Robert Stanley – UFO’s, Lucifer, Enki, Sitchin, Possession

2019 CAVEAT/UPDATE: I now think Robert Stanley is a bit of a shill or misinformed about the shape of the earth, nevertheless there may be some hidden knowledge here.

Interviewed by Daniel from End Of Days Radio.

“Robert Stanley is an all around researcher into the Paranormal who goes very deep into the Luciferian agenda as well as Archons, Demons, Aliens and more. He is the creator and owner of Unicus Magazine and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and many other Paranormal media outlets (EODR).”

Daniel: “Let’s go into your background a little bit, where you grew up and how you became interested in this subject matter?”

rms2Robert: Sure, well I’m 57 now,  I’ve been in 58 countries. I live in Hong Kong, grew up in Malibu. I lived there for over 20 years and continue to visit. That’s where I had most of my paranormal encounters, mostly when I was younger. That’s how I got interested, it seemed to be more interested in me than I was of it. And that’s what got my curiosity, it felt like a survival mode, the way things were going for me. It got very dramatic, on sept. 21 1985. I’ve told this story many times so I’ll just summarize it this way: I was working as a security guard, at a private beach and when I encountered a boy that in retrospect I would say he was possessed. That is the religious view of it, if you’re secular you’d say he was schizophrenic. In any case, whatever you want to call it there was something very wrong with this boy and he ran into a sliding glass door face first, and was bleeding to death, and I intervened as best I could, and thats when I first saw what I intuitively felt were parasites, floating in the air, near the ceiling of the room, and I had no idea what they were. it took me until 2011 to find out what these things were parasites, and that they were in fact pretty well-known to our ancestors, the Gnostics called them Archons, christians call them demons. that’s where it all started for me, and this isn’t something that I chose to do, someone had to do it and i know I’m not the only one. but when it comes to Malibu, somebody had to finally realize that there is a lot of paranormal activity there and most of it is very bad.

“Yeah I was thinking, Malibu is traditionally regarded as a fun, sunny lighthearted area isn’t it?”

Yeah and if you’re in Hollywood its their playground, their little sandbox, a getaway place for the rich and famous, but a lot of negative dark stuff has gone on there including mind control and murder, and a lot of suicides as well. I knew 8,9 of those people. I couldn’t understand why so many people in such a small place would commit suicide. People I knew, and as the paranormal events were unfolding around me, there was no context for that. It took a long time for me to figure this out, and still I’m open to new information, it’s not like I have a monopoly on  the information on this topic, but I’ve done a lot of homework. But yeah it’s not what people think, typically it’s not just a place to go play in the sand.

“How did this turn into an interest in UFO’s?”

Again that was not something I was looking for, after I had that experience in 1985 I started going up back up into the mountains and one of the unintended consequences is I found these ancient megalithic statues. As I was exploring those ruins, there were nights when I would be up there either with friends or by myself and would see these craft, it seemed like they were monitoring us, more than we were monitoring them. Because honestly we are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to surveilling them. And they can clearly watch us and it was proven to me one night when I was coming down the mountain on my motorcycle, that they could read our thoughts, it freaked me out, at that moment I felt completely naked and alone in the sense that there was nobody I could call for help in that regard. This was in 1988, and I kinda just figured, well they’re watching me, they are here all the time even if I can’t see them. That particular night I was coming down the mountain, I had a feeling that I was being watched, and thought I would try an experiment, I was looking at an area of the sky, it was really dark, and mentally I said, “I know you’re up there, why don’t you just show yourselves, I’m not going to harm you.” And then they turned the light on, on the craft, and I almost wrecked my bike ‘cus I stopped looking at the road, and I was so petrified by it, I guess I was so shocked that this mental experiment had become a reality, and I hadn’t thought it through properly as to what would be the consequences would be if they were reading my mind, what it would do to me. It shattered my paradigm, put a dent in my psyche. Because at that point I realized even if I wanted to hide something, I mean I’m not perfect but I don’t have anything to hide, but with these entities I had no privacy. More importantly I didn’t know who they were, I think I know them better now, the fact that they can do this to us, and we have no, we can’t prevent it and we don’t know who they are or what they want, I mean we can speculate all day long, and still some of what I say is speculative, even though its based on decades of research. They don’t want us to have all the facts, clearly, if they wanted to they could easily do that, but they’re not.

“Yeah I hear that what they want us to believe is a mask or smokescreen, because if we really knew we would go insane or do something against them.”

Yeah, well it would partly be a combination of all that and some other things we are probably not thinking of. I feel like we have been programmed by them, at least the negative ones have been busy programing us to serve their agendas which are covert. And its all about empire, their empire, and we are subjects of their empire. Of course we don’t know that, obviously the people who are the elite do, and that is why they serve the empire and are rewarded for it. But these guys aren’t sovereign, they have no autonomy, they’re just sellouts.

“And these guys have shown up in our nations capital of Washington DC.”

maxresdefault (1)

Frequently, I mean I had no idea, until, well, here’s how that happened. It was 2005 in the spring I got an email from Darrell Simms, he calls himself the “alien hunter”, but he also claims he had worked for the CIA and prior to that he was a military police officer, he’s currently a private investigator, all of that could be true or none of it could be true I don’t know anymore. But he forwarded an email taken by a professional photographer from Washington DC who said he took pictures of UFO’s swarming over the capital on July 16th 2002 at midnight. And Darrell wanted to know if I thought they were authentic since I do a lot of photography. I told him there is no way to tell, this is the age of Photoshop anyone can do anything. But I wasn’t sure so I picked up the phone and called this photographer (Mr. Allen) and this guy stared to unwind this whole thing for me. That his family was a respected military family for generations, that he worked for ABC news for 14 years prior to taking those pictures, he ran a team that did pictures, cameras, audio feeds, that’s very technical, you can’t screw it up or you’re gone, and he was running a team. But he wasn’t working for them when he took those pictures, but was using all top of the line Nikon equipment, and it was all on 35 mm film, I got back to Darrell, and said, ‘look he’s got the negatives…’ and Darrell said ‘well if he is willing to have them analyzed you’ve got a story.’ So I asked Mr Allen if he was willing to have the negatives analyzed at an independent film lab which he did, a lab that the FBI used for their services, thats how good they were. I spoke to the lab on the phone and he said they were absolutely not retouched, authentic. Eventually I published them and the name of the guy at the lab and put the photographers name out there. And soon after that I was visited by a black helicopter flying over my house…I found out later that it was a 3 letter agency….

…Look things didn’t start at Mt. Rainer, or Roswell, and when it comes to Washington DC, sightings happen all the time. They didn’t just show up in 1952. In 1952 they felt like they were being invaded, they had armed soldiers ready to shoot. But the mainstream media only reported 3 events, there were over 80 that year, that’s why the government felt like they were being invaded, and I don’t disagree. But it didn’t all start in the 40’s and 50’s, this is ridiculous and I think it only serves the alien agenda, for them to want us to believe that.

“I’m sure you’ve heard this one: that the nuclear agenda is what attracted them.”

And it’s not entirely wrong, it did, but the reason it did is lost on most people because again we don’t have enough information to put it in the proper context, and that’s been my challenge for not only Malibu but especially Washington DC.

What I’ve learned is there is an ongoing conflict in this galaxy, and its empirical in the sense that’s it’s a civil war between empires, and we’re part of that. So they own us. To put in the simplest of terms: this world and all life on it was created by the benevolent ones. Then the malevolent or dark forces came in and took over during the conflict and this has been occupied territory for the past hundred thousand years. So we not only don’t have access to correct information but a lot of our memories have been wiped, our DNA has been tampered with, genetically modified, so we are subjects of an empire that we don’t even know exists.

“And what of the idea that an ancient secret society called the Illuminati which is actually in control and covering up some of this stuff….do you have any idea how it interacts with our government, or does the Illuminati even exist?”

Well not as the Illuminati, I mean they use that name, they use all kinds of names. It’s basically this: the empire is run by an entity that you would commonly call Lucifer, which means the light bearer, which is why they call themselves the illuminated ones. They all work within his circle and serve his empire. In fact it was him and his administration, they decided to give us nuclear weapons and other weapon systems over time, at this time. What is happening is we are the New Atlantis, specifically in America. The previous Atlantis which Lucifer (and he is known by many names, but lets just stick with that) he created that particular empire here to generate special forces, super solders that he would use against his family in the civil war. That’s why most of the life here was wiped out, the mess he made was cleaned up by his family to some degree. Unfortunately he preserved enough of the genetic material to start over and recreate it. And we’re at that stage now where we are doing everything that Atlantis did before. And being run by the same entities as before, and it’s really bad because we are legitimate targets in this civil war because of this activity that’s going on covertly.

“I’ve even had a Freemason admit to me on the show that at the highest level of their society they are Luciferian, he said hey it’s not so bad you should look into it.”

Of course they say that and they actually call themselves the inner circle, because they are protected by outer circles of people who are completely unaware of what we are discussing here, they just think they’re doing good work, and on some level they are, but they are actually just shielding, its a facade. Like all these other groups whether you call them Illuminati, Masons, CFR, Bilderbergers you name it, they’re all serving at some point Lucifer. And he’s not alone. When I say Lucifer I’m talking about a real entity. He doesn’t have wings, he is a semi-immortal, once divine being, he’s humanoid, that is amphibious, in the Middle East he’s also known as Oannes, he comes up out of the water wearing a fish suit, that’s the best way they could describe it.


He is well-known to the Dogon tribe. As the Nomo, the fish people. but the problem here is not just his ego. From what I understand he is actually insane, which is a dangerous thing when you take a divine being like that with that kind of intellect and ability, if somebody like that were to go mad it would be really dangerous, and he is. And he is also royalty. Most people don’t know this they talk about the kingdom of heaven and the father, and all this stuff, my understanding from reading Wes Penre’s papers, which I’m not saying are 100% accurate, but he says that Lucifer was actually born a prince to the Orion empire and at some point he was denied Kingship, now Wes thought it was because, based on the Christian narrative, Lucifer had fallen because of his ego, refused to serve God etc. My understanding is that it was because he went insane. And that is unique perspective, I don’t know if its true but it could be, because we see it here, when people are traumatized here, humans they suffer dissociation or multiple personality disorder. It turns out a friend of my dad wrote a book called “sunburst, return of the ancients.” His name was Norman Paulsen, he and my dad were disciples of para hansa yoga danda, they were studying meditation etc. back in the 50’s. Norman claims he was contacted by benevolent human extraterrestrials and part of what they told him was that Lucifer had gone mad because they entered a forbidden zone, I don’t know what that means but it was forbidden for a reason. Lucifer and his crew felt it shouldn’t be off-limits and foolishly ventured in there, and were traumatized so badly they went insane. This is interesting to me too because when they were there they inadvertently created these mental parasites or Archons, that I saw back in 1985. Now they’ve been around for a long time, they brought those things here, they were self infected by those thought forms. If your consciousness is screwed up, fragmented or dissociated, it can’t function properly, that’s the problem with Lucifer and his guys, his consciousness has no integrity, he’s not fully coherent and can’t use his divine essence to generate those waves of consciousness for manifesting. So he can only manipulate what is already there. Now this is going to sound strange but high level Tibetan monks claim they can manifest thought forms to attack their enemies if feeling threatened. And I don’t doubt it. That’s a negative way to look at it, but I’ve also heard claims of people manifesting their consciousness for good, and that’s what we were originally designed to do.

“It seems the Tibetans have left over magic or consciousness from the old ancient world that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else.”

Yeah and that should be common knowledge, as I’ve said but it’s not, OK so we have to deal with it. We’ve been so badly manipulated and lied to for so long it’s so difficult for most people to even comprehend what we’re discussing here. The first casualty of war is truth. We are not being given access to valid information.

In 2011, I’d felt like I’d hit a wall with these entities, I knew they were watching me, whoever they are. I asked for help, mentally. Books that I’d read long ago began making more sense. Stuff like Castaneda’s books, Norman Paulsen, the Gnostic texts. One morning I was taking a shower and I literally saw in my mind, wait a sec there’s pictures of these things! I dialed Trevor Constable. He had accidentally taken pictures of them with infrared film in the 50’s in the California desert. They’re on my website, a lot of people had seen them but not equated them with these mental parasites.Trevor-James-Constable-Living-UFOs-300x225

That’s what I saw, more than 5 or 6 of them in the room with that boy who was bleeding to death. They were feeding off the energy released by the boy and his parents, and to some extent myself, because of the blood sacrifice that was taking place. they had whispered into his ears, he was hearing voices, I knew that. When I was helping the family I realized that he was hearing voices. I don’t know where that realization came from but when that hit me, I saw them manifest in the room, they looked like ticks. Ticks are really not good for you or your pets. And then they faded out. I would say in retrospect that they were still there I just couldn’t see them, much like the UFO stuff, our vision is extremely limited, to the full the spectrum of what we know from ultraviolet to infrared, we can only see a tiny portion of the middle band.

“One of the biggest topics going on these days is Pizzagate, organized pedophilia, and I remember an old interview on coast to coast with father Malachi Martin, who actually said there is lodge of pedophiles in the catholic church called the Lodge of Lucifer which I think confirms a lot of what you’re talking about.”

Yeah and Pope Benedict, prior to the current Pope Francis, retired early because he was so disturbed by all the pedophilia and Satanic Luciferian stuff he walked away from it, and Francis was the next choice. If you read my article “Technocide,” even though I start by talking about A.I,. I make the declarative statement that it is all from Lucifer, all this crazy tech is coming from him, and it’s not for our benefit. but I also explain that he created all religions to serve him under false pretenses, and that’s not an easy thing to say.

After I saw the parasites in the room they started attacking me, and I ended up going up on the mountain that night and started praying. And I had an out-of-body experience, and that’s when I met Lucifer, I didn’t know that’s who it was. All I knew is this was the weirdest thing I had seen in my life. Even though he looked like a man, he pretended to look like Jesus, thats how he portrayed himself. I was sitting up on the mountain for hours praying, meditating, I was in a wilderness area, there was nothing there, some ruins of a building, an old radar installation. I laid down on a cement slab, and moments later I floated out of my body, I was not asleep. I was in this white light, I felt safe, but then I noticed something moving, it appeared to be moving towards me, it appeared to be a man, looked like Jesus, long hair, beard, robe, but he was glowing, incredibly bright, even his eyes had light coming out of them. Which I guess is why they call him the light bearer, he can do that. He literally got up in my face and I thought to myself ‘whoa who is that?’ and I hear a voice telling my “I am the father.” Well that didn’t make any sense, I mean I’m not stupid, I was 25, but I knew – had read, my dad was a minister, if you look like Jesus and saying you’re the father…it’s like you mean you’re God? I had million questions running through my head, and he started laughing, and unfortunately it wasn’t a good laugh. And for a long time I used to say publicly that it wasn’t evil. I’m embarrassed to say the fact that he really screwed with my head. The way he was laughing really scared me. The next thing I was sitting bolt upright, I thought a few seconds had gone by, I thought it was just a weird vision, and then I looked over at the horizon, and the moon was setting over the horizon meaning hours had went by. and I was lying on a cement slab? I mean I don’t even sleep that well in a bed. I was so confused. When the sun came up shortly after that I went and checked on the boy. The grandparents said he was going to live. He had to have like 300 stitches in his face and head…God he lost a lot of blood.

“There’s been cases in Indonesia where an entire school including teachers all became possessed, its crazy.”

No that’s called hysteria – from a secular point of view thats what they call it. See they know it’s communicable. That proves my point, if this behavior, this psychopathic or schizophrenic behavior, if it is caused by a parasite than its contagious. So in the mental health profession when one person passes it to another its called hysteria, there’s another word for it too, I can’t remember at the moment. The reason they do this to us is so they can feed. The movie “the Matrix” was an analogy trying to warn us that we are a battery to them. That’s how they survive.

“This fits right in with the Castaneda stuff.”

yeah but he only mentions them briefly, he calls them “the flyers.” Look Castaneda is not even his real name. He is a plagiarist. He is quite a con man. But the books are interesting. I read them in my teens, he actually wrote those first three books in Malibu. The man he calls Don Juan doest exist. He created a composite character based on real people that he had met or heard about. I think he must had heard about these entities, these flyers, I don’t know if he ever encountered them himself, I think he did, I think later in life he was infected by them. His life ended not well, typically the signs of people heavily infected are psychopathic behavior or hearing voices or both.

“It seems that the name of the game is energy: the pedophilia, the psychopathic behavior seems to filter up somewhere.”

It does, well, I wondered about that myself, and came to the awareness that it’s not sexual, yes they’re drawing energy cus children possess a lot of energy, but more importantly, the ones who actually live through that torment are forever infected, and affected, so they are broken down, become multiple personality disordered, and they are heavily infected with the parasite. This is all done intentionally, its not an accident. This is done to procreate, how they preserve themselves, they are not just feeding, but breeding.

“I heard from reading into the occult world that a person can abuse a child and bind a demon into them by breaking them down, it sounds like the same thing.”

Yeah, that’s exactly it. But the person is doing this not because they want to, but because they have to, they are infected. Kind of like the vampire myth, right? They pass it on.

“One thing I’ve noticed is the new show on Fox called Lucifer. Have you seen it?”


Yeah they portray him as the good guy. I saw a little bit of it and read the descriptions of it. I see what they are trying to do. I think its interesting that they are putting him in Los Angeles. One of the characters lives in Malibu. Now you gotta ask, whose writing this crap? It’s the people in Hollywood that are clearly part of the cabal. They are heavily infected, they know what they are doing. It’s propaganda, public relations. It’s like the modern-day equivalent of Sitchin’s work. Now why did I just mention Zecharius Sitchin?

In Sitchin’s narrative Enki is the good guy, he’s the victim right? In his forward to “The Lost book of Enki,” he says right in there that that’s his interpretation. That’s Sitchin’s imagination, buts its presented as fact by the way, it reads like all the other stuff. But the “Lost Book of Enki” is not from any source but Sitchin’s mind. Which is disturbing because Sitchin was a classmate of George Soros a the London School Of Economics, which is run by the Rothschild family.  And they all work directly for Enki. All of them.

David Icke has had strong accusations at Sitchin, accusing him of being one of these Reptilian hybrids.”

I don’t disagree. I met Sitchin a couple of times, talked to him on the phone, there was something odd about him. It’s possible. But ultimately what he did, is broke down the old paradigm, and built a new one where Enki is the victim, he is our father, our savior, and is the one we should all look up to. But Enki is Lucifer, he is known by may different names but lets be clear: Enki is Lucifer.

“So in other words, the narrative that Sitchin put forward is an inverse, he switched it. Are you saying that Enlil is the good one?”

Well no, what I’m saying is there is a lot more to that story than was presented in that story. And I don’t think Sitchin did that on his own. I think he was put up to the task, like a modern-day scribe. He was under the influence; like Soros, and the Rothchilds, they’re serving the agenda, the Luciferian agenda.

Now Enlil, there were two, that’s a title. Like most of these beings thats a title. There was the king and the prince. And no they don’t live on some fictional planet in our solar system called Nibiru. They have their own empire, a galactic empire. This solar system used to be part of the Orion empire originally. And then when the civil war broke out, this solar system became part of Enki/Lucifer’s empire, his illegitimate rebel empire.

Watch the rest here:

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