The Occult World of William Burroughs

William Burroughs and The Occult

Part 1

November 2015

ebab42164ad283d58d30156311d0934aEvery once in a while I dabble in short fiction. My latest work in progress is of a guy who finds himself transported to ancient Egypt, after a voice in his head has him commit suicide. So there he was in Egypt when I was struck with writers block, unable to continue. I felt I did not have enough of a grasp on Egyptian life to make it real, however fascinated with the subject I have become. For example I knew that the Egyptian period was far longer than all other human civilizations combined, and also how influential their mythos was on our modern religions.

One day I noticed Egyptian art on the cover of ‘The Western Lands’ by William S. Burroughs. I had always respected the author, having read Junky, and though Naked Lunch proved incomprehensible to me, there was no doubting his literary genius. But I had only associated him with drugs, gay sex and the counterculture of the 60’s, which I also knew was partly spawned from his poetic, penetrating musings. So I was surprised to see Egyptian imagery. This is what led me to crack the book open, I was hoping Burroughs could offer some way out of my writers block.

At first I was frustrated, recognizing his usual disjointed narrative, incomprehensible as Naked Lunch. I put the book down for a while. Later, on a whim I opened up to the middle of the book, figuring that perhaps in his cut up style, the book could be read in any order. I discovered that this is in fact true. I am of the opinion that the late author has no problem or maybe even encourages reading it out of order, a chapter here, a chapter there. The book requires studying, active engagement. But it pays off. Perhaps he left it like a puzzle, so that the story itself is non-linear and hence transcends time as we know it, much in the way the themes in the book do. Yes he does end up talking about Egypt. But he makes it his own. One reviewer called it, “a Book of the Dead for the modern man.” And this is very true.

The premise of the book is that the gates of immortality were open during the time of ancient Egypt. The act of mummification preserves the body as the soul traipses through the Land of the Dead, in search of the Western Lands, which resemble the American dream. The Land of the Dead is fraught with many perils and he goes to great lengths discussing assassinations with venom dipped weapons and other traps along the way. The reason the American dream is often unrealized is because the gates are guarded by vampiric elements that suck energy from death.

It hit me like a ton of bricks: we are living in their heaven, us Westerners. And they are living in our hell. Ancient Egypt is none other than the flip-side of the spiritual coin. And here I had begun a short story about a guy dying and ending up in Egypt, before I knew about the Western Lands, or what I was really writing. But then when I was reading Burroughs it was like he was reading me. Eerie.

My short story seeks to crack the code of time. A more true picture of human history is non-linear in duration. Philip K. Dick thought along similar lines and felt that we were truly living in Roman times. I’m thinkin’ it’s Egyptian. Egypt is like a platform where we test our fate and try for a better resurrection. One into a stable society where “danger only comes as a rare shock,” Burroughs writes. So we face our fears in the Land of the Dead (Egypt), which manifest as scorpions, centipedes, gun brawls, poisonous, addictive and lethal traps of all kind. If you are living comfortably in your condominium watching Hollywood on your flat screen TV, it means you made it through the Land Of the Dead. So the whole thing is satirical look on modern life: heaven is degraded to Hollywood standards.

Burroughs talks about how at some point in Egyptian history the mummification process became so efficient (Gold Skin) that now the Western Lands were open to the middle class, whereas before they were open only to the Pharoah and his viziers. But the reason things are still shitty in the West, with world wars and elite bankers and the corruptions of capitalism, is because the gates to immortality are guarded by “rather low, vampiric creatures, who always take more than they leave.”


Egypt, with its tool-cut pyramids is that great anomoly which offers fertile ground for science fiction exploration. Joseph Farrell believes that Giza was an ancient weapon, others speculate it was a form of energy made from sound frequencies. In Burroughs’ universe, Egypt is like a bad psychedelic trip: there are Gods floating around cutting deals, mutated people and smell trafficking, death as common as dirt. But there are also helpful spirits. For William it’s his White Cat which appears in other novels. “For every malevolent spirit there is a benevolent one,” he says, and they often help his heroes on their journey.

The Western Lands is his last novel and represents a more mature Burroughs, a culmination of his life’s work. He shot and killed a woman very dear to him by accident (sort of) in his forties I believe, and the guilt of that brought him to write. His meditation on death seems to be trying to write himself out of death. The Book Of The Dead is a purging, for when you face your death, in that moment you are immortal.

The Egyptians postulated seven souls, the first three immortal and at your physical death return to heaven for a new vessel. The last four take their chances in the land of the dead, which resembles an Egyptian nightmare with demon centipedes, and 3rd world living conditions, but there is also magic, resurrection and soul searching there, so in a way it is a beautiful place. Hence we lose the meaningless terms ‘heaven,’ and ‘hell.’

It is also a book of warning. Egypt is in turmoil. The Many Gods are being attacked and overthrown by the One God. Many take to the new religion like vultures to carrion. Egypt is split, even among the elite. Burroughs warns against the poison of Monotheism with its “lying God and heaven of pearls and gold and houris (whores). A heaven for slaves and servants.”

Egyptian Animal Gods

Part 2

March 2016

Burroughs writes, “The Egyptian pantheon is colorful…a demon with the hind legs of a hippopotamus, the front paws of a lion, and the head of a crocodile…a beautiful woman with a scorpion’s head…a pig demon who walks erect, seizing violators and squeezing the shit out of them, which he grinds into their mouths and noses until they suffocate.”

Understanding the Egyptian gods is the key to the mystery of humanity. In our long ago past, there was a highly evolved race, called the Annunaki, who were as smart as the Gods who created them. That is, they knew the secrets of genetics and the DNA code. Thus they spawned the great hybrid beasts which flicker on the walls of Egyptian temples.

Out of this milieu, homo sapien sapiens were formed, as a mix of human and Annunaki blood. We were dumbed down, and were meant as slaves, the secrets of our true heritage hidden away. Thus it is taking us far longer to evolve to higher intelligence.

At some point the hybrids and other Annunaki creations like the giants were banished, and it went underground. The Egyptians wrote of it in the Mystery of the Sphinx, who supposedly guards the gateway to this terribly dangerous, yet rewarding (artistic) world.


In Egyptian mythology, these gods and demons play an active role in societal affairs. Temples and rituals erected for them, amulets and spells were used to harness their powers, these beings held sway over the goings on in Egypt. The Annunaki built the pyramids and sold the high priests the secrets of immortality. But this came at a price, for the energy to sustain a soul requires the sacrifice of others: the fellaheens (slaves).

Burroughs writes, “It ran on fellaheen blood. Vampires, like the Western Landers, enjoy a precarious immortality. The Western Lands are kept solid and operative with fellaheen energy and this entails the additional risk of a fellaheen shortage.”

On Passover the Jews say, “once were slaves in Egypt, and now we are free.” But are we really?

Burroughs on mummies: “why was it necessary to preserve the actual physical body?….The ka (Egyptian word for soul) fits perfectly into this body. And it needs that precise filter to suck energy from other bodies. No two bodies are alike, and it needs this precise difference, otherwise it will merge with its host and lose the most precious thing a parasite can have: Its identity. Its name. So the body has to be preserved because it contains the essence of name and difference that enables it to suck life from others, a specialized filter on which the ka is absolutely dependent for its continued existence in the Western Lands. Oh yes we’ve come a long way from the Egyptians. They had to maintain an actual life-sized mummy. We can reduce our wealthy clients to a virus particle that can take root anywhere and suck and suck as good as any mummy because its got all the genetic information.

download (23)Symptoms of being plagued by this virus are Monotheism and strict dogmatic thinking. At root it is the need to always be right. In The Place of Dead Roads, Kim Carsons and his band of assassins lead a holy mission to eradicate individuals who are under control of this virus. Being a slave to the slave God thus destroys the ability to think for oneself, and this energy is what keeps the vampires alive.

Burroughs,“Kim is beginning to understand how the system could be installed in England or anywhere else. The queen is the head filter just like the Pharaohs. And any vampiric immortality is strictly limited. Like a good club.”

Burrough’s satiric vision is the most poignant look at the modern dilemma of the wealthy 1%. Few could argue that there is a tight club at the top, billionaires who hire politicians to push their agenda, the New World Order.

Like in 1984, they keep the masses dumb through propaganda, religious guilt and so forth. This causes the individuality, the soul, to be lost, and this fuels their machine, which runs their paradise.

Burroughs offers a different path out of this Overlord/Slave system. His ‘Old Man of the Mountain’, the great mystic Hassan I Sabbah, “found a way to bypass the mummy route. Present day immortalists have failed to do so. They have simply reduced their stinking old mummy to virus crystals for insertion into the human host, like loathsome insects who go around laying their eggs in people. The Old Man set up his own station, the Garden of Alamut. But the Garden is not the end of the line. It might be seen as a rest camp and mutation center. Free from harassment, the human artifact can evolve into an organism suited for space conditions and space travel.

If we want an immortality that doesn’t need slave blood, it has to be through bootstrapping our own evolution out of the physical form entirely. Burroughs calls it the transition from time into space. Because the vampires are stuck in time, they are immortal only because they conquered time, but in this is their fatal flaw. We must not conquer time but transcend it, and evolving into beings that can exist in vacuum space is the first step.

Burroughs, “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.’ Last words of Hassan I Sabbah. And what is the truest thing to the human mark? Birth and death. The old man showed his assassins freedom from rebirth and death. He created actual beings, designed for space travel.”

We are not really beings, since one day we will not-be, when we die. We are rather becoming, we are in evolution. A being just be’s, forever in his own space, an infinite space that is also his mind. And there is no time there, as we understand it to be now: a linear marching along. There is only duration, which can skip around like a tape loop, speeding up and slowing down at will, reverse, re-play, the power of the present moment is at your hands, it is malleable. You have not conquered time like the vampires with their endless reincarnations, you have transcended time.

But first we need certain biologic alterations, like the transition from water to air required lungs, we need new lungs to breathe in space. The mystic’s Garden allowed one to alter their own form. To become something new. The ancient hybrids, which the Egyptians recorded in their hieroglyphs, were clearly the results of one such mutation experiment. Where are the mutants today? The whole thing went underground, suppressed by the One God, whose paradigm is threatened by the uncontrollable malleability that this ‘freedom to mutate’ allows. If there is one thing the One God fears it is the wild swings of extreme experience, novelty and random chance. These principles defy the laws of thermodynamics, winding down to a simple totality.

“If the One God is everywhere then he never moves, because he is already fucking there.”

Part 3

September 2017

Burroughs: “The Great Awakening arose from the horror of a dead, soulless universe. All the old answers have failed: the Church, the State. All the hundreds of cults with their answers, all seen as lies in the inexorably gentle white light of the White Cat, lies with nothing but terror and emptiness behind the lies. Authority figures deprived of the vampiric energy they suck off their constituents, are seen for what they are: dead empty masks manipulated with computers. And what is behind the computers? Remote control. Of course, don’t intend to be there when this shithouse goes up. Nothing here now but the recordings, Shut them off they are radioactive as an old joke.”

(And later he writes this, which I take to being what the recordings are saying in a loop, beamed by some terrible psychic weapon into our minds:

“Look at the prison you are in, we are all in. This is a penal colony that is now a Death Camp. Place of the Second and Final Death.”

Precisely the message these Satanic overlords are presenting to the people in the guise of rigid dogmatic materialist scientific atheist mindset. So most people turn to religion, which is another lie, the promise of a heaven of gold and virgin whores, and of being reunited with loved ones waiting for you on Cloud 9.

This radioactive message was created, perfected, by the Annunaki as a means to perpetually traumatize humanity. The human mind presented with such a scenario as  a death camp followed by nothingness; void, is so recoiling to the spirit that the spirit will entrap itself in one of a number of thought prisons, where the vampires can then start sucking off our vitality, and they do so remotely. This is what the Wachowski brothers were disclosing to us in the Matrix and Jupiter Ascending.


The ‘fountain of youth’ scene: she enters the bath old and comes out young again.
Mila Kunis in ‘Jupiter Ascending,’ holds the elixer of Life, or Loosh, drawn from the vitality of humans whose souls are trapped in this frequency fence and whose minds are entranced by a Thought Prison Virus.

The Western lands and Jupiter Ascending are telling us the same story. An immortality elixir is created from human suffering, and is being used by the Annunaki and their elite cohorts to remain immortal and decadent and depraved and Satanic in the manner to which they have become accustomed. They are what an ill-informed person might mistaken for “nobility.”

If reincarnation is true than we are immortal but must go through death rebirth cycles that wipe memory of our true selves and enter bodies that have been genetically modified and then tricked into various Thought Prisons. Souls are seduced into this solar system and then can’t get out again. Trapped in the Matrix.

Max Spears: “I crashed out asleep again, and there was a thing like a gargoyle as large as this room, pulled me away from this earth and I saw the Earth from above and there were rings around the earth. And this thing pointed out that each of these rings is a thought prison. And he said it does not matter which one of these rings people get caught up in whether its Scientology, Christianity, whether it’s Atheism, it doesn’t make a difference  – as long as you are magnetically drawn to one – we have you.  He explained how they were layered around the planet. He explained how they were made. They were made with the will of the creator beings that want to keep this place together.”

From Burroughs it seems that the thought prisons start with the message: “look at the prison you are in, we are all in. This is a penal colony that is now a Death Camp. Place of the Second and Final Death.”

In other words the atheist message. The worst of all messages, and the most deadly thought prison to be stuck in. No hope in this one. Because it sees a soulless universe where death is the absolute end, an annihilation. Governments are set up to provide a few creature comforts while the atheist awaits this annihilation. Of course suicide is an expedient.

It is natural to recoil from the atheist vision, which comes from being too caught up in materialism, one of Lucifer‘s illusions, the realm of Maya. Captivation in these creature comforts which lead to excess, close doors to the unconscious, to the spirit. Satanic ideologies set in at this point where it is survival-of-the-fittest, every-man-for-himself, a dog-eat-dog world. People are there for my amusement only, or as a means to getting something I need for them, like sex, food, money or whatever.

So the Satanists push atheism on us, its a psyop by the Dark Occult. They themselves believe in reincarnation and in a spiritual universe, but want to deny that to us, the everyman.

The system is set up to have one of the three monotheistic religions of Abraham to be a safety net against the atheist Thought Prison. Many people today cycle back and forth between two. Believing in an Abrahamic God, to not believing in anything (atheism). Because science is presented as  a smart version to religion –

The second radioactive recording playing over on a loop in the media and in the poisoned soil on earth through the Alien AI black goo swarm is thus: since the atheist vision is so horrible, you must suppress and deny it, but the only way to achieve immortality is worship me, your One and Only God.

Another lie. This is the next Thought Prison layered on the planet as presented to Max Spiers in his dream, and as described poetically in Burroughs final novel.

I believe that the next layer to the Lies and Deceptions of Lucifer Enki and his Annunaki brothers is the tale that we were created by them. The Scientology vision. The Sitchin Vision. We were created as slave workers. The prepared Alien Disclosure could be a way to mass propagate this latest Thought Prison, which acknowledges the secret of ET life, but still leaves spirit at the door:

You are a slave. You are denied heaven. Yes you were given certain intellectual faculties that separate you from the rest of species on Earth, but you are not allowed immortality nor access to all the spiritual truths and mental faculties.

Burroughs, “…The Great Awakening arose from the horror of a dead, soulless universe…An ancient Egyptian papyrus is found which rolls out instructions for the soul after bodily death, in the Land of the Dead….Thirty men and boys are gathered in the room their bows and spears stacked against a wall, sitting at a long table drinking distilled wine. They are discussing the various demons they can expect to encounter after their physical deaths, which they can expect to meet at any time. They are referring to the Book of The Death and other texts and maps laid out on the table.

To put this in Wes Penre terms, yes reincarnation is real and you have had past lives and will experience more when you die from this life. However a powerful parasitic cabal of aliens have hijacked this process with a frequency fence of some kind which has been called the “Saturn Moon Matrix,” and what it does is trap souls in this reincarnation process without the proper life review  that takes place in the waiting place in between incarnations.

We are supposed to undergo a certain amount of amnesia surrounding our past incarnations and life reviews, to allow the soul to grow and evolve. But they blocked us out of a deeper connection to source, and to our life mission.

Which is why most of us are blathering idiots. Unenlightened. Stuck in a Thought Prison and drained of Sek Energy, Spiritual Vitality. SV for short. When the spirit does not evolve in cycle after cycle, it is because something is tricking him or her out of their SV, because they have given their free will agency over to a Thought Prison, which is exactly what they are designed to do. This giving up of power feeds the vampires of the Matrix, unclear at this time if it is Lucifer/Enki or Marduk/Satan, or both perhaps. There are only a few of these fuckers, but they each have their own litany, brotherhood, lineage, families here on Earth. Some reckon its two alien sources, warring with each other, and Earth humans caught in the middle as the price and the collateral damage.

Yes we have part of their DNA but were at one point built to be stewards of Earth, the Living Library, a genetic storehouse of many species. This is why Earth is so diverse. Because it was created to be a “living library.”

Burroughs, “so who made all the beautiful creatures, the cats and lemurs, and minks, the tiny delicate antelopes, the deadly blue krait, the trees and lakes, the seas and mountains? Those who can create. No scientist could think it up. They have turned their backs on creation.”

 No atheist can account for creation so they call it a blind accident. So they enjoy the creature comforts (addictions), of a meaningless universe and wait to die….

Only you are responsible for the evolution of your eternal soul. Break out of the mind control! Only you can do it, not a priest. Freeing the addictive patterns resulting from Thought Prisons of the soul: the dead-soulless-universe.

Part 4

July 2018

In light of Donald Marshall’s testimony regarding “Soulstone chips” as a technological way for the elite to stay immortal, lets take another look Burrough’s hypothesis that ancient Egyptian royalty had access to immortality technology. Now in The Western Lands, this is done by mummification and sending out ghosts on vampire missions, to suck energy from the fellaheen, the slaves. In this way the souls of the royal deceased enjoyed a precarious immortality in a kind of virtual paradise called the Western Lands. Cryptic, I know. What if he was trying to tell us that they ancient pharaohs and their priest class had access to cloning, Vrill dealings, chipheads, the whole bit, just like we have now? Without the internet this tech was kept super secret so the public would never have an inkling. They don’t even know about electricity, let alone this tech, which I think came from Atlantis, and was invented by humans that had become corrupt, they lost the connection to God and started to fear death, forgetting that life is a dream within the Godhead. They became ensnared in the physical world, and so Satan sold them this tech, being God’s servant down here now, to be the Adversary, necessary in order for humans to become holy. “To become truly holy you have to have had the opportunity to become truly evil, and rejected it.” Satan and his Archon Fleet, which are really just AI computers built by Satan to interface with humans and sell them what they wanted (cloning tech, secrets of splicing genes, Soulstone chips, large hadron colliders, mind hack and other MK Ultra techniques) all this knowledge can be bought by these Archons or Macrobes, but at a price. The price is sacrificing fellow humans. Betraying your own species. This is part of God’s deal with Satan. Satan could teach humans whatever they wanted, if they were willing to do the ultimate evil. Because this meant that the human experiment was failing. See God is a tweaker. If we all become corrupt he will flood it and start again. It happened once before.

cyborg3 (1) (1)

And of course the soulstone chip is parasitic in nature, it requires a body, and clone bodies have to be replaced, so they body snatch humans like the Vrill do, once the chip goes into the brain the host dies and the chiphead’s flawed consciousness takes over. Kept immortal on the backs on the fellaheen, the operation runs on slave blood.

“Donald Marshall (Thur. August 29, 2013) – Vrill are run by the dead chip heads… the deadheads are running the show. they wanted me to believe that it was all vrill orchestrated but it is not. Vrill want to be confined underground, forgiven and left alone… they dont think humans will go for that. Dead chip heads know they will not be allowed to continue existing. they don’t only put the consciousness chip in clones… theres more behavioral side effects and you gotta goto camp david or somewhere every 6 months to a year to get a replacement body…So they find an unfortunate person, and put the consciousness chip in THEIR head and bodysnatch them using the technology.(Source)