An Esoteric Analysis of Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige”

“It’s as though we were watching a movie, and then suddenly we were acting in it….”  –Xanopticon.


I was led to watch this movie from talking with Z about ‘A Dark Knight.’ Both are Nolan movies starring Christian Bale. I thought the Prestige was an excellent movie but more importantly it is highly coded and loaded with occult truths, when you know what to look for.

Self Sacrifice

To recap, Z says of Bale’s role as Batman in A Dark Knight: “The problem is, in the end he doesn’t sacrifice himself. The whole thing Hollywood shows you, is he imitates sacrifice, he’s gonna go off and take this bomb and fly off into this body of water and the idea is he’s sacrificed for the people.


Batman’s supposed “sacrifice” at the end of ‘A Dark Knight’

But that’s not how the movie ends! Then he is sitting at a restaurant in France, he sees Alfred and winks…. The point is he did not sacrifice. So if you follow the trend and track Hollywood little deeper, who is the actor? Christian Bale. And what else did he do also with Nolan? The Prestige. What is The Prestige all about? Legitimate sacrifice. So they are playing the Christ game depicted through these two different actions and paths taken by Bale in these two Nolan films. So if you follow that sub-trend they are communicating. The Prestige is a very virtuous movie teaching the true path of Christ, of sacrifice, of the devoted path. So that’s the problem of batman. What else do they show with Batman? He is some snarky asshole. He is moody. And he defects a thousand year old lineage. It’s portrayed that he is doing something for some higher morality, but the reality is he is kind of a lazy bitch. And he is going up against this lineage. The problem of the modern world is that people are conditioned to think, ‘fuck having a teacher, I can do whatever, it’s just me. And lineages? Screw that. (SOURCE)

So in Batman, Christian Bale is representing the Anti-Christ, but in The Prestige, he gets to play the Christ role. In the latter film he is a stage magician named Alfred Borden, who dedicates his life to the art, he sacrifices many aspects of his personal life to practicing his act. Meanwhile his rival magician Robert Angier (played by Hugh Jackman) often steals his tricks and is thus the Anti-Christ, he can only imitate. To quote from the movie, he “is not willing to let his hands get dirty,” he wants things to come easy.

In esoteric Hollywood the names of the actors are often coded as well. CHRISTian Bale playing CHRIST. Look at ‘Hugh Jackman’ remove ‘Jack’ and it’s Hugh-man or Human, with a Jack in the middle.  Humans have been jacked, hijacked by the Anti-christ, the Jack/Joker/Jester, by the Archons.


Hugh Jackman’s character Angier reading Borden’s diary, says, “A cypher. An enigma. A search. A search for answers. Even if Colorado is the end of my journey, it will take much longer to unravel Borden’s secrets. See the cypher in his notebook is unlocked by a single word, but it will take months to transcribe his writing, and to know his mind. But my passion is equal to the task.”

The Archons cannot create, they can only mimic what children of the Father, the body of Christ creates. Z says that the original material world and all the plant and animal inhabitants were made by humans, by the Elect, who, back then had the power of manifestation, and could design nature according to principles of balance and harmony. This was then hijacked by the Archons, and now we have a digitized copy of nature. The quality is diminished, like a photocopy, it is now a place of consume-consume-consume; it’s a deadly place, and unbalanced. And Borden’s diary, like Christ’s teachings were done in parables or cyphers, in the event of such a hijacking, so that truth could be kept safe.

movie new-k9CB--621x414@LiveMint

Borden and Angier are sent to watch a Chinese magician to try and figure out how he does the goldfish bowl trick. The old magician limps out of the theater into his coach, and Borden says, “This is the trick. This is the performance – right here. This is why noone can detect his method. Total devotion to his art. Total self sacrifice. You know? It’s the only way to escape all this…”


“The only way to escape all this” (pounding the wall) the material world.

The old man does not really limp, he must in fact have superior leg strength to hold the fishbowl in his legs:


Angier says while attempting the fishbowl trick, “I can barely lift it and it’s not even filled with water…. The guy pretends to be crippled. Borden saw through it immediately.”

Borden saw through it because he understands self-sacrifice to an art, to expression, because Borden is Christ. Angier does not understand. The Anti-christ cannot understand anything but narcissism. His bowl isn’t even filled with water. Water is a known esoteric symbol for spirit. These are spirit-less vessels we are dealing with.


Of magic tricks, Borden tells a young boy, “Never show anyone. They’ll beg and flatter you for the secret. But as soon as you give it up, you’ll be nothing to them. The secret impresses no one. The trick you use it for is everything.”

Drowning of The Right Side

So the reason Borden and Angier are rivals (even though at first they were working together) is because Angier’s girlfriend died as part of a Houdini act gone wrong. It may have been Borden’s fault, for tying the wrong kind of knot:





Angier’s girlfriend and stage-hand drowns in the tank

Angier in Black and the woman in white, black/white duality pointing to the two sides of the Sophia-Logos: Samael and Sophia. Sophia is drowning in water, in spirit, the black loses its connection to the divine feminine. In genesis, the serpent acting on Samael’s behalf injects Eve with its filth, breeding the fall from grace, culminating in what we have now with the gender wars, patriarchy, ‘toxic masculinity’ (which is really run not by toxic males but by the sick parts of the Mother, tranny Yahweh/Samael/Ashlodai/Lucifer/Lucy/Demiurge). Keeping Alice in Chains, Alice being the generative, right side of the brain, the anima in men, and it’s always drowning or in chains, or falling down a rabbit-hole, keeping us in left-brained male logical thinking only.

For example on this Alice in Chains album cover, we see the right eye covered by this jar of flies. That is Sophia’s right side becoming Samael, the darkness, Satan, Beelzebub – (which translates in Hebrew to ‘Lord of Flies’).


From here on out in the movie, Angier is hateful and vengeful. No anima.


So Angier and Borden split, becoming separate acts, and start taking turns sabotaging each other, each one upping the revenge on the other. Angier shoots Borden, missing his heart and instead getting him in the hand.
IMG_1008Christ with the nails in his hands, bleeding from the hands.IMG_1009

The Transported Man, Clones, Doubles

Some time passes, Angier continues to spy on Borden’s shows. One day Angier sees that Borden has a new trick. It’s the best trick he has ever seen: the “Transported Man.” Borden walks into one door and pops out of another door on the other side of the stage in a split second.

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 1.04.07 AM


Spoiler alert: he can do this because he has a twin. Nobody knows he has a twin. They take turns disguising one of them as his stage assistant, Fallon:



Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 1.07.21 AM

A reference to Archons in Masks?

That’s the sacrifice they made. Total devotion to their art. That’s what Angier/Anti-Christ/the Jack-man can never understand. When one of the twins lost two fingers in the shooting, the other one had to deliberately chop off his own two fingers to match. That’s sacrifice.

Now Angier becomes obsessed with figuring out how Borden does the Transported Man. He goes to the ends of earth, to find a way to duplicate that trick. To do it better. He tried finding a double, who ends up being unreliable. He hears about a man named Tesla, living in Colorado, who invents machines that are “real magic,” i.e. what stage magicians pretend to do. Of course now in modern times we know that what Tesla was inventing was just science, albeit advanced for its time.


Angier meeting Tesla

But in the film Tesla invents a duplicator: one thing goes in, and two identical things come out:


That is one hat that has been through the duplicator. The next step was a biological subject – the black cat. I think of Schrodinger’s cat, both alive and dead, in two places at once.

So Angier/Anti-Christ has to rely on science, on technology (transhumanism) to duplicate what Borden does with a simple twin (biology).


Tesla’s duplicating machine

We have this prevalent cloning motif in Hollywood. The dark side and their clone wars, building a clone army. Imitating life, through technocratic means. Tesla warns Angiers not to use it, that it will destroy him. And it does. The clone that comes out of the machine is good for one trick and then has to be destroyed.



Angiers does not know which door he will pop out of, will he be the clone and killed, drowned under the stage, the man in the box, or will he be the one onstage receiving the applause from an adoring crowd? In the end it is his ego that drives him to his death.


Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 1.31.08 AM

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 1.26.00 AM

At the end we see rows and rows of tanks filled with Angiers drowned clones or doubles. He had to continually fragment himself, like Voldemort did with his Horcruxes, becoming a shell of a man.


Z: “All of Mom’s [Sophia’s] characters are based on one of the 169,000 real souls….So with the cloning centers, it’s kind of like this idea. They are there to thematically introduce you to the reality, that each of the 169,000, Mom is duplicating, like we are going back to the depth of reality. Like, where are we? We are in the moment when the Mother, the One, that one other thing, has schizophrenically fragmented herself. So she is in the image of God process, doing this bizarre thing. It’s like the little child who doesn’t know how to make cookies, so she is copying Father’s (recipe), or will, Father’s blueprint. So what is cloning really about? It’s Mom duplicating her best idea or impression of what the zeros, what the souls are. That’s what cloning really is. That’s why she’s made 500,000,000 characters of herself to play. She’s like, ‘if I throw the anomaly of Christ, the 169,000 souls in here, and just watch them for a while…if it’s like this, or like that, if we make the supercomputer and call it Earth and shove everybody in here, we will probably figure out how to generate the codes for oblivion. By just watching all of them. What are they doing to have a soul, what is it to have a soul, how can I destroy the soul, how can I delete the soul and override the system?’ That’s her deal. that’s this whole thing!”

Youtuber ‘Holographic Universe‘ echoes this with a similar sentiment, “where did all these biobots [clones] come from? When we play the game as a first arrival in this realm, as an Rh negative, you leave a copy or a memory behind. But alot of us got wise to this, and we left only optimal copies, or we left no copies at all. Maybe it’s because we drowned ourselves, or maybe the flood eradicated a lot of this information. Because flood is spirit, its water, it goes and washes away this artificial matrix. And a lot of souls retreated back to source. So then the matrix had to invent shadow figures in order to build the illusion that the game goes on….they invented these biobots, these shadows into which souls come and incarnate, as like a walk-in.”

Gnosis. org: “The Tripartite Tractate similarly describes how the Logos (i.e. Sophia) fails in his quest to find the Father. According to this text, the Sophia-Logos “did not reach the attainment of the glories of the Father, the one whose exalted status is among things unlimited. This one did not attain him.” Instead, the Sophia-Logos brought forth “that which was deficient in itself” corresponding to the sufferings described by Ptolemy. This took the form of a false reality in the form of “likenesses, copies, shadows, and phantasms, lacking reason and the light, these which belong to the vain thought, since they are not products of anything.”

From the show ‘Orphan Black:’

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 10.20.51 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-07 at 10.22.31 PMhelena-orphan-black

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4 Responses to An Esoteric Analysis of Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige”

  1. george says:

    Nolan is an obvious Tavistock plant…a corrupter, meant to degrade minds..archons can easily infect minds through films and the deep state occultists use all this to serve their puppet masters. Nolan appeared on the scene abruptly and almost immediately was fed into the hollywood big budget system…very suspicious and for a brit at that…not that common…unless one is connected among the low satanic EL ite..this bot infested satanic realm is a parasitic joke, a corruption that must be ended..real souls wake up

    • Yes but even films like his can be teaching tools when analyzed correctly, and by side-stepping the mind control propaganda inherent on the surface layer. Underneath are the bible codes. There is really only a small handful of stories that they are telling again and again, remixed ad infinitum.

      • Agreed. And at sixty, woke since birth, I’ve seen a LOT of movies. I would suggest that teh bible itself is disinfo though!
        What we all need to remember is that we are Divine Light Beings.
        This movie – out of the thousands I have watched since 1964 – gives the takeaway we must remember to not only be cognizant of this holy war but remain in high vibration:

      • george says:

        Yes..for those with eyes to see films can be learning tools….and yes it is the same stories recycled…I have friends who work in film and publishing and the top moneymaking hyped authors and film directors are all from the bloodline families and the backroom meddling is astounding….the media are truly dark arts and demonic practices abound

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