A Conversation With ‘Z’

Get ready folks, the following post, in the form of a transcript of the second phone chat I had with a gentleman who we will call ‘Z’ for now, will shatter paradigms, including some of the paradigms established on this very blog. And that is OK. When you read a novel, you believe for a while that it is real. if you didn’t,  it would be hard to get engrossed in it. the same should be true for listening to accounts of whistleblowers/truthers (although Z wouldn’t like to be regarded as a whistleblower, even though he does have a background growing up in the cult and with SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse). As with anything on my blog, take it all in without judgement, and then try it on for size, like a new hat. Take the story around with you and pretend that it is real for while – see if it fits with your reality. When a new story or paradigm comes along that fits better, toss out the old hat. But don’t disparage this process of tossing out older paradigms which turned out to be lies. This is the scientific method as applied to your own metaphysics. Try on different hypotheses until a new one comes along which fits the data better, then you update the old hypothesis. To stay with a fixed hypothesis is always going to end up fallacious because reality itself is shifting. This is why the word ‘beLIEve’ contains the word ‘lie.’  Belief should remain fluid, or it becomes a LIE. This is the meaning of what I have coined ‘truth scrambling.’ its not some cointelpro reference, its a reference to our ever-shifting reality.

So without further ado, here is my conversation with Z, a man who read my blog and reached out to talk. 


(Z asks about my background, how I got involved in that this)

Gabe (myself): Well what I have been calling my awakening started in 2012 with the Aurora Colorado shooting – where James Holmes dressed as the Joker and shot up the theater during the batman premier. It was so strange to me that I looked into it and discovered a blog that taught me all about MK ultra and mind controlled black assassins. And then of course later that year we had sandy hook…

Z: We did, and it was just after sandy. Hurricane sandy, at the east coast. And they decided it was not clear where they were gonna hit. You know because they steer these things. It hit queens, long island. And It happened to hit sandy hook in new jersey.

Gabe: hehe just happened to right…

Z: Exactly…so this was a 3 pronged thing. Because your James Holmes incident, they were debuting the dark knight, and in the middle of the movie, they flashed the words in front of the screen ‘Aurora.’ shortly after that they flashed the map of Gotham and they zoomed in on the word ‘sandy hook.’ Meanwhile commissioner Gordon is saying if you want to take this thing down, you’re gonna have to get the thing (bomb) on the truck. Now it’s a really important movie. The sub-message is, well Hollywood is always inverting everything while they expose it. I mean clearly batman is piece of shit. He is evil. Not Ra’s Al Ghul, not his daughter, not Bane, Batman is evil. Hopefully that was clear. This guy is Jason. Jason as regards to sacred Hebrew periods in what Jason always refers to. When you have the holy temple, Jason always refers to these corrupted high priests. All the corrupted high priests in the so called intertestamental periods was taking the name Jason to say they were Hellenized. They might be doing all the duties of the high priest but they were not kosher they took the name Jason to show they were Bacchus, Dionysus, they were with the Hellenization.

Gabe: is there something with Jay’s son? Some play on words there?

Z: yes, this is a consistent pattern, and so since none of that actually happened, this is data in our construct, Jason always means that. Jason is Bacchus, Dionysus and drumroll…Jesus. Jesus is not the Christ. Jesus is a fraud. Christs’ name is Michael. Jesus is a fraud, he is Enlil, he is a joker. Jesus is Jason. The Hellenized Bacchus. Now there is a whole thing going on with Jason, James, John, Jack, Yaakov, Jacob. A lot of pattern play there.

Gabe: what about in the Essene gospels, there is Yeshua, is he also part of the fraud? Because those texts were suppressed…

Z: No, he is a lesser Christ. You can’t have a second coming of Christ. That doesn’t actually work. So the Christ is always in each cycle in a male body always. To actually be the Christ and do the thing, it needs to be done in the lifetime that the – the Jesus self understands this. But they have everything inverted especially because of the Kazarian Nazaritic overlay, but  the things about Mashiach (hebrew word for Messiah), anyway…following the details and dynamics laid out in Torah culture about Mashiach will clarify the Vedic material about the Ishta Devata. so you don’t understand the Ishta Devata until you clarify it will Torah constants about Mashiach. Then you will understand what the Christ is. That’s a little bit about that’s a little about Jason…

So I was just saying it was 3 pronged event. This ridiculous  impossible situation in the movie theater in aurora. They are displaying aurora, leading towards sandy hook, and why they are always calling these keys sandy hook, on a map, There are so many sandy hooks, especially on the east coast. They played that game, and they they named hurricane sandy that crashed into Queens in Long Island. It was a big deal, and just after that they did Sandy Hook. It was very sandy let’s put it that way…

What I meant about the height of 2012, so that’s when they were bringing you in? Oh and the thread of batman as the Jason character, that’s always happening. The problem is, in the end he doesn’t sacrifice himself. The whole thing Hollywood shows you, is he imitates sacrifice, he’s gonna go off and take this bomb and fly off into this body of water and the idea is he’s sacrificed for the people. But that’s not how the movie ends! Then he is sitting at a restaurant in France, he sees Alfred and winks…. The point is he did not sacrifice. So if you follow the trend and track Hollywood little deeper, who is the actor? Christian Bale. And what else did he do also with Nolan? The Prestige. What is The Prestige all about? Legitimate sacrifice. So they are playing the Christ game depicted through these two different actions and paths taken by Bale in these two Nolan films. So if you follow that sub-trend they are communicating. The Prestige is a very virtuous movie teaching the true path of Christ, of sacrifice, of the devoted path. So that’s the problem of batman. What else do they show with Batman? He is some snarky asshole. He is moody. And he defects a thousand year old lineage. It’s portrayed that he is doing something for some higher morality, but the reality is he is kind of a lazy bitch. And he is going up against this lineage. The problem of the modern world is that people are conditioned to think, ‘fuck having a teacher, I can do whatever, it’s just me. And lineages? Screw that.’

So he is rejecting the lineage. So then he goes on to blow up the divine feminine. There is a much bigger story if you don’t get distracted by Batman, because Ra’s Al Ghul and his daughter and Bane are the real heroes. And the joker is the wild card. The importance of that movie is to understand who Bane is. But anyway enough about that. So you had your stirrings when researching James Holmes?

Gabe: right, and the whole notion of these black assassins who kill and they are not even aware of it, they’re in a trance, MK ultra. Although now I think that all those things are hoaxes, it’s just media events.

Z: right you find out later that these things didn’t even happen, they are CIA actors, not even assets.  And I’ll tell you briefly that directly after Sandy hook happened a lot of things people were exposing later I wrote about on facebook two days after it happened and then I had to have a sit down with two special terrorist investigators of the FBI. and people were pissing on me saying oh you’re a monster! These children, yada yada,…shut the fuck up. That school was closed in 2008 for asbestos. This one was close with me because i’m from Connecticut. People who know Connecticut know that sandy hook is nothing, its a mile by mile tiny little neighborhood inside Newton. That was not a functioning school….am I telling you something you already know?

Gabe: Yeah I mean Jim Fetzer did a great job on all that. Ok so here is a question, cus I’m still not sure on this. I get how Aurora has this occult message and  maybe programming going on. But why sandy hook? Is it to take our guns? Is it to sell guns?

Z: The gun thing is a very low level. It’s a buy-in. If you don’t get up and say, ‘fuck you, the emperor has no clothes on,’ then you buy in. So they are doing this in everyone’s face. I mean anyone with an ounce of discernment, who watched Eugene Rosen, how do you believe that’s real?

Gabe: so does this create some kind of black magick spell, those who do buy in somehow it binds them to some kind of spell?

Z: yes you’ve got the word its a binding. For sure. If you don’t object than you agree. I mean how can you see this motherfucking top actor, Eugene Rosen, this guy has 5 different stories. Is anybody buying this guy?

Gabe: I feel like they purposely pick really bad crisis actors.

Z: they did and the thing is he isn’t a bad actor, he was portraying bad acting. He is actually one of the highest priests of the temple of set in Newton. So he is secret society all the way, he was portraying lousy acting. The point is, ‘hahaha we can have this completely sloppy affair and no one is going to care or say anything.’ And the whole thing started with Tony Hawk, as Robbie Parker, walking out laughing before he attempts to stand at the microphone going, “my daughter just died…” and two seconds ago he was cracking up laughing.

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 10.18.38 PM

That ‘s Tony hawk and his real life daughter who are playing the sad sisters of the supposedly dead girl. Everybody who lived in that tiny neighborhood got their house donated to them in 2009 or 2010…

Gabe: so you’ve managed to stay out of recruitment, so to speak?

Z: oh yeah, I mean I was put in the programs as a child but when I was four I said no. I said no I’m not going to be with Satan. You get an option. And you don’t do rituals and you don’t get pulled in like that because you said no. They still chuck you in the programs if you have the psychic aptitude but if you say no, they can’t force you to serve Satan.

Gabe: but you consider yourself a targeted individual?

Z: I’m probably the most targeted individual in the world. To be completely honest. I just don’t care. Like These people make me nuts, they talk about having a difficult life and being a TI, its like no you’re not.

Gabe: I mean you’re being monitored but are you being attacked?

Z: At different periods and phases in my life for sure. I just don’t care. I’m not going to go around being a victim. I think they’re hilarious. The whole thing is a big joke, they are so morbid. Everything in my life has been the hidden hand since I was born. People who are family friends, everything has been either this secret society this agency, part of the mob.  I mean I understand who everybody was now, and i think it’s hilarious. Like just while I’m the call with you because i’m talking to you I’ve had three different cars follow me trying to distract or disturb me while i’m talking to do. I just drive straight at them. If they are going to fuck with me i just give it back to them, I don’t blink, I don’t care. I don’t like people who are lying, first of all, and have a psychological disturbance, and maybe some low level targeting, just bitching and moaning. It’s not useful, they need help, they need energy work, to be grounded and stop being so worked up. and usually the people who are so vocal about it are just unstable.  And then there are people like me who are targeted way beyond anything they could understand, like this is a joke. They just want to let you know they are there, all the time. So I just fuck back with them, I think its funny. There are bigger and bigger levels to this game. Basic quantum science – if you influence this way, then that thing that influences can be influenced. Push and shove – its a game. The stakes are high but its a game. People who are so afraid of them bring a lot of negative karma into their life and a lot of things happen because they are so afraid. So you have to understand the game.

Gabe: how does it work with being protected in some way, these people like to fuck with people but why don’t they just outright assassinate them?

Z: they can’t do anything to me because I’m with Christ. It’s been a lifelong path of integrity first of all, but I’m now with Christ on paper, like i’m signed in a financial trust using the terms Jesus Christ and god, even though they are definitely subordinate terms in the Mother, but they work in black law dictionary, so by their own standards I’m signed to a higher contract then being signed with the USA Inc. which is the front for the In God We Trust, which everybody here is umbrella’d in the world under, so, I’m completely protected, they can’t do anything, I don’t use license plates, if they want to talk to me, i just overpower them and reminding them, look i am not yours. I just hand them my little binders with my trust, a little note saying they cannot molest me or my property, because i’m with Christ, on paper. You do this with the sovereignty stuff you’re gonna get fucked, because that shit isn’t real. But this is real. I’m not claiming sovereignty I’m claiming surrender, surrender to Christ, on paper. They see my EIN, they see it’s all legal, documented, copy the trust with the vehicles, I don’t own anything with my person. I don’t play with my name, which was carefully selected by the cult. Saying my name is not something I like to do because it’s all weighed and measured by the cult. My name of my person does not own anything. Everything is in my trust, and I’m the trustee. I don’t ever contract back in with their system.

Gabe: and can anyone do this?

Z: everyone can and should do this. The thing about Bane, I’ll come directly back to that movie, as its very depictive and important. we are always reliving the Advent. This narrative of Christ. Every cycle we are playing  it out again. Now there are more characters than are displayed in that little Mason’s version…hold on a sec, i’m in a parking lot and these idiots are behind me, of course. See this is all I need to do, I go to the grocery store and all these agents show up. I guess they didn’t want me in that parking spot. Like Aug Tellez talking about about a bunch of fantasy shit, like I’ll tell you about my trips to the grocery store on the daily and talk about demons, like let’s talk about the real world we actually exist. They are attempting to distract me, I was focusing on you and, this is every moment. I go to the grocery store, you call it attacks, I call it football, they are running a play. I understand the plays and patterns. But its constant attacks, but people who are in victim mode whine about it if it happens to them once a month. For me it’s every 5 minutes, but I understand that the Mother’s sick parts are playing a game, and the game is very heavy duty, this is a game that’s deciding how our eternity is going to be. But you gotta get a little bit tucked in and realize they are playing a game. All the Cluster B effects we experience in people and their relationships and psychological dynamics are coming from the original cosmic error in the Mother, playing out narcissism, sociopathy, psychopathy, all these things are in the Mothers flaws – all these characters are her schizophrenic parts playing out. So like, alright, whatever, you guys didn’t want me in that parking space, I’ll go over here, go fuck yourself…so you re-balance the force. Every space or movement, it’s a game board and everything you do has an effect….

Going back to Bane, Bane is John the Baptist. That’s what that character actually represents. So he does a kind of defection while he is also revealing. Then you have the daughter which is obviously Mary Magdalene. And her father is in that sense, Jesus Christ. And Batman is the Antichrist. And joker is Judas and Judas is really on Christ’s side, there was an understanding between them.

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 2.31.32 PMScreen Shot 2019-12-20 at 9.52.03 PM

You asked about Yeshua I didn’t finish that. Yeshua in the Hebrew means liberator. It’s about Moksha the Sanskrit ‘moksha mukti’ meaning realizing reality. Yeshua is a Christ. Now Jesus and Jason these are an invention that comes up in the construct through the guise of the bishops who take over after, and you invent the mythological Jeos, Zeus, Isis, all these pagan plays, codes, and the Hellenized Jason. But Yeshua means ‘liberator’ in Hebrew, he’s still not Michael, the Christ, but he is a Christ. And there is sort of a reduced version of the story you get in the Mason’s version of the new testament, these little good spells, the gospels. In that little pamphlet there are only so many characters, in our real game board there is 169,000 characters, one eighth of them are completely contracted with the ignorance, with the Archontic flow. These guys are jacked into the server and have to do what they are contracted to do, all the time. Aug is one of these guys. He is what we call a 1/8er. Most of us are in amnesia and don’t know what to do.

There was this moment, as a fractal, that ripples and plays through reality all the time. In our version of this reality it happened in 1991. In 1991 there was a reenactment of the cosmic moment, and the ⅛ did what they always do and attempted to go over to the Archontic side. Meanwhile, so they did evil, and most of us, did nothing. And for doing nothing the gift was amnesia. You get to not know what is going on. Like 85% of us did nothing. Deer in headlights. And the tiniest percentage went ‘fuck you we’re leaving.’ They walked away from MK Ultra into a different district, or disc, it’s a little more complicated than this discussion…But this was an actual transitional shift. This was reenacted.

At the heart of defecting, is probably one of the most awful people alive and contracted through and through to be with the archons and that is Mark Passio. He is my antithesis, in this world. He is really good at sounding really good. To grasp what is wrong with him takes a fine toothed comb, a sharp lens. If you have a heart and brain that’s kinda functioning, and you listen to Aug Tellez, you kind of know there is something wrong. You have to have a lot  more scrutiny to really get all the levels of what the fuck is going on with Mark Passio.

Gabe: Yeah you know when I was waking up in 2012, 2013 I discovered Mark Passio and listened to all his podcasts, and he was a big part of my awakening, but after a while I started to sense that, yeah there was something wrong here, he is pushing an agenda,  for example he is still promoting evolution from apes and then the Annunaki theory that they created us from apes. That was the first big red flag for me.

Z: Sure. He is with what we call the dark fire. He is all about it. My thing with him, I met him. And I spoke with him face to face at a bar in Connecticut for three hours. He did a lecture there in 2014, it was 30 minutes away and I went there. My first shock and horror when encountering him  and was like whoa, one of the biggest schismatic effects of your whole frame, which already has questions even within his dynamic communication of what he was saying, didn’t match his energy at all. What he is actually saying has got an underpinned ‘independentism’ which is always antichrist. But it sounds on a functional level – everything he says sounds on point. He would say ‘follow order.’ But then he is saying that the problem is a lack of structure. There is a deep satanic skew in the language where he is saying you don’t follow order. But he is doing it in a sneaky way by talking about objection to governmental control. Don’t follow orders. But the unconscious message is ‘don’t follow order.’ Orderliness is in Christ, if you go to the depths enough in the apostle Paul, you get this Kabbalistic syllogism about divine marriage of all parts, the interconnectivity and accountability  of all the pieces or individuals in a collective. So Mark is talking about independentism in its aggregate, versus the collective need for connection, accountability and responsibility. So if you want to understand what’s wrong with Mark Passio he will always avoid the single most important occult metaphor, the body. If you want to know anything about the law of correspondence, our world, as above so below, the body is the ultimate clarifier. He won’t talk about the body. The body, in the way the church might talk about the body, the body of Christ. The collective connection to the body, the organs and cells, everyone is in this organism together. What you do on the game board affects me, and what I do affects you. So there’s this responsibility. And there are important things that mark says if you re-orient them, such as force vs. violence.

Jason (James bickford) talks about that a little bit too. About re-orienting things. He did it a lot when he was deconstructing Miguel Conner and Jay Weidner, who he calls Jay Weadner…Jason is hilarious if you understand his level of intelligence and wit; now Aug is the boasting horn, Jason is the priest, not mark, but mark and this guy Justin, these people are part of Ashmedai’s team (Asmodeus in Greek) that will emerge the Antichrist. But Jason is the priest of this, the priest effect mentioned in Revelation, Aug is the prophet of the horn, anyway, everybody is playing their role. Everybody has got a role who is a human, and there are only 169,000 humans in here. There are 500,000,000 bodies, not billions, there are only 500,000,000 bodies, and there are 169,000 humans. That’s it. That’s whose in the game. The small game.

(Note: in our previous talk, Z mentioned how the 144,000 is a Masonic skewing of the true number of souls. 144 is 12×12, the Masons love 12. Whereas 169 is 13×13…)

Gabe: OK, so the rest of the ones who are not the 169,000, what –

Z: They are video game components being played by One.

Gabe: So like, I struggle with that. I’ve always struggled with the idea of an NPC, I don’t know if that’s kind of the same thing you’re mentioning. I look at my parents for example. They are totally asleep. They don’t get anything that I’m talking about with conspiracies or any of this. Are they NPC’s? That’s a hard swallow for me.

Z: First of all I’m gonna work with the words you’re using and say basically no. If you’re part of this, and you wouldn’t be talking to me if you weren’t, despite the – see the wonderful thing is your intensity of connection to this material and your honesty to say ‘I don’t have an SRA story,’ good, thank you, you don’t. But that doesn’t mean you’re not part of this. Because most of the things people are talking about are happening on an internal level of the system program, checking in with themselves and operating the construct. So Aug going into psychological fantasy, that didn’t happen to him, he’s just in the system. And he’s looking at the system. So you  being able to say this is my actual story, is much more precious and important to me. It makes you more real, when you’re telling your actual story. And that’s all I want Aug to do or Shane Bales to do. Is tell their actual story. The things I’m talking about happened to be part of my actual story. They happened to me in body. With people. This is a real story. They don’t have that as their real story, you don’t have that, that’s ok. Your real story is what is important. And you’re part of this. Everyone has a part in this. So you ask about your parents. Usually we are stuck with handler parents. They don’t even know because they stuck in several degrees of compartmentalized fragmentation. They are like way down in the 169,000, they are near the bottom. They don’t really matter, they are not doing anything, not really going to help, but they are not part of the One playing, usually this is how it is. They are alive but too numbed out to do anything except be a hindrance to you. And that hindrance can come in the form of being too normal…

Gabe: so I still want to understand the nature of the non-player characters, do they have a soul, do they have a spirit?

Z: the term ‘NPC’ is being used backwards. When you’re with Christ you are an NPC.

Gabe: because you don’t have an ego, so-to speak.

Z: No you gotta follow the video game track here. Characters that can be played, are for the One. The One can play any character. Kind of like the way the agents in the Matrix walk in and out. The One can immediately focus – I mean its always in there – but it can focus its attention in any of the 5 hundred million characters, humans, bodies, let’s call them what they are, bodies – that it wants. So a non-playable character is somebody who has reclaimed their soul, individualized themselves and they are in Christ, Christ is in them. They are playing themself as an actual life. So now the One cannot play that character. So the internet meme, the video game idea that is trending about it is inverted, as usual they invert everything, so they are saying it backwards.

The place where this is clarified for you is in the show Westworld. Westworld is showing you that the conspiracy people, or the demi-conspiracy people that have popularized the NPC thing is being used inside out. In Westworld the series, the message with Dolores and her father Abernathy, is saying if you remember where they left it, they’ve come out and show you the triple frame slip, where one of the hosts is actually collecting data on the guests. So the meta-message is that the guests are the real hosts, in their parlance, they are the hosts of the world, whereas what they see as the hosts in the park, are the real humans. It ends with Dolores proceeding out into the world,that’s the whole point. Explaining to you, the anomaly Christ, versus most of the players here being used. When you own your soul, you can no longer be played, you are a non-playable character.

Gabe: and is it an on/off kind of thing, or is their a gradient, like you can be partially –

Z: yeah you’re on point, there is a gradient, until you achieve. So to simplify, the most basic way I can put it is that there is a soul, which has never moved, it doesn’t move, the soul gets loaded, like a Russian doll, into a character, so, you are your soul, your soul gets loaded into a character, and that character gets put into a doll, a body. You’ve got all these bodies walking around, there are only 5 hundred million that are in here.

When you look at the Georgia Guidestones, that’s a big shopkeeper bubble talking to you, it says ‘maintain.’  the agencies running the internet, spouting off, the Alex Jones types say ‘ they want to reduce the population, reduce reduce reduce!’ Bullshit. When they talk about agenda 21, all the green connections, they always go to the Georgia guidestones. Can you find me the word ‘reduce’ on that bullet point on the Georgia guidestones? That’s not what it actually says. It says ‘maintain’ the population under 5 hundred million. Now if you weren’t pre-loaded and pre-programmed by these imbeciles, ‘maintain’ would indicate that it has always been like that, we’ll make sure it always is. They are not reducing anything. This is a video game in which the souls are loaded into characters and the characters are loaded into bodies in the material or visceral world. There are only and always 5 hundred million bodies in here. And it’s maintained strictly at that loaded and coded level. Not reduce. The park is maintained at 5 hundred million bodies.


Gabe: but you are saying that only 169,000 of them have a soul? Or do they all have a soul?

Z: In our existence, in reality there are only 169,000 souls made. And then there is the thing called the Mother that hasn’t made a single soul yet. She’s sitting there being a little brat. She hasn’t made a soul. This whole thing is bickering with Mom, who on the cosmic level doesn’t want to fuck tonight. She’s got a headache, she’s being a bitch. This is all about what the Father, the holy spirit gave, and became half a child, gave 23 chromosomes, waiting around for the second 23, and Mom is a hold-out. And we are playing out this cosmic psychosis. In everything. So she is all the negative effects and we are sitting here twiddling our fingers, wanting to finish go home, be married, be in bliss, get into the divine realization of the wholeness. Meanwhile there are these shenanigans.  That is why MK ultra exists. Mk ultra is entirely part of this particular construct, of the 39 billion (resets), this is the last run, this version here of MK ultra is such that, the whole thing of all the wars, the spies, espionage, is just to generate the effect of a doll, that is a child who is vulnerable, and if the doll child is vulnerable they put it into something called the program and if you do that in the context of the whole world they are going to give over the code to obliteration. And then they can obliterate. And go back to avoid humiliation. That’s the whole game. On the deepest level of this are the pre-Archons, they want to avoid humiliation for messing up. But ‘they’ is a psychological phenomenon, they are just fragmented parts of the Mother. She is the One. The One is playing this whole material game this illusory game, this delusional game called ‘Maya.’ The veil. It’s just her. In all her craziness. She is playing this game. And inside here are 169,000 souls who came in to put this shit right. And like you said there is a gradient  as to how much any of those 169,000 have gripped, and come to control their own soul as an individual, not independent but an individual, and work toward the collective help getting Christ in here, to get mom out of this stupefaction, so we can go home together. Because you go home together, noone is leaving.

There are not different destinies, we are all bound together there can only be  collective outcome. We are only getting out together. Or we are going to fuck this up together. Either way. But we are in this menagerie. I might have mentioned this last time, it’s like this movie ‘When Dreams May Come,’ this Robin Williams movie. His wife ends up suiciding, he gets stuck down here he has to get her out of this place. That’s what we’re doing. It’s a big mess. But we are swimming in Mom’s mayhem. And we are getting psychologically confused meanwhile. Everyone has their soul given a character, a character in God’s soap opera. That plays into astrology. So that’s a character. So ‘Gabriel’ or ‘Gabe’ is your character. That character Gabe has been in many different dolls. It’s your souls opportunity to play the character Gabe, who is currently loaded into the doll you walk around in.

Gabe: when you say I’ve played different dolls is that like reincarnation or what?

Z: I’m saying your soul has had the opportunity to play every character. Your soul is currently coming through the vehicle of the character Gabe. That character Gabe is currently loaded into a body. The same way they take the little basket brain of data and put it in Abernathy’s head. You take your soul, currently experiencing itself as the character Gabe. The character Gabe may have a thousand fixed path choices at any point. What you do determines more for anybody and for you as to how the whole game is going to be played. But that character has been in multiple bodies in different cycles. Start up the game, play laser tag, now I’m going to be the pirate you’re going to be the cowboy, yada yada. So your character has been in lots of different bodies but it doesn’t always play that character. So currently you your soul is playing yourself through the vehicle of the character Gabe. The character Gabe is on paper, it is a character, you write up this character, it has this narrative, this many possibilities, it may turn here at that point, it may turn there at that point…and then that character gets a doll. For this round, this character is going to be this doll. These are the three simple nursery school levels of this.

If you really want to get this there is a preacher from the 60’s named Neville Goddard, look him up. There have been 39,999,999,999 cycles. We’ve played every character, done every possible thing. This Is a produced reality. It’s just laser tag. Go! New round. Each round lasts 150 years. Two 150 components for 300 year cycles, 39 billion of them. We all know who we are. Most of us just forgot.

Gabe: So when we die is that when we remember all this?

Z: No, you just get put back in. Most of the new age stuff is bunk .You only have the opportunity to remember when you are alive. You must work work work, focus, and remember. And this is the last time. This is the final cycle, where everyone is behooven to remember pretty fuckin’ fast. Somebody walked away…somebody always walks away and took their satellite with them, we call them satellites… Somebody walked away, who remembers everything. Remembering everything is a pain in the ass, it’s a burden. Because nobody else does, you’re kinda waiting…

(pause)…sorry I was having an unspoken communication with the cart attendant who decided to get possessed for a moment…

Gabe: so he is part of the construct then right?

Z: of course. Look it’s just me talking to the mother. That’s all it is. She is just in these people. I just look at her like she’s crazy cuz she knows she’s crazy. It’s a game of quiet compromises, I don’t ever lose track of the fact that it is just her.

Gabe: so they don’t have any autonomy then?

Z: what do you mean? The premise of your question is flawed. There is no they. It’s just her. It’s just the One.

Gabe: but they think they are autonomous.

Z: what do you mean? There is no they. You’re having a problem here. You’re getting confused because there are 5 hundred million bodies walking around. There is no they.

Gabe: it’s a hard one for me to wrap my head around.

Z: I know, i know. But to actually live it is different thing. That is why I live on a different level than the people who are spouting their mouth off on YouTube, who are laughable to me. Cus they are like just saying nonsense. The real game is walking around in what we consider the real world, and realizing that there is story on top of story when you go to the grocery store. I’m not talking about fantasy land, candy land, of Miles Johnston underground bases and Donald Marshall’s celebrity centers. Like none of this matters to you Gabe! That doesn’t matter! Its fantasy land! But you do go to the same places I go to, you probably walk into  target every now and then or walmart. This is the actual game board where the actual game is happening. In day to day life. This is my part – what I’m doing is getting everyone back to reality. The reality is happening in the body. The character is in the body and the soul is in character. We’re in the body. Lets talk about the shit that’s actually on the game board.

I’m just tired of people talking about their MILABS fantasy jerk-off story. It’s part of the program, the internal program in the system, but it’s not going on. Like, if we want to understand what the principle Christ is in this world and what’s really going on, we should talk about the shit that’s really going on….

Gabe: so how does ancient history work if we are in these 300 year cycles?

Z: it’s part of the program.

Gabe: so none of that really happened, it’s just programming?

Z: well I can’t say it didn’t happen. Because the same way you say to somebody, oh that objectively didn’t happen, those are your feelings. But those perceptions, impressions and feelings happened to the mind, they experience it, so I could always say that’s not objective reality but I could validate your feelings, your feelings are always valid. Doesn’t mean that’s really real, but you had those feelings. So this whole construct started with a kernel, and that kernel got built on, and built on. So if you look at this in computer terms, than you can grasp this quickly, because a computer game or video game only exist in a n expression of mind that actually describes reality. And in this reality those previous rounds or previous data fields, exist, they are not ancient on a linear line, you aren’t going back a million years, to neanderthal times, no. but they are kernels of how the system was built. Like the first time you got on the Sims game. And you built this stuff and save your game. But then you laid a different game and you built it a little different. So that’s what I mean when I say that Aug and these people are tapping into something that exists on an internal plane, and its data that’s in the construct, but it’s a kind of schizophrenia, it’s not actually going on for their doll. It is not that they are wrong, it’s just a lie that it’s their direct experience at the moment.

Gabe: but does each cycle take place in ‘modern times’ or did some start out earlier?

Z: no it’s far more radical than that. Like it might not have looked anything like the package we have now. The package is always different. The radical difference in the way the video conditions might splay out is radically different for each cycle….

…but it’s always just been here. This is one of the deepest, de-Satanizing messages that your psyche can receive. You have only and always ever been here, and there are only a few people. This helps so much for the 6th chakra to take a break. The ultimate cult that everybody is stuck in the cult of information. They have a ravenous craving for phenomenally sensational information. But what that looks like internally is this very weird pinwheel-like spiraling of the 6th chakra, Ajna, the third eye. Its just looking and craving information, information, its fiending. We are in the age of the fiend. so you get Agent Smith depicting Ashlodai. The age of the fiend. most people can only access it through Asmodeus, in Aramaic its Ashmedai, but in original Hebrew its ‘Ashlodai’ which is important because the name clearly says ‘the fire in man which is never enough.’ This is the age of the fiend. Everyone is fiending for information. When they don’t have enough information they make it up! They make Aug Tellez, they make more fantasy, more. But what they are not doing is moving into home. Moving into home is opening the 7th chakra in the Vedic tradition, or Keter, the crown in the Kabbalistic system, opening the thousand petal lotus, to Christ. When you do that you are in full surrender to Father’s will, and you no longer need to spew and spool information, they are no longer addicted and fiending for information. That’s what going on, they are stuck in the 6th chakra. It’s all this refracted light that’s on a tilt. That’s Lucifer, a tilted light, it gets people whipped into these patterns of needing more and more information. And that could be secular scientific information, mathematical information, or Jason’s little demi-schizophrenic desire for appeal to some mental level of information, or it could be peoples tabloid-esque conspiracies. Its just information. Its saturating this level and it’s not actually useful to the soul. The soul is looking to congeal, they are just looking to stir it up. We are looking to congeal, find cohesiveness, bring the body of Christ back together. Put the pieces back together.

Gabe: So how does one do that?

Z: We are doing it, this is it. when there is absolute mental clarity, which is obtainable, about what this thing is, we will move this thing into position, like a rubik’s cube. its not just happening, like all the love-and-light New Agers want to say, it’s not just happening, it is obtainable but we have to do it….


I think I’ll leave it there for now dear reader, stay tuned for our third conversation, which I will most likely post in it’s raw form directly to Youtube. There is a lot more to this story!

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24 Responses to A Conversation With ‘Z’

  1. UnlimitedOutlook says:

    This has put a lot of pieces together…. Thanks.

  2. george says:

    Z seems to have a serious beef with Aug Tellez…what is the root of that? Given that both their insights seem to be aligned….passio I get, he is a satanic troll…but Aug and Z seem to be saying the same thing.

    • According to Z, a lot of Augs info is valid, but he is lying about who he is. He is not an SRA survivor he is just a dude who took too much mushrooms and got hijacked by the archons. They are using his desire for fame to be a mouthpiece for the Construct. Careful with Aug, he is trapping people using NLP language. Ask any real SRA survivor and they’ll confirm this.

      • george says:

        Sure I can see that…Aug is very clever with his language…very circular and hypnotic with NLP cadences. He could easily be a puppet for nefarious purpose.

        Can you tell me the nature of the trap he is constructing? Is it something like endless navel gazing as he never speaks on solutions or names only vague new age rhetoric…do you believe there is a specific dark path he is trying to lead people down?

      • Yeah part of it is what you said – he lies by omission, not discussing solutions. He also might give 90% truth and 10% lies but it is those lies that really matter/send people down dummy leads. He also damages true SRA victims by mirroring their stories back to them in an inverted way, perhaps keeping some from speaking out. You’ll notice he never goes into specifics about his own story. Z could probably give you more reasons…

  3. george says:

    Yes that makes a lot of sense.

    One thing to elaborate on with z is what happens to the spirit consciousness or soul after the body death..z said you just pop right back into a body over and over but this goes against the volumes and decades of nde folks who claim to have seen their own bodies, bases on the moon, false archon light tunnels….is this z himself withholding something perhaps? If full knowledge comes back to the soul after the body prison death it would stand that the archon would not want human spirits to realize this and act on this…it is a topic I think z avoided.

    • It might not conflict with the NDE data. Don’t the false light traps and moon base recycling systems all lead back here? It is disturbing to think that we just pop back into the Construct, but keep in mind the construct itself has an expiration date. Perhaps the real question we should be asking is what happens to our souls when the system itself breaks down? This will be elaborated in further posts from my discussions with Z.

      • george says:

        that is the question of questions..and it is a question no one addresses from aug, to donald marshall, and by all means ask z..

        some have postulated that an aware spirit soul after body death can simply manifest an exit out..this would mean not being sidetracked by images of ancestors, buddas, christs, devils, demons, sophias, and other tricksters manifested by the archon system…that would mean having a strong detachment from this current reality…enough to understand that the physical death is fake.

  4. There’s some depth in that understanding ‘strong detachment from this current reality.’ Even from the perspective of the cults, they believe the more entrenched you’re in this system, the more rights they have over your soul. That’s their belief, whether it’s true they have the jurisdiction or if it’s another form of coercive propaganda is a matter of opinion. However, it’s interesting how much they have to wrench consent from people. Everything works on this bizarre inverted consent program.

    Oh, you played the latest Xbox, you consented to the Saturn trap system. Oh, you ate a snickers chocolate bar, cool you support the death cult. That line of logic.

    • george says:

      You saw exactly what I was saying…I give no consent..none to disney or hollywood or any religion and I will use their money to put my feet up…why? Cause f*ck them that’s why…this archon hellream gets no consent

      That’s why its important to laugh at demons..literally piss on them….I never bought into the fact that we couldn’t have nice things or we ‘gave consent’..I give nothing to the rothchild epstein satanists and their archon puppet masters..nothing…..and I will take material comfort in this realm and drive a ferrari should I choose….and still give no consent…and a big f u to saturn the creator of false time….hold this understanding after the false body death and use it as a tool against any archons who appear before you in ancestor, christ, devil, anti christ, krishna, buddha simulations…I give no consent..

      • I see what you’re saying, but careful taking too much material comfort in their toys, because this might be giving them subconscious consent. And that level is where it really matters.

  5. george says:

    Truth scrambler yes of course no reveling and wasteful Ness of course

    But let me ask you what is subconscious consent when it is the archon themselves who have blocked humanities conscious and subconscious selves. It’s a bit like tricking a child with clever words and then laughing at the child for not understanding clever words that you purposely withheld information about…I’m not going to loose sleep over what archon puppets know or wish to project ….humanity is slaving under a memory wipe, power blocking, farm system….in this reality there is no subconscious consent….only conscious consent….yes the money system, hollywood, effect this physical construct but not the mind within more so long as we choose freedom and see clearly…..but yes, addiction to toys is not something to be encouraged…

    • Let’s use addiction as an example. Noone consciously chooses or consents to become an addict, and yet it happens. Why? Because they slowly over time give their power away to the object of their addiction. Every time they pick up a drink or drug or compulsive shopping, they are subconsciously consenting to allow that object to fill a void, until one day down the road they can’t stop, and lo’ and behold, they are infested with archons. These buggers are subtle. Black magick through subliminal messaging also works on the subconscious, peripheral level. Language itself is a spell, why do they call it watching a TV “program?”

      • george says:

        I think many can and do consent to addiction….there are many with deep personal sadness or anger who use drinking, material addiction, Hollywood fame to bury this pain…it is the psychic trauma of life that pushes many into addiction as pain relief and in this way the archon wins….but if personal trauma can be healed then a drink now and then, collecting objects remains in perspective a hobby

      • Fair enough. I appreciate the discussion,

  6. george says:

    Yes, thanks for the thoughtful words

    Truth scrambler perhaps you might ask z if the location of the bases Aug and Donald Marshall were held at is known? When do the elites hold their rituals and can they be ruined in any effective way. What celebrities like spielberg, j k rowling, Jay z are involved and in what capacity. It’s telling how no disclosure folks ever talk specifics.

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  9. george says:

    I would not be a bit surprised if Aug and z came from the same cloning facility

  10. george says:

    Aug where are these bases located? Thanks

  11. He was responding to Aug Tellez’ comment. The two of them have a history…
    Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

  12. protectores10 says:

    So you came to the conclusion that Aug is the gatekeeper and gives a mix of information and does it for the sake of fame and money?

    IMHO: I found a lot of useful information from him, although I understand that he is probably a talking doll.

    Well, a question for novice: What about the q movement? There are at least some positive for humanity or is it all nonsense?

    With best regards

    • XabnondaX MICHAEL CHRIST says:

      The mk ultra program and what that really alludes to is a much larger scope than any manner in which the alt media circus discuss it. However as far as the level of mk ultra that they speak of regularly in those forums, next to nobody talking about their experience has ACTUALLY had that experience; Save a small handful of people. They just learned how to have a convincing conversation. My doll is 40 years old and it seems like the under 30 year olds are so empty and needy that they are very willing to play a game and pretend a whole imaginary experience for themselves; particularly if they are smart and have a smidge of right brain ingenuity. Honestly off the top of my brain the only 2 individuals that I could ever commit to saying we’re not lying about that are Jon Stormm and Duncan O’Finioan (Robert Fanning)

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