Who or What Is Aug Tellez

If you are relatively new to conspiracy theory, I’m going to save you a lot of time with this post.

The following four people, all roughly the same age, early thirties, are very special:

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 3.10.48 PM

The intel they (and a few others) shared is going to change the world, it’s going to be the catalyst for the Great Awakening. It has already begun, but this is just the rumblings of the first wave.

I first discovered Aug Tellez through Donald Marshall‘s forum. These two individuals are what Sol Mason calls “Echelons” in the Illuminati matrix, but we’ll get to that later. First some background.

Donald Marshall, for those who don’t know, is one of the most important “whistleblowers” in the truther movement today.  I put that word in quotes because even he is controlled. There is NO high-profile whistleblower in this business whistlin’ and still breathing if they are NOT controlled. Simple as pie.

Donald released to the public alot of data between about 2012-2016 about cloning centers, how all the celebrities and politicians are taken there, about Vrill reptiles and body snatching, and immortality tech, and then for all intents and purposes, he disappeared. I now believe he was a test program: leak a bunch of truth to the public, through one of their agents, and be sure to include misdirection, omission of pertinent facts, and possibly outright lies. This has always been the Illuminati style, from Project Camelot and her “whistleblowers,” to David Icke, Joe Rogan and Alex Jones, but with DM this was some next level stuff, because he himself outed these other ‘truthers’ as gatekeepers and shills who actually attend the cloning stations. Perhaps this was to gain our trust. And I’ll admit, I was sold, his story does seem airtight. But I didn’t have all the facts yet.

Enter Aug Tellez. He gives us even more detail. Sub-human Archons running on AI, the soul trap and recycling system, and time manipulation tech. He tells us he was a child in the Montauk experiments involving a trip chair “where kids were strapped in and sent off,” perhaps to other timelines. We learn of all kinds of exotic, advanced technology, most notably that we are in a kind of simulator, a time machine that runs off the energy of sentient slaves, usually children. They are trained at an early age, through trauma induced MPD, to equip or handle this exotic tech that would normally fry a person’s brain, as a means of engaging in psychic, mimetic warfare on the populace.

From the show ‘Dark:’

screen-shot-2019-05-27-at-2.21.36-pm(Its labeled a simulation because it was a diversion from the original organic Earth timeline. Questions raised: was this really restored in 2012? But I’m getting sidetracked)

Wait, there is more. If you are on the fence about all this, I believe I can show you evidence that will seal the deal that something other-worldy is indeed going on here.

Enter Sol Mason and Conspiracy Seeker. Now compared to DM and Aug, these guys are fairly unknown. Noone is interviewing them. They are not writing books or blogs or doing public talks. They are however putting out data dumps of their own on Youtube, and what I found with them was the nail in the coffin.

According to Sol Mason, Aug Tellez is an entire black op program unto himself. He is not even really a He, more of an ‘It.’ Aug Tellez is a cutting edge piece of technology. His body is a cloned body designed to look like Jesus, because he is the Cabal’s false Messiah/Jesus Savior program. His mind is part AI, and partly made up of a cloned copy of the mind-states of both Sol Mason and Conspiracy Seeker. Sol Mason describes how his mind was scanned, using a helmet with electrodes, and put on a chip. The technology of running a robotoid clone body on the stolen or copied mind-state of a real individual is flawed. It only works – the essence of someone can only be contained in a lifeless vessel, if that vessel imbibes the blood and flesh of innocent victims. This is one reason or aspect of these horrible blood rituals we hear about. It is about running these Archontic AI vessels.

Apparently that’s like the built in self destruct for these things, that they need blood, otherwise they would already have overrun us, created an army of clones running completely on AI wetware.

Now why should I believe what Sol Mason claims about Aug? Because as crazy as it sounds, I SEE IT. I see Conspiracy Seeker in his face. I hear Sol Mason in his voice. Not all the time, certain mannerisms. Or rather, since I watched Aug’s videos first, when I discovered Sol Mason I heard Aug whenever he spoke, and saw glimpses of Aug when Conspiracy Seeker did certain facial expressions. This is real folks.

Get familiar with Aug. Watch all his videos. Read his blog. Then go and watch Sol Mason and Conspiracy Seeker and if you are good at reading people and spotting subtleties you will see it.

Aug was another test program, to see how the public reacts to real disclosure. Put it all out there, clear their karma by telling us what they are doing. He was their last desperate attempt at their false messiah. But it’s not working, look, noone is talking about Aug, even though the info he is sharing is truly amazing and out of this world. Perhaps people intuitively see the AI in him, there is no point of transference/resonance behind those glassy eyes of his. That is only something you can get with contact with real souled human beings. Early 2012-2013 Donald Marshall looked like a real person who was just uncomfortably playing a role. But in his last 2016 interview he looked like a droned Robotoid.

So what is an “Echelon?” Donald and Aug are both echelons which means that they carry the AI wetware programs in their heads, prioritized to  receive and download memories of victims that are tortured at the cloning center and in these underground bases. So yes, people are taken via REM sleep consciousness transfer into clone bodies and tortured for various skills or assets they might have, but Donald isn’t one of them. He is a piggy-backer, he is basically taking the credit of real victims we will never see. He, like Aug might be a totally fabricated individual from top to bottom. I suspect his body may be a clone of John Cusack:

Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 1.13.50 PM

(UPDATE: They make these celebrities/politicians/top athletes in batches, using specific genetic blueprints, like multiple rounds of test-tube babies. For more on this phenomenon, see the PieceofMindful’s blog on the ‘Matt Damon Batch.’ They are doing good work.)

So my mind was blown, paradigms were shattered with Donald Marshall, but he won’t tell you about the Archons, the way they are all running on a communal hive mind, made up of the stolen brain states of numerous individuals. Aug will kind of tell you this, but vaguely, no specifics, no naming names, and still obfuscating key details.

William Burroughs may have been describing all this back in the 80’s with his second to last novel. It does pop up here and there in Sci-Fi.

He writes, “To say Kim Carsons still lives is to pose the question: what does this mean? His thought patterns live in a number of different brains and nervous systems, his speech and genital patterns, all of which are distinctive. No two people have the same voice or the same cock. The clones exist in a communal mind in which the bodies are at the disposal of all the others, like rotating quarters….” 

Check out what Jason Bickford is talking about on his channel about the Archons wearing masks and playing multiple roles within Hollywood, Politics and in various forms of media. Same story.

Sol Mason AKA Patrick says “If you watch a series called The OA, just watch it. So the Montauk project, the whole reason for all this pulling people to torture them, was because they figured out what happens to the human body if it survives trauma. And they figured out that it evolves. And they also figured out that whatever they created in an individual they could pull from that individual and put it in themselves like a download. (Not to be confused with spiritual downloads which is us sending information to each other mind to mind or dream to dream.) This is a technological kind. So they have a person on a substance experience all these traumas and then after they heal and evolve, like a Meta-gene, they take the substance that they gave them and they ingest it. They are basically ingesting every bit of the evolution that that victim went through and then basically just discard the body. Apparently they did this to Bernie Mac…

…So Project Looking Glass, the looking glass was people’s minds. And when they figured out how to see what happened when that mind – when that vessel died and came back, and what it came back with – they basically created this crazy reality of like what they think God would be based on the trauma they created in the evolution that was produced from the victim.”


In the OA, 5 subjects are repeatedly killed (drowned) and revived by a scientist looking for what happens after death

Bob Schlenker says, “Our reality is being changed through the manipulation of time. Those responsibilities for it are leveraging the abilities of programmed individuals, enhanced by various technologies. The sovereign God has allowed this up to a certain limit, then no more.”

In closing, if we want to experience the positive effects of the Awakening, we have to collectively wake up first to the trauma and suffering that has taken place in these deep underground military bases. Only once we have acknowledged and felt their pain within ourselves, and acknowledged it publicly, and made everything known to the next generation, can we heal and move on from this, as a species.

Sol Mason on Aug Tellez:

Link to Sol Mason’s Channel

Link to Conspiracy Seeker’s Channel

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19 Responses to Who or What Is Aug Tellez

  1. Marcelo says:

    There is no proof of any of this. It can all be a great psychological experiment and all of these individuals just actors. Even you might be part of this experiment. It is a good story or indeed a great joke involving the movie, music, subcelebrity, literature, animation industries. All a way to subliminally get people away from God and spend time talking about conspiracies.

  2. I survived mk ultra it is real it ain’t no show its a script. I was programmed for end times. I have been sharing for 5yrs my illuminati princess programmed life

    • Marcelo says:

      I did not explain myself well. English is not my language. I know MK ultra is real. I’ve read and seen evidence of the atrocities they commit. I referred to certain individuals as David Icke, JJ, DM, Aug.
      I know the pain of MK ultra victims is real.

  3. omnipulse says:

    Hi, thanks for the mention. Please look into the celebrity cloning, underground bases, consciousness transfer, unacknowledged special access programs, trauma-based mind control, Project Monarch, MKULTRA. People are taken and their genetics are utilized in genetic experimentation and cloning. Trauma-based mind control starts at a very young age and people are sourced through search projects that rely on the educational system as well as other networks. There are artificial intelligence systems and synthetic intelligence hive-minds. Research the projects and you’ll see what there is to know. Research the others as well, I can put a few words here if it is OK with you. I am only speaking for my own direct experience and I have no affiliation with anyone else. I have seen others and I was briefed on the information of others. I worked with Solar Warden and MiLabs. Many groups have been infiltrated by the Dark faction who uses mind control technology, trauma-based mind control, cloning, and genetic experimentation to manipulate the human species. Solar Warden’s purpose is to defend the Earth civilization. Research the advanced technology, the rudimentary information is all public now. Scalar weaponry and mind to machine interfaces, brain-chips, neural networks, connectdomes, consciousness recordings, quantum computing, supercomputing and more. There are interdimensional parasites and ultimately this entire realm is infested with interdimensional parasites that feed on the suffering and psychological manipulation of the human bio-etheric system or a ‘soul’. This has all been mentioned since ancient times and ancient civilizations are involved.

    Note: This information is true, the purpose is for people to change their lives and stop living in hatred and greedy abuse.

  4. Examine your own sentence structure, to a discerning mind that is quite the micmickry.

  5. Shane adkins says:

    Aug has a heart of gold and a love for humanity no matter his biological make up

    • Let’s hope you’re right. Problem is we’re not talking about biological makeup here but technological.

      • tom says:

        Aug is very charismatic at the same time he never discusses names or the location of the bases …it is time for some clarity to defeat the demon archons who feed on humanity the fallen encrusted time beings…could Aug be indirectly serving the archons without knowing it?

  6. Jules says:

    Aug has been an amazing resource in helping me understand my journey growing up in the corner of this project I grew up in.

  7. Watcher says:

    Donald Marshall is a fake or at least he is not being totally forthcoming. Compare his face to Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell, Russell Crowe, Stallone, and MANY more. They change race and sex too. They are evil. Never forget that. They are of the devil. They have cloned Jesus and all of those actors/archons are them. Jesus is still here and in prison. See I pet goat for confirmation. He has been captured with magic but will be free soon. Seek the Heavenly Father not the son. The son has been sent as an example for the fallen to be redeemed. The rejected him, captured him and cloned him. The anti christ will be his clone. However the anti christ isn’t what you’ve been lead to believe. Look up the word ant in an old dictionary. You will find one definition that is not opposite off but a suitable replacement…….. a clone.

  8. Watcher says:

    This gets wild but here goes. I believe I am the son of either JFK or Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. I also believe that I am the original or the inter dimensional Michael Jackson. I have hundreds of synchronicities throughout my family. I also believe I am a clone of Jesus or share his dna. I was born 119 days after the JFK assassination so you put it together. I was raised poor and isolated from my family. Started waking up in 2016. They had me arrested and taken to the VA. I’m a Marine vet but have no VA health benefits but that’s where my brother had me taken. Some background family pics.
    Me and my brother..Paul McCartney/Stallone/Kurt Russell/Mel Gibson/ Donald Marshall outside of China Lake Naval weapons center in 1980. Recent location of huge earthquake. Look at our bodies. Arms hands….clone. I was 15 he was in his 30’s….allegedly. He’s Elvis’s half brother. That’s why KR played Elvis in a movie.
    Me compared to various celebrities. Stallone, Jeff Gordon, MJ
    Mom and supposed father. MM & JFK but think Elvis is actually father. Jackson is a play on JFK Jacks son.
    And if you really want some truth……
    Elvis’s parents and you know who
    This is dangerous shit for me. I hope it gets put to good use.

  9. Vivi_Cisne says:

    I too followed Augs work for a while until it no longer felt right. It just sounded confusing. I could never relate. What is your opinion on Lauda Leon? She did an interview with Aug once. But I’ve also heard from sources she doesn’t trust Aug. I’ve actually spoken to her before. A lot of her Info resonated but I don’t know who to trust anymore.

    • Sorry I am just now seeing this comment. I’ve heard of Laura Leon before but haven’t checked out her material yet. Will do.

      • Lauda Leon is another talking head repeating things. I’ve watched enought of her videos to validate my innate, intuited response to the first (especially with Aug’s hyped intro). Another person claiming things without actual history; part of the swirl of talking heads promoted by those who keep all lost in Babel/babble/Babylon’s thoughtforms creating illusion (Maya, samsara, non-truth, splitting souls from their divine nature as light beings.

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