The Contagion Myth and Germ Theory Hoax For Dummies

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The Satanic elite running the show behind COVID are hoping that the populace remains “dummies” with regards to the germ theory. And germs are just that – a theory. This post will be a brief expose on what I’ve learned over the past few months regarding germs and viruses and the truth about what makes us sick. Everyone needs to know this, it’s the only way we are to avoid plunging into a NEW NORMAL of medical apartheid and the loss of nearly all freedoms, assuming one wants to avoid routinely getting jabbed with a dose of poison (vaccines).

To understand how germs became such a fixed part of our culture (pun intended), let us go back to the 19th century with the birth of modern bacteriology and Robert Koch.

Koch’s Postulates, and How They Are Ignored

The Contagion Myth, a book by Dr. Tom Cowan is one of the most important and clearly written exposes on this subject post-COVID. He introduces Koch’s Postulates:

“Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch (1843–1910) is considered one of the founders of modern bacteriology; he created and improved laboratory technologies for isolating bacteria and also developed techniques for photographing bacteria. His research led to the creation of Koch’s postulates, a kind of UPPBT for disease, which consist of four principles linking specific microorganisms to specific diseases. Koch’s postulates are as follows:

1. The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease but not found in healthy organisms.

2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in a pure culture.

3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.

4. The microorganism must be re-isolated from the now diseased experimental host which received the inoculation of the microorganisms and identified as identical to the original specific causative agent.

If all four conditions are met, you have proven the infectious cause for a specific set of symptoms. This is the only way to prove causation. Interestingly, even Koch could not find proof of contagion using his postulates. He abandoned the requirement of the first postulate when he discovered carriers of cholera and typhoid fever who did not get sick. In fact, bacteriologists and virologists today believe that Koch’s sensible and logical postulates “have been recognized as largely obsolete by epidemiologists since the 1950s.”

So they are not used today, and yet they are clearly the only way to prove that a germ is truly contagious.

Louis Pasteur – A Fraud

Pasteur, father of modern germ theory, ignored Koch’s Postulates in his experiments to prove contagion. Cowan writes,

“Pasteur did this type of experiment for forty years. He found sick people, claimed to have isolated a bacterium, gave the pure culture to animals—often by injecting it into their brains—and made them sick. As a result, he became the celebrity scientist of his time, feted by kings and prime ministers, and hailed as a great scientist. His work led to pasteurization, a technique responsible for destroying the integrity and health-giving properties of milk (see chapter 9). His experiments ushered in the germ theory of disease, and for over a century this radical new theory has dominated not only the practice of Western medicine, but also our cultural and economic life….

…In 1914, Professor Gerard Geison of Princeton University published an analysis of (Pasteur’s) notebooks, which revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies. For instance, when he said that he injected virulent anthrax spores into vaccinated and unvaccinated animals, he could trumpet the fact that the unvaccinated animals died, but that was because he also injected the unvaccinated animals with poisons.

In the notebooks, Pasteur states unequivocally that he was unable to transfer disease with a pure culture of bacteria (he obviously wasn’t able to purify viruses at that time.) In fact, the only way he could transfer disease was to either insert the whole infected tissue into another animal (he would sometimes inject ground-up brains of an animal into the brain of another

animal to “prove” contagion) or resort to adding poisons to his culture, which he knew would cause the symptoms in the recipients.

He admitted that the whole effort to prove contagion was a failure, leading to his famous deathbed confession: “The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.” In this case, terrain refers to the condition of the animal or person and whether the animal or person had been subject to poison.”

So to sum up, the only way he was able to make it seem like injecting a “suspect” bacteria into another organism made them sick, was by also injecting the cell culture or organism with poisons. This fails to follow the basic rule of an experiment – one variable at a time, something a 7th grader can understand. But to this day, his deception, backed by the Satanic elite, has held its ground and become common “knowledge” and the basis of pathology.

What Really Makes Us Sick

Eastern medicine, like Chinese and Ayurvedic, never speak of contagion, but simply of imbalances in the system. Western Terrain medicine too, names only four causes of all illness and disease:

  1. Poisons and toxins in our food, air, or water.
  2. Starvation (including simply poor nutrient quality in available food)
  3. An insult or injury to the tissue
  4. Psychological injury or trauma (because the psyche and emotions are more tied to physical health than most realize)

On the first point – toxins, some of these do indeed come from certain strains of bacteria. The most common example of this being food poisoning. But its not the proliferation of bacteria on the rotting food that makes you sick, its the toxins that the bacteria poop out when they eat dead or rotting flesh, which is, of course, their job in nature, as a decomposer.

And in Pasteur’s experiments with cell cultures, the only way he made it seem like bacteria were killing the cells was by either poisoning or starving the cells first. Then the bacteria did what they are programmed to do, to digest the dead, rotting cells, and poop out toxins. In the microbiome of a healthy individual, most of not all of the toxin waste produced by the bacteria is safely excreted in feces, urine, sweat, and exhalation.

Here in my hometown there is a lake nearby that we are warned not to swim in or let our dogs drink from – due to “toxic” amounts of blue-green algae. However it is most likely due to a pollutant or trash dumping into the lake that made this algae proliferate and produce the toxin in the first place. Thus the algae itself is not the primal cause but only a secondary “symptom” if you will, of an imbalance in nature. The same is true for all modern diseases that appear to come from viruses or bacteria – “germs” in other words. Cholera is a good example of this. The disease is not caused, as the medical literature says, by the bacteria Vibrio cholerae, but rather this strain of bacteria eats the sewage that builds up in the drinking water of countries with poor sanitation, and the bacteria poops out toxic material. This toxic material in the drinking water is what causes cholera.

“A simple thing like strep throat,” says Dr. Kaufman, “streptococcus, which they say cause this illness, is a normal bacteria present in our body. If you did a throat culture on a hundred people without a strep throat and a hundred with strep throat you’d find a lot of positives in both groups, because streptococcus is normal to live in your throat, so how can you say it causes the disease?” More likely this strain of bacteria in those with strep throat is actually responding to the immediate cause of strep-like symptoms, say an insult or injury to the tissue, or the presence of toxins, and is actually working to eat and digest the dead tissue in the “infected” area. And what does the doctor do? He gives you antibiotics which kills the same bacteria that are working to make you better. You see how backward modern medicine has become, in many areas?

Electricity and Disease

Cowan spends some time on that book making the connections between the installation of new electronic and radio-wave technology into society and many of the major plagues that were blamed on contagious germs. Cowan writes,

“In 1836, Heinrich Schweich, author of a book on influenza, noted that all physiological processes produce electricity and theorized that an electrical disturbance of the atmosphere may prevent the body from discharging it. He repeated the then-common belief that the accumulation of electricity in the body causes the symptoms of influenza.

…These and other facts about the relationship of influenza to disturbances in electricity come from a remarkable book, The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg. Firstenberg chronicles the history of electricity in the United States and throughout the world, and the outbreaks of illness that accompanied each step toward greater electrification. The first stage involved the installation of telegraph lines; by 1875, these formed a spiderweb over the earth totaling seven hundred thousand miles, with enough copper wire to encircle the globe almost thirty times. With it came a new disease called neurasthenia. Like those suffering today from “chronic fatigue syndrome,” patients felt weak and exhausted and were unable to concentrate. They had headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, floaters in the eyes, racing pulse, pains in the heart region, and palpitations; they were depressed and had panic attacks. Dr. George Miller Beard and the medical community observed that the disease spread along the routes of railroads and telegraph lines; it often resembled the common cold or influenza and commonly seized people in the prime of life.

In 1889, we mark the beginning of the modern electrical era and also of a deadly flu pandemic, which followed the advent of electricity throughout the globe. Said Firstenberg: ‘Influenza struck explosively and unpredictably, over and over in waves until early 1894. It was as if something fundamental had changed in the atmosphere.’

…During World War I, governments on both sides of the conflict installed antennas, which eventually blanketed the earth with strong radio signals— and during the latter part of 1918, disaster struck. The Spanish flu afflicted a third of the world’s population and killed about fifty million people, more than the Black Death of the fourteenth century. To stop the contagion, communities shut down schools, businesses, and theaters; people were ordered to wear masks and refrain from shaking hands.

Those living on military bases, which bristled with antennas, were the most vulnerable. A common symptom was bleeding—from the nostrils, gums, ears, skin, stomach, intestines, uterus, kidneys, and brain. Many died of hemorrhage in the lungs, drowning in their own blood. Tests revealed a decreased ability of the blood to coagulate. Those close to death often developed ‘that peculiar blue color which seemed to mark all early fatal cases.’

Health officials were desperate to find a cause. The team of physicians from the US Public Health Service tried to infect their one hundred healthy volunteers at a naval facility on Gallops Island in Boston Harbor. A sense of frustration pervades the report, written by Milton J. Rosenau, MD, and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.10 Rosenau had built a successful career in public health by instilling a fear of germs, overseeing quarantines, and warning the public about the dangers of raw milk. He believed that something called Pfeiffer bacillus was the cause. The researchers carefully extracted throat and nasal mucus and even lung material from cadavers and transferred it to the throats, respiratory tracts, and noses of volunteers. “We used some billions of these organisms, according to our estimated counts, on each one of the volunteers, but none of them took sick,” he said.

Then they drew blood from those who were sick and injected it into ten volunteers. “None of these took sick in any way.”

So if the new technologies are to blame for mass outbreaks, why did they go away? Why didn’t Spanish flu continue to take out the entire world, since we are still, after all, blanketed in radio waves, now even worse with 5G? 5G, by the way, was introduced right around the time that COVID hit, and many of the major epicenters are near 5G towers.

The answer to this question is remarkably enough, the very particle they turned into the culprit, viruses themselves!

Viruses Are Actually Exosomes

What are viruses really, if not a contagion? As far as we can tell, they are bits of DNA or RNA, with a protein coat. This supposed strand of DNA or RNA, unique to people displaying “symptoms of COVID” has not been isolated, nor been injected into another healthy organism and made that organism sick with the same symptoms, as per Koch’s Postulates.

But as to what viruses actually do, is far different from what we’re told. First of all, they are indistinguishable from exosomes, a particle that is natural to the immune system and part of the normal immune response. From a lecture by Dr. Andrew Kaufman:

Exosomes are indistinguishable from so-called “viruses”

Blaming exosomes for being the cause of disease is like blaming firemen for starting fires. Just because firemen are always found at the scene of a fire doesnt mean they are the guilty party. Same goes for viruses, which are actually exosomes, which are actually a sign that our immune response is working.

Some people with enough active exosomes will test positive for COVID-19, using the PCR tests. This is because those tests amplify so much cellular material that some exosomes will be a “match” for whatever it is they are looking for. And if you are following along this far, some of these false positives therefore, will display unique new symptoms like loss of smell, lung issues, as a result of the new 5G towers in their area, a bombardment of waves their body has not reached equilibrium with yet, and couple that with the toxins in the food and water, and we have a “pandemic” on our hands. No need to evoke invisible contagious germs.

But we asked previously, why didn’t previous electronic innovations continue to wipe out the human race, if they are responsible for pandemics in the past? To this, an exciting new field of science is beginning to open up, as we are discovering that the very exosomes they are blaming, are actually helping to re-equilibrate the body from disruption due to electronic frequencies. The body is able to adapt and find balance, however in the initial phase of disruption, we see a spike in death which the Illuminati attributes to contagion.

Mark Tokarski pointed out in a recent post that if viruses are real and work the way they are telling us, we would have gone extinct as a species long ago. There is nothing we can do against an invisible, deadly self-replicating enemy like that. And what did we do before the age of vaccines?! This brings up the main reason for the major psyop about viruses, which is to fix in the public’s mind the idea that science and new biotech can save them from this horrid invisible enemy, thus making them even more dependent on Big Brother.

Mark also asks the other simple obvious question which is why, if viruses are so deadly to humans, do they not kill other animals, especially mammals who are closest to us physiologically? Surely the same mechanism of action would work in their bodies. But nope, this invisible enemy sure seems to have a vendetta against humans for some reason. And if you watch V for Vendetta you will see a lot of predictive programming for the world we live in now. Hint: V is for VIRUS.

It has even been shown that exosomes can indeed pass from person to person, not to spread disease but to do the opposite: spread the new adaptive strategy to combat a new disruptive variable like EMF. We learn from each other, down to the cellular level. When two people are in love and swap a lot of spit and sexual fluids while intimate, they are actually sharing information housed in our cells and DNA that goes through our ancestral line. Nobody really knows how this works, and we can’t study it properly until we get this ugly germ theory hoax out of the way.

There is, of course, the phenomenon of illnesses seeming to spread. For example a child brings home the flu and soon their siblings and parents get it too. Surely, you might claim, this proves germ theory. However, again, we lack the proper frame of reference to even frame our hypotheses correctly. We have just shown that viruses and bacteria are not, in themselves agents of sickness. While we share bacteria all the time with those around us, this bacteria doesn’t eat us because our bodies are alive – not rotting flesh. We have also shown that in the case of major outbreaks of plague all we need is a population exposed to the same stressors, (like toxins, EMF, etc.)

Yet sickness, or rather, a similar set of symptoms might break out in a family. But many invisible things pass from person to person – for example someone yawns in a room and soon two or three other people yawn. Something has passed, invisibly, between them, to make that urge to yawn “contagious.” So too is the phenomenon of chicken pox or flu, but in neither case do we need to posit germ particles as the enemy. It’s more likely something being exchanged in the more subtle psychic and etheric realms. And in the case of exosomes spreading, like with chicken pox, the purpose is to spread the adaptive cellular strategy, and sure enough, people who get chicken pox as children are healthier in the long run; everyone knows this. An adult who gets chicken pox is “25 times more likely to die” and this is because they were not exposed to the exosomes as a child that would have prepared them for whatever stressor really causes that set of symptoms we call “chicken pox.”

In closing, I was in Target today, waiting in line, next to a giant display of wipes, and once you know that germ theory is a huge part of the Satanic agenda, you know why “disinfectant” brands like Dawn claim to kill 99.9% of germs (it’s an upside down 666):

DAWN is an anagram of WAND, because both are claiming to do magic.


The Contagion Myth, by Dr. Tom Cowan

Humanity is Not A Virus, by Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Show Me The Virus, a radio interview of Cowan and Kaufman

Fascia, by Mark Tokarski, Piece of Mindful Blog

Stefan Lanka dismantles modern virus theory (list of links/resources)


Rudolf Steiner was saying much of the same thing, back in the early 20th century. His words are prophetic for our age:

Dr Ardis Interview on Stew Peters Show – Is COVID-19 actually a genetically modified form of snake venom injected into the water supply?

While the above article explains much, I have still been puzzled about some of these strange new symptoms like loss of taste, smell etc. I feel like 5G may have been part of it but couldn’t explain everything. Then I saw this interview with Dr Ardis, (through Adrenogate’s blog,) who claims to have found evidence of modified snake venom in the drinking water, which surely enough, causes these strange unique symptoms like loss of taste, etc., that have been linked to COVID-19.

We’ve already associated the double jab of their COVID vaccines to the two fangs of the serpent, but now we have this other angle about the supposed “virus” itself, which we now know if real could only be a toxin or poison of some kind.

And I couldn’t help but be reminded of what they replaced the twin towers shortly after 9/11.


So 20 years after 9/11 which was commererated with snake eye dice looking structures, we get COVID-19, possibly snake venom followed by the double jab two fanged vaccination program.

Each fountain where each tower stood now looks like a pit, which ties to Revelation chapter 9 verse 11! You can’t make stuff like this up.

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16 Responses to The Contagion Myth and Germ Theory Hoax For Dummies

  1. Well done putting this together. Lots to consider. It makes a lot of sense when you bring up the notion that ‘yawns’ are contagious… I think it’s time to rethink this germ thing.

    Like most (if not all) forms of deception, it conveniently positions us (the people) as the problem that needs solving.

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  3. karafreeone says:

    Another thought about the V. It’s not just about being completely reliant on BB or the Pharm.. but maybe it has to do with blocking the ability of the exosomes to spread and do their job of strengthening the Organism, against the environmental attack. The Spike protein seems to be being used to block the work of the exosomes, not only in the inoculated but in those that come into contact with the shedding.

  4. karafreeone says:

    And OMG is this the real reason for 6 feet apart? For masks, to keep the exosomes from spreading to other organisms to take care of the environmental hazard and strengthening the Organism? I haven’t listened to Andrew Kaufman very much so maybe he has already addressed this?

    • karafreeone, I have made a similar conclusion that humans together create extremely powerful nodes of energy/frequency/vibration and it serves the S&Ls to 1) keep us separated physically which keeps our energies from combining and generating adaptive health, and 2) keep us from communicating verbally to each other our perceptions/perspectives.

  5. karafreeone says:

    And one more thing, why do illnesses spread with a family you ask? Is it really the illness spreading or the exosomes? OR a bit of both? Can exosomes that are shed and picked up cause an initial immune reaction?

    • I imagine that “getting sick” in this case is simply an initial immune reaction as you said, and thus a good thing, in the long run, like the chicken pox example. The body is receiving an upgrade and there is an initial rocky period of adjustment.

      • scowi3 says:

        I don’t think illnesses generally do spread in a family. I would say chicken pox is a special case because it is actually caused, imo, by something that can literally jump from person to person… the flea. Flea bites are commonly “mistaken” for chicken pox but I would argue that there is no mistake. The only thing that varies is a person’s reaction to whatever toxin in the flea causes the disease. When it is the person’s first introduction to that toxin, the reaction is more severe and we call it chicken pox.

        I reckon all poxes are caused by insect bites. Rickettsialpox is somewhat similar to chicken pox and is recognised to be caused by the bites of a mite. And Dr. Charles A. R. Campbell found that smallpox was most likely caused by the bites of bed bugs in unsanitary conditions. It was probably due to those bed bugs consuming faeces when they fed which they would then effectively inject into the skin on successive bites, hence the eruption of pustules on the skin. [ ]

        I don’t know if the toxin in those fleas is something naturally occurring or whether it might be something they consumed. It is possible that they consume soap/detergent residues from our skin and that these are the cause of chicken pox when injected under the skin —that would make hygiene practices partly the cause, kinda the oppose to what caused small pox.

      • scowi3, thank you for sharing that fascinating theory! It makes sense to me.

  6. Great post! I love your observations at the end about the DAWN/WAND wipes and 666. Everything the Satanists and their Luciferian partners do is with a specific purpose and uses inversion as a tool of perception manipulation, just another form of them torturing us. However, so many of us are waking up to this deception, which disempowers them. Once you see that you’ve been deceived, you can’t UNSEE it! I’ve got my OWN WAND!

    On a side note: I always hated Dawn dishwashing liquid and their other products! Back in the 70s, I used to beg my mom to buy a citrus-based cleaner, but she refused. So I made dishwashing fun: My sister and I would use Dawn on our wet hands to blow HUGE BUBBLES that we floated around the kitchen. Of course we had another mess to clean up with all the gross residue of the popped bubbles, but it was worth it!😂 Not today, Satan!

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