The Land of The Watchers (Part 1)


I’m halfway through this very strange book by Heather Lynn:

The reason for the war in Iraq: raiding of the Baghdad museum.

What artifacts were taken?

Why is this particular archeologist being followed and cyber-hacked?

She even comes across a girl with the Monarch butterfly tattoo on her calf: a sign?

She finds out that the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry has a double crested eagle as their symbol, which is an artistic evolution of the Annunaki Monster God of the Sumerians.

Whether or not you believe the Sumerian mythos surrounding the Annunaki and their hand in our creation, the elites sure do. They take it very seriously.

Serious enough to hatch the 9/11 attack. All a ploy to invade the middle east where there are apparently inter-dimentional portals leading to the Land of the Watchers.

Every planet is pockmarked with Stargates.

Down the gangplanks and ladders our hero descends, through the Deep Undeground Military Bases and into Middle Earth, not too different from Tolkien’s mythos.

The Stargate in Iraq, like an inverted Tower of Babylon, descends to the depths of Hell, where gray aliens and dragons live. There are pockets of forestry, lakes, mountains and elven cities too. Bill Clinton has been there a couple of times.

The Nephilim bloodlines run this planet. They are the go-between hybrids for the planet-side human race, and the infra-terrestrial monsters, demons who live in Hollow Earth. You can hear the engineers building the D.U.M.B.s claiming to be taking part in creating the “layers of Hell.” They’ve witnessed the djinn. They djinn may have originally arrived here through one of these star-gates. The Illuminati want the star-gate in Iraq (ancient day Babylon) to introduce more of these lower-dimensional entities into our midst.

It all started when the Other Race found human women fair, and decided to seduce and breed with them. They had to distort their true selves in order to to so, an act of rebellion against God. The Sumerians are the first documented race to ‘flourish’ under the rule of the Hybrid Nephilim. The Hybrids were given the secrets of God, how to grow into a civilization, and all the recent scientific breakthroughs are a shadow of what they had, and still hold, occulted into the underground caves and secluded cults but also practiced by the highest order of Army Intelligence as exposed by Kay Griggs and others.

London, Washington DC, the Federal Reserve symbology is all Freemasonic. Freemasonry holds Sumerian religous beliefs to be sacred. Therefore, the world is run by a Sumer Cult. An Annunaki (Watcher) Cult. And again here, this time by Nancy Madore:


“Thousands of years ago something came out of the sky that changed the course of human history. Testimonies abound of these ‘angels’ and their hybrid offspring, the ‘Nephilim’ giants. These mighty ‘gods’ quickly rose to power, and the ancient world came alive with industry and culture. People who lived for hundreds of thousands of years as hunters and gatherers suddenly began settling in one place, cultivating the land and even governing themselves. They invented irrigation, the wheel and algebra. Yet amidst all this progress, an undercurrent of terror was spreading like wildfire, carrying whispers of ‘djinn,’ ‘daeva’ and ‘demons.’

The Watchers were supposed to do just that: watch. But humankind proved far too tempting and they ‘fell’ to earth, taking wives and even producing children. But their children grew into unruly giants whose souls didn’t ascend like human souls when they die, but remained here on earth. These errant souls haunt the earth to this day. They are the ‘djinn,’ the ‘hidden ones,’ also known as ‘daeva’ and ‘demon.’ They have one purpose—to live. But to live they need bodies.

This chain of events has now reached the point where the djinn need more than just our bodies to survive. They must take back control of the earth, just as in the days when they ruled as gods.

The Hidden Ones (book one)

As CEO of her own thriving company, Nadia Adeire is flush with success, but a secret society dating back to the Essenes believes her to be one of the ancient djinn—the notorious demoness of Hebrew legend, Lilith.(”

These themes also flourish in Greek myth, in the Eastern epics, in Freemasonry and in the works of HP Lovecraft, who had access to many occult books. Hybridization and genetic manipulation are also recurring themes in alien abduction reports. It is said that they Kings of Old openly bragged about their unique serpent bloodline, up until the Pharoahs of Egypt, who had to interbreed with their siblings to keep them pure.

But something happened in Egypt, a fight between two noble bloodlines broke out. War. Since then the knowledge of the serpent bloodline went underground, though coded in the bible and certain extra-biblical texts. The fight carries out today. But the lines are not drawn by countries or front political organizations. It is a fight between two Nephilim bloodlines who stay behind the scenes. They will manipulate us into World Wars until one bloodline achieves full domination over the planet and our species. The Watchers were supposed to watch. But they betrayed their creator, and now we are headed to the apocalypse.


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  1. Thank you, for your kind words.

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