How I Lost God (and Found Him Again)

Life Principle #1: Never believe anything somebody tells you without looking into it for yourself first. Examine the available evidence and form your own conclusions. Don’t even believe someone even if they have a fancy degree in science or math or astronomy or law or whatever, because they might be either wrong themselves or lying to you. They may even be Illuminati agents posing as scientists to feed us lies and keep us dumb and not question them.

For example what is the shape of the earth? Anyone?


Round? Really,? How do you know?

Have you ever been to space and verified it for yourself?

Photos from NASA? Yeah but those could be CGI fakes, you never know.

You want my opinion on the shape of the Earth? I thought it was round all my life because that’s what I read in the textbooks and saw in movies and on globe models. But after watching a bunch of Youtube videos with independent people doing independent research, I’ve seen the available evidence, and now think it’s flat.

I was Ready For Flat Earth. Are You?

But I’ve also done my research on the Illuminati and firmly believe that all the textbooks and Hollywood movies and Media News Outlets and NASA pumping out globe earth this, outer space that, are completely controlled by them. The winners write the history books. If you haven’t studied this extensively, for example how fraudulent NASA is, than you are not ready for Flat Earth.

I also believed in the Theory Of Evolution for many years, that all life evolves through random mutation coupled with natural selection, both blind forces tied to laws of chemistry and physics. No creator needed, just the starting materials and enough geologic time.

I’ve come around on this one as well and now believe in a Creator. See in the heliocentric universe teeming with planets, most of which are utterly inhabitable, surrounded by vast reaches of vacuum space, randomly evolved life on Earth seems like a miserable accident and existential joke. And the joke is at our expense. This is where Atheism comes from, the believe in No God. Just blind random chance happenings like the Big Bang and planets hurling through space and evolution through mutations in DNA, itself a blind, lifeless chemical.

I was in this state, for many years, stuck, thinking that life had no meaning and that when we die we just rot in the ground.

In 2012 I had an awakening, not all at once, but the seeds were sown in 2012 with the mass shooting event in Aurora Colorado, during the opening screening of the new Batman movie. The shooter dyed his hair red and supposedly was claiming to be the Joker. This event, when you look into it is so unbelievable and full of Media holes and strange connections and threads and clues, its so absolutely loaded with the Occult, that it woke me from my slumber, and I have been researching this stuff ever since.

One cannot become a flat earther overnight, unless their Occult Onion has already been peeled back sufficiently enough, like mine was. I was ready for Flat Earth, and was convinced after only a couple days of looking into it, because after listening to Robert Stanley and reading Wes Penre and David Icke I was already pretty convinced we were living inside some kind of Matrix or Hologram.

But Flat Earth does throw all the alien visitation stuff under a new harsh light, because there is no “outer space” it’s just the earth, sun, moon and firmament, with the “stars for signs” or holes in the firmament, as written in the bible. From an atheist who wanted nothing to do with religion to this, I tell you I have come full 180.

So without aliens the only way for another non-human, non-earth based creature to get in here is through a wormhole, I’m assuming, but this is only conjecture. Maybe this is what CERN is all about.

I must admit I am highly skeptical now of Project Camelot and Kerry Cassidy. Could this be controlled opposition? Could she and her “whistleblowers” in fact be CIA agents herding the second farm, as it were? David Icke and Michael Tsarion also can’t support Flat Earth because they need ancient alien visitation to make their theories and books work. I have quoted from them and been inspired by their work, but I can’t help but feel like there is some misinformation thrown in there, to keep truthers satisfied but still not getting the real picture. Big Picture – THAT must stay occulted.

But again you can’t buy into Flat Earth if you hold any kind of faith that what we are presented with as Culture and History and Science is not all one big fake fucking lie. See that is what the Aurora Colorado shooting revealed to me in stages:

Down The Rabbit Hole – Stages Of Occult Awakening

  • First that the mainstream media is lying to me, or at least covering up certain key facts in the case, (like were there two shooters or one?)
  • Second that we have to question the lone wolf shooter narrative and entertain the possibility of PatsiesManchurian Candidates, and mind controlled assassins. Many of the first truthers were awoken in the 60’s with the JFK assassination. The 2012 shooting was my JFK event.
  • That government (CIA) sponsored mind control and torture and brainwashing on unwitting, non-consenting citizens is being done right under our noses and people either don’t know or don’t want to talk about it.
  • That we were lied to about WW2, and the fact that Nazi’s were brought here in Project Paperclip to continue mind control research, rocketry, and possibly even UFO research.
  • At this point I was picked up into what truthers call the “Second Farm” with the alien narrative. Without evidence, I believed. And what little evidence is there, could theoretically be more CGI fakery, or human built, etc – The Nazi’s supposedly picked up UFO and mind control techniques  (and even cloning?) from either downed ET craft or from actually meeting with them and trading with them (selling us out to them.) The bad ET’s, the Draco Reptilians got to drink our blood with impunity in exchange for trade secrets in biotech. The good ET’s, the Nordics are supposedly trying to help us without breaking the laws of non-interference, seemingly a conundrum.
  • Once you discover aliens you quickly discover that there were Ancient Aliens, and Ancient Advanced Civilizations like Atlantis and Lemuria. You learn that the ET’s have always been around fucking with us, and even had a hand in making us in the first place. According to Zacharius Sitchin we are a hybrid of their DNA and the Hominid that was here when they arrived. So we were genetically accelerated. You can still believe in evolution at this layer in the onion, just that the natural evolution of humanity got warped and modified by highly advanced ET scientists and geneticists.
  • It is at this point that you understand that the movie  “They Live” was in fact a documentary.
  • You also discover that many of the recent shootings and terror attacks since 9/11 were in fact hoaxes and no-one even died. I’ve seen the leaked footage of dummiesmannequins being rushed onto ambulances, I’ve seen footage of crisis actors off screen doing ridiculous things like laughing, or changing out of paramedic clothes and into civilian clothes, when they though noone was looking. I’ve seen all the ridiculously obvious cases of duping delight by “eyewitnesses” after an “attack.”
  • With all the disclosures of human cloning you have to now also question whether these people on TV and Media are real or just soulless robotoids, controlled with an AI brain. Celebrities and politicians are especially suspect. Perhaps even these flesh-and-blood victims of tragedies are robotoids, who knows anymore?
  • One of the deepest layers to all of this is discovering the GematriaNumerology and interconnected occult symbolism layered in to so many events in media, sports, politics, celebrities, music, movies, entertainment you name it. It is all connected by a self-referencial code which is seen most clearly when you merge letter with number and find patterns this way, or look at the distances between dates of significant events, such as these fake false flag hoaxes or the death of a celebrity.
  • The deeply embedded and perfectly synced up mathematical code seems to suggest that the Illuminati are receiving “divine” help, because it is just too perfect to be concocted by a group of Freemasons who can’t even fake a terror attack anymore without independent Youtubers cracking it in minutes. But the gematria and numerology of everyone’s names and all the dates works out perfectly each time with 33’s and 47’s and 666’s and 911’s and 3.14’s and 227 everywhere? To me this is evidence that language and number itself has been designed by God or gods and given to humanity. (Or more pessimistically – used as a way to control humanity). Burroughs said many times, it was like his main argument, that word was a virus. Language is a virus that replicates inside human hosts, and doesn’t let go. Try going without a thought for a minute – you will find a resistant organism, a voice, the Logos, that doesn’t easily let up.
  • At this point, when you are researching all these malevolent entities that are supposedly very advanced and very good at controlling what and how we think, you are ready to believe that the movie “The Matrix” was in fact a documentary. This is the beginning of the Archon and A.I. dimension. For example aliens may in fact just be another word for what used to be called demons, goblins, or perhaps the Nordics could be angels, and fairies, succubi, Etc. Are we thinking about their origin wrong, is it not Extra-Terrestrial but a Spiritual, almost Metaphysical plane that we are operating on? Could these strange beings and all the legends and lore around them all be merely stemming from projections of the Archons and their AI Hive Mind, The Mind of Lucifer?
  • At this point in my awakening, I found Flat Earth. I will let you research the proofs on your own, they are there, and they make the ball model look pretty ridiculous.

Flat Earth means that aliens, evolution, Atheism, are all impossible. We are put back in the center again, human affairs are important, “created by a creator to be creative” – as Robert Stanley says. We are not on a prison planet, we are being tested, our souls are in education, we are learning good and evil. God had to create the Devil, so that our souls could choose between Him (or Her, the Divine Feminine aspect) or Evil. The ones who choose evil have to repeat the course, here on Earth. It is not about roasting in Hell. This is Hell, we are in Hell already, it is the realm of the physical the flesh, the body. Hell is dualistic, everything here is dual: light/dark, inhale/exhale, sun/moon, yin/yang, male /female, good/evil, truth/hoax. In contrast, Heaven is when you rejoin with God and all the polarities are exploded in a union of opposites. God is the living embodiment of this union of opposites because God is also Everything and Nothing (the Void/Tao).

As Eric Dubay puts it, an Omniscient God can only fill its time by playing hide-and-seek with itself. It is a being that creates other beings and has them forget that they are God and part of God. That is us. We are here, we agreed, our souls agreed to come here and forget that we are All and Everything, that we are all One. We come here to experience separateness, in order to form new novel connections when we bond with others, find a loved one, or acquire knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. Most important is trusting one’s intuition, God’s compass inside each of us, for that is the only thing that we can count on as we navigate through all the Satanic Luciferian False Flag Hoaxes and Fake News and Fake Science. God made these to test our intuition. In that way we help God grow and expand, we help God be pleasantly surprised when a piece of Him/Her wakes up and remembers Itself. That is what we are here on this physical plain to do. Wake up and remember.