The Occulted Secret – Short Story

Fang, the cult leader, spoke before his initiates: “The interventionalist model of human origins is the biggest occulted secret held by the secret societies. Freemasonry, The Golden Dawn, the OTO, as well as the ones of the East. That we didn’t come naturally from evolution, nor were we spun out of thin air by God on the 6th day of creation. The intervention model lies somewhere in between: yes, evolution and natural selection really occur, yes DNA informs the stuff of life, but we are too weird and arose too quickly in the fossil record to fit nicely with the Darwinian paradigm. Giant bones, laser chiseled megalithic structures of old, all this points to an advanced alien species intervening on a hominid ape-like being and mutating them into what we are today. And this occurred in an alien lab facility over the span of weeks. That is how well these aliens understand how to modify DNA.

The truth of them, and their relations to us are documented in scripture, coded to tell a front story to the unwashed masses and a hidden true story to those initiatedĀ into secret societies. We find from whistle-blowers that these aliens are inter-dimensional, and have always been mistaken for angels and demons in the past, reptilian dragons during the middle ages, and aliens from Draco and Zeta Reticuli today. This is why alien abduction and religious visions have the same feel and quality. They are on the same metaphysical wavelength, a few octaves off consensus reality.

I have reason to believe that the highest levels of these secret societies, and also the rogue witch, wizard and warlock, have come into possession of the methods of contacting these inter-dimensional entities. They have it down to a science. You don’t have to read far into Crowley to find that this is precisely what he claimed to be doing. The highest levels of the CIA, MI6 and a few other secret services are in the know as well. Army types, although they only see the benefit of this contact for power and mind control.

Friends, I also believe that what we do here with meditation and psychedelic plants offers the best possible karmic version of what those other occultists are doing. Notice we don’t have to sacrifice babies and animals. No pedophilia, blood drinking, whipping, or overly dangerous ordeals are necessary. We found a direct route to the pineal gland, as it was supposed to be. Our ways allow for the individual to have a unique relationship with the Other, without brainwashing. OK so maybe we haven’t cracked immortality like a few dark artists are rumored to have, but they will get their come uppance; their souls are already shattered, sold to a demon in exchange for long life and material wealth.”

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