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Jesuits Have Created The Globe Deception With Help from Vrill Parasites

The Jesuits Role in Hiding Flat Earth An excerpt from “WLC videos” youtube channel: “Recent discoveries have uncovered dates agendas and goals that connect the Jesuits to a massive deception for the purpose of a multi-faceted end time delusion. The design … Continue reading

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The Two Bulls Code: Language Spells and The Sun-Moon Bi-Bull

“How did they know about the pineal gland in the brain, how could it know that the speed of light is 186,400 miles per second? The bible was written by a divine intelligence, by a UFO, an unidentified floating object-” … Continue reading

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The Illuminati Populates The White House and Hollywood with Transexuals

Preface: I have nothing against ordinary people who feel miserable in their assigned sex at birth and decide to change their sex through surgery and/or hormones. That is their business.    It came to my attention in the comments section … Continue reading

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Aries, the Lamb Of God

This post will take a break from delving into and exposing the Dark Occult’s wicked crimes against humanity, and look at the Light side of Occult, the sacred science that they are hiding and trying to pollute. This is based … Continue reading

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