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Astro-Theology Lesson 1: The Sun Dieties

From ‘Zeitgeist’ the movie: “Early civilizations did not just follow the stars but personified them with their myths. Horus is the sun god of Egypt in 3000 BC, he is the sun anthropomorphized. His life is a series of allegorical … Continue reading

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The Joker And The Snake: Tracing the Conspiracy

My awakening into all matters occult began with the shooting at the movie theater in Aurora, CO., which killed 12 people during the screening of A Dark Knight Rises. The boy was my age at the time (24), had a blossoming, … Continue reading

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Captain Mark Richards

Kerry Cassidy on Mark Richards: He is a direct individual, a military man, in the space program since his teens. Trained to use firearms at 3 years old, to protect his mother while his father was away. His father was a … Continue reading

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The Central Conspiracy

Playwright Myron Fagan encounters secret documents regarding Roosevelt and Stalin teaming up to allow Stalin the control of Berlin, the Balkans, and Eastern Europe! He describes the One World Order enslavement that was launched two centuries ago by one Adam … Continue reading

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