Mooji – the Is-ness, A Greater Center of Being and Awareness

Spiritual teacher Mooji, in a video Laura posted,  talks about how the mind is the enemy. Not parts of the mind that you don’t like, no, the whole mind is your enemy. Your main enemy. Conquer that and life will naturally sort itself out. Not that you can stop participating in the daily buzzings of life, just that you are operating out of a greater center of being (not the mind). When you, (infinite awareness) try to fit some of that into your person, your lower ego, you feel uncomfortable, eventually, stifled, stuck, not free. Because the spirit came from a place of freedom, to experience the body, limitation, flesh. But that’s the game, you are here for an important reason. To strengthen the spirit by pitting it up against the mind. The mind is the enemy but the mind should not be hated either. God designed the mind to be perfect, for what it does. Same with the body. It’s the perfect system for training the spirit. The spirit has to disentangle itself from identification with the mind, with their person. The mind is always on, so you have to become the silent witness, and from there, spiritual growth can happen. Once you attach less to the goings-on of the mind, the mind will actually slow down it’s attack, because you are not engaging emotionally with it. Mooji says that once you have practiced this enough the mind will actually start serving you, rather than vice versa. Most of us right now are unconsciously serving our minds, giving it our emotions. The mind then thinks you want more of that, so it keeps spinning its gears, saying: “ooh look at this…”

And ironically, conquering the mind is a passive process, you step back and observe the mind without attachment. And you discover that you aren’t the mind, that you are something much bigger…words fail to name it. Mooji calls it “the Is-ness.” 

But the mind is perfect, for its function, just like the earth is perfect, as it says in the Kolbrin texts, this place isn’t meant for pleasurable dallying, but as a place of trial and testing for man. That is why we hear and read about the great cataclysms and deluges in our past. Things got too good in the Garden, too easy, man got lazy and stopped progressing, so God fucked shit up, basically. Even Mother Earth is willing to bear the burden of these cataclysmic resets, which is just as painful and devastating for her, but she does it for her love of Man, the Children of God, that they might grow and become strong, and inherit God’s kingdom. 

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3 Responses to Mooji – the Is-ness, A Greater Center of Being and Awareness

  1. It is good to see another spiritually ethical person reading the Kolbrin and sharing the truth that has been hidden for so long! I have a picture somewhere of a human brain post-autopsym revealing the worms exuding, a meat eater. When one detoxes of the parasites, the mind quiets. This is why The Christ took the curse of materialization, to share this. It was very obvious that every aspect of the Yaldabaoth/LuciferBa’al/Enki et al run world occulted this knowledge! The Essene Gospel speak truth. And it is a great joy to see joy shared, as you are, this light we are, ONE. Namaste and thank you.

  2. Sorry, lost a line… “THE CHRIST CAME TO SHARE THE ESSENE DETOX KNOWLEDGE OF THE ORIGINAL PARASITE AND HOW TO CLEANSE OF THE SICKNESS!” (lol, caps seemd appropriate, shout it from the rooftops ❤

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