Is There a Time Limit For the Evolution of Humanity?

Eowyn: “I fear neither death nor pain.”

Aragorn: “What do you fear, my lady?”

Eowyn: “A cage.”


If the answer is “yes” to the question posed in the title, then this may be one of the primary reasons why esoteric knowledge has long remained hidden from the majority, and has been carefully guarded by mystery schools and encrypted into the sacred texts behind parabolic veils. If it got out that there was a time limit, on the cosmic level, at which man must meet certain qualifications to be saved from “the wrath of God,” than one could see how this might easily incite mass panic, and promote cultish saviour groups of all kinds, splintering off and fighting with each other. (Not that this last thing doesn’t happen anyway).

However, now we are entering a new era. Astrologists and New Agey types call it the Age of Aquarius, and I have no problem with that, but Mouravieff, who represents the Eastern Orthodox Esoteric Wisdom Systems of the early Church Fathers, called this new age the ‘Cycle of the Holy Spirit.’ The commonality between the two names for this new era is that now all secrets must be revealed; no more can esoteric knowledge remain locked up in wisdom systems and secret societies. All must be plain as day for even the layman. All cards must be on the table. The Trump card must be played, and is being played. Aquarius, with his water pitcher washes away the grime of illusion to reveal the truth gems hidden beneath. 

The previous age of Pisces was always dualistic, with the two fish, one fish representing truth, the other representing lies and illusion. Both were accepted and karmically allowed. This 2000 year Pisces period, starting with the birth of Christ, corresponded with what Mouravieff calls the ‘Cycle of the Son,’ which was preceded by the 2000 year, ‘Cycle of the Father’ during the times chronicled in the Old Testament.

So we see distinct “flavors,” if you will, of each cycle. During the Cycle of the Father, we saw the harsh rulership of Yahweh, the Father-God, who demanded that his chosen people have undying devotion to him, even at the cost of inflicting upon them great suffering. However, from Yahweh we are taught faith.

If you read Carl Jung’s essay entitled, “Answer To Job,” you see a shift in this Diety happening after the Book of Job. This is a horrible chapter where we see God inflicting harsh punishment to a very pious, God-fearing man named Job. Why? Because Satan dared him to, saying that even this pious man would turn his back on the Lord if struck by misfortune – thus Job experiences death of loved ones, famine and disease. But Job proves loyal to the end. Jung shows how Yahweh has a marked change of heart after this episode. He loses the fiery, harsh temperament, and it is not too long after, that the Old Testament closes and the New Testament begins with the birth of Christ. From here on out, God the Father is one portrayed by his son as one of love, and his son, as a symbol of hope and salvation. We no longer see the hot-tempered jealous God that permeated the Old Testament and the times of Moses and Abraham.

Thus we have the following formula – 

Age of Aries – Old Testament – Cycle of the Father – Faith/devotion

Age of Pisces – New Testament – Cycle of the Son – Hope/salvation

And now we enter the final cycle, the Age of Aquarius, and the Cycle of the Holy Spirit, where faith and hope must be the tools we employ to reach gnosis, the gateway to true love. 

Now is where we get into the scary part, the notion of an end of the world, a time limit, a deadline. Mouravieff talks about how the incarnation of God in the form of Jesus, really was an act of staving off a kind of apocalypse, due to the failure on the part of man to transcend his fallen state.

The incarnation of Christ was God’s ‘answer to Job’ according to Jung. By remaining a loyal God-fearing man even after the horrid trials and tribulations inflicted on him by God who was simply trying to win a bet posed to him by Satan, Job morally “one-upped” God, kind of making God look foolish. God’s change of heart due to Job’s moral superiority results in his desire to become man, born of flesh. But he takes great pains to incarnate without the sin of the fall of man. Thus he is born of a virgin, and as a result Jesus is never quite a man, but remains a God-man, impervious to Satanic influences. Nevertheless his appearance into history serves a purpose of setting the table for the final act, which begins now.

In the cycle of the Holy Spirit, we can expect no more incarnations from above. No more saviours, no more stop-gap failsafes. Man, imperfect, fleshly Adamic man, must evolve his spirit through the esoteric path, cross the Threshold, and undergo the “second birth,” the individual resurrection, which Christ taught. Preacher Neville Goddard talks about this at great length, how Christ must be born from within the individual. There must be a new elite of men and women at the onset of this new cycle who have undergone this process, who can then be the catalyst for the rest of humanity. These elite must be the role models, the shamans, showing the way, but in the end, everyone must do their own inner work, face their own demons, and come out of the tunnel, on the other end of the threshold. On the cosmic level, this really DOES need to happen collectively within a certain time frame, otherwise the whole system collapses, and what St. Peter warned about will occur: “the day of the lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. (2 Peter 3:10)”

Man was saved from this fiery fate at the start of the Cycle of the Son by the birth of Chrst, as a kind of stop-gap measure, but that was our last helping hand from above. Now it is up to us to incarnate Christ from within, at the start of this new cycle. We had the chance at the beginning of the Cycle of the Son to complete this task, but we failed miserably. The chosen ones, the elite of their time, were put before this test, to face their demons and cross the threshold and undergo the transformation to the second birth. Only John the Baptist succeeded. King Herod gave in to jealousy and had him beheaded. And Caiaphas, the Chief Priest thought to exploit the preachings of Jesus for political ends. This event is known as the catastrophe of Golgotha.

Mouravieff writes, “Today, having come to the end of the Cycle of the Son, humanity is again faced, at the moment when the irreversible passing of Time has drawn it towards the DO of its octave, with a choice; an ultimate option. Either it rapidly liquidates a karmic tare grown heavier during twenty centuries and makes itself the servant of the Accomplishment during the Era of the Holy Spirit, or else it repeats the error of the chosen people and dooms itself to the fire. This is the choice offered by St. Peter in his second epistle. These are the consequences of the catastrophe of Golgotha.”

He continues, about the failure at Golgotha, “Thus the chosen people, instead of crossing the second Threshold together as was foreseen, suffered a fall in which the whole of humanity was involved. About forty years after the death of the Saviour the temple of Solomon was destroyed and the diaspora commenced. Due to the fall of its esoteric pathfinders, the whole of humanity was dragged along and has been marking time through the Cycle of the Son.”

He also points out that interestingly since it was the Jews who were the chosen ones put before this test at Golgotha, and failed, have since been cursed –  persecuted and forced from one land to another, ever since. In this new cycle, the battleground is happening in Christianity, and all truly esoteric Jews must accept Christ and move into the Christian arena at this time, where the last test will take place. To stay in Judaism is stagnation, as Christianity and Judaism cannot be separated; Christianity is in fact the conclusion of the latter. The Old Testament set the table, but the New Testament is the meal itself. (All true esoterically initiated Jewish Kabbalists know this, and there is ample evidence in the Old Testament that predicted the coming of Christ).

Now it’s of the utmost importance at this point to refrain from panic about the possibility of humanity being doomed to the fire, should we fail in this final task. It is easy to panic when faced with the idea that we don’t have all the time in the world to collectively get it right. The first reason not panic: individuals who do their own inner work and cross the second Threshold into the second birth are safe, anchored in their eternity, and become involved in the higher octaves of reality. Unfortunately this appears to be rare, and sometimes these individuals consciously choose to reincarnate back here to help humanity. A second reason not to panic is that, as bad as things may seem on the surface right now, we are in a better position at the start of this cycle than we were at the start of the previous one. This is due to the fact that the wisdom of Christ has spread throughout the world, whereas previously the wisdom was only in the hands of a chosen few. 

Also, thanks to the technological advances of man, information and communication can spread more rapidly across great distances, and knowledge can be pooled and shared like never before. As well, technology has allowed for more leisure time for esoteric study, whereas in previous eras man was burdened by the plow and working the fields. The problem however, is that the great leaps in technological progress have not been accompanied by the same kind of leaps in the field of morality, thus we see the great risks of technology being misused for violence and ill. The new elite who cross the second Threshold must be the beacons of moral standards to the rest of humanity to follow.

Mouravieff writes, “Is there a ruling class and an elite – the distinction is essential – capable of leading (humanity) through this passage? This is an agonizing question for all who are conscious of its urgency. Many of us can feel its urgency yet prefer  to turn back towards the past. Basing our judgement on what has gone before, we continue to count on the forbearance God showed us on the two previous falls. This is an error. Humanity has exhausted its credit. Its actions today must fulfil divine expectations.”

Now I’ve always been somewhat an anxious individual, and my mind immediately goes to the “worst case scenario” in things. So naturally, if you are like me you want to know what the fate of the soul of man should be if “doomed to the fire;” if we fail in this great cosmic task by the appointed time. Mouravieff frustratingly does not go into much detail about this innate possibility. But he does offer this brief consolation, which is line with the Hermetic principles; I will share it in its entirety here: 

Mouravieff writes on page 45 of his book Gnosis, Volume 2, “To admit that man is endowed with an immortal Soul as well as a body is to admit that his Soul has incarnated. If we consider the Soul to be immortal, it is not illogical to think that this faculty of incarnation can be used by it again, once or many times: we do not see why we should discard the argument of recurrence that is applicable to so many natural phenomena. Once we accept, with all Christian Churches, the principle of the immortality of the Soul, it would be difficult to understand why we have only one single territorial life which, in the great  majority of cases, simply wanders from one error to another before ending in moral bankruptcy and then physical death. How can we believe in the silence and inaction of this Soul before and after its ephemeral terrestrial life – and this in a Cosmos where everything vibrates in perpetual pulsation, caught up in movement that consciously strains towards a goal? This immobilization of energy, whether it occurs in an empyrean heaven or among the flames of hell, will always appear paradoxical in a Universe where everything is based on the interdependencies of the elements and on economy of energy.”

I read the above passage whenever I begin to despair at the fallen state of humanity, and to lose faith and hope, and it provides comfort.

To this we may add what William Blake said, “Nothing lasts, but nothing is lost.”

Like Eowyn, I don’t fear death, I fear a cage. I fear getting lost. I fear immobilization. Can I trust that God abhors these things as well, as possible fates for his children?

And can I trust the seven Hermetic principles of old, which are all about the eternal inbreathing and out-breathing of Brahman, the Absolute. We are all caught up in this ever-lasting flux, and it does not make sense that we would ever remain trapped in one State or another. And even if we succeed in moving humanity to the next great Octave, there we will face new goals and challenges, albeit on a different scale of things.

Again I must stress that what I am revealing here has been hidden in mystery schools for its very distressing nature. For example in esoteric Kabbalah, it is not recommended to undergo high level initiation until age 40. When faced with this information, and not properly grounded in faith and hope, one can easily fall into deep fear and depression. It is something I struggle with now everyday, even as I type these words. I can see that there has been a vast, destructive cover-up in Christianity that we have already been saved by Christ’s sacrifice. That act of Christ was merely a stop-gap temporary measure; a way forward, but not a solution in-and-of-itself. 

The only consolation is to sincerely believe that the human Soul rests in the bosom of the eternal All, which is Love. And that only those poor tormented Souls that have become too wretched and corrupted are granted annihilation, and even this is by their own free choice. Perhaps what burns in the fire as described by St. Peter is simply that part of us that must be purged so that we realign or reconcile with the grace of God.

What we must use to stay centered and balanced when faced with this vast, existential uncertainty, is ironically enough, the lessons learned in the two previous ages where man failed in its task: faith, and hope. Faith that we are given a task by God-the-Father that is doable, and that we are NOT stuck in an absurd situation as a result of some kind of cosmic error or mistake, or Demiurgic trick. And second, we must have hope, as taught by Christ-the-Son, that we can and WILL accomplish this task. Just as one cannot learn to draw without sitting down and drawing, one cannot accomplish this esoteric feat without acting AS IF we already accomplished it. THAT is hope, and also how the Law of Attraction works (see the work of Neville Goddard). Faith and hope are the pillars we must use to climb the ladder to gnosis, the theme of this third era.

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5 Responses to Is There a Time Limit For the Evolution of Humanity?

  1. george says:

    the ruling class is bankrupt and corrupted by demons…look at them them the Jeffrey Epstein, jislaine Maxwell’s, faucis, Warren buffet, Bill Gates spreading lies to spread fear and keep the population in an imbecilic state.

    the righteous moral elite must look within and find their eternal strength. the false leaders of this realm worship the ai demon. we laugh at this and will not be degraded

  2. Onufrie says:

    Hi mate,
    Perhaps you should check Wes Penre’ interpretation of the Gnostic texts.

  3. Erin says:

    Gold. Pure and true. Nicely done.. as always. Thank you.

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