Occult Symbolism in “The Maze Runner”

2019 UPDATE: Much of the information on Enki and Orion in this post comes from the Wes Penre papers. I now have reason  to believe Wes Penre is somewhat of a gatekeeper, mixing truth and lies. We don’t need to go to outer space – Enki is Satan, and Satan is a Fallen Angel.

It’s not a prison, it’s a test!” – Thomas from the movie, “Maze Runner.”

This epiphany he has about the maze he and the others are trapped in, struck me as symbolic of the greater metaphor of this “prison-planet” or more technically, a fake/holographic universe that was created by brother Enki/Lucifer/Yaweh/The Demiurge/Satan, a mad scientist type ET trickster god…but I digress….

maze_runner-1024x614Thomas realizes or remembers why they are there. Not to keep them trapped in an endlessly shifting maze, but to test which of them was bravest, strongest, smartest enough to get them all out. The ones who get out are trusted then to become lead players in the larger society. A similar motif is seen in the futurist society of the Divergent series.

This is oddly similar to what I keep finding in my occult research into the after-life. The soul remains in reincarnation cycles, going around the wheel of Maya or “Illusion”, Lucifer’s “hologram-within-a-hologram”, each life cut off from the others by amnesiac barriers…

But you can get out of this maze. Lucifer’s maze. Only the strongest and bravest and wittiest make it out, only they get to ascend into the higher dimensions outside of this Matrix. It is the Saturn-Moon-Matrix created by the Annunaki, and maintained here by the current Lord Archon Satan/Lucifer/Enki. For a while it was him and his brother Enlil feuding each other, the Ram Clan and the Serpent Clan, or the “brotherhood of the snake,” conducting jealous petty wars with human beings as pawns and collateral damage. All this is done to maintain duality, the idea of an opposition, but really it’s just Enki, who is one ET in a family of very high dimensional beings. His mother is, according the Wes Penre Papers, Queen Orion, Lady of The Stars, Gaia/Sophia.

So it could be that the Lord Archon is not even going to get in trouble karmically for all the pain and misery he has inflicted upon us. Yes they are the sick and twisted jealous gods of the ancient texts which killed scores and scores of men in cataclysms …but what do they care? The souls just get recycled again. They are concerned only with the big picture. To test us, to put our souls through school, and the school is called “Duality” or its long name “The Duality of Good and Evil.” To graduate you must learn how evil is spawned, where it comes from, how it affects you and everyone, and how to ultimately overcome it. Those who do not overcome it fall for the trap of “wicked is good” the slogan of the controllers/overseers of the Maze.


images (19)The pit where new recruits show up

In The Maze Runner, the maze is always shifting. This represents an ever-changing 3D world and society, the soul always coming into a body in the mother’s womb with amnesia of its own soul history. And indeed new recruits show up in the pit/womb with full amnesia. Can’t remember who they were before the maze. Thomas catches glimpses of his old memories, during sleep and in hypnagogic states. He represents the seer, the clairvoyant, those sensitive to all things particularly psychic. His kind are prized most highly, by the occult elite, or in this case, the programmers and overseers of the maze.

Not only does the maze shift patterns but there are monsters inside, indeed seven of them, like the seven deadly sins. The monsters are cybernetic, part-flesh part-machine. They could be symbolic of the gray aliens, the Draco Reptilians, the Mantis Beings, and other Archontic forces, which may in the end turn out to be purely “Matrix Constructs” or Inorganic Clones (bodies without souls) hardwired to do their Lord’s bidding. See he can’t walk around or even exist on our level in 3D reality. He and his kind are higher-dimensional beings which have to take on bodies, if they want to interact directly with 3D. But Enki is seeking a way in, to get his mind all the way into 3D, through the “AI Singularity” future timeline he is trying to generate. Where our souls are tricked deeper in the Matrix by merging with the Machine Godmind of Enki. Like a hive mind. It will start by allowing the internet to being uploaded directly to the mind via microchips and nano-tech.

So to get out of the maze, out of the Matrix, you must encounter and overcome these AI cybernetic monsters, which can take many forms. Remember, alien abduction, trauma based mind control are all forms coming from the Archontic forces of Enki. They get away with it because humans have to sell out to them or make a free will choice to summon them, make deals with them. The power they gain always comes with sacrificing other humans. Archontic forces feed off the blood so gained in this exchange. This is how Black Magick has always worked. So the prison planet was created by humans selling out to Them. In exchange for power, fame, money. It may have been encouraged by the twisted trickster devil mind of Enki, who is cold and psychopathic and possibly MPD himself, but the decision was done with the free agency of human souls. This is why we are not ready to ascend and be greeted by the larger galactic community. Because we are stuck, mired in the seven deadly sins, the cybernetic monsters of the maze. And as long as we are in this state we will continue selling out to them. See Lucifer probably has this bet with his mother, he thinks human ascension on a mass scale won’t happen. That his singularity timeline will happen instead. While she, Sophia thinks that ascension on a mass scale will happen. She is probably doing what she can but does not want to break the law of non-interference. We have to grow up and graduate ourselves.


Sometimes Maze Runners are stung by the monsters venom which slowly kills them, but before they die enter a delirious and often violent state. What I found interesting is the venom also gave them their memories back. In their delirium they remembered who put them their and everything before the maze. This is highly symbolic; some of us are awoken before we are ready. This is a common thread in trauma-based mind control. Through rape you can awaken a child’s “Kunda Lini” before it is supposed to and they have an “enlightened understanding,” but it also of course engenders MPD. So if you are stung with this understanding without the proper antidote, the years of proper training and proper context to put this new information in, this truth could destroy you. Because you find out that you’ve been locked in a maze and suppressed and lied to this whole time. If you are awakened too early this knowledge could kill you. Alienate you from society, have you called a paranoid schizophrenic, get you locked up. Could it be that these”crazies” saw through the Matrix, saw the light of the other side, and it blinded them. This is why initiation into magical schools such as Hermetics requires careful stages or degrees of taking in true light and knowledge. Why occult knowledge is just that: hidden knowledge. It wants to stay hidden. Only those with a good heart and true spirit can face the monsters and venoms of the Saturn-Moon Matrix, without being killed or seduced by them, and get out onto the other side.  This is the test. The maze is within. The monsters are unique to you. Find and overcome your own monsters.

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  1. Alexis says:

    It’s not Enki, it’s Yaweh!

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