Harald Kautz Vella Spring 2017 Update

maxresdefault (13)Harald is under tough times, from arrests for something he said, and possible arsons to his home. He admits he may have pissed off a few people by connecting the major religions to alien black goo. But he will stick to the truth wherever it takes him…

Miles Johnston: Can you go into why certain religious people may have been upset with what you said?

Harald: there’s one cornerstone in Mecca that is officially a meteorite that Mohammad found in the desert. And this is kind of a psychedelic thing in Mecca. This is what people are supposed to kiss and touch and they say they are flooded with feelings and energy when they come close to this rock. And I cannot tell from a distance whether this is earth type black goo or alien type black goo. All I know is that the Muslims themselves call it a meteorite so it must be alien type.

Miles: can you explain the difference between earth type black goo and this alien type?

Harald: black goo is the substance carrying planetary consciousness. So basically this is where the instincts are sitting for all the species on this planet. It’s sort of a liquid brain flowing throughout all the laylines of the planetary system, having the function of a mirror consciousness to the biosphere. And the reason we have duality on this planet is because about 20,000 years ago somebody brought in an artificial type of black goo that carries a secondary collective consciousness. something similar to the planetary consciousness in terms of substance but with a different programming inside. and this is kind of a reptilian type cold-hearted violent, we call this evil. and this is causing duality because every single human on the planet can relate either to the earth type black goo or the alien type black goo. and if he relates to the alien type black goo his instincts kind of go cold. Non-emphathic, with a tendency to violence. and this alien black goo came down in a meteorite swarm, with oil cysts containing this liquid. and it’s basically the core of every occult tradition we have. it’s in the core of the world religions it used to even be in the core of the societies of Stonehenge times. so this is really ancient and its been influencing humanity for quite a while. there are rumors that these stones are in the Peterstone, and  every Catholic church in Europe. It obviously seems to be in Mecca, in their Kaaba set up, in their holiest place. And it’s not like I want to say that all these world religions are evil but they do contain a portion of it. They are kind of invigorated at a certain point by an impulse to this quality, that they actually want to prevent officially. So they kind of include the duality as a set up that is both sides part of religion. muslim people say be good love your neighbor, Christians say this as well, but somewhere in the traditions there is something giving people the impulse to exactly the opposite, something else. This is the demonic fragment of world religions, and its in everyone. They do not differ in this sense….

Watch the rest here:

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5 Responses to Harald Kautz Vella Spring 2017 Update

  1. Is this part of what God meant when He said he would destroy those who destroy the Earth? Wow!

  2. I became familiar with Harald while searching for information on Magellons, which I knew nothing about but knew something is happening to my body and my private world. I am fascinated by his lectures because of his presentations, mannerisms and quite heart. So I every so often, when my brain is in ‘learning mode’, will search out his lectures and try to follow along, though not always easy. He makes it as logical as possible to us laymen, and I so appreciate it. But to my horror, yesterday I was listening to different people referencing him, and heard the host say that he was MURDERED!!! Oh my God, I am so sick to my stomach. I have no words, but I guarantee I am in morning. I loved that guy and his genius, and was looking forward to continuing to listen to his knowledge of life. I am sure there are many sorrowful hosts and friends that are just as sickened as I am. We all know why he was murdered–because he was able to conceive of, and not be afraid of, to talk about the dark, demonic nature of some human beings, at the expense of anyone who gets in the way. Harald was a threat and they took him out. Fucking bastards!!! So now they can continue to poison our minds and spray lethal chemicals, hard metals and nanobots on us with impunity. There are no word to describe the evil humans that have messed around with mother nature and tweeked our genetic code in order to advance their sinister agenda–control over us. They are somehow able to sleep at night knowing they are screwing with our DNA and committing genocide in order to have control over us and use mind control to achieve their ultimate agenda, which I believe is a one world order. The worst part is for those of us that unfortunately fall into the criteria for targeting certain people, and God only knows what that is (according to statistics, only about 1% of the population sprayed will develop the horrible symptoms of full blown Morgellons Disease), we are forced to observe or feel very strange things in and on our bodies, in bodily fluids, hair, clothing, everywhere, the most horrifying being bugs. Yes, bugs. The fact is some things from our skin that we look at under magnification (nearly all of the videos I have watched from people with Morgellons posting them on the internet have reported that they went out and bought some kind of microscope to see what this stuff really is) look like horrible bugs! We become obsessed with finding out what in the hell is going on with us? I have to believe that they have programmed these things to take on the look of extremely ugly bugs, in order to terrify us! Or perhaps they are real bugs, or half bug/half nano engineered bug. I don’t know. What kind of sadist would do that to humans they don’t even know? AND TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE! Then, to make it even worse, no one that we tell about the things we are witnessing and feeling on our bodies will believe us–including Doctors! (I have been to 5 different doctors about this, with proof, including the CDC doctor in my town, only to be shown the door.) The Morgellons will eventually consume each organ and kill us, and after living a life of loneliness and terror, many commit suicide. I hope I am not one of them. More and more people are experiencing the ramifications of this intrusion and reporting it, and more scientists, doctors and the general public are becoming familiar with this condition. We suffer so being told we are psychotic and need to see a mental health professional. Without a diagnosis and understanding of what is causing these REAL symptoms, we are destined to live a lonely, painful life. Shame on those who are spraying us with chemtrails in order to kill us and have “depopulation”. If you are judged after this life, know you will spend eternity in the gates of hell for tampering with humanity, resulting in human suffrage, all for your selfish agenda! Harald understood all of this, and we were depending on him to get down to the bottom of this and find out who is sleeping with who and covering this up, never once considering the possibility of him being murdered because of his understanding of, and outspoken stance on the issue. Obviously, some people in very important positions did not want him talking about or learning more about this conspiracy. Now, there is no hope for that. Their message is loud and clear. I pray every day that this condition becomes more and more accepted and understood by the people who matter. Then, money can become available for research to undo and cure this awful body terrorist, and to find and prosecute anyone who had anything to do with this non-consensual invasion of our bodies–causing us to endure a living hell and lose all those we ever cared about. Oh, and if you doubt my accusation of our government spraying these toxic chemicals, heavy metals (barium, magnesium, copper and mercury) and bio-technical artifically engineered invisible nano-invaders via ‘chemtrails’, just look outside each day and when you notice a large quantity of trails in the sky, criss-crossing, etc., notice how long they stay. Vapor from jet fuel dissipates within 30 minutes or so, whereas loaded chemtrails that are dropping their payload, often take hours. RIP, Harald, we miss you…

    Thank you for the forum. I have been trying to find informative articles on the internet as to how and when this happened to Harald, but find only brief snippets. If you have any suggestions or information, please email me.

  3. Please delete all comments below Cindi’s dated August 11, 2019. HKV is alive and well, I have confirmed from a source who knows him. Any error in interpretation may stem from whichever radio show content was heard, which, although Cindi heard the show this summer, the show may have referenced the false report of his death in 2017 (her link above), which was untrue. It’s like the game called Gossip.
    I do know that Harald is brilliant and protects himself well. I saw him on interviews within the last six months. He has been face-to-face with black goo and survived, and conquered.
    This is a lesson for us to be even more careful in these days, for the times they are a ‘changin! Time, literally, is changing.
    Thank you. ❤

  4. Frank says:

    I have something that is important and would like to contact Harald, German or English, Is there a contact somewhere of him? Its about health and the bodies ability to heal itself given the proper food..anyway I would love his opinion on this and pass on the website.https://darkovelcek.wordpress.com and also found under brighteon.com under healyourself.

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