Amon Ra, Thoth, Giant Reptilian Birds and the Sumerian Techno “gods”

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown” – Genesis 6:4 

The Cult Of Corey Goode’s “Benevolent ET’s:” The Blue Avians


Freedom Parade
12 June 2015
In his recent youtube interview, Illuminati whistleblower, David Wilcock reports about an ancient race of birdmen, the “Blue Avians” that we can rely on to save us from top Illuminati members that he calls “The Cabal”, an evil, shadow organization that Wilcock claims is responsible for much of the suffering inflicted on humanity. However, according to Donald Marshall, the “dirty birds” actually run the whole game on planet Earth, with the humans, including the Cabal, taking orders directly from them…

What began as one guy (Corey Goode and his testimony) soon exploded into a major marketing scheme, after it was picked up by David Wilcock and, almost turning the alternative media scene into a cultish Sci-Fi convention:


Shane The Ruiner Exposes The Blue Avian Lie

Shane the Ruiner, an insider who broke out of his Illuminati programming but still has insider connections, was one of the first to call BS to Corey Goode’s far-reaching tales of interaction with these blue bird-like aliens. Shane says that the “Blue Avians” as presented by Corey were actually a mind control program.

However, the true purpose of the Blue Avian psyop could be covering up something much deeper, and darker, more central to the Cabal’s core.

The OnetruthRadio: “Who or what are the Blue Avians?

Shane the Ruiner: “It depends which version you’re talking about. I mentioned on Kerry’s show that there is an Avian race that’s gets called “Blue Avian” that is real, and the person who reports on that the most is Donald Marshall. But other than that, my understanding is it was a broadcast signal put out through the AI system which is involved with CERN that was a general frequency test program. But a lot of people (Corey and David) picked it up within special projects, but insiders had told me beforehand that it was an illusory program that was meant to cause this specific vision in people, and give them a specific idea.

OneTruthRadio: “Almost like a saviour program?”

Shane: Yes but this wasn’t something that was meant to get into the public’s consciousness and become what it is.

“So the real Avians, is this what people will know as Thoth?”

download (41)

Shane: That is definitely one of the races, the other predominant one is Amon Ra.

“Has that been used to impersonate many of the original creator beings, as such?”

Shane: Yes, they have been a big part of the impersonation, they’ve worked with the Draco, so closely that they are actually called feathered serpents, in a kind of sarcastic way. They play the same game….(SOURCE)

(As an aside, later in that interview Shane also corroborates Donald’s testimony about REM cloning and cloning centers.)

Who, or what, are the REAL Avians, Amon Ra and his flock, who Shane has admitted are actually causing people a lot of problems? Well Shane also tells us that Donald Marshall is the one to ask about this.

Amon Ra, the Kemets, Return of The Egyptian and Sumerian “Gods”


Donald Marshall: “They look exactly like this. Right down to the wig. Like a judges wig but black. Skin black with purple blue sheen to it and wrinkly around the eye…I examined it close it allowed me to. At first glance you think bird but noooooo. The bird it resembles has huge eyes. A falcon. Amon Ra has small all red eyes no pupil and it looks to me like evil alien bird more than any bird I have ever seen. Everyone’s scared of this stinky bird at cloning. Even vrill and hosts. It’s a stupified undead alien bird ugly as fuck and stinks. Gives off dust when it moves. I want it dead.

Jay Deutsch: is it the leader of all the other little reptilians, how do we kill it?

Donald Marshall: It dies… But will just go to next body. It doubled its consciousness up and is a buncha humans bodysnatchers by microchip in the head. With the dumb birds consciousness on it.

Celine O’carroll: Why does it continue to inhabit the bird body Don? Is that its preference?

Donald Marshall: To scare people at cloning. It usually walks around as human.

Celine O’carroll: Ah thanks..I see. So Amen Ra is literally walking among us and has been for millenia?

Donald Marshall: Supposedly yes. As many different hosted people simultaneously. But it is possible it is a big Nazi trick.  No one can talk to Amon Ra comfortably…
It’s complicated. There are more than 1… It’s a race supposedly called the Kemet…It told me itself…

Fredrik Beckman: So it wants you to introduce it to the world as God?

Donald Marshall: Yes. It’s not though… It’s just an undead alien. They use consciousness chips. Had them a long time. It’s what the thing is he’s holding up in this pic.


Donald Marshall: It’s an enlarged representation of the Appleseed shaped consciousness chip that they put in people’s heads.

This is supposedly his symbol:


Things haven’t changed much:


He is often connected to the Black Sun symbol, which is supposedly an inner Earth symbol.

Even the creators of South Park are in the know:


The sign on the wall says, “We cannot know with certainty if God or Christ exists. They could. Then again there could be a giant reptilian bird in charge of everything. Can we be certain there isn’t? no so it’s pointless to talk about.”

And then at the end of the episode a giant bird kills Kenny (Donny).

southparkDavid Wilcock, Gatekeeper

David Wilcock hints about this in a coded, sideways fashion:

Jimmy Church: “It sounds like you were describing Thoth, too, were you?”

David Wilcock: “Yeah well that was an earlier example of these same beings. Yeah, absolutely. they came back. they were back there during the times of ancient Egypt, you see these cave paintings of these humanoids with bird heads. And they came back. And they are here to make sure everything runs smoothly…”

See how he goes on to defend them as saviours of humanity, working behind these scenes to stop the cabal? I guess all we have to do is sit back and watch. And buy David Wilcock’s books, of course….

Donald Marshall on David Wilcock: “Fulfrod and David Wilcock are both at cloning. Are Illuminati members. They say what they’re told to.(SOURCE)

Annunaki: Same as the Birds

You’ll notice how the characters in these Sumerian carvings seem to have the same large soulless eyes as Amon Ra, almost robotic:

Evil red bionic eyes, no irises, no blinking.

Marshall: (In reference to pics above) “So… Guess who I met at the cloning center last night? …Annunaki. Same as birds.

Zack Jakupko: Benevolent? Do they just want humans to live within our means on the earth or are we just cattle as they say in Jupiter Ascending?

Donald Marshall: Cattle (Source).”

So its safe to say that the Kemets (Amon Ra and his flock) are in the same category as the Sumerian “gods”, the Annunaki. That would be gods with a small “g.” What Marshall calls “alien” but what I call Satan-spawn (nothing extra-terrestrial in a domed plane). I think all these things Donald is talking about are early Atlantean gene splice creations or biotechnical marvels by a Satanically inspired sick elite, and have been around ever since. Hold-overs of a previous age of humanity, which was destroyed to the very same technologies that these guys use to remain immortal and in covert power.

2qd0p55A technocratic undead elite, somehow with their hands on all the juiciest technology.  Look in the pic below how they place the consciousness chip (pinecone thing) into the back of the neck, (where a brain-chip would likely go, the brainstem), body snatching this way and remaining immortal.


The ones with wings on the outer edges are the Annunaki, the ancient undead elite, placing chips into the one without wings (normal humans).

Is this what William Burroughs was hinting about? : “It ran on fellaheen (slave) blood. Vampires enjoy a precarious immortality. The Western Lands are kept solid and operative with fellaheen energy and this entails the additional risk of a fellaheen shortage.”


Donald Marshall says that the ones he met at cloning don’t want to be called Annunaki but rather ‘Elohim.’ Again trying to masquarade as our creator.

Donald Marshall: “I’ll tell you all I know about them. They are the top they run things. Everyone afraid of them including other aliens. Undead techno gods. I just met them. They are at cloning now. The Elohim say they’re the good guys. But they’re not. They are the same behavior as the birds.(SOURCE)

Meaning slow, jerky robotic like movements, more AI than a living thing. Donald says even with all their technology and power they are ironically all really slow and dumb. Signs of decay, because their Satanic technology is flawed, of course, you can’t really copy the soul, the true essence of someone, onto a chip. This could be our silver lining.


These animal headed Egyptian “gods” appear in this movie:

And notice the one-eye drippage symbolism, showing that this movie is Illuminati paid and made.

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