“3 WiseGuys: Hair Red’s Nativity Hitmen” – Jason Bickford

Preliminary notes:

  • The bible and all creative human output is laced with codes outside of time which is God, or Sophia, or Angels or some type of Higher being communicating to us. The codes are both positive and negative, or neutral in themselves, they show the way to gnosis (or “Christ” if you prefer) but also show the way to Hell as the codes include horrible violent events like false-flag terror attacks. 
  • While the bible is astro-theological and anagogic with its esoteric layering, Bickford lays down evidence for another layer, deeply occulted but quite prevalent in media, that tells of story of a bloodline, and their exodus or expulsion through various lands. This bloodline is very old and somehow different from the other strains of humanity, very intelligent in the ways of occultism and “magic” but also somehow decrepit, sick and diabolical. They viewed themselves as superior to all the other races…sound familiar?
  • Please note that his views on this matter do not necessarily reflect my own, but I think the following evidence is compelling enough that it deserves a closer look. At times I will interject my own theories and have taken pains to try and distinguish the two.

In a video which has since been removed from Youtube along with his whole channel (he does this on occasion to seem like not a insider, but I strongly suspect he is…), Bickford breaks down a speech by John MacArthur, a popular Christian theologian about the mysterious three magi who pay baby Jesus a visit. JJB shows MacArthur to be telling a deeper story that is hidden from his mainstream audience. Through NLP and subtle word-play, he conceals and reveals this story about a dark ancient bloodline, referenced in code and parable as the three magi.  In religious paintings they are often depicted as three different races. They are also astrologers. Keep these details in mind.

One is a red-head, one is a Jew, and one is Black. We will see this pattern pop up a lot. Please do not get triggered by the racial front here which acts to gate-keep you from deeper insights (this mind control tactic is called “trigger-bait”). The “evil bloodline,” I believe, is not connected with any racial or ethnic group but rather infected people of all walks of life in the ancient past through vibration and affinity.

Roamin’ Roman Ronins

The three magi are also called the three wisemen (wise guys):

The Jew has a Roman nose, and is nomadic, so he is a “roamin’  Roman. And a “Ronin” is a Japanese word for “samurai,” hired assassin). Italian mafia hitmen are also assassins (wise guys/wise men) with Roman noses. And of course Jesus was in the end crucified by Romans. A pattern is beginning to unfold.

The phrase “Wise guys” points us back to the film breakdown I did of American Ultra where Operation Tough Guys is a CIA black op to hunt down rogue MK Ultra super-soldiers (black assassins) like Michael (Jesse Eisenberg). It stars Topher Grace who may or may not be Jason Bickford in a mask:

But back to the three “magi” (wise men, wise guys, mafia hitmen) coming to worship (war-ship) baby Jesus. This ancient group or bloodline (if they are even human) that is hunting Christ (war-ship).

So magicians can also be used in entertainment media to point subliminally to their kind.

The magi are magicians, and in Harry Potter, they depict magicians as a rare, elite bloodline and everyone else as lowly Muggles (the goyim). JJB pointed out the over-representation of redheads in the wizarding world in the series. They are also depicted in other stories as the hobbits, gollum, golems, dwarfs, elves (dobby), the earthy people, people of the clay, as opposed to humanity which partake in both clay and spirit. Red-Head is R.H. RH negative.

My view of this allegory is that Jesus is really code for the real humans trying to wake up and advance their spirit. The fallen ones, the “clay people,” play the gate-keepers.

Why are the “evil tribe of jews” known as gypsies, nomadic, traveling vagabonds? Because the fallen ones are without a home, without place, stuck in the outer dark, these are the ones judged and banished from heaven due to their wickedness and are now forced to play Satan/Anti-Christ, the enemy, in perpetuity here until enough of humanity wakes up and this realm can close out, or conversely, if they can “destroy christ” here all together, stamp it out, this may also close out the realm. So they are trying to kill baby Jesus (keep humanity from waking up to their divinity) while also revealing the mysteries, the parables again and again through modern day mythopoetic retellings of the sacred scripture. Revealing is part of their contract to God; He wants to see who has eyes to see and ears to hear. So he puts the puzzle pieces scattered throughout countless books, movies, media events, iconography, memes, news stories, political and socialist figures (even their names are embedded), etc. This is called the “Tower of Babyl moment.”

So King Herod (hair red), sends out the three magi in search of the fabled baby messiah of prophecy. Again a reference to these wise guys/goons, not an actual race, nothing wrong with red-heads just like nothing wrong with jews…just that these characteristics are used for their symbolism to represent this evil Draconian force.

When Herod cannot locate baby Jesus, he has all the children in the land under two muredered, because a prophecy said that one of them was Jesus and would rise up against him. He sends hitmen (mafia, wise guys) or assassins or hash-ashin, to kill Jesus: to kill, maim, subdue and suppress the mysteries behind a veil and to erect Babylonian (babble-on-and-on) tech to distract and keep man in his lower natures (a polarization nation).

The “three wise men” (wise guys/gangsters) with Jew noses, because the “Jews killed Jesus” and they promote the meme that the Jews are controlling the world. SOMEONE is controlling the world to some extent, but they are not Jews because they are not human. I imagine they were once human, but sold their souls, meaning their magnificent birthright to their twin soul and progressive immortality, and in place got plugged into the Matrix and became a pawn for A.I. super-computers and fallen angel tech. To dismiss this idea means to believe that one human race/group is capable of this level of control throughout history. Only an intelligent AI force working through empty-body clones, super-soldier slaves, and deeply possessed mediums could pull this off.

There is an almost timeless nature to them; the end hinted at in the beginning. “I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end,” Jesus says.  Modern-day items referenced in the bible shows the “outside of time” nature of their cunning. JJB calls it “tachyon time travel,” tachyon particles supposedly being particles that can jump in and out of time, not confined to linear time.

JJB says they are also Zoroastrian (zoro, masked man with sword), and they created Islam.

The “goy” as non-Jew but this is an inversion code. They are the goys and we are the Jews (the chosen ones, real humans) because goy = gay, they are the gays, the sodomite club promoting sterility and gender-bendy transhumanism; the Christ child being the opposite: fecundity, sexual union, multiplication. They are goy (gay, sterile) because the goys are “not the chosen people” no longer with soul, they sold their soul.

“We’re very old, and we’re very tired.” Z once told me. This line stuck with me, because I think now that he might be possessed by one of these beings. Z claims to have memories going back billions of years. So the fallen angels taught the methods of Unified Code across time, supplied the tech, to humans. The humans who sold their souls to them by destroying their twin soul to gain black magick occultic powers (storming the castle by force), and are now contracted to be their foot-soldiers, their servants, their daemons/demons. Until the time, like I said, when the realm closes out and judgement day occurs. So of course they are very tired, having been resleeved countless times throughout history. God does not waste these people, he puts the roamin’ Roman Ronin’s to good use.

They are also known as the pirates (pyre-ates) fire-eaters. Fire being spirit, another symbol of our Christly natures. Their law is the law of the seas (maritime law, under which our laws and banking systems are built). They were also the priest kings of old that were banned (exodus). The Banned Kings or Banking. Jews own the banks.

JJB narrates “everything seems backwards, and everytime I hear how oppressed and downtrodden the Jews are, I see more examples in the world surrounding me that they are completely in control and have more of an advantage than any other group of humanoid looking beings this world has ever known. The men of renown have a secret that belongs to a tribe of humanity that belongs to the RH-negative rich Irish and Celtic. And this secret is even embedded in the spidermen story, and we know spiderman in cinema is originally Tobey Macguire, the same name that is forced on Kunta Kente, the slave (ginger and nigger are anagrams). Spiderman is infected with a tar, which is a sticky substance, like heroin that resonates, so think of that rebel wisdom of the Zoroastrians stuck in the mind of someone who is corrupted, perhaps in a dream or psychedelic drug, maybe something they got from a gypsy, a roamin roman, …introducing you to false gnosis so you start worshipping a shadow. Things get polarized and thrown out of wack, this happened to Spiderman repeatedly. Of course, all superheroes are fragmented stories of the Christ myth, which is kind of a Gnostic Matrix-like science fiction story about the hunting of bloodlines…” 

Gatekeeper John Macarthur says, in his double-speak “he (baby Jesus) is given worship from a group of men whose unique responsibility in their culture was to identify kings.” so this cursed bloodline or group who sold their souls have the unique job now of identifying kings, that is, identifying awakening souls that they may war-ship them (harass, gate-keep, confuse, destroy, condemn, defame, gaslight…)

The notion of white people as the superior race is a flipped/inverted code that has nothing to do with racism or bigotry. White is simply the color of purity, so a “white person” is code for anyone of any skin color who hasn’t sold their soul. The 99%. But the 1%, the corrupt bloodline like to blame their own dealings on a supposed “elite white supremacist group.” Which is also revealing and concealing truth because the whites are the “blank slates” (blanco – white) which is what they become, mediums or vessels for more powerful sorcerers and forces/principalities. 

Could there be an actual history of their people in the bible? Detailing the sojourns of this nomadic tribe, the “Israelites” the Jews, the magi, depicted here as a jew, a ginger, and a black person. Why? These might be the three ethnic groups that had intermingled with them in the ancient past. JJB hints that they initially may have lived in what we would call today North America, and that the African Americans were already here (and not actually from Africa). The “Israelites” were forced out, exiled to Europe and mixed with a Mediterranean race, (Ashkenazi Jews/Khazars?) and then up to northern Ireland and mixed with the red-headed Irish and Celts. Thus I’m afraid these three groups are going to have to be the scapegoats and fall guys for having a history with this corrupt strand. Perhaps by mixing with them they collected genetic cuttings of these three groups to clone and sleeve their disembodied consciousness into to avoid death and continue roaming the Earth…

Was Jerusalem originally Salem, Massachusetts? And why they are trying to erect “New Jerusalem” in Washington DC, America. Because this may have once been their homeland. Jeru – Salem.

Also “Jeru” is the name of an African american rapper whose debut album was called “The Sun Rises in the East.” East towards Jerusalem, the plot thickens…

Southpark is known to disclose certain things in their raunchy way. This “redheads have no souls,” episode is quite telling:

And then of course the boy Kyle is both a ginger and a jew, and gets a lot of heat for that from Cartman.

Note the green and orange clothes, reminding one of the Irish flag:

And for Kyle to complete the circuit of the 3 wise men, there is an episode where Kyle gets plastic surgery to appear as a tall African American basketball player:

Near Salem Massachusettes is the town of Springfield which is the birthplace of the NBA.

John Macarthur narrating, paints a picture of their secret history, “Magi was just the name of a tribe, a priestly religious tribe, from which there were priests that arose to very significant prominence. It appears that this tribe is extremely ancient, some would trace them back to the Abraham in Ur of the Chaldees, and see them as an extremely old tribe, a kind of wandering, meandering nomadic tribe of during the time of Abraham…all histories agree they are ancient. They appeared in the time of the Babylonian captivity, in the medo-persian empire, which followed, and they are still around in significant positions of influence and power at the time of the birth of our lord. Now what could they know about the birth of Christ? The answer to that is, there was a series of deportations, of The southern Jews were taken to Babylon, the middle east, the fertile crescent. The Jews were taken into captivity, and kept there for 70 years and then sent back to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple, which they did. But during those 70 years many of those Jews stayed and intermarried. One of those tribes was Daniel….they were in Babylon, and in the subsequent Medo-Persian empire, and remained there up to the time of Jesus being born. And they were extremely influential, had great power. Most historians would say they are semitic people, meaning they are descended from Shem. They…had some features in their religion, fire was the principal element of their worship – 

“Principle element” or Prince, a bull – as in Prince of Darkness the horned one, Pan, Satan? (This is how NLP works)

“…They had an altar that on it a perpetual flame that they set was lit by heaven, and they drew the fire off that flame, put it on another altar, and burned up animal sacrifices which were then eaten by the priesthood and worshipers, so they had a sacrificial system. Their priesthood was hereditary, they carried around bundles of divining rods…”

“Fag” as divining rod (wand) to do magic (sorcery).

The “fags,” the sodomite cult, the pedophiles who run the world, and they are sterile, meaning it may be the same set of disembodied vampiric souls using host bodies and cloning techniques to resleeve themselves to live on and on for thousands of years. Fallen angel tech that they held and suppressed from the rest of us.

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5 Responses to “3 WiseGuys: Hair Red’s Nativity Hitmen” – Jason Bickford

  1. Eddie says:

    Thanks for sharing your information. It’s in the sharing that we may find the pieces of our own personal puzzle.
    The closer you get, the only answer seems solitude.

    • Thanks Eddie for your presence here and level-headed feedback. I appreciate it, as always.

      • Eddie says:

        That’s fascinating. For this year I have felt that when it comes to the head, it was important to be level/ balanced. To observe if I did become polarised in anything. No mind I guess….the void.
        The only thing I do pay attention to as well is any interaction that does come my way.
        Like being “level headed. ”
        I feel what ever is coming this year, that seems important.

  2. brian says:

    Your website is sincere. I’ve read every article over the past year or so. Thank you and much respect and love, brian

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