Disclosure Hiding in Fiction: ‘The Institute,’ By Stephen King

*Warning: contains disturbing material.

Children being used as psychic weapons

This novel is about a secret government project that tracks children gifted with psychic abilities, mainly telekinesis and telepathy. These children score highly on BDNF readings (brain derived neurotrophic factor). Standardized tests through the school system can provide the government with this data. These rare children are then kidnapped, their parents murdered, and they are put in “The Institute:” a black site where they are trained to further develop these latent abilities.

Once the child has been poked, prodded, tested and tortured, he or she becomes part of the group-think psychic weapon, one that can remotely take out targets by simply focusing their energy on that person. In preparation for this attack the children are forced to watch surveillance footage of the target in question. They can then make their car steer off the road, or they can make the person poison themselves, and it looks like an accident, a suicide. A clean kill, never traceable back to the U.S. government, or the Deep State, or the global Cabal behind them, only hinted at in the novel. It also appears that there are other Institutes in other countries as well.

Now years ago when I first started researching conspiracies and listening to whistle-blowers on Project Camelot (I know, I know, they are gatekeepers or half-truthers, and yet I still maintain that some of the whistleblowers on that show WERE revealing real truths, you just have to sift through the BS,) I discovered Duncan O’Finioan. He is basically a real life Jason Bourne. Trained as an assassin, an elite killer, but also trained in psychic warfare as well, and what he describes matches up EXACTLY with some of the scenes in this book. I suspect Stephen King knows what is going on at a high level, and is giving us a slightly watered down version of it in this recent novel.

Specifically, in order for the psychic children to have such a powerful effect across great distances is by group-think, or creating a “master-mind” as I’ve heard other whistleblowers call it. This is where they link hands and in a trance state, combine their energies to create a much more power psychic weapon:

People Holding Hands In A Circle Silhouette @ Silhouette.pics

“What happened in Vietnam?” Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot asks Duncan.

He replies, “I was in N. Vietnam twice. Memories are murky. I was twelve years old. In Cambodia. A navy seal team.  A black helicopter lands. Twelve kids come off the chopper. (he pauses hear, starts tearing up). Long story short, we came off the chopper formed a semicircle, we all held hands. Raised our arms and killed them all. “Who did you kill?” Every enemy soldier within twelve miles. “How was it that your power was able to kill only the other side?” I was the lead battery, but I didn’t do the aiming. One of the other kids did the aiming. I know one of the other kids. Its not that um, its funny. I’ve done lots of things that are not of my doing, my making. Some bring up an emotional response, and others not, I’m like so what. I can’t cry on command believe me I’ve tried. The way it was explained to me. Twelve kids. Imagine twelve batteries. One is nothing. Two you get a jolt, three you get burned. Twelve? Well…. “

“Do you have memories of trainers?”

“In this house described as a mansion. I have ideas where it is but no proof. I’m in a hallway. Green and white tile on the floor. I’m doing something that all of us that come out of it have the same trait. We don’t come down on one knee we squat, makes no sense in some ways in some ways it does, on the balls of our feet, like an animal. I have this water bucket, I raise it with my mind trying to turn it over set it down gently. I’m raising it turning it and its dropping. I’m not getting it. This lady is behind me with her clipboard taking notes. I try to get a response look at her trying to be nice, ‘I’ve almost got it, almost got it!’ She looks down snarls, and walks off. There was nothing nice about this.”

“Were you a remote viewer?”

“Not one of the best, but yes. My problem is that I fight the psychic abilities instead of let them flow, for whatever reason.” (Full Interview HERE)

He later goes on to describe headaches as a result of the training/conditioning, and having his head dunked underwater to trigger near-death experiences, thereby increasing psychic abilities. Both of these phenomena appear in King’s novel as well. Specifically, the children being used as psychic slaves start to develop intense migraines, and eventually burn out like over-bright bulbs and whither into a vegetable and die. Thus the Institute is in constant need of fresh supply of psychic children.

The near-drowning motif appears in the show The OA, which I covered HERE back in 2017 and connected that to what another MK Ultra victim, Arizona Wilder describes experiencing as well.

Psychic abilities like telepathy, telekinesis and flashes of precognition are not new to sci-fi and appear in other authors work as well, Dean Koontz and Philip K Dick being two classic examples. The film, Push combines all of them into one, which I wrote about HERE. Harry Potter and modern teen fantasy has popularized these themes as well. It can be cast off as a fun narrative technique, but these authors fascination with the subject may also suggests “insider knowledge” into the occult world.

I can attest, from personal experience, that at the very least telepathy, though rare, is very real. When I met the character ‘Z’ who also comes from an MK Ultra upbringing and “bloodline” family background, he showed a knack for tuning into the psychic field of people around him and could detect changes in my field when, for example I was struck by a new thought. He would pick up on it before I said anything.

I would not recommend trying it but he apparently spent about 5 months in silent darkness, meditating and unlocking an endogenous DMT drip, a process known about in occult circles. This technique, essentially blowing open the doors of perception, should not be done by anyone without special occult training and having first received a high grade of gnosis, initiation and preparation. Otherwise you can go insane with all the energies that come at and through you. Or worse, if you have not worked on your heart center, you will be easily tempted to use the powers for black magick, service-to-self, rather than for good, service-to-others. Imagine tripping on DMT all the time without being able to turn it off, sounds like a nightmare.

Paul Foster Case, the leader of the esoteric organization B.O.T.A, described a similar story when he was younger, in his 20’s and, having a great interest in the occult, tried certain techniques to attain these special perceptions as well. He unlocked a kind of telepathy and would ride on the subway car and be over whelmed by the mental impressions of all the passengers on board with him. It was downright scary and schizo-inducing without the proper shields and limits in place, and not only that but the people around him would also be affecting him on the subconscious level. So an angry person may trigger him to become angry, etc.

We are all somewhat empathic and affect those in our vicinity on the subconscious level, but luckily we have natural limiters that deflect a lot of this data from the conscious mind. Occult techniques can blow open these doors and remove the limits. This is what MK Ultra exploits, and unfortunately starting at a young age only increases these effects.

MK Ultra victim and “bloodline” insider Max Spiers said in an old Miles Johnston interview, “they were testing out how far they could push the trauma. Because when you, when certain sex rituals are done to a child under 5 years old, when a child is raped, when a male child is raped, what happens is it releases the coiled serpent or the Kundalini which is at the base of the spine, and it is opened up before it should be. Everybody has the Kundalini raised at some point, well maybe not everybody but…right…it means ‘coiled serpent’ and it sits at the base of the spine and when it uncurls it goes up the spinal column to the brain stem and you have an enlightened understanding, so you become an ‘enlightened one,’ or the Illuminati’ an ‘illuminated one.’ When a male child is raped before the age of 5 it goes through something called vasovagal shock. Now when its penetrated, the coiled snake uncoils very very quickly, up to the top of the spine, which explodes in the brain stem. which then shatters the consciousness into many many pieces like smashing a mirror.

Miles asked him, “so all this abuse that’s been happening with many politicians, coming out now, British political parties, British media, is all a part of that?”

Max replied, “you cannot be a high level person in the Illuminati unless you have been illuminated by the Key of Solomon, now they call rape like that to a young boy ‘the Key of Solomon.’ when that happens, when it hits up here in the brain it shatters and you can program these different alters, but not only that, you have photographic memory, somehow it raises the IQ, it does a number of different things. Everybody in a position of power right now has had the ‘Key of Solomon’ done to them so they have been raped in that way.”

Miles: “which means that the whole structure, the power structure of England, UK probably Ireland because of the recent thing about the 800 children ritually massacred in Ireland. that means the whole power elite has been…”

Max: “yes, and they won’t have you in the power elite unless its been done to you….” (Full Post HERE).

Stephen King left the pedo aspects out of his recent novel, clearly too controversial for print, but nearly all the other elements are there, interwoven throughout his novels, if you know where and how to look.

Stephen King making the Illuminati Eye of Horus
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21 Responses to Disclosure Hiding in Fiction: ‘The Institute,’ By Stephen King

  1. Eddie says:

    Boy, if people thought the story of ” the men that stare at goats” was far fetched?!
    At this stage in the concept of transparency nothing would surprise me.

    • It’s all hiding in plain sight.

    • Kageki says:

      That’s an interesting coincidence you brought up the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats”. There is a character named Lyn Cassady in that movie and the owner of Project Camelot is Kerry Cassidy. Another character with the name Bill Django that clearly seems to be a homage to Taratino movies “Kill Bill” and “Django Unchained”. Has anyone noted this name from that movie?

  2. Cindy says:

    Thank you for the work that you have done.
    I shared your site with someone asking for some more information on the color orange. But I wanted to see your more recent work, so here I am.

    Thank you & God bless you. Keep revealing truth.
    Be wise as serpents & innocent as doves.

    Cindy @ 7grainsofsalt & 7grainsofsalt2

  3. George says:

    Stephen king has been a degraded creep from day 1 ad likely was abused himself power in this realm is a lie of ego

  4. thankyourmuse says:

    Pretty wild…In the game FALLOUT4, there is THE INSTITUTE that creates human synths which they claim is to help humanity since the DNA was from a child who was in a vault for almost 200 years in cryo, and they would kill humans and replace them with synths…and a railroad group who tries to free the synths with memory wipe and placing them in the commonwealth…A bunch of MAD Scientists…and Stephen King is one of those pedos we have heard and what about Heathor O’Roarke. Hollywood is a cesspit, but they do have to tell us in movies or however, what they plan to do…THE MOVIE SONGBIRD…is what they plan to do next…People are forced to have immunity bracelets cuz of COVID 23, and scan their face everyday and if they have a fever, they come and take you to the Q camps, and it’s pretty scarey…this is their plan. Immunity passes.

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  6. Mike says:

    Actually, great post in right time. I know about Duncan for a few years, and i heard about him Through John Stormm, he was first generation supersoldier. My opinion is that they are genuine, and know stuff without fantasy trips. As far as others that claim that are 6 gen and beyond, its actually quite hard to grasp some of the stuff they re talking and i am very open to new knowledge. I find using my intuition to be the best bulshitmeter hah. I get genuine vibes from these two gentlemans i mentioned. I dont know what is happening to Duncan these days. I saw some of his interviews a year ago, however i cant seem to find his contact information, and his website is down, so if anyone knows how he could be reached, let ,me know here. Thanks.

  7. George says:

    do you feel something big is right around the corner?

    It seems the air is very heavy and a huge amount of energy is building. if the sky itself cracked open I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.

    some say the world ended in 2012 and now the people are being divided based on their energy and intention to where they will go next

    what do you think is coming?

    • I agree these are high energetic times, and that things are quickening. However I cannot say if something big is around the corner. Rudolf Steiner says that we have two more epochs to go, (the 6th and 7th post-Atlantean, we are currently in the 5th) before the Earth itself shifts or evolves into the Jupiter stage, which will be quite unrecognizable to us now. Right now, only the leaders are being called and prepared, the masses are still generally sleep-walking. He says the 6th and 7th epochs will be the decisive ones, for separating the sheep from the goats so-to-speak. He says there will really be a “good humanity” and a devolving “bad humanity” by the time we get to the Jupiter-stage of evolution. This is all encoded in the Book of Revelation, the bad humanity will succumb to the “abyss” and the “two horned beast,” spoken of in that text. What this actually means for their fate is beyond our current reckoning. But never fear, most people will have to time to awake to the light of the inner Christ in the coming epochs. It is only the black magicians, the pedos and masochists who enjoy inflicting pain on others, for power and personal gain who are currently in danger of this terrible fate.

      • george says:

        hmmm. perhaps yes though I don’t see any ‘time’ as it were left for a 6th or 7th epoch unless of course it will occur in the next 5 years…I see a rapid descent into physical chaos and only the spiritually balanced will prevail. we are in full on economic free fall, few under 30 can afford homes and will be swept into satanic digital multiverse prisons concocted by fuckerberg and his cronies.

        world events are spinning rapidly and chaotically. the so called ‘elites’ (hahahahaha) have become unhinged showing their true monster natures.

        we have three groups now

        1. the aware who want out of the demiurge ‘trap’ and know their true power
        2. the NPC who see nothing and fall for media traps
        3. and the left hand SET/Saturn demons who will fade into nothingness

        interesting times to say the least. and more people are waking up every day which is a good thing.

      • The dark predictions you make would indeed come to pass if there was only the dark occult in control but I believe there are light forces working to counteract their moves. Therefore I don’t see things descending that rapidly. Also the “left-hand SET demons” you mention won’t simply fade away, they will comprise the “bad humanity” that will fall into the abyss in the final epoch, as mentioned previously. The way God designed this cosmos/system is to waste nothing, not even the backward beings. They too, I believe, return to Source, it’s just gonna take much longer for them and they will undergo much more karmic suffering. (all just my humble opinion of course).

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