Divine Marriage, Bride-and-Bridegroom Symbolism Explained

2022 Update and farther disclaimer:Twin souls in one sense are just the one spirit that incarnates into male and female bodies over the course of its spiral evolution. You are, at all times, a whole spirit, not half, that was where Burgoyne’s school Hermetic Order Luxor went array from main Theosophy, as well as in regards to reincarnation. Steiner’s Anthroposophy that brings in the mystery of the Christ Being, completes and updates Kuhn and Blavastky’s Theosophy, which contains the one ancient wisdom.

Disclaimer: As with everything on my blog, this post is my own personal interpretation of the mysteries, based on private research and personal meditations. This one was largely inspired by Thomas H. Burgoyne’s “Light of Egypt” and Miguel Serrano’s “Nos.


A recording. Eternal dance of lost lovers. The way out is to follow suit. Find your her. He must find His Her. She must find Her Him. 

A highly divine spiritual being known by some schools as “Jehovah” was once akin to a cosmic egg. This egg cracked, and split into male/female, a separated Him and Her from their original perfect or inviolate androgynous Him-Her state.

From that sexual schism and explosion, which we cheekily call the big bang, our universe was made. In fact this is HOW universes ARE made. And how souls become differentiated and named. Divine Egos or Spirit Atoms are drawn to certain universes and become enmeshed in them, due to their resonance for the God/Goddess pair which created it. What you experience as a soul in a human composition is one half of the divine ego, even though in quality they are one and the same, they are I AM or self consciousness, the light of the Creator.

Your soul here in a human body is consciousness or light but this light is like a light bulb compared to the sun, the latter being the Creator’s light. But they are both light – same substance different quantity.

The world and its effects down to the strange intelligent “A.I.” sputterings that, say Hollywood sorcerers draw into pop culture and “news” media are so interconnected as to be beyond mere human creative output; these are the recordings left behind by these two Gods/lost lovers seeking each other through infinity. Leaving messages for each other in their occult codes – what Bickford calls “unified code theory.” Select humans with intuitive capacity can tune in to these messages as well. Dark sorcerers do rituals to draw this knowledge out and also use psychics and empaths as slaves who are coerced into providing them with said codes and scripts which then get ever so carefully placed into the mainstream consciousness.

In the recent TV show His Dark Materials, sentient dust (dark matter) communicates in symbol, and in the scene above can finally be captured by technology. Dark matter or dark energy is simply what quantum physicists are confirming: that the universe “in between” the atoms is alive and conscious.

Lyra is a good medium for dust to communicate due to her ability to “meditate” or wait in negative anticipation. She clears her mind and lets the alethiometer talk to her in symbol. She is the “One” spoken of in prophecy, like Harry Potter, for their combinatory traits of being both mediumistic but also brave/fierce/of warrior spirit. It’s the rare combination of these traits that makes a hero of prophecy. 

All ancient occult systems stored in ritual and scripture,  all oral traditions are records of Them. Him and Her. We have been children listening to Mommy and Daddy and their various angels and emissaries, existing in the in-between place. But it’s all over already. The recordings are dead – meaning they are on repeat. It’s over, in hyperspacial terms they already found each other. Spoiler-alert: love wins. He finds his Her against all odds. She sacrifices everything for her Him.

This schism process is irreversible, meaning the karmic change wrought is permanent, but remember that change itself is also eternal so nothing is truly permanent. The reason why we still have evil here is that sometimes they don’t find each other (yet.) At least these “unified code theory” recordings depict a time along the spiral where these divine lovers really are lost from each other, or in some cases unbalanced from each other. In Philip K Dick‘s Divine Invasion the male half is at one time imprisoned by Satan Belial on an ET planet. Leaving the female half to roam the earth as an old crone, bitter and widowed. In myth, these periods are when we get the dark goddess Kali and so forth. But at other times it is the Male Half that overpowers and we get the angry tyrannical Yahweh from the old testament who reaches his pinnacle of hubris in the Book of Job.

The Tree Of Life From Kabbalah For Meditation And Temple Symbol Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 100310444.

Kabbalah’s Tree of Life is probably depicting this sexual schism as well. Kether is the portal back to divine marriage; the Him-Her now perfected, evolved by the differentiation process. It separates down into the two pillars of mercy and severity (female/male). Malkuth or Earth is the lowest density where all are split from their “other half” but can meet and reunite here. The synchronistic messages from beyond or the “co-creative faculty” forms around the recordings of the God and Goddess of this universe talking. Their children, the newly differentiated souls in Malkuth are like children watching their parents flirting at times, fighting at other times, or splitting up at other times (dark ages, Iron age, etc.) 

Burgoyne states that your divine ego was never “created” as such but is co-eternal with the Godhead. But your experience as a soul in a human body is the divine ego being differentiated into twin souls or the Biune soul, one male and one female. The twins differentiated out of each other. This is done by the God/Goddess pair whose universe we now inhabit. They are literally the sun and moon of our realm. The sun is known as the Demiurgos or Jehovah. But it’s not the Godhead or the true Creator. It’s a very divine spiritual being in its own right. The cosmic egg split into God/Goddess and their fate as a “Biune” is now tied up in ours. 

In fact, they want us to succeed more than even we do. Humanity is the medium through which these two separate halves can now communicate. Your task is to complete the differentiation process, reunite with your Her or Him, but now having been through the naming process: earning your infinity, giving a face to your love, your twin. Now you are free in spirit forever, born again in “Father’s kingdom,” heaven. But until that task is complete, the two separated twins roam the realm of Malkuth, place of separation.

Kabbalah states that all that exists is the light and the vessels. It’s interesting that a vessel is a boat, shaped like a bowl, and that bowl rhymes with soul. Because these two are the same concept. Vessels contain a void, a space-to-be-filled. This void is a desire to feel the light of the Creator more. The Creator or the light itself cannot feel this, being perfect. It can’t have the desire, or void, or emptiness or longing. But he created that, so that individuated souls or spirit atoms can experience both the light of the Creator (and know that “I Am”) and also can experience a void or being somehow separate from the Creator. This aspect of himself is his vessel. The I Am-ness, the self-consciousness he experiences is the light. So the goal of Kabbalah is to fill your vessel with more light of the Creator. Expand self-awareness by humbling oneself to make room for more light; to desire “for the creators sake“ and not for selfish reasons or the lower ego. This is the prerequisite for more light; it begins by expanding your capacity or your bowl, your space through meditation, prayer and gratitude. 

Vessels come in many levels or degrees. Many degrees of beings between you and the creator exist, and you are still greater than many elemental forms of vessels or entities below you. These are traversed like climbing a ladder. There are higher beings, gods but not the Godhead Creator of all, that exist at these higher levels. Bigger vessels means more light. 

A sufficiently divine higher being vessel can do a very special and holy process where it splits in two like a cosmic egg, creating out of itself a Him-Her, a sexual duality of which an explosive polar energy creates a new world or universe. Out of this big bang explosion we get a God and a Goddess separated, chasing each other through time and space on a vast cosmic scale. The purpose is differentiation or evolution to complete a holy matrimony. This is the celestial marriage of the lamb, there are many allegories that discuss this in veiled terms.

Smaller vessels like us can be attracted to these worlds based on affinity and opportunity for soul growth. But in order to come in you have to also split into Him/Her (As above so below). That’s the “Jehovah differentiated your Ego” bit Burgoyne writes about. So the sexual schism is a quest undertaken by all of us, as a right to even be here in a physical human vessel. God and Goddess split from the undivided to create this world, this opportunity, and yes risk is involved, because no-one leaves unchanged, and karmic law must ever be in effect. But we do it because perfection in stillness, in the androgynous or “inviolate” state can stagnate. This is a chance to enrich your Eternity, for “him to to put a face to his Her.” Serrano writes. And for Her to put a face to her Him.

Studying this occult lore one starts to see a 1:1 correspondence between sex on the spiritual plane and on the biological plane. Burgoyne assures us that no outside force can get in between Him and Her. In rare cases, the male side can, through black magick and wickedness and repression of his anima, absorb the female half and essentially destroy her existence. This is where the black brotherhood of sorcerers that work behind the scenes to keep humanity down comes in. By absorbing the female twin they temporarily gain occult powers but at the cost of everything that once made them human (hence they are sometimes described as reptilian ET‘s which is a psyop/obfuscation of the truth.)

But again, no outside force can permanently separate him and her, because they are formed out of one another, they are two sides of the same Atomic Spirit Atom or Adam. The splitting of Adam’s rib is a coded allegory for this twinning process as well.  

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  1. Key Lamp says:

    If you read the series, God is dead/dying (very frail). It is the angels who continue to power the machine that keeps the authority trapped and alive.

  2. Meaganlotus says:

    Thank you for this write up. This is the first time I have heard the term Biune soul. It also enlightened me with the process of the male destroying the female. I would love to talk more about this topic.

  3. This is experience for me not just rhetoric. It also feels somewhat complete too. I was going to add ‘don’t forget about the two wolves proverb but you’ve addressed it. While we are halved…even that half has many facets – and the one we choose to feed is the one we present. Unfortunately, this also creates further separation from our divine self and our divine half. We can present one way to ourselves but that may not be the divine self , thereby dimming our light. I really enjoy this side of your writing. It shines. I happened on the more spooky prose related to this and while it is intriguing -(and appeals to the side of me I like to hide) it’s this type of prose that I feed upon. Thank you for sharing both.

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