More Evidence Of Faked Moon Landings

Take a look at the body language of the following people:

maxresdefault (11)

“Astronauts” Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins 

Do these people look like the heroes returning from the most triumphant feat of man and science, a voyage to the moon and back? Or do they look like three uncomfortable people caught in a lie?

As they nervously fidget through the whole Apollo 11 press conference, they make a mistake at one point when asked about what the stars looked like from the moon.

Neil replies, “I don’t remember what stars we could see.”

Really? You’d think such a thing might be of astronomical importance. Or at least aesthetically pleasing. But sure enough, no stars in the images above either. According to researcher Bart Sibril, this was because it would have been too difficult to fake the exact positions of the stars from a lunar vantage point, so they didn’t even try.

Michael Collins, to try and smooth over the awkward moment says, “I don’t recall seeing any stars.” Forgetting that he wasn’t supposed to have been on the moon at all, but stayed behind in the lunar orbiter.


maxresdefault (12)

You can see Neil kind of grimace when Collins says this.

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The Problem of The Van Allen Belt

van_allen_probes_discov_new_rad_belt_cal“(wikipedia) A Van Allen radiation belt is a zone of energetic charged particles, most of which originate from the solar wind, that are captured by and held around a planet by that planet’s magnetic field…
Implications for space travel:
…Beyond the belts, (astronauts would) face additional hazards from cosmic rays and solar particle events. A region between the inner and outer Van Allen belts lies at two to four Earth radii and is sometimes referred to as the “safe zone.”…Solar cells, integrated circuits, and sensors can be damaged by radiation.”[28] 

And yet in the 60’s before it was discovered, it miraculously didn’t affect the Apollo astronauts at all? No adverse affects?

hqdefault (9)

“Not on our mission,” says Alan Bean, Apollo 12 Astronaut. “It hadn’t been discovered yet.”

An astute observer notes “When asked about the Apollo missions years after, NASA told the world that they were able to go through the (Van Allen) belts with technology that they destroyed after the last moon mission. When asked if they can just build another one they responded “it takes a long time to figure these things out.” Billions of tax dollars went towards this and they destroyed it without keeping blueprints? 1st red flag. Also, when the freedom of information act was passed NASA was asked for the original tapes from the moon landing. They admitted that when they were budgeting money, they wanted to save some on magnetic film strips and they accidently taped over the greatest achievement of mankind…..the only copy. (2nd Red Flag). A space shuttle in the 90s was able to make it 500 miles BELOW the belts before they had radiation flashes in their vision, even with eyes closed. This shuttle was shielded as well. The Apollo missions were not. (3rd Red flag)(source)

Astronauts Gone Wild

Filmmaker Bart Sibrel get’s his hands on classified outtake footage of the Apollo moon landing hoax, an outtake that shows them clearly faking an image of the Earth from the ship capsule so it seems that Earth was much further away. Bart confronts these aging “astronauts,” some 40 years on, about this damning footage and asks them to swear on the bible that they really went to the moon.

From the description section of the 2002 video: “When Sibrel publicly exposed the astronaut’s criminal behavior, he was threatened with violence by one astronaut, physically assaulted by two other astronauts, and threatened to be assassinated by another astronaut . . . all on camera! . . . revealing that these men are not the honorable “heroes” that they appear to be, rather they are a bunch or angry and violent criminals, reacting bitterly for having their evil deeds exposed.

At time 8:58, when astronaut Buzz Aldrin was confronted with his guilt by Sibrel, who showed him the newly discovered unedited videotape of the fake photography from his mission on a nearby television monitor during an interview, Aldrin accidentally acknowledged the fraud on camera (thinking it was turned off) by declaring, “And this makes you a real famous person for having discovered all this! What an ego you must have to want to propel yourself like this.” (How could Sibrel become famous if his accusations had no evidence?) When Aldrin realized that he had made an admission of guilt, he threatened to sue Sibrel if the interview was shown publicly.

At 40:29 Sibrel offered astronaut Neil Armstrong $5000 cash to donate to his favorite charity, if he would only take a five seconds to swear on a Bible that he actually walked on the moon. Very nervously, and surprisingly, Armstrong refused to bless a charity with merely a formal declaration of what is supposed to be true.

At 13:40 astronaut Alan Bean accidentally acknowledged that he never left Earth orbit, by emphatically asserting that he did not travel through the Van Allen Radiation Belts, which are at 25,000 miles beyond Earth orbit. When his hypocrisy was pointed out to him, he made a feeble attempt to recover from his error though a series of more misspeakings.

At 48:32 “Peace Activist” astronaut Ed Mitchell violently assaulted Sibrel from behind for exposing his lies, though he just said that he never hits anyone. (He can’t go 5 seconds without lying.) Mitchell then threatened to get his gun and shoot him! Forgetting that the wireless microphone was still attached to himself after he closed the door and Sibrel left, the confidential audio revealed Mitchell and his son covertly discussing enlisting their friends at the CIA to have Sibrel assassinated.(SOURCE)

Click here for Jay Weidner’s research on how Stanley Kubrick probably was the one tapped to film the Apollo missions in a Hollywood studio.

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10 Responses to More Evidence Of Faked Moon Landings

  1. John says:

    I suppose this is satire?

  2. Kenneth T. says:

    Anyone that can lie about going to/landing on the moon should have no problem with swearing on the bible.

    • Robert Lukunic says:

      Wrong! These astronauts, like every one else, are ageing & will soon face death. To swear on the Bible a deliberate massive lie must have future consequences, & soon to face their meeting with eternity with their Maker as Judge must surely play on their mind & conscience.

      • Kenneth T. says:

        Some people believe in a Maker and Judge – definitely not all people. Those that will lie so easily are exercising a moment of free will and hardly worry about what happens next.
        I have witnessed a number of people swear on the bible, but knowing them personally as the deceitful type.

        Sadly, people are only human and would sell their own child – if the price was right.

      • Kenneth T. says:

        I am (however) thankful for your comment.
        It lead me to other parts of this two year old discussion and a youtube link, then to a Weird AL video about aluminum foil, which only added more mind blowing…
        Well – thanks anyway.

      • george says:

        their false god is yaldabaoth who will spin a web of lies to get the moronic astro nots to recycle back into the prison planet…as astro not masons they will have soft lives where they will live under the archons false money and have status…end the soul trap charade

  3. Kenneth T. says:

    Two people (besides me) where I work, lean towards the “faked” moon landings (open discussion – there may be others unknown).
    I don’t stand alone.

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