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The ‘Plagiarised Bible’ Debate Storms On!

This entry will attempt to present both sides of the astro-theological debate in a un-biased way. The main issue here is whether or not the scriptures of the Jews and Christians is based (or stolen, to use stronger language) on … Continue reading

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Michael Tsarion: The Cult Of Aton and The Dark Side Of The Sun

Note: this blogger does not condone anti-semitism in any form. I don’t believe this speech to be overtly¬†anti-semitic, but I can see how it may be construed this way. Read at your own discretion. Paraphrased from an interview with Tsarion … Continue reading

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Astro-Theology Lesson 1: The Sun Dieties

From ‘Zeitgeist’ the movie: “Early civilizations did not just follow the stars but personified them with their myths. Horus is the sun god of Egypt in 3000 BC, he is the sun anthropomorphized. His life is a series of allegorical … Continue reading

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