Harald Kautz Vella Spring 2017 Update

maxresdefault (13)Harald is under tough times, from arrests for something he said, and possible arsons to his home. He admits he may have pissed off a few people by connecting the major religions to alien black goo. But he will stick to the truth wherever it takes him…

Miles Johnston: Can you go into why certain religious people may have been upset with what you said?

Harald: there’s one cornerstone in Mecca that is officially a meteorite that Mohammad found in the desert. And this is kind of a psychedelic thing in Mecca. This is what people are supposed to kiss and touch and they say they are flooded with feelings and energy when they come close to this rock. And I cannot tell from a distance whether this is earth type black goo or alien type black goo. All I know is that the Muslims themselves call it a meteorite so it must be alien type.

Miles: can you explain the difference between earth type black goo and this alien type?

Harald: black goo is the substance carrying planetary consciousness. So basically this is where the instincts are sitting for all the species on this planet. It’s sort of a liquid brain flowing throughout all the laylines of the planetary system, having the function of a mirror consciousness to the biosphere. And the reason we have duality on this planet is because about 20,000 years ago somebody brought in an artificial type of black goo that carries a secondary collective consciousness. something similar to the planetary consciousness in terms of substance but with a different programming inside. and this is kind of a reptilian type cold-hearted violent, we call this evil. and this is causing duality because every single human on the planet can relate either to the earth type black goo or the alien type black goo. and if he relates to the alien type black goo his instincts kind of go cold. Non-emphathic, with a tendency to violence. and this alien black goo came down in a meteorite swarm, with oil cysts containing this liquid. and it’s basically the core of every occult tradition we have. it’s in the core of the world religions it used to even be in the core of the societies of Stonehenge times. so this is really ancient and its been influencing humanity for quite a while. there are rumors that these stones are in the Peterstone, and  every Catholic church in Europe. It obviously seems to be in Mecca, in their Kaaba set up, in their holiest place. And it’s not like I want to say that all these world religions are evil but they do contain a portion of it. They are kind of invigorated at a certain point by an impulse to this quality, that they actually want to prevent officially. So they kind of include the duality as a set up that is both sides part of religion. muslim people say be good love your neighbor, Christians say this as well, but somewhere in the traditions there is something giving people the impulse to exactly the opposite, something else. This is the demonic fragment of world religions, and its in everyone. They do not differ in this sense….

Watch the rest here:

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1 Response to Harald Kautz Vella Spring 2017 Update

  1. Is this part of what God meant when He said he would destroy those who destroy the Earth? Wow!

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