According to Sol Mason, if you want the ascension, the energy upgrades, if you want to free your spirit, if you want to release certain karmic contracts you may have with the parasitic entity, you have to speak your truth in a public place.

Youtube counts. So does blogging. Conspiracy Seeker cryptically echos that by saying that Youtube has become more than just a sharing platform. It has become a way for one to, in a way, ‘immortalize’ themselves. So be careful what you put out there, it might change the trajectory of your life and future lives. Remember Crowley’s definition of magick: being able to sharply change and shape your reality through the will.

If you’re gonna use Youtube, a tip for maximum magical efficacy: do it in a single take,  no notes, no editing, speak from the heart –

My Awakening Process

I made this video mainly geared for newcomers to the world of conspiracy:

Addendum: The One-Eye Bleeding Symbol

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