The Truth About Baphomet, and The Myth Of Satan

Why do we see this symbol being worn by celebrities today?
baphomet ring
Joe Wayne from the AntiCointelProShow: “A long-held misconception of a symbol that many of you fear, and we all know that fear is the biggest motivator of view-counts and subscriptions to any site, and that is fear of the unknown. And the people who have instilled this fear, who have their base in the party system, whether it be religion, Christian, Islam Hindu, whatever, that party system is, be it political, right, left, conservative, liberal, Libertarian, these are all false dichotomies that are designed to do nothing but control you, using that big ol’ nasty motivator called fear. So we are going to squash the unknown quantities that make all of you fear and make you watch these sites that fill you with fear and keep you on the edge of your seats. It’s like a drug, its like heroin the more fear you get the more you want, and the less knowledge you get, from the fear that has been placed right smack in the middle of your knowledge base.

Today we are going over the long-held misconception of Baphomet, which mostly come from religious sites of the Christian persuasion, and I myself do not prescribe to any religion, because again it is a false dichotomy. I don’t believe in inherent right or wrong with the exception of hurting an individual, when you hurt someone i.e. a pedophile hurting a child and stealing their innocence or a politician hurting the public by stealing the truth from them for their own dastardly deeds, and whoever use these symbols and corrupt them and pervert them, well, that is going to come right back to you. I’m moving on.

Baphomet and its perversion and corruption and its misuse, to usurp its meaning, to steal its positive inflections on the human soul, and its historical meanings from ancient times. Baphomet has nothing to do with the imaginary devil. Baphomet comes from the ancient Sofia schools of wisdom. The ancient mystery schools, both east and west used monstrous figures back in the day which were displayed outside of temples and in sacred groves to ward off anyone who would let appearances alone frighten them i.e. fear, once again the emotion of fear being used to ward off those who were controlled by it, not the true knowledge seekers but the ones who were controlled with fear were the ones the mystery schools were trying to ward off. Baphomet represents many off the occult truths and all “occult” means is secret, nothing sinister about it. One of its associations is with the 4 element of earth, air, fire, earth and water. The pentagram and its 5 points represents earth air fire water and aether. On his right hand you will find the word Saul which means “to find an answer.” On his left hand you will find the word coagula, which comes from coagulate which means “to change from fluid into a thickness mass.” The female breasts represents the life-giving essence given to us by the female. His male and female aspects show that he is both male and female and worthy of our respect.
armsNow moving on to the corruption of Baphomet. As you know the Knights Templar were basically the soldiers of the Catholic church in the early days and they grew in size and wealth, reaching their peak in the 14th century. The end of the wars of the crusades did not have any impact on the order as they used the opportunity to travel and enter into commerce and money lending i.e. banking. They established a very profitable business relationship with the enemy in times of truce, the order accumulated vast wealth and power and became the victims of the greedy Catholic Church who were bothered that they were becoming more powerful than they were. So what happened is Prince Phillip of France and Pope Clement had 140 knights arrested in the Paris temple. They were subject to torture en masse. They were accused of devil worship, blasphemy, sodomy and idolatry. There was secrecy surrounding their meeting and when you have secret meetings rumors will abound, because people fear the unknown. So they will come up with any assumptions pertaining to these secret meetings because they don’t know the truth.  So under torture members admitted to renouncing the Nazarene, spitting, trampling and urinating on the crucifix. And there are no demons folks, there is no Satan, there is no Jesus. There is only the Father. Or if you are a feminist you can refer to the grand architect as the Mother. Because again in Baphomet’s case there’s no male or female, there is just energy, either good or bad, depending on how the human being wishes to either use for good to help people, or corrupt and pervert by murdering people and controlling their very thoughts  as used by every government on planet Earth.

So finally the Templars were burned at the stake and this is where the corruption of Baphomet began. And the name Baphomet folks, of course I told you before it comes from the Sofia schools the ancient wisdom schools, and the word is a blending two Greek words, baphe and metis, absorption and knowledge – our absorption into wisdom. So now you know the truth concerning Baphomet and the corruption of the symbol just like man has and will corrupt anything that they touch. Any power seeker will do any and everything to get and maintain power. Because as they say folks, power indeed corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Satan and the myth of Satan and why the myth was first propagated. The Sumerians are the basis for the fascists that control the world today. The Sumerians that gave us religion, banking and the first standing army and 90 other of the worlds firsts. The Sumerians turned into the Babylonians, who turned into the Egyptians who turned into the roman empire who turned into the roman catholic church and that is the entity who has been controlling the world ever since. They are the fascists. All fascist means is authoritarian. It is the corporate authoritarians ruling the world. On top of that pyramid is the Rothschild banking cartel and the roman catholic church so they’re hand in glove. They do it through their stories, belief system which is not rooted in fact. The romans were having an issue, a real problem with the Jews of the day, the actual slaves of the day, getting uppity. And the romans were spread tin, they had wars on so many different fronts that they couldn’t control the slave population at their actual home in Rome. So they devised this plan. Emperor Constantine and the council of Nicaea was the one who forced he Christian religion on the world. There were a number of competing religions at the time most of them with similar story lines. Virginal birth, born in a manger, I mean the entire story line of Jesus was copied from other religions, I mean just take for example the story line of Horus. They stole it from Egypt, who got it from Babylon, who got it from Sumerian.

But back to the romans who could not control the population. Never could. The standing military could not control the world. If we all simply got together and stopped believing what they told us, they wouldn’t have a chance. The romans were spread too thin, and this is why Constantine forced the Christian religion on the world. The slaves were fooled by a lie. The Christ that they all talk about what based on a Roman congressman named Christos. He actually has a coin with his likeness on it.

The Romans prayed to the planet Saturn. That’s where we get the day of Saturday. They had a day or week of revelry where they gave thanks to Saturn or Chronos. That’s where Satan came from. The reason they invented it is to control the population through fear. The Judeo-Christian god loves you unless you don’t agree with him in which case you will burn forever. The elite are not praying to Satan but to the planet Saturn because it’s all about Astro-Theology not about a made-up deity or a made up ant-Christ. The whole reason that the Satanist movement is really big and the reason behind all the rituals and blood-letting is so that the fascists will have something to hold over these politicians that are their tools, these fools and greedy bastards because if they don’t do what they are supposed to then it will come out that they molest boys, sacrificed children and drank their blood. This is joe Wayne with the Anticointelproshow.

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  1. Truthsaid says:

    It is NOT “saul”, it is “solve”, which is the opposite of “coagula”, = dissolve

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