although mainly a symbol of matter, also doubles as pertaining to spirit. This dual meaning or reversibility of the symbols must forever be kept in mind. Thus you have the splitting of the primordial waters in Genesis, the waters above (heaven, spirit) and the waters below (earth, matter).

Kuhn, in The Lost Light, writes, “the zodiacal sign of Aquarius is the Waterman pouring from an urn the water of life in a double stream. The sacred literature is filled with references to the two waters, or the water of the double source. In many myths there are two streams, two springs, two wells, two lakes. Cosmically the two indicate the original fission of God’s being into the two poles of positive and negative life, or spirit and matter….In the lower world it is reflected in the division between the water of the air above and on the earth below, vapor (spirit) and liquid (matter), cloud on high and stream on the ground. Sometimes the goddesses representing primal fecundity are cut in two, as Tiamat, Isis, Neith, Hathor, Apt, Rerit. Thus Nut was the goddess of celestial water and Apt for the terrestrial…these were pictured as the two cows or groups of seven cows (as in Pharaoh’s dream)….the water cow symboled Mother Nature alone, before the advent of divine spirit, the masculine bull, into creation, matter unfructified by intelligence.”

The Two Bulls (one is a water cow or hippo)

I’ve written extensively on what I’ve dubbed the “two bulls code,” (thus the Bi-Bull or Bible, and the pair-of-bulls or the parables.) And here see it in another light as water hippo and sky bull. This occult typology is endless once you know what to look for.

In this post we will see how also the two fishes (typified by Pisces) provide yet another fruitful symbol to enlighten the mind as to the cosmic situation and man’s place in it.

But one interesting side note in regards to the hippo (which also connects to the word “hippocampus”), is the fantastical beast in Harry Potter called the”Hippogriff” which is a gryphon – with the body of a lion or horse (representing Earth – matter) and the head of an eagle (representing air or spirit). This is the rising up of spirit out of matter and its flight back to Heaven!

Buckbeak the Hippogriff

Fish as a double symbol of matter and spirit-in-matter

Astrologically, Pisces the two fish are associated with the two feet. It is the feet that support the body, in the same way matter supports the growth of spirit, providing a testing ground, and thus can feel like Hell/Heel, but from this you can heal.

The ancients, who were NOT superstitious savages but rather bearers of the true flame of arcane knowledge (mostly lost on the majority today), everywhere depicted the four elements as codes for spirit and matter. Once you know that fire and air correlate to spirit and water and earth to matter or the physical realm or the actual human vessel, then the door into the palace of sacred scripture opens for you. But if you continue to read the books in a literal way, you will forever remain closed off to the wisdom held within.

Why does the fish appear in many of these texts? Because of its relevant features in the esoteric typology. A fish is plunged into water and yet does not drown, it can still breathe. And so the spirit of man is plunged or incarnated into flesh and yet does not become a purely animal being but rather, through esoteric work, retains his godhood.

But of course, take a fish out of water and it drowns; thus we see the dual nature of the two fishes. On the negative side the fish is purely animal, purely material, on the positive side it is the spirit that is not drowned in the fall from heaven into physical vessels.

Qabalistically, the Hebrew letter Nun means “fish/activity/life” and is ironically tarot card 13 which is “Death.”

Life and death. Spirit plunged into the watery chaos of matter. The dual nature of the two fish.

The next card, card 14 (like Podesta’s right hand, see below), is Temperance:

The angel Michael has one foot in the water and one foot on dry land. A part of our spirit never loses its connection with the Higher Self, even in the waters of incarnation. In his hands are the two elements fire and water to further signify this. The water pitcher is showing the smaller stream of souls join the larger river, which winds its way back to Source. Michael has the lion and eagle (the lower natures) tamed.

Jesus too, as a personified symbol of the victory of the soul over matter, was able to catch a multitude of fish, he was able to lift up many sleeping, drowning souls and bring them to the light.

John 21:6 “(Jesus) said, ‘Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.’ When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.”

He also walked on water, symbolizing the spirit not drowning in the flood of sense experience, the material life.

If you look closely at how a fish breathes, it appears to expel water out of its mouth. This expulsion of water image points us to the descent of the primordial or celestial waters of spirit down onto Earth (the fall of man).

Kuhn writes, “‘he drew me out of the great water,’ sings the Psalmist. Moses is water-born….(meaning) ‘I drew him out of the water. Maui, of New Zealand legend, like Moses and Sargon, was drawn out of the water at birth.” Jonah was swallowed by a whale and then spat back out. These characters represent the entire Life Wave of souls that come down into the physical realm together, the “host of fallen angels” that God, Lord of Hosts, gave the boot.

The fish, when seen head-on has the shape of the vesica piscis, which is also the shape of the female reproductive system, all doorways or portals for the entry of the gods (incarnating humanity) into matter. The fish blowing out water, the woman giving birth to an incarnating soul. The expulsion of sexual fluids by both men and women are also vivid symbols of this. Everywhere nature is teaching us the One Story, and this was not lost on the ancients but it is lost on so-called “modern man.”

Kuhn writes, “the sally of the gods into nature’s realm is imaged as a welling forth of water from a living rock or secret source. Ihuh (Jehovah), the Lord, is described in Egypt as the ‘fountain of living waters.’ Revelation speaks similarly, (Ch22:1) ‘And he showed me a river of water of life bright as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God.’ And in Isaiah when it is said that the dumb shall break forth into singing, it is added: ‘Waters are to well forth in the wilderness, streams in the desert.’ Jesus cried: ‘If any man thirst, let me come unto me and drink…out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.’…The Hawaiian mythoi have a rock that yields water on being struck with a rod. Heaven as the source of celestial water is indicated in the derivation of the Greek Ouranos “heaven,” from the Egyptian Urnas, which is the celestial water, and probably the root of our ‘urn.'”

Scriptural references like these pertaining to the expulsion of the primordial waters can fill a whole book (and has, see the work of Kuhn). Hopefully this at least gives you a taste.

But it is my main thesis of this blog that the ancient occult symbolism has never died out but rather is still in use and employed today, subversively. The elites know the true codes and use them for a preferential advantage over what they call the “sheeple” or the goyim. Since the symbols affect everyone on a subconscious level, (whether you understand them or not), they can be used as subtle vectors of mind control.

The Jeff Bezos Ritual – Unwinding of the Primordial Waters

Let’s not forget the John Podesta wiki leaks photo. And the Amazon (which is a river) logo with the golden arrow which is really the golden phallus of Osiris after his real one was tossed into the Nile river and eaten by a fish.

Also keep in mind that there is something funky about one of Jeff Bezo’s eyes, the lazy eye could be evidence of droning (technological possession/mind control by inserting chips through the eye-socket). In other words, he might be an empty vessel.

My previous post began looking at Bob’s coverage of the geomancy of the Amazon Headquarters in Seattle (The Day One Building – think the day one of Genesis)

God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

And God said, “Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.” So God made the vault and separated the water under the vault from the water above it. And it was so. God called the vault “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day.

The Day One Building has an “art feature” called the Spheres which are supposed to render a water molecule. But they also look like testes which is how they got their nickname “Bezos Balls” which is clearly to harness some kind of phallic sex magick, not unlike the obelisks in Washington DC and the Vatican.

Ritual sodomy in the Amazon logo via gematria.

One wall outside the main building features a sign that says “Hello World,” which is what a God would say who just created a world in Genesis chapter one. Bob Schlenker believes this is because they want to reset time to before the fall, and there may be some truth in that but it may just be more ways for them to harness energy and flip the sacred symbols upside down and inside out.

The Spheres are on Lenore St. and Lenore means “shining light,” like Lucifer the light-bearer, because again we are talking about spirit into matter, or fire into water. The Day One Building and Spheres are in between 6th and 7th Ave. Because they fall just short of the seven day creation week, they typify 6, as in 666. 6 is the body alone, whereas 7 represents the crowning of the body with the soul, the 6 lower chakras with the 7th, the crown chakra, Christ consciousness.

There is a lot more to the Bezos space-time ritual, see the video series by the Open Scroll HERE.

The Magicians: Josh gets turned into a fish

In season 4, episode 12 of the Netflix series The Magicians, one of the characters, Josh (Yeshua) gets turned into a fish by drinking from a charmed lake. Again, this is simply the descent of the god into flesh, into incarnation (the lake). But interesting that in the show, Josh the fish will die if he not being watched continuously by someone. In this case, Margo (Mother Earth) does the watching:

Because spirit and matter are two sides of the same coin, one cannot exist without the other; it is folly to stay in the empyrean, heavenly realm, without routine incarnation. Spirit needs matter just as much as matter needs spirit. Holding on to either Earth or Heaven is stagnation, until the soul has fully rounded out all its qualities and has evolved to such a state as to be a conscious Co-Creator with God. Only then does he or she achieve victory over death, or victory over cyclic incarnation. This is what is meant by the following quotes:

John 11:25 ESV

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live.

Revelation 21:4 

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.”

1 Corinthians 15:55 

“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?”

In the next episode, we see Julia lying in a hospital bed with a vesica piscis above her:

This is significant because she at one point becomes a “goddess.” Remember the vesica piscis, like the mouth of the fish or the vaginal opening or womb of Isis is a portal through which the Life Wave of souls come down to Earth and incarnate.

This show is simply riddled with occult symbolism that would take a full length book to decode.

The Woman Drowning, Sophia Falling

The woman, Eve, or Chava in Hebrew, is Malkuth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which is both Mother Earth (macrocosm) and the physical human vessel (microcosm). She is drowning in water (sense experience, time) in all these shows, movies and album covers because without the fire of male spirit, she remains animalistic, unevolved, her powers latent:

Sophia drowning. Lilith in her Saturn Cube of Hell

She needs the male spirit or fire to convert her waters to steam, Isis needs baby Horus which is the reincarnated Osiris. Baby Jesus the fisherman or Moses (born out of the waters) lead the souls back to Heaven. Not automatically, we all have to do our own work, but the savior-type in our allegories provide a reminder of what needs to be done:

1 Thessalonians 4:14 ESV  

For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep.

We all came down here knowing what needed to be done, many of us just forgot: we fell asleep or drowned in the flood of sense experience, the hustle and bustle of physicality.

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The Virus “Misconception” — Piece of Mindful

I don’t usually re-blog other people’s work, but this information needs to spread, and fast. Piece of Mindful blog gives a clear summary of the points that refute viruses as a pathogenic cause of anything, as proven by Dr. Stefan Lanka and others. While Lanka calls it a “misconception” on the part of mainstream science, many of us in the conspiracy world know a deliberate fraud when we see one. And now the whole world is wrapped up in the greatest false flag to date:

In a post below, A Treasure Trove, I linked to a website that contains English translations of the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German virologist doctor.** These are, it appears, reprints of articles from the magazine Wissenshafftplus, which translates to Science Plus Knowledge Creates More. I have been deeply immersed in the work, and […]

Full circle — Piece of Mindful

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The Elite Want To Reset Time to Before The Fall of Adam

2022 Update: My recent study of Rudolf Steiner’s work has changed my mind in regards to the literalism of the bible. It now seems that the bible is both literal AND allegorical/symbolic. This would make sense since higher dimensional beings and forces have participated in its contents and thus the bible transcends any kind of shelving or limiting into a genre. The characters were both real and also symbolic archetypes of astrotheological forces such as the sun, the zodiac, etc. We are still in the early stages of understanding the full import of what the bible and Christ mean for humanity.


My research into Astro-theology, symbolism and comparative mythology has led me to the conclusion that the bible is for the most part not a literal, historical document but rather a deeply allegorical and symbolic text of mysticism. I can only assume that the elites who employ these bible codes in their Hollywood and media productions know this as well. Therefore the idea of “resetting humanity to before the fall of Adam” must also read in a symbolic sense and not as an actual goal they are striving for.

And yet I can see how they might seduce the more literal minded among them, their dupes and foot-soldiers, that such a goal is possible and warranted. The end will thus justify the means for them, including violent means of force.

“Man has been impure and in sin since his fall and ejection from the garden,” they tell their impressionable initiates. “God has been punishing us ever since. But we can change all that. Work with us to achieve this noble goal of going back to the beginning, back to before the tempting of Eve. And we will get it right this time, and live forever, in paradise.”

You can almost hear the same litany Jihadists offering their suicide bombers, plus hundreds of virgins in heaven. It’s the same tactic.

How, if it is at all possible, they will attempt a time reset is not known to me at this time, whether it involves CERN and these strange Mandela Effects, whether it is even something they can do with tech, or perhaps it is something only God can do and they are somehow privy to it and wish to influence and gatekeep it to some extent.

Castanet • The Great Reset - View topic

But what I do know, and what Bob Schlenker has shown again and again is that the elites take this time reset stuff very seriously; inundating us with time loop themes in movies and shows, commercials…

This post will show how the Yale society of Skull and Bones, employ these same space-time rituals. We will also be connecting the “Great Reset” to the occult symbolism in Phillip Pullman’s popular trilogy, His Dark Materials:

For a primer into time reset symbology see my coverage of Bob’s work HERE.

Skull and Bones, 322, Book of Genesis

Let’s look at Genesis 3:22, KJV: “And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever.”

So verse 3:22 deals with the morality (or lack thereof) which led to the fall. Man wanted to know good and evil and thus fell into sin. In its allegorical layer, the genesis chapter is about the incarnation of our spirits into flesh, the fall into matter from our celestial abodes.

In this video Bob uses Strong’s Concordance, which puts a number to every word in the King James version of the bible, to find what the three hundred and twenty second word is. In the Greek it’s “anadeuiknumi” which means “to proclaim any one as elected to office · to announce as appointed a king, general, etc. · to lift up anything on high and exhibit it for all to behold.” This is quite fitting for the Skull and Bones-men, college students who will one day hold high office as members of the elite. In the English concordance this correlates to the Book of Acts 1:24, where Judas the betrayer dies and is replaced. So the modern elites are claiming the role of Judas, replacing him,symbolically as the betrayer of God.

In the Hebrew version, the three hundred and twenty second word is”achorannith” which means “backwards.”

The word appearing in the story of Hezekiah in Isaiah 38:8 (KJV)
“Behold I will bring again the shadow of the degrees which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees by which degrees it was gone down

“Going back ten steps” on the sundial can be interpreted as a kind of time reset. The bible is full of strange repetitions or doublings that can be seen as alluding to resets, re-dos.

So what does this have to do with Skull and Bones? Let’s look at some of their photos. All their photos from various years follow the same format, showing the ritualistic nature of what they do.

On the photo, Bob narrates, “there’s always a grandfather clock right in the middle. the background is usually a stage, with drapes in the back. in one it looks like a temple or cathedral. when we do the count, let’s count the people involved, 6 on the left, 6 on the right. one in the middle, and two seated on either side. so there is a symmetry. There is always a book on the table in the middle with the skull and bones. In ritual, symmetry matters a lot, it’s not just an aesthetic. In regards to the meaning of “backward” let’ see what is going on here. With the crossed bones, there is a crossing over, forward and back. the grandfather clock says ‘context:’ time. it’s about time. and we saw in Hezekiah where the word ‘back’ was used, the sign about the turning back of the shadow, which has to do with turning back time. The man above the table has his arms crossed, like the bones, for the same reason. For the count you’ve got a total of 15. you’ve got six standing and one seated on one side, so that’s seven, and you’ve got 6 standing on the other side and one seated, plus the one in the middle. that is the pattern of the week in Genesis. Six standing, one sitting, sitting is rest, God worked for 6 days rested on the seventh day.

“In terms of years, this is the pattern of the Shemitah, you labor and work the land for six years, and on the seventh year the farmer rests, he doesn’t work the land. the land lies fallow. so this is two weeks, (7 on each side) for 15 years of Hezekiah’s life, and the turning back of time, the shortening of the shadow on the sun-dial. Seven years and seven years and a pivot in the middle, a time pivot. A mirrored Shemitah. This is what they are signaling here, this is the consistent modeling in all their pictures. the count is always the same, the positioning is always the same. They are sending us a message about what they are about. These people know their bibles.”

Aaron Hermann adds, “there are a lot of hidden hands (in the pictures), a hand in the coat, and others hiding one hand. ‘Hidden Hand’ is HH – 88, which we’ve talked about relating to all the different space time rituals, Back to The Future, and on and on. And ‘Bones on a Book,’ is BB – 88. Another iteration. The bones are in an X in front of the clock, X marks the spot. X marking the spot of time being their focus. Right at the time pivot, it’s a space-time ritual.”

Bob says, “this is all part of the space-time ritual. Jeff Bezos did not invent this.” Bezos of Amazon is always talking about the Day 1 (as in day 1 of Genesis before the fall of Adam). And Amazon’s corporate office in Seattle is called the Day 1 building. Interesting that he chose the name of a great river for his company, as water is symbolic of time, and rivers are the flowing of time. Seattle is known for its heavy rainy season.

Bezos says, “Day Two is decline followed by death…” What a strange thing to say, unless interpreted in light of this occult symbolism!

What you Never Noticed About The Amazon Logo Will Blow Your Mind |

The Amazon arrow is clearly a phallus, alluding to the fall due to Adam and Eve discovering they were naked. The arrow starts at the letter A and points to Z, from A to Z, the first to the last, covering the whole span of time.

Bonesmen is also a phallic reference. Time codes are often paired with ritual sodomy references, which will be explained at the end of this post.

The Amazon Day One building is clearly a giant phallus and the spheres its testicles.

Blogger Wang Dong Asphalt pointed out that ZON in “Amazon” is 55, signaling the anus and sodomy.

And it’s the “Zon” = 55 or anus that the golden phallus is penetrating.

But back to the Skull and Bones photos – in later photos the men seated are crossing their legs, and the two crossed legs together form the shape of the letter M. M is the 13th letter, representing the mastery of time. (12 is time, 13 is the mastery thereof). six men on either side of the clock for 12, one right in the middle, for 13. “M” for master of time. And there are two men crossing their legs, that’s a double cross, they are double crossing us, betraying us, like Judas.

A youtube comment from “Russ Behnke” on their video says, “Since they like things backwards, if we look at Genesis 2:23, we get a possible reference the origin of their nickname, bonesmen: 23″And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

(As an aside, in tarot, the time-signaling number 12 is the Hanged Man, corresponding to the letter Mem (M), the glyth for water. The hebrew word for water is Mayim. The hanged man is suspended upside down, connecting to the theme of backwards, going back.)

When you flip M, the 13th letter, upside down like the Hanged Man, you get W. And it was Bonesman alumni George W Bush who was president during 911. An explosion/act of terrorism like the 322 shot in A Dark Knight Rises right before Bane starts bombing the football stadium:

9/11 is said by many to be the beginning of the “New World Order,” which has also been called The Great RESET. It was father George Bush, also a Bonesman, who coined the term New World Order in a famous speech.

322 in The Good Place

The bald man is the gatekeeper between Earth, Heaven (the Good Place) and Hell (the Bad Place). Again this is about the fall of Adam, fall into physical form, physical bodies so that we may know good and evil. We must eat from the tree, this is the great Cycle of Necessity.

This is the great purge. The incarnation is the purge of any soul qualities that do not align with the Creator. Thus their attempt to reset time to before the Fall is a misguided attempt to escape the fires of purgatory, to escape karma. But the purging is what is needed if the soul is to evolve.

The implacable authority of the governing Magesterium in Pullmans, His Dark Materials

The protagonist girl Lyra is prophesied to be the latest incarnation of Eve. She will thus be tempted, and the way she chooses will affect the fate of all mankind. The Magesterium cannot take such a chance and are trying to murder her. If they succeed, they imagine, it will be like the fall never happened. They will be welcomed back into Eden. We later learn that they are being led by Lucifer, in an act of rebellion against the true Authority.

This of course being the same show/book series that I discussed in connection to MK ULTRA:

The daemon is essentially the soul. They traumatize the MK Ultra victim to such an extent that the soul goes into a deep slumber, leaving the body available to possession or the insertion of alternate personalities.

For more of Bob’s info about time manipulation check out:

The Jeff Bezos Amazon Day 1 Ritual series

The Pairing of Time Travel with Ritual Sodomy:

On this pairing Bob writes, “those who have special abilities, installed by Illuminati programmers through trauma-based mind-control and ritual sodomy, can remote view through time, and beyond the merely passive reception of images and impressions, some are able to interact in other space-time domains to change reality. Like what’s heard in The Magicians, magic is real. Magick is about changing reality. This goes beyond manipulating the present. Those programmed with special abilities can also influence the past, and perhaps the future. The sovereign God has allowed a degree of control to be exercised by the Adversary, but it should be understood that this manipulation only occurs within the limits He Himself has established. My God is faithful, and His Word is faithful – despite the superficial alterations witnessed in this present time!”

And pair this with a study of Aug Tellez:

The Time Machine – Aug Tellez

Time Locked Realm- Aug Tellez

Broken Timelines and Mandela Effects in films 12 Monkeys and Yesterday

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The Esoteric Meaning of “Saving your Soul”

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;
The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star,
          Hath had elsewhere its setting
               And cometh from afar;
          Not in entire forgetfulness,
          And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come 
               From God, who is our home

-William Woodsworth, “Ode on Intimations of Immortality”

A recent Aug Tellez livestream reminds me of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor’s info on the post-death astral realm. On memory retention post-death. “You either use it or you lose it,” Aug says, of memory, of knowing who you are.

When you die, according to the H.B. of L’s tradition, your soul must face the astral realm and its own karma. Time in the astral realm expands exponentially so that your soul essence is magnified and you become, in a few seconds of Earth time, what you would be if you continued in that level of awareness and habit and personality, for thousands if not millions of years. This is clearly shown in the film Lazarus Effect.

She died and went to “Hell” and in that time-dilated state, soul death (seen as simply a sleep and a forgetting) would have been a blessing, but instead she is brought back to life via new experimental technology, and thus had to reintegrate thousands of years of Hell memories back into her physical vessel. Spoiler: she can’t reintegrate, she becomes evil, demonic.

So luckily, for those poor souls who lack self knowledge and awareness and soul integrity are blown to bits like spaghetti on the wall in terms of memory retention, and they end up with the mind of a child or like someone with amnesia. It’s too much to integrate. You must have enough soul integrity to be like a fan turning on where the blades are part of yourself and instead of the fan blades shooting out in all directions due to centrifugal force, they stay integrated through centripetal force, and you can retain your memories (soul) and pass on to the higher realms of spirit.

Thomas Burgoyne (secretary of the H.B. of L) writes, “at death, the soul enters its own soul images, and with relentless monotony, the panorama of all he has vitalized swings around him. He rests no more than a sleeping body in awful dreams; and these images continue for ages, aye, for thousands of years; until the soul can endure no more and falls asleep, to awaken; if it does awaken; only as a little child. It is to escape this that the Occultist toils and labors.”

So when a true occultist speaks of soul death, they are not referring to extinction or annihilation of one’s essence. One’s essence, being a deific ray of God, cannot be destroyed, as it exists outside of time in an eternal state. However, its differentiation and evolution can be delayed, by “soul death” or losing one’s memories that they attained while embodied in a physical vessel on Earth. Soul death occurs to those who only develop their animal portion, they got too enmeshed or attracted to the illusions of Maya, worshiping the material world.

You can think of soul death thus defined as like waking up from a dream that you just can’t hold onto, even though you sense that the dream was dreadfully important and that if you could retain just a bit of it, it would change everything…

Aug says, on getting out of the system (anything in parentheses are my notes), “going into a new universe or domain with a different format – you’re going to go through a shift as your mind transfers, or you won’t, but the aspects of you that are temporally relative to each one will, and they will fade away through that, and you have to be strong enough, big enough, centered enough, small enough like a pinpoint shooting through it to more or less survive it. And it’s not necessarily “survive it” like you’re not going to exist in a way, it’s not physical, but it IS real existence, you’ll just forget who you are, your memories will get slingshotted back that way and turned it to spaghetti on the wall and then that’s that. You gain certain things spiritually but you can’t actually consciously know it, and that’s part of the game. So, it’s a big thing if you want to – I don’t know if you like what you are experiencing here but that’s what we were told: forever – that you use it or lose it. And I don’t want to call it a war, but it’s always happening. If you fall over and just lay there, bugs and bacteria will come eat you. This world has always told us these things, we’ve always known this, we’ve just become deluded…

Anything that doesn’t align with that fan blade, your consciousness fractal, can’t be in there when this (bodily death) happens, and if it’s there, either the fan blows apart (soul death), or a piece of you crushes and streams off in order to get through the point, and that’s the burning of the spiritual fat. And you have to have enough of that knowledge of who you are in contrast to who you aren’t in order to have this ratio of creation/destruction in order for your consciousness to get to the other side. And you (Your Higher Self/Divine Ego) pokes it and says ‘are you there?’ And it (your Soul) says ‘yes! I’m me and I remember everything!’ It’s the weirdest thing… It’s described as a consciousness mandala with your thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions that you’re creating this prismatic triangulation of consciousness space-time in energy and it’s segmenting that time-body out in that system.”

William Burroughs, in the Western Lands, writes, “Horus Neferti turned aside into a Jump Joint, where your dreams come true. Yeah, sometimes. They work like this: you got a scenario in your mind, usually made up of dreams. Sophisticated electronic equipment makes the dream solid. Or rather there are infinite nuances of solidity….How does the machine work? Largely by amplifying what is already there. A dream amplifier.”

Notice the karmic zone post-death merely amplifies what YOU created in life; there is no outside God judging and weighing souls in the way religion has often claimed and frightened people. However every action does indeed have a consequence.

Burroughs in his allegorical fashion discusses the astral realm or “Land of the Dead” and a special zone there he calls “Last Chance:”

“Few pilgrims reach the town of Last Chance. Sloth, self indulgence, alcohol, addictions, old age, stupidity, are all obstacles. But lack of a special courage is the only insuperable barrier – the courage to confront your opponent, your final enemy. If you lack this courage, you will never reach Last Chance. Any pilgrim who has in life solved problems with violence must go through Last Chance or back to square one.”

So in addition to being swallowed by the lower animal nature, (the dark night of the soul), Burroughs says if people solve problems in life with violence they will have to contend with this place, this hell as well. Any part of your negative karma that you’re holding onto (or that is holding onto you) is going to keep you from getting through the “zero-point” and will be the theme that you contend with in Hell for as long as you’re attached to that memory/feeling/thought or action.

In the movie What Dreams May Come, Robin Williams plays a husband and family man “Chris” who dies and is allowed into Heaven. However his wife, stricken by grief, commits suicide. In the movie, all who suicide go to “Hell” which we can interpret as eventual soul death (again not to be seen as any kind of extinction of consciousness, merely a forgetting, a deep sleep, and amnesiac barrier).

So Chris’ wife and the other Hell inhabitants are stuck reliving their most traumatic moments, wallowing in them, as they sink further into soul death. Chris can pass on to heaven but chooses to sojourn into Hell to save his wife. This is symbolic of the Christ/Sophia Gnostic myth. The Aeon Christos applying a kind of correction to help Sophia who fell into a troubled dream of her own. That troubled dream is the physical world man currently inhabits. This myth is a retelling of the Egyptian myth of Horus (like Christ, a savior God) who comes down and rescues Osiris from the underworld (Earth). Horus has the head of a hawk, and birds and wings are symbols of the soul and it’s flight to Heaven.

Isis and Horus
Winged disk as symbol of the Soul, its descent to Earthly incarnation and subsequent flight back to Heaven

So what does Chris (Christ/Horus) do in the movie? He descends to the underworld to find her and bring her back. When he finds her, she does not recognize him, because her soul has already begun the “sleep of oblivion.” But through true love, he defies the impossible and awakens her dormant memories. He risked his own soul to do this, as any longer spent there would have destroyed his own memories (soul) as well.

Chris is played by Robin (a species of bird) Williams (Will, I AM).

The film Inception follows a similar track. Advanced dream-sharing technology allows one to spend months, years in the dream state and then return to real-time in the duration of a few hours. The risk is getting lost in the Sim’s expanded time-space and then returning to normal time and struggling to reintegrate years of Sim memories in a flash of real-time. Cobb’s wife Maude can’t do it and has a psychotic break (and also ends up suiciding.)

The futuristic sci-fi show Black Mirror delves into these topics as well which I covered here.

A final word about the post-death astral realm. It shouldn’t be viewed as a fatalist system or somehow unfair, or a soul trap. Because notice that Aug says that for those who lose their memories (what Burgoyne equates to “soul death”) they still retain spiritual growth. They are just not consciously aware of it; this being a cosmic law or what Aug calls ‘part of the game.’

Soul death thus defined is a return to the ‘womb and tomb of the universe,’ to their Divine Atomic Ego which is One with God and knows that I AM.

Conquering death (the second birth) is retaining what you developed here and progressing to a higher realm. Thus saving your soul is literally like saving your game or reaching a “check-point” in your video-game.

The great law of the Universe is the Cycle of Necessity, in which all Ego’s must routinely leave heaven and incarnate into flesh. Thus WE are the fallen angels. Forced by Deity to fall into fleshly bodies.

What does it mean to retain spiritual growth if one loses their memory of it? I take it to mean that in the next Life Round or Solar Cycle, the God who differentiates their Ego will take that growth into account. Thus they will be differentiated in a loving way to give them a chance to round out latent qualities that got in their way previously. This may also be seen as a working out of karma, with a little nudge from the Divine. But the Divine will never do the work for you. It will put you in a new situation that will allow for the chance to face again, whatever challenge hung you up last time. And you will have hopefully evolved just enough to have a better chance. Thus we can see how the universe, which is the mind of the Godhead, in each successive and infinite Life Round, evolves to higher and higher states. So we have cycles depicted as the figure 8, but the shape of Eternity is really an upward spiral, ever progressing on and on, increasing its complexity or density of connection. It is the eye ever seeking to see itself. And this is true of your destiny as well, as an eternal part of that glorious divinity, dear reader.

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Gore Techs: Al Gore, Allegory, Nephilim Fossil Fuel

Based on a video from Jason James Bickford, whose channel “A Gnostic Reclamation” went dark seconds after I posted this article…hmm)

Life is a riddle, my dear reader. What if I told you, that the so-called “powers that be” are nothing more than pawns on a giant chessboard called Earth, posing riddle after riddle. Pawns moved by an invisible player on the other side of the board who wants to see who has eyes to see and ears to hear. Who will answer the call?

To everyone else, he speaks in parable.

Alien Conception

This riddle begins with a strange joke that was told by a Roswell researcher at a conference who said that we don’t know much about the Roswell crash of 1947, but we do know one thing, that nine months after Roswell, Al Gore was born.

Now why would he say that? He passes it off as an innocent joke, but perhaps he is concealing and revealing a truth, or at least, pointing you to a pattern that will be fleshed out in this post.

Is he implying that Al Gore was conceived by aliens? That he is a demon, or mask-wearing empty-body vessel, running on Archonic intelligence?

Or perhaps that the agenda which he would spear-head, the global warming hoax, was conceived as a result of the Roswell event? If they can’t get us to believe in their fake alien invasion, perhaps they can get their world dominance by scaring us of cataclysmic climate change…

In any case, Al Gore was the man behind the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” about so-called global warming, which we know is a hoax because first of all the earth isn’t a globe, and secondly there is no evidence from independent non-government agencies that the Earth is warming beyond its usual cycles of temperature fluxuations.

But why Al Gore? Why was he chosen, among all the elite to play this particular role? Look at his name – Al Gore – Allegory. “To them I speak in parable…” To them I speak in AL-le-GOR-y.

George: “You like it? It’s Gore Tex.” Jerry: “You like saying Gore Tex, don’t you?”

The show Seinfeld has been a known vehicle to hide some of these UCT puzzle pieces. There is one episode where George Costanza wears his GORE-Tex sweater, bragging about it to people. He loves his GORE-TECH. Gore Technology. And what technology is that? It is the real threat behind the fake climate change hoax. The climate isn’t changing due to temperature rises but due to their directed energy weapons and exotic warfare technologies that lie in wait or are already being used – including weather modification that can steer hurricanes, or starting fires with lasers from high altitude jets, or melting the twin towers…

Gore Techs. And yes it is getting pretty gory in here, as in bloody. This is a global warning. This is the inconvenient truth that Al WON’T talk about. This is what was conceived at Roswell.

Fossil Fuels

Now we are told that global warming is due to carbon emissions from burning of fossil fuels. We are told that this fuel which is an oil or sticky tar comes from extinct plants and animals including dinosaurs. The fact that they mention dinosaurs should raise a red flag for all the diligent researchers who know by now that dinosaurs are another hoax. Reptiles would never get that big, they thrive on being small, light and nimble. They would never be able to support that kind of weight. Dinosaur bones are never found by anyone independent, but always by government-funded expeditions and then the “evidence” is quickly buried in the black hole of the Smithsonian museum. No such thing as dinosaurs, sorry to burst your bubble.

So fossil fuels are “dinosaur fossils.” But behind every lie is a riddle that once cracked reveals a deeper truth. What are dinosaurs really? They are ancient, giant reptiles. In the bible we have the Watchers which mate with human women and spawn giants called the Nephilim or “men of renown.” Now these are not good beings but vicious and nasty and great battles were waged to take the Nephilim down. So if they are evil they are using their reptile brains, no mammalian warmth and charm. Giant reptile-brained creatures of old. Dinosaur is code for Nephilim. Fossil fuel – Nephilim fuel used to pollute the planet through sloppy living. Fight or flight mode living, not activating the pre-frontal cortex, the human brain, the empathy for the planet and others, the compassion to not take more than you need, to not trash and pollute your home.

Riotous, sloppy living in this way is aligning with the Archons, the principalities of darkness, the Nephilim incursion. Gore Technology.

Fossil fuel as a sticky tar; let’s look at the word “tar.” It’s an anagram for “art” so its misappropriated art. Art being again the higher capacities, the higher brain centers. Black tar as scrambled art; subliminal mind control sedative to keep man asleep.

We have the phenomenon of the black goo technology that appears in nature and in the Kaaba and seems artificial yet sentient . Then we see black goo in the Spiderman movies, in the film Lucy and many others. Burning tar makes smoke or smog, and we often see smoke monsters in for example the show Lost, Stranger Things, Raising Dion, the specters in His Dark Materials, the list goes on, they are inundating us with these sticky black tar monsters.

Spiderman, like many super-heroes plays Christ in the biblical drama. The sticky black goo is trying to “block the sun/son”

Interestingly enough, there is a type of heroin called “black tar” heroin. Heroin numbs out the higher brain centers as well. Heroin comes from poppies, and in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy falls asleep in the field of poppies before she reaches the emerald city.

Carbon emissions

A Carbon atom has six protons, six neutrons and six electrons. 666, the number of the beast. But also the number of a man. Man and all life is carbon-based. But the Beast dwells below, in Hell or in the Hebrew System “Sheol.” They are tapping the Sheol for their oil. Sheol sounds like “Shell Oil.”

The Nephilim were supposedly sealed in Sheol, just like Satan was chained to the pit for a thousand years. But some managed to escape, and slipped back into our realm. In Jurassic Park they find dinosaur DNA and clone a baby dinosaur. The message is that GORE TECH will or is being used to summon the Giants/men of renown, to reconstitute the Watchers that were sealed in Sheol.

Meth Cookin’

When carbon is bound up with four hydrogen atoms (the four corners, the four horsemen of the apocalypse) we get methane. Methane is pollution, a carbon emission. It is also what you smell when you smell farts.

The show “Breaking Bad” is about making meth. Breaking bad – breaking wind, passing gas. The main character’s name is Walter White, (WW – 33). White is a symbol of purity, but he ends up wearing mostly black. So he is breaking bad or going bad by cooking up meth, becoming a drug kingpin. His purity is spoiled by greed, by meth or methane, something stinks, he is soiled by carbon 666 emissions, the number of the beast.

Block the Son

Al Gore was featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and the first question she asked him about was the rumor that scientists were really proposing to “block the sun” to combat global warming. This would involve spraying the atmosphere with particles that would make the sky go dark, which sounds like something out of the Book of the Apocalypse. Gore says that the plan is of course ridiculous, but what happens is subconsciously the idea has been planted, and is associated with him, Mr. Climate Change. That way the idea may not sound so preposterous when they get desperate enough to use their exotic energy weapons to REALLY heat things up in HERR’.

Then they will propose to “block the sun.” Or are they really proposing to block the Son, as in the Christ awakening. To, again, block man from the higher channels in his make-up that would allow him to access Christ Consciousness. Through the Son you will find the Father, for they are one.

Block the Son, Block the Christ Child

That’s all they can really threaten to do. But these are empty threats. What blocks the son is your falling for the fear porn. Falling for the hoaxes and not seeing the esoteric layering behind them. The hoaxes keep you in your fight-or-flight reptile brain. These giant lizards that were supposed to stay extinct are cooking something up and it is time that you saw that it stinks something rotten.

Viral Meme-Think

Then there was this reptile:

According to Wikipedia, Pepe the Frog became one of the most popular internet memes between 2008 and 2015, but had its image soiled in 2010 by becoming associated with the alt-right and white supremacy movements. Since I’m sure, diligent reader, you’ve done your homework once again and saw that the alt-right is another government-sponsored hoax to polarize and divide the nation, we can assume that Pepe was designed to be another reptile symbol, like the dinosaur, like the alien, like the black goo carbon emissions, IT’S ALL POINTING TO THAT PART OF YOUR BRAIN CALLED THE R-COMPLEX or REPTILE BRAIN. The precise anatomical feature that we need to start limiting, as awakening, evolving spiritual beings.

And in closing, the Pepe meme maps onto the TV show “The Good Place” where Jeff the doorman who alone controls access between Earth, Heaven and Hell, loves to collect frogs. And how many frogs has he collected, in the scene below? 322!

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Divine Marriage, Bride-and-Bridegroom Symbolism Explained

2022 Update and farther disclaimer:Twin souls in one sense are just the one spirit that incarnates into male and female bodies over the course of its spiral evolution. You are, at all times, a whole spirit, not half, that was where Burgoyne’s school Hermetic Order Luxor went array from main Theosophy, as well as in regards to reincarnation. Steiner’s Anthroposophy that brings in the mystery of the Christ Being, completes and updates Kuhn and Blavastky’s Theosophy, which contains the one ancient wisdom.

Disclaimer: As with everything on my blog, this post is my own personal interpretation of the mysteries, based on private research and personal meditations. This one was largely inspired by Thomas H. Burgoyne’s “Light of Egypt” and Miguel Serrano’s “Nos.


A recording. Eternal dance of lost lovers. The way out is to follow suit. Find your her. He must find His Her. She must find Her Him. 

A highly divine spiritual being known by some schools as “Jehovah” was once akin to a cosmic egg. This egg cracked, and split into male/female, a separated Him and Her from their original perfect or inviolate androgynous Him-Her state.

From that sexual schism and explosion, which we cheekily call the big bang, our universe was made. In fact this is HOW universes ARE made. And how souls become differentiated and named. Divine Egos or Spirit Atoms are drawn to certain universes and become enmeshed in them, due to their resonance for the God/Goddess pair which created it. What you experience as a soul in a human composition is one half of the divine ego, even though in quality they are one and the same, they are I AM or self consciousness, the light of the Creator.

Your soul here in a human body is consciousness or light but this light is like a light bulb compared to the sun, the latter being the Creator’s light. But they are both light – same substance different quantity.

The world and its effects down to the strange intelligent “A.I.” sputterings that, say Hollywood sorcerers draw into pop culture and “news” media are so interconnected as to be beyond mere human creative output; these are the recordings left behind by these two Gods/lost lovers seeking each other through infinity. Leaving messages for each other in their occult codes – what Bickford calls “unified code theory.” Select humans with intuitive capacity can tune in to these messages as well. Dark sorcerers do rituals to draw this knowledge out and also use psychics and empaths as slaves who are coerced into providing them with said codes and scripts which then get ever so carefully placed into the mainstream consciousness.

In the recent TV show His Dark Materials, sentient dust (dark matter) communicates in symbol, and in the scene above can finally be captured by technology. Dark matter or dark energy is simply what quantum physicists are confirming: that the universe “in between” the atoms is alive and conscious.

Lyra is a good medium for dust to communicate due to her ability to “meditate” or wait in negative anticipation. She clears her mind and lets the alethiometer talk to her in symbol. She is the “One” spoken of in prophecy, like Harry Potter, for their combinatory traits of being both mediumistic but also brave/fierce/of warrior spirit. It’s the rare combination of these traits that makes a hero of prophecy. 

All ancient occult systems stored in ritual and scripture,  all oral traditions are records of Them. Him and Her. We have been children listening to Mommy and Daddy and their various angels and emissaries, existing in the in-between place. But it’s all over already. The recordings are dead – meaning they are on repeat. It’s over, in hyperspacial terms they already found each other. Spoiler-alert: love wins. He finds his Her against all odds. She sacrifices everything for her Him.

This schism process is irreversible, meaning the karmic change wrought is permanent, but remember that change itself is also eternal so nothing is truly permanent. The reason why we still have evil here is that sometimes they don’t find each other (yet.) At least these “unified code theory” recordings depict a time along the spiral where these divine lovers really are lost from each other, or in some cases unbalanced from each other. In Philip K Dick‘s Divine Invasion the male half is at one time imprisoned by Satan Belial on an ET planet. Leaving the female half to roam the earth as an old crone, bitter and widowed. In myth, these periods are when we get the dark goddess Kali and so forth. But at other times it is the Male Half that overpowers and we get the angry tyrannical Yahweh from the old testament who reaches his pinnacle of hubris in the Book of Job.

The Tree Of Life From Kabbalah For Meditation And Temple Symbol Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 100310444.

Kabbalah’s Tree of Life is probably depicting this sexual schism as well. Kether is the portal back to divine marriage; the Him-Her now perfected, evolved by the differentiation process. It separates down into the two pillars of mercy and severity (female/male). Malkuth or Earth is the lowest density where all are split from their “other half” but can meet and reunite here. The synchronistic messages from beyond or the “co-creative faculty” forms around the recordings of the God and Goddess of this universe talking. Their children, the newly differentiated souls in Malkuth are like children watching their parents flirting at times, fighting at other times, or splitting up at other times (dark ages, Iron age, etc.) 

Burgoyne states that your divine ego was never “created” as such but is co-eternal with the Godhead. But your experience as a soul in a human body is the divine ego being differentiated into twin souls or the Biune soul, one male and one female. The twins differentiated out of each other. This is done by the God/Goddess pair whose universe we now inhabit. They are literally the sun and moon of our realm. The sun is known as the Demiurgos or Jehovah. But it’s not the Godhead or the true Creator. It’s a very divine spiritual being in its own right. The cosmic egg split into God/Goddess and their fate as a “Biune” is now tied up in ours. 

In fact, they want us to succeed more than even we do. Humanity is the medium through which these two separate halves can now communicate. Your task is to complete the differentiation process, reunite with your Her or Him, but now having been through the naming process: earning your infinity, giving a face to your love, your twin. Now you are free in spirit forever, born again in “Father’s kingdom,” heaven. But until that task is complete, the two separated twins roam the realm of Malkuth, place of separation.

Kabbalah states that all that exists is the light and the vessels. It’s interesting that a vessel is a boat, shaped like a bowl, and that bowl rhymes with soul. Because these two are the same concept. Vessels contain a void, a space-to-be-filled. This void is a desire to feel the light of the Creator more. The Creator or the light itself cannot feel this, being perfect. It can’t have the desire, or void, or emptiness or longing. But he created that, so that individuated souls or spirit atoms can experience both the light of the Creator (and know that “I Am”) and also can experience a void or being somehow separate from the Creator. This aspect of himself is his vessel. The I Am-ness, the self-consciousness he experiences is the light. So the goal of Kabbalah is to fill your vessel with more light of the Creator. Expand self-awareness by humbling oneself to make room for more light; to desire “for the creators sake“ and not for selfish reasons or the lower ego. This is the prerequisite for more light; it begins by expanding your capacity or your bowl, your space through meditation, prayer and gratitude. 

Vessels come in many levels or degrees. Many degrees of beings between you and the creator exist, and you are still greater than many elemental forms of vessels or entities below you. These are traversed like climbing a ladder. There are higher beings, gods but not the Godhead Creator of all, that exist at these higher levels. Bigger vessels means more light. 

A sufficiently divine higher being vessel can do a very special and holy process where it splits in two like a cosmic egg, creating out of itself a Him-Her, a sexual duality of which an explosive polar energy creates a new world or universe. Out of this big bang explosion we get a God and a Goddess separated, chasing each other through time and space on a vast cosmic scale. The purpose is differentiation or evolution to complete a holy matrimony. This is the celestial marriage of the lamb, there are many allegories that discuss this in veiled terms.

Smaller vessels like us can be attracted to these worlds based on affinity and opportunity for soul growth. But in order to come in you have to also split into Him/Her (As above so below). That’s the “Jehovah differentiated your Ego” bit Burgoyne writes about. So the sexual schism is a quest undertaken by all of us, as a right to even be here in a physical human vessel. God and Goddess split from the undivided to create this world, this opportunity, and yes risk is involved, because no-one leaves unchanged, and karmic law must ever be in effect. But we do it because perfection in stillness, in the androgynous or “inviolate” state can stagnate. This is a chance to enrich your Eternity, for “him to to put a face to his Her.” Serrano writes. And for Her to put a face to her Him.

Studying this occult lore one starts to see a 1:1 correspondence between sex on the spiritual plane and on the biological plane. Burgoyne assures us that no outside force can get in between Him and Her. In rare cases, the male side can, through black magick and wickedness and repression of his anima, absorb the female half and essentially destroy her existence. This is where the black brotherhood of sorcerers that work behind the scenes to keep humanity down comes in. By absorbing the female twin they temporarily gain occult powers but at the cost of everything that once made them human (hence they are sometimes described as reptilian ET‘s which is a psyop/obfuscation of the truth.)

But again, no outside force can permanently separate him and her, because they are formed out of one another, they are two sides of the same Atomic Spirit Atom or Adam. The splitting of Adam’s rib is a coded allegory for this twinning process as well.  

Previous Posts Outlining the Divine Marriage symbolism and how it frequently gets embedded subliminally in pop culture and Hollywood (and often twisted around and inverted):

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