Our Missing History: Mud Floods, Giants, Free Electricity, Depopulation, and Lies [videos]

Take in all the picture evidence from Justin’s video before forming a conclusion. Very compelling!

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What the people running this planet have done to maintain their iron grip over the population is shocking, and the evidence in the videos below may render you verklempt, as I was.

The sheer greed and ruthlessness is staggering.

We have learned that entire swaths of the population of our planet were fairly recently extinguished.

We see recent advanced cities with free electric power and stunning architecture buried partially or completely under mud. Hence, the “mud flood”.

You will see that it is only the top few stories of buildings that are used in some cases because the bulk of them are under soil. Many have been excavated and the grandeur of these edifices is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

You will see air ships and electric cars. Interesting how the cars disappeared, reappeared again and were squashed in favour of the automobiles that require gas and oil to run.

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