Men with Christ Youtube Live Chat

This may be a good introductory video into Z’s work for newcomers.

For more, read

  1. A Cosmic Conversation with Z (topics include – targeted individuals, NPC’s, Ecclesiastical Trust, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Hollywood Codes, Yeshua, Christ Michael)
  2. Conversing with Z – The Divine Paradox (Z’s childhood experience in the MK Ultra Project, The Fall of Sophia, the Christ Narrative, The Father as the Holy Ghost, the way out of the game system)
  3. Fragments of the Cosmic Narrative Surround Us (my survey of movies, song lyrics, scriptures, fairy tales, nursery rhymes which depict this meta-narrative expounded by Z)
  4. End Times Prophecy – 2045-2048 (Z’s timeline of events leading up to the Singularity)

And much more – just click on the ‘Inspired by Z’ tab at the upper left corner of the screen.

We are looking for more men (or women) with Christ to join in the Zoom chats, which will hopefully be a weekly thing. If you are interested in joining, contact me at

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