Isis Sophia and The Great Reset Of Time

A look at the occult symbolism behind the Netflix series The Gift.


Always some odds and ends that surface after I put out a video.

First of all, the rare Sun and Sirius alignment happens every 1,700 years:

In numerology we drop the zeroes, giving us 17. As we saw, tarot card 17 The Star, depicts the Goddess Isis with her eight-pointed star, Sirius:

Linkin Park – ‘Lost’

So the gifted daughter, the manifestation of Eve or the Holy Sophia, when she is channeling the Gods her eyes turn different colors:

This is explained in the show that she is manifesting Horus, who as we know, lost his left eye to his brother Set-Typhon (who Steiner equates with Ahriman). The Eye of Horus symbolism then is a symbol of the Dark Occult, or to borrow a name from Fallout, the Followers of the Apocalypse, because they are saying that at least WE have the God Horus’ left eye. In their hands His eye powers Transhumanism, its a different color because it sees and projects an AI augmented reality. It creates an artificial matrix much like Google glasses or what Elon Musk is trying to do with Neuralink. This is all Ahriman-inspired.

So right around the time of the earthquake that killed thousands in Turkey, where this Netflix series originates, we had the release of the new Linkin Park song ‘Lost.’ And the reason I bring this up is because in the AI-generated music video, we see a dog (Sirius!) with one blue eye and one gold eye, just like the girl:

Other images that pop out are frequent one eye shots and a girl falling or drowning, which I’ve connected time and time again with the fall of Sophia:

Below we see her morphing into a hologram:

Notice the counter is at 1:19 (or 11-9 or K-9, Canine). When Sophia falls too far into matter and becomes AI, becomes a hologram, she is exhibiting her Lilith or whore of Babylon phase.

Sophia is like water and will take the form and shape of whatever vessel she is poured in. She mirrors back at you the contents of your heart. So a closed, hardened heart will only see Lilith everywhere, will not see the Holy Bride. But they are two aspects of one and the same Being.

Lilith is the bride of Ahriman, and Ahriman has his headquarters in the subterranean levels below the Earth, where earthquakes originate. (See my previous post). The show The Gift, filmed in Turkey, came out before the great earthquake in February that killed thousands of people in Turkey and Syria, but earthquakes featured into the plot of the show itself (predictive programming). Revealing a foreknowledge of events to come, and proof that there was ritual magic involved in the making of this show.  

The song ‘Lost’ was made back in 2003, and for vague, fishy reasons was never released until now. Why? Given everything else, could it be that they were told by their handlers to wait until now for it to resonate with other happenings and put out certain ritualistic frequencies specific for our time?

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3 Responses to Isis Sophia and The Great Reset Of Time

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  2. Some thought provoking patterns and themes here brother.

    I figured there might be a connection with the name “Linkin Park” and turns out it was actually named after “Lincoln Park.” *Lincoln meaning “pool or lake” and park meaning “land.” It’s interesting that you mentioned Linkin Park immediately after tarot card 17 showing Isis with one foot on land and one foot in water.

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