What Happens After We Die?

A frequent visitor on my blog asks the question,

“Gabe I want to ask you, do you have a ‘plan’ after your 3d body dies?

A plan to deal with astral entities, ‘soul traps’ whatever words we want to use common or arcane. As you don’t think it’s a trap or something else.

What is your plan of action?

And what do you think will happen to you in literal terms, feel free to speculate.

Asking sincerely and seriously”

To which I responded:

Two words: “Read Steiner.”

But I can attempt to briefly summarize his clairvoyant perceptions of the afterlife. First of all, you don’t need a ‘plan’ and in fact, no plan of action will work; planning and action are mainly things of this 3D realm only. Once the soul separates from the physical body, like it or not, we drawn up into higher cosmic laws and effects that are completely out of our control. This is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because we are then in the hands of Higher Beings and forces that have deep wisdom and love as their driving forces, they are carrying out the plan of the Godhead. But it’s curse for those who have not worked out their negative karma, because they will have to face the consequences of what they have done or not done, and the people they have harmed; they will have to feel the harm they inflicted on others as though it is happening to themselves. And yes, for these people who refuse to work on themselves, this can feel like a prison planet and a trap because they will have to recycle back around and live out again a similar experience on 3D Earth to try and resolve their karma. But as you can see this is not the will of some evil Demiurge; that is a lie perpetuated by Lucifer and his crew of gatekeepers.

You cannot get into heaven with all that karmic baggage, and we all have work to do, not just the blatantly evil ones. And believe me, you wouldn’t want to either, because you would have to hold onto that baggage for eternity. Your perception as a soul after death – in between incarnations – understands this, and after a period of purification wishes fervently to come back here to 3D Earth to work on releasing this baggage. This is why our Higher Self, a part of ourselves much cleverer than we are here, works together with Higher Beings to plan our next incarnation that will purposely put obstacles and difficulties in our path. Through suffering and overcoming said obstacles, our soul evolves. It is that plain and simple, and yet so many in the “truth community” do not want to hear that. They want an easy out, a plan or recipe of not looking into the light, or looking into light, depending on who you ask, because that releases any responsibility for oneself. But it also gives our power away.

I’m glad you brought this up because this is the biggest issue we face as a society moving forward. Steiner was very clear that if the doctrines of reincarnation and karma do not enter into mainstream society and inform society, than humanity will degenerate. There are negative groups that are working tirelessly to muddy the waters around this issue, and I’m going to start calling them out, because I’m not really seeing the Great Awakening happening as it should, right now, and it’s discouraging.

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11 Responses to What Happens After We Die?

  1. george says:


    always happy to provoke thought.

    your last sentences “There are negative groups that are working tirelessly to muddy the waters around this issue, and I’m going to start calling them out, because I’m not really seeing the Great Awakening happening as it should, right now, and it’s discouraging.”

    what changes would you have liked to have seen by now regarding awakening?

    How do you see the great awakening manifesting itself? How would it look? What changes to our hearts and minds would be felt once it was manifested?

    And how are negative groups able to block this so effectively?

    • Negative groups block this so effectively, as you know and discern quite well, George, with all these paid agents that have infiltrated and coopted movements like the New Age, etc.

      Maybe I was a little harsh in my last sentence, there ARE positive changes happening, and I realize it is a slow process, we are on cosmic time here, after all.

      What will the Great Awakening look like? Steiner will be a household name, I mean the guy really laid all the mysteries out there for everyone to see, plain as day, and yet most haven’t heard about him or Theosophy/Anthroposophy or care. Materialism won’t reign supreme, as it does even in mainstream religion, which was also co-opted and corrupted. People won’t be lining up for vaccinations or wearing ridiculous face masks everywhere, and being told what to do and think. The meat and dairy industries will topple, there will be no impulse towards Transhumanism and that whole nightmare which is right around the corner. We will realize our relationship with sex has been depraved from what it is intended to be. The pedo elites will be exposed, put on trial and jailed for life. People will develop natural clairvoyance like we had on Atlantis but in a more evolved form for our time. We will start to remember past lives and get in touch with our spirit guides and with inter-dimensional beings or “positive E.T.’s” like the Venusians and Pleiadians. These are beings that do not contact us until we are ready, unlike the negative E.T.’s like the Greys and Reptilians, which are really just devolved humans from a failed future timeline, according to Gigi Young and others.

  2. I know it may seem grim, but I see a halving of society – awakening. The darkness/ignorance in the world may seem prevailing, but that’s because foolishness is loud and proud. I am inspired and do see changes within and all around… good changes… keep up your diligent work brother!

    • I hope you are right regarding the changes. And in regards to the halving of society – this was actually something discussed by Steiner, and how in later epochs the more awakened ones will serve as the tutors and leaders for those who remained asleep in this current cycle. This is an encouraging thought, but then there will also be a group (hopefully small) who refuse to change and will eventually devolve into “an evil race.” I wrote about this in my Animal Soul post.

  3. george says:

    The first major problem is it would have to happen very rapidly and we are in major terms out of “time”.

    There is absolutely no more time for gradualism which is in fact an operating parameter of the Matrix system.

    The other major factors with this idea have to do with the possibility

    the possibility

    that most of the masses are either sub-human, or non-human and as thus are incapable of evolving and also simply agents of the control grid that are mainly there to help enforce the falsehood and immutable perception of the current mass reality field.

    They have been referred to as Organic Portals, Backdrop people, People with Animal and Plant consciousness or demon infection inhabiting the human form….etc. .

    Spiritually actualized people needed this kind of break 30 years ago.

    Instead things got a lot worse. Whats going on at large is inertia of the fallen system dynamics.

    but as I sense, energy is now flooding into the ‘washing machine’ of the earth realm and now everything is being tossed about…evil is losing its grip..and those who see will have an opportunity to move forward

    • You’ve expressed this sentiment before, that we are out of time, or almost so. On what basis are you making this determination?

      As to the organic portals, I disagree that they make up the majority. I DO think they exist but not to the degree that you claim. I think most people walking around have a spirit and soul but are in such a fog and daze from the mass mind control that they do not realize it. And the jab is probably making that even worse, as Steiner predicted over a hundred years ago.

      • george says:


        are you even looking around

        the planet is crumbling we speak

        I’m sure you see it

        The evidence is all around from the jabbed to the rising cost of housing that few under age 30 can afford, to lake mead running dry to Chinese not paying their mortgages in mass and thousands lost in London from severe heat never seen before….this is connected to the spiritual

        Did Steiner predict how the 90% jabbed would somehow reverse their situation?

        Because if he didn’t then they are lost and my number is sadly correct

        I would ask you, what is your evidence that even 1% of the planet have any souls to begin with.

        Because it just isn’t there if you actually look.

      • OK so first of all you are conflating two things: organic portals – which never had a soul to begin with, due to being a part of a different cosmic process than the ‘human process’ if you will, and soulless humans – humans who lose their soul over time due to intense and prolonged trauma, sin/wickedness and the free will choice to cut themselves off from their Higher Self over many many lifetimes. When this happens, their Higher Self then becomes like the virtuoso pianist who develops arthritis and can no longer play; the hands were his soul, the piano is the physical world. These soulless ones then linger around becoming vampiric on the rest of us until the End Times when they are sucked back into Saturn via the 8th sphere, as we talked about; now their Higher Self, the Divine Spiritual Ego can start again, so to speak, from scratch.

        When Steiner was speaking about the jab potentially cutting off people from their Higher Self, this complicated process outlined above was what he was referring to – not to organic portals. And maybe you are right that this is going to happen to quite a large swath of the population, I don’t know, it’s still too early to tell. I believe that in future incarnations there will be chances for them to reclaim that connection.

        As to the Earth changes and catastrophes, yes, it is bad, but does that mean the Earth is on the verge of disintegration? I doubt it, Earth has gone through shit before and survived, think about what happened at the end of Atlantis. To be honest, it sounds like you are spending too much time watching the news and not enough time grounding in spiritual science. It’s always the darkest before dawn. These are the birth pangs of a new era.

  4. george says:

    Remember I said the world only had a few soul beings before K ovd

    Before 99% of the world lined up to get the jab,

    the next few years?

    Watch meta suck the planet into a hive of drooling zombies.

    What will people reincarnate as if they were only ever fuses in a digital consciousness. Will they even know what they are?

    And if they don’t then their slavery is absolute.

  5. Rybread says:

    Rudolph Steiner was that guy who was obsessed with orgasms and teaching kids to masturbate, right? Liked masturbating horses to release their “orgone energy” or whatever and make rain? Kinda sketchy

    • What?? I think you’ve got him confused with someone else. I’ve been studying him a intensely for over a year and never came across that. It doesn’t sound like him at all, he had a very modest view in sex and didn’t like it crossing fields with spirituality, unlike people like Crowley or Samael Aun Weor.

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