A Post New World Order Takeover – Short Story

Note: the following is a work of speculative FICTION. But is also based on my own research into VERY REAL matters.

Some time in the mid 21st century

It was easy, the culprit was in the water. Nothing fancy, just add heavy metal particulates into the drinking supply, so tiny you can’t see ’em, taste ’em. These will accumulate in the cells over the course of one’s lifetime. They don’t make you sick, you don’t even notice them, unless of course they are activated by EMF radiation. All the cell towers across the globe are operating at about 10% capacity. Turn those suckers up to 90-100% and the radiation will heat up those heavy metals, turning your cells into mush. Victims start sweating and burning up within seconds, and within minutes will keel over, dead.

At the command of Big Boss, the world’s population went from 6.5 billion down to about 3 million in the span of 3 0r 4 minutes. The only survivors were from rural parts of the world, where they got their water directly from the source, mountain springs. The only painstaking part of the plan was finding and herding all these rurals into forced labor camps. They provided little resistance, although to this day the cabal is still searching for remaining pockets of survivors.

After all the bodies were swept up and thrown in furnaces, the next step was rebuilding society. The new world order could not allow for all that free information and internet crap that had been steadily giving away their secrets. Libraries and computers were burned away. Rurals were forced to donate sperm and egg, and then promptly sterilized, such that repopulation would happen on the cabal’s terms. No more nuclear families. Children would be born in test tubes and brought up indoctrinated from day one. A lot of child rearing could be done by robots. Besides indoctrination, children are given weekly MK Ultra traumatic programming with the end result of being able to dissociate on command and blindly follow any order from above. As they get a little older they are trained in the sciences and when they reach 14 years of age, they are given aptitude tests that place them in a job suitable to their skills. The most bright of them (about 2%) get to become scientists, doctors, or engineers. Those with certain physical strengths get to become soldiers, spies and intelligence agents. The rest, the large majority will serve the rest of their lives in forced labor camps, doing things like farming, digging ditches, construction work, and other types of manual labor that cannot yet be accomplished more efficiently by A.I.

Now regardless of what job you get, hours are long and you come home at the end of the day to the same type of food ration in your single room apartment (no couples, no families, no sharing of space). The only type of entertainment which is allowed are the Consoles, a kind of interactive TV/video game system with minimal engagement, which is designed to put the user into a kind of numb trance, but just stimulating enough to keep them occupied. This trance state is enhanced by Soma, a drug injected into the dinner rations, which further numbs the higher brain functions and allows for a pleasant but mindless state to kick in until the citizen falls asleep drooling at their Console. Alarm clocks jolt them awake in the morning with a mild electric shock (works like coffee) and they begin their work routine. Rinse, repeat. It only takes one or two generations of this for all memory of life before the takeover to disappear entirely. For all they know, life has always been like this.

The Cabal consists of thirteen bloodlines, living away from these dismal, automated cities in their private mansions and villas on various tropical islands. There they spend their time enjoying their debauchery and sensuous excesses. Loyal to them is the Committee of 300, generational Satanists who are also MK Ultra’d out of their minds, only they are at least dimly aware of what is going on and are in charge of overseeing the new society and reporting back to the Cabal.

Now how do I know all this you ask? I am not Cabal, nor one of the Committee. Just a lowly citizen, but I happened to be born with certain aptitudes that placed me as a soldier. My job was to seek out refugees, either escapees or those rurals who survived the radiation blast. They would fly a squadron of us in helicopters to various forests and deserts of the world where these pockets were reported to be. We would go in and eliminate runners, burn villages. No prisoners were allowed brought back, for if they began talking to the brainwashed masses about what life had been like before take-over it might spawn an awakening which would lead to dissent and revolution.

Of course I knew none of this at the time, all I knew was my training. I was a skilled hunter, tracker, I could snipe down runners from long distances with my steady aim. I didn’t question why these people were out here, or why they were running, I just killed.

Everything changed with Sarah. Sarah is a refugee. She was living on a farm at the time of take-over with her parents and younger brother. I had gotten separated from my squad, following a trail of trampled foliage. I heard strange noises, and creeping low I peered through some leaves and saw a very strange thing. A girl and a boy playing. But I had no word for “play” at the time, even laughter was foreign to me. But there they were, the older girl was keeping an apple away from the younger boy, tossing it up in the air and running around with it while he gave chase. His squeals and her smile unnerved me, awoke certain feelings in my stomach that been lying dormant. It was strange, but I brushed them away and readied my rifle. Looking through the scope, I took aim at the girl, the crosshairs were right on her head, it would be an easy headshot. I curled my finger around the trigger. But then she started singing, again a thing I had no words for, it sounded like nonsense sounds, modulated in strange frequencies for no apparent reason. Again I hesitated. It was this which saved their lives, for suddenly there was a crash from behind me, I turned just in time to see a rock smash into my helmet. Dazed, I collapsed on the ground, pinned by whoever had attacked me. He smashed again and again, until I blacked out.

I awoke some time later, tied to a tree. My helmet and rifle were gone. So was my dispatch radio. I scanned the skies and listened, but heard no sign of helicopters or my other squad members. My head was throbbing painfully. Then I noticed what must have been my attacker. He was an older man, sitting calmly in front of me, whittling a stick into a spear. The girl and boy were nowhere to be seen.

“Where’s my radio?” I croaked.

“I smashed it.” He eyed me wearily. “Is anyone gonna come looking for you?”

“I don’t know.” The truth was every citizen was given a tracker implant at infancy, a tiny chip inserted into the palm. They knew where I was. The question was whether they cared to return for me. Soldiers disappeared or died in battle with dissenters from time to time. They were quickly replaced. No big deal.

“Well just in case, we’re gonna get movin’ by sundown. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t leave you tied here to get eaten by wolves.”

“I didn’t kill ‘em. I could’ve. But they were, uh, happy, in a way I hadn’t seen before.”

He stared at me a long while.

“You think they’re happy?” He snorted. “They’re mom got killed in a raid, by guys lookin’ like you. We been on the run ever since. This aint no kind of life.” He got up to leave.

“Wait! I can help. I can offer protection!” Just then the girl and boy appeared, looking at me curiously.

“Kids get out of here! I’m dealin with him.” He yelled at her angrily.

“We may need his help Dad, how long before we get attacked again? They’re gonna find us, with their helicopters and thermal trackers. What have we got? At least he’s got a good rifle.”

“Which he’ll turn on us the second we turn our backs!”

“Then I’ll keep it.” She said. Just then the sound of whirring blades returned.

“Damn! They’re back! Lets go now!” They took off, the girl took one glance back at me, then followed after her dad, my rifle in her hand.

I watched as the helicopter flew over my head, trailing them. Fireballs stared to rain down around me. They were gonna burn the whole forest. I struggled against my hand ties, to no avail. The fire swept up the trees around me, filling me with a hot orange glow. In a few seconds my tree was gonna be consumed, taking me with it. I might have a few seconds, if the rope burned up. There it was, the pain and I started to smell burning flesh. The fire was all around me. My training had given me a high pain threshold, but nothing had prepared me for this. I pulled on the rope with all my might. My boots were melting, the flame began licking up my pants, and suddenly I was free. Stumbling to the ground, I did a tuck and roll, trying to pull off burning articles. I ran, dodging flaming trees, falling branches.


I found her again, her father and brother both died in the fire. All we had was each other now. We drifted about, deeper into the forest. She told me about what life was like before take-over. I told her about the new society in the cities. We were about the same age. Second generation. Born right after the take-over. Her parents told her stories about what it was like. They were from a poor fishing village in a place called Greenland. Many of her parents villagers survived the blast. It was so remote that it took a few years afterward for soldiers to come by to finish them off. It was during that time that she was born. They fled and had been living on abandoned farms and roughing it in the woods ever since. Her dad was quite the outdoorsman. Now he was gone.

I told her how strange it sounded, living with family, having people close to you. It was all so new to me. It took a while for me to learn concepts like closeness, family and love, but she taught them to me, one by one. And I even began to understand them a bit, in connection to her. I thought that maybe, one day, I could love her.

But things wouldn’t go as planned. That damn tracker in my palm. One day they did decided to come back for me. A small scout ‘copter came, while we were holed up in an old ghost town. We were sitting in the attic, she was beginning to show me what our bodies could do, when suddenly there was a hole in her head, like that she was dead.

“Aha! A clean shot!” Came a voice. A soldier appeared in the field down below. We had been stupidly close to the window, our guards down. It was like she had made me forget all my training, in my fixation of her.

He took me back. On the ‘copter ride back he asked me questions, like why had I been hanging around with a runner, why I hadn’t shot her dead. I realized he had no concept of love, or even of sexual attraction. These things are ironed out of us. I later learned it was another effect of the Soma. Complete loss of libido. Eating quail and wild fruits for all those weeks had awakened my manhood.

So of course no reason I could give would make sense to the scout, so we quickly lapsed into awkward silence.

“Well your safe now,” he said as the city scape loomed in the distance. “We’ll get you into HQ, you’ll submit a quick report to the committee, and get you to your dome in no time. I bet you miss a hot shower huh?” He slapped my back playfully.

“Sure.” I said halfheartedly.

In my report I wrote that I had been held hostage against my will. It was the first time I had ever told a lie.

To be continued….

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