The Eighth Sphere – Gigi Young

‘I have seen the dark universe yawning

Where the black planets roll without aim,

Where they roll in their horror unheeded,

Without knowledge, or lustre, or name.’

H. P. Lovecraft

Gigi Young is a psychic, spiritual scientist and researcher who goes very deep into many occult topics. I’ve only just discovered her youtube channel but her video presentation on the 8th sphere is perhaps the clearest expose on this challenging topic that I have come across. These are the core issues I’ve been trying to understand and explore on this blog for years now. A lot of this info you can find in Steiner or Burgoyne but she brings a modern perspective that is enlightening for our time.

Here are some key take-aways. As always, these views are evolving as new information comes to me, and must be viewed as such.

Earth Cycles or Rounds

Our Earth in her full cycle of evolution goes through seven embodiments, rounds, or “spheres”. We are in the fourth. These spheres should be understood as like fractal nested dolls, each with its own frequency, dimension, vibration, however you want to image it. In other words we must get away from the materialist Copernican view of the planets and the solar system, and look at this multi-dimensionally. Everything is Heaven, or Spirit, but as Earth gets denser and denser its sphere is actually moving further out from the core, from Source. As it grows it lowers vibration to achieve materiality, (our current fourth sphere) and then gradually raises its vibration with the 5th, 6th and 7th spheres, becoming ever finer, rarified etheric substance.

The 8th sphere mechanics are a little different, it’s the farthest from the core, so you can imagine that it is low vibration, but its not dense in the sense of being made of Earthly matter. It is currently invisible, its been called the lower astral 5D realm. It’s also been called Hell, Hades, Purgatory, etc. 

The 8th Sphere is hellish because its a holding sphere for all the evil souls, thought forms, egregores, demons, failed creations and deviations of evolution that do not align with the core, with God, with sublime Creation. These “divergents” eventually all get absorbed by the 8th sphere until the Earth finishes her 7 cycles. Then there is an End Times event where they are basically recycled back into Source and their eternal spirit (or Monad, as it’s called in Theosophy) has to “start from the beginning,” says Gigi Young.

But as you can see, there really is, in a sense, what the UFOlogy and many conspiracy theorists call a “soul recycling” system, but they fail to see that this 8th sphere functions for the good of the whole system; after all, you have to take out the trash, that’s part of life.

But it’s not a system set up by evil E.T.’s. That’s a psyop. The “evil E.T.’s” are actually demons, black magicians or former humans who sold their soul, and are themselves trapped in the 8th sphere. This is the Black Cube of Saturn that everyone is talking about, this is the abyss of Revelation, this is Lilith and Lucifer’s trap system, their alien A.I. Matrix.

Ahriman (Satan) has twisted the tale around to make them seem like all powerful Controllers, but really they are also bound by cosmic law. However they will play dirty at any opportunity. The dark occult Illuminati members, the pedophiles and murderers are in communication with the 8th sphere and know they are doomed not to cross the abyss, and seek to extend their life artificially through transhumanism, thus temporarily avoiding their karma. 

Can Man Lose His Soul?

Empty sheet, nothing left to deplete
The loop becomes complete
The void will swallow the melting stars
Suspended in emptiness
Torment turns to bliss
A stillborn genesis


Man is a being with body, soul and spirit, a tripartite being and only the spirit part of him is truly immortal, eternal, outside of time, one with God. But his body and soul are by no means guaranteed to him. These he has to earn. I imagine that if you lose your soul to the Black Cube recycling system you become a very simple germinal being again, a pure spirit but simple, like a baby. Your soul is your sense of self as a distinct being, it holds all your growth and development. Whatever does not align is absorbed by the demons in the 8th sphere. The Black Brotherhoods are channelling these demons and egregores to gain power here and to bring the 8th sphere closer and closer to Earth. This is actually in a sense inevitable as its preparing for a cosmic, fated event of the incarnation of Ahriman into a physical human body on Earth. This is what the Christians call the arrival of the Anti-Christ. This will happen when the 8th sphere overlaps with the Earth, when transhumanism and all these wicked games reach their peak. Then Ahriman will come and offer clairvoyance to everyone, through chips and drugs and technology, but it won’t be aligned with Source, and thus a distraction, leading to soul rot. Imagine having the internet beamed directly into your head. This is what we are facing and must reject. 

As sovereign beings we will always be given a choice – to reject the jabs, the mark of the beast hand chips, to reject transhumanism, although it will be at a great cost and sacrifice. But this is what will count when we face the 8th sphere, how strengthened we were in our resolve down here, to hold our ground. Because to truly save your soul you must cross the abyss, you must face all the demons and egregores and negative thought forms that you created – you must face them at death because the inside becomes outside, the soul unzips itself, inverts, your astral body becomes a whole world mirroring your darkest thoughts, character aspects, fears and nightmares. Each and everyone of us must get through that in the final Judgement Day, must face our demons and have enough inner force, love, velocity, spin, kundalini energy to banish the darkness through the light that one cultivated with the Christ impulse over many incarnations on Earth.

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25 Responses to The Eighth Sphere – Gigi Young

  1. Wow, Gabe, I’m impressed that you condensed this talk by Gigi Young into such a brief but concise summary!

    Due to my personal and musical commitments, it took me four viewing sessions over several days to get through her video presentation.

    I took copious notes (11 pages, but who’s counting?!). My plan is to review them and write an article on my Substack blog in homage to you and Gigi . . . while I prepare for a 45-day roadtrip. So there’s that.

    Either way, your work always inspires me. Thank you.

    • You’re welcome. By no means did I do her lecture justice in a few short paragraphs! But I’m glad you watched it – the more I watch of her videos the more I get the sense that she is the real deal.
      I look forward to your article.

  2. George says:

    Good information, heart energy metaphysical gateway to resonate with higher planes etc…I think she is connected to insider groups a female Aug Tellez with better fashion sense perhaps 🙂

    there is a ‘gatekeeper’ vibe to her and “I will teach you’ energy which I do not entertain personally these days but may be useful for some, perhaps

    something makes me think her handlers may be descended from the ‘humans’ who made the deal with Ahriman to begin with, the humans who sided with the demon AI to enslave humanity into fear those same humans must ‘reveal the method’ before they can take the earth…I do not think she knows this. the 50% soul dark degradation who enter the lower astral is something many speak of.

    but I feel in the main she is a good person with valuable information, teaching how to end false light

    she speaks of love and freewill that is good but she also has access to ‘secret information’ like Aug..she speaks to avoid false parent entities but she acts a bit like one herself

    sovereignty is key

    • George, I like your overall assessment. I, too, got the “gatekeeper” feeling from Gigi. But since this is how she — and so many people in the “spiritual” community — make money, they always require that exchange for their secrets. I’m not saying it is “wrong” (people need to pay the bills, etc.), I’m just agreeing that she is most likely “handled” and therefore thrust into the “money-for-keys” transaction arena.

      Also, I think it is important to note that she is a former model, because that sector of the “entertainment” industry is rife with MK-ULTRA mind control, and you did mention “handlers”! That “she doesn’t know she is handled” is part of the programming: “Gigi the psychic” is one of her alters, doing the bidding of the CON-TROLL-ers.

      I’m still working on my article(s) evaluating her 3 hour 11 minute video that Gabe embedded, whew.

      • George says:

        I worked in hollywood for 15 years as well on the financial side and I have a keen spidey sense for facades and attractive ‘packaging’ I have also been into searching for the truth since the mid 90s from freeman, to Max Spiers, aug, to Pattie brassard, and many others…all have their places

        And any ‘gurus’ with tens of thousands of ‘followers’ are all handled one way or another

        At this point 95% of my insights come from within, I am confident that I will deal with and destroy any archons/saturns/lucifers/arihmans/sets/speilbergs or fallen Justin Biebers that cross my path 🙂

        There is a fair amount of fear and gatekeeping wrapped into Gigi’s insights…she gives ‘permission’ to look within, lol..No one needs permission from any gods, demons, or mortals to look within..its as natural as water.

        At the same time I don’t think she ‘knows’ what has been implanted into her and newbies and intermediates may learn much from her words.

        Most hollywood actresses of even small stature go through a lot of dark art programming at the mansion ‘parties’ and most are too fearful not to comply, model agencies are fronts and entertainment is a far darker pit of evil than most realize.

        Still as I have told Gabe, the light side has won..the darkness is only writhing about like a fallen beast tossing and turning and expending itself of all its ill gotten energies. The 8th planet is a tiny asteroid of rotting astral cheese and it will soon evaporate. It will be good to observe this and stay in clarity.

  3. slavapre says:

    Gabe, much respect and admiration for your work. Just have to disagree with you on this one. I was holding out hoping that I would not need to respond to this post. Now I cannot hold back. George above was being very diplomatic. I am just going to post what I think you will post in 2024 on top of this page:

    Caveat/2024 Update: All big name whistle-blowers are controlled in some fashion. People like Gigi Young are actors playing a role, hired by the agencies, to put out some kind of test program or agenda. What they are saying is more true than what you see in the mainstream media, but still not the whole truth. It’s just the second layer of the onion, we haven’t reached the core yet. Going straight to the core would drive an unprepared mind insane, or else be disregarded as bullshit, so we have to be prepped first. I am keeping this article up because I believe it will help prep us for the real truth of what the 8th Sphere means once we have a more spiritual, metaphysical groundwork or context to place this strange stuff in, of which this article hopefully still provides useful metaphors. Reality is not only stranger than we think, but stranger than we CAN think. So don’t necessarily believe anything I write, but take it all in anyway because one day it will come in handy.

    • First of all I’m touched that you guys care enough to point out your honest opinion. And yes, there are some red flags like her polished image and prior history as a model. But right now I’m trying to separate the messenger from the message, and what she says is resonating and propelling my work forward, and right now that’s where I’m at with it.
      Also I disagree that she is operating out of an MK-induced alter, her aura seems much too clear for that.

      • Gabe, I have *a lot* of respect for you. Your research and writings have been highly influential in my discernment over the past couple of years.

        I just uploaded my article about Gigi’s 8th Sphere discussion, and I hope that my comprehension and insights from it add to what you grok.

        As always, I look forward to your next article here. Meanwhile, feel free to comment on my Substack article if you feel so inclined, but I won’t take it personally if you don’t.

        With gratitude.

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  7. slavapre says:

    Hey Gabe, here is finally a decent takedown of Gigi Young. Now I am going to say right off the bat this is a flawed exposure because the person who is doing this video is problematic as well nevertheless despite the flaws it does expose what Gigi is all about. This woman “Pleiadian Healer” is basically thinking “Your a better goddess than I am, more subscribers bigger cult, basically I am jealous”. Unfortunately that is the Lilith spirit low frequency that most women exhibit. Despite the ad hominems and off point comments you will see why Gigi is dangerous and not to be trusted.

    • Watched the video, then did a little searching for other opinions, and found this comment on Project Avalon which sums up how I feel about Pleiadian Healer (Laura) –

      “I listened to the first half of the first video and I have to say it was just laughable because that woman apparently doesn’t understand at all the base of Theosophy and Anthroposophy that Gigi is rooted in, and it sounds like she hasn’t done much if any research into genuine UFOlogy either.
      She thinks that Gigi made up the word “Bodhisattva” which shows her general ignorance about spirituality!
      Her talk is mostly just name-calling and ridicule, showing no real insight into the subject material at hand.”

      Whenever Gigi mentioned anything based in Anthroposophy Laura would even say, “I’m confused.” Better to watch more than one video on someone before you make your own video debunking/outing them. Sorry Slavapre, not impressed.

      The only thing of value Laura had to say were general criticisms of the New Age movement, which I agree with and even Gigi straight up says that her view differs from common New Age thought, it’s just that she originally came to this work through New Age and hence is often branded as such.

      Looked into Laura’s channel and immediately saw what she was about. She is what I call a Shadow Truther. She gets halfway to gnosis and then gets stuck in her own shadow. These are the truthers that claim we are in a reincarnation trap, that we were tricked here, that we’re not on a genuine love and life giving planet we are in an evil AI simulation. She, like YBD and so many others discover the wide reach of the evil Illuminati (which gets you halfway there) but then assign to the Illuminati way more power than they deserve, believing that they descended from Annunaki who made us to be slaves from an ape, or that they tricked our souls away from Source. Laura says that there are no angels, no Higher Self. She sees the evil in high places and in an effort to expose it throws the baby out with the bathwater. The evil forces are NOT IN CONTROL, God loosed them from the pit for a while, to act as testers, tempters, to see which humans resonate with them. Oh yeah, Laura doesn’t even like the word, “God.” They even took that word away from her.

      I’m sorry Laura, this is a sad and scary place to be. I know, I was there once myself. Tricked into thinking there was no hope. What got me out was reading the greats – Goddard, Burgoyne, Kuhn, Steiner.

      Gigi Young isn’t perfect but where she shines is in taking Steiner’s work and rephrasing it in more modern language that syncs with what is coming out in UFOlogy and in conspiracy work or the truth movement in general.

      Laura claims to have felt drained at the end of the video, that Gigi or some dark entity attached to her was draining her. In my opinion what was draining her was her own shadow being triggered.

  8. slavapre says:

    (Update- It appears this video and Laura’s entire channel got deleted sometime between yesterday and today, WOW?!)
    Gabe, Yes I knew that Laua believes in the Soul Trap Lies thats why I called it a flawed exposure from the get go. Not holding up Laura as some beacon of truth. Just saying that in watching a false dialectic between two parties who are both wrong you can pick out the real gems/truth and clearly see beyond the game. In my assessment Gigi is no better than Laura and that says a lot. I was going to go into specific timestamps on the video but now that its deleted I cannot. Just seeing Gigi mention “aliens” was enough for me. Let me also say that I am 100% sure that Catherine Austin Fitts and Dark Journalist (two of Gigis biggest fans) are fakes and controlled opposition. Knew about Catherine years ago looked into her work and saw right through it. From what I see Gigi was exposed right there on that Avalon thread and her defender had to resort to censorship because she had no decent response to the charges.

    • You say you are “sure” of these things, but I’m not sure what evidence you have. You wrote, ‘Just seeing Gigi mention “aliens” was enough for me.’ That’s not proof. And if you really paid attention you would know that Gigi makes it clear that they are not E.T.’s but rather inter-dimensionals, that they are various aspects of humanity in other timelines, which is the stance I also hold, which fits the facts better than any other theories I have come across, and works in a geocentric stationary plane model, and even seems to fit more-or-less with Steiner’s work. She just uses the term ‘aliens’ because that it what people are familiar with and she is trying to reach a wider audience.

      I can’t comment on Fitts or Dark Journalist as I am not familiar with their work.

      The truth is, I’m not that interested in defending Gigi Young as being truly independent, although she seems more grounded than most controlled op types. I am more interested in the content that these people have to say. And frankly 90% of her content is quite good, and resonates. The 10% I throw out, like that she believes there is an actual corona virus, (there isn’t), or that the earth is round (it’s not), or that we went to the moon (we didn’t). I’m also not interested in channeling Pleiadians, and do not tune in for that, although I’m open to the possibility that certain psychics are really doing these things.

      I’ve learned alot and built a lot of my blog on the work of gate-keepers. Truthiracy, Donald Marshall and several others come to mind. I use my own discernment and common sense to
      “take the gems” as you put it, and leave the rest. Time will tell how good a job I did. But for now, her work is helping me, and you haven’t convinced me why she is, as you say, so ‘dangerous.’ It’s clear from reading her comments section that she’s helped alot of people in their journey. So if she is controlled op, then it was not a really wise choice, and seems to be backfiring.

      I do agree, however, with that one dude on the Avalon thread about how the New Age movement was coopted by the military and many leaders in the movement are actually MILABS victims, psychics who have been tracked since birth and then put under MK Ultra, given alters which then get paraded around to sway the public and control the narrative. I think Teal Swan is one probable example, she definitely gives off dark vibes and raises my alarm bells. Also the whole of Project Camelot comes to mind (and by the way, Laura was on that show as well.)

    • george says:

      slavapre..have you looked in aug Tellez’s work?
      He may also be controlled opposition as many dark narratives have been spun to corral people’s ‘attention’ into fuel. I have a suspicion of those who speak in riddles and not clarity. they may be wrong in clarity but at least they don’t deal in shadows and subterfuge from the onset

      have the ‘aware’ been led on a wild goose chase that only benefits the hidden fourth dimensional demons

  9. I care more about animals than humans. says:

    Hi. I love reading these comments.

    Finally i read comments with great opinions and great vision of how to deal with life we r living in.

    I myself learned a lot of gatekeepers.. they are there for telling some truth… some more than others.

    Even though they do work for the elite….it is upon ourselves how to receive all the info.

    Later i found out that the elite is responseable for the awakening… for most.. like me..

    Im glad where i am right now… and so far my only real hope.. for landing in a better place.. is that we can’t see how the future till the end looks like.

    The past did happen… and the future did not yet… for me… so now is now… and im preparing where i can.. and keep searching for new info…

    trust/follow the heart/Gut/God as in we r all God.. and honest to urself is a good decent way to begin with….

    Nobody ever told me and nobody can’t ever tell us what the meaning if life is…

    So why follow someone blindly?

    I love sites like this.. with articles written by freethinkers and not claiming truth.. Just their vision.

    Maybe i’m wrong but i think that people who r fully open minded and not being stock in indoctrinations and have no problem with receiving any info.

    I really don’t care that i have been fooled for so many things… and ofc i prefer certain theories but… if i hear or read something that i never heard before but actually sounds better than my current info on a subject… then i may have questions first but if it sounds decent enough then its only a win for me..

    I myself simply cant believe something blind if im not seeing it or has been decently proofed…

    Or lack decent theories, hints or arguments…

    If someone in claiming the truth.. and tell others and
    Even ask money for their telling the truth… for being a good brave truthseeker…

    Then they are really sure of what they r claiming.

    And all these bots in the comment sections.. who r way to cheesy…. and with the AL GORE RYTHM are all views and usercounts pretty high…. and pretty suspicious if some of us do know a thing ir two about geomatry… they use in every article.

    Then i think that the most simple decent questions
    to answer… should be no problem to answer..

    For example… did God tell u in person that the bible u read is his bestseller? Did u read the original bible? Could the bible maybe an early psy op? Instead of a prediction book… A script maybe?

    Whats the difference between ur way of believing in ur God…and his bloodsacrificed only true truth… And all the other believefolks who obey the same God… but all in a way different way with each their one abd only truth…

    Thats a fact….. so from my point of is atleast a little bit odd… I mean some of u are believing the wrong way i guess?

    Prey everyday is the way… thank JesUS for everything

    What happened in ur life… good or bad… u prayed u believe the written story… so Jesus will defeantly not forget about that….no matter how ur not helping others talking out of the vaccins.. And dont give a shit about anything else then ur Messias.. who u never saw or met… but u r so sure….

    Yeah i don’t think lot of people didn’t understand
    What the story of Jesus… actually tried to say….

    Why would he if he really excists… do a cruel thing like that to himself while he forgave his killers but
    Expecting future generations respect his sacrifice..
    By praying…

    Top of that… If u dare not to pray.. U will be a sinner…

    Now please answer my questions..don’t be afraid im on your side….. i do no harm… I only was not raised by religious parents…. And i never heard the voice of someone in my head..

    These kind of questions.. they dont like..
    Nasa, virus, experts believers… ditto.

    Same lie, same elite, same strategy, same way indoctrinated…..believe in something that doesn’t excists or atleast never been proofed that it really excists… is totally normal… becuz people just somehow trust in their kurupt Goverments who r pretending to be the good guys… and get away with everything over and over again. becuz this is just the way life is… for them..

    I think all of us did try helping them with all our hearts.. But when its not working and they eventually
    Become our enemy too. then its saving urself absolute prior. Everybody must decide for themselves anyway.

    I respect people who r long as they not telling others that they must believe what they believe or threathing with if u don’t… then.. u will be… Blabla.

    Unfortunately most r simply unable to have an honest unbiased discussion.. with…

    Because their believe is the only truth…

    Just like many other believe systems and indoctrinations…. I found out way to late that its impossible to wake someone up when they r not ready… Or not want to. Or do listen but they listen to your story not the material itself.

    Lot of people reject the boosters or r not vaccinated but thats it. They just go on with their lives and see where it goes… as if the cojona hoax alone is not reason enough to take things serious now.

    99% of all these people including the zombies don’t even know how vaccins in overall work….

    Graphene oxide? 5g, chemtrails, haarp, controlled opposition? Boooooring…..

    Okey suit urself then.. Enjoy ur freedom and ur vaxxed people around u….. they r acting just fine right? Enjoy ur fav football team.. and get mad at them if they loose…and thnx for ignoring us.. and
    make our goverments happy by helping them.. thnx.

    • I care more about animals than humans. says:

      I forgot to say that the clones subject really got my attention since a while..

      Typical subject where i do believe and think its all true but difficult to imagine in real life..

      Just like reptillians….imagine u see a real reptillian walking.. Or worse. Same goes for every other thing we never heard of before.

    • Thanks. I like your thoughts on gatekeepers and how to exercise discernment and openness to new information.

  10. slavapre says:

    This response is for George. I have looked into Aug Tellez. What specifically are you asking about Aug? In my view Aug does give out a lot of truth. He is very problematic in many ways mostly being his style of presentation. I would also fell that he is presenting all this in a very negative light (nihilism) and not looking at bigger pictures that anyone with Kabbalistic Wisdom would see very easily.

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