Exodus Out Of Egypt: A Short Story

Note: The following is a work of speculative FICTION, but also based on my own research into VERY REAL matters.

When the Annunaki (inter-dimensional shapeshifters/body snatchers/fathers of Nephilim/fallen angels) came to earth, they mutated the DNA of Neanderthals living here. The Neanderthals were not supposed to evolve further, they had primitive tools, no complex language, they were simply cavemen and hunter-gatherers. Mother earth allowed them this much, but intelligence beyond this, she knew would end up harming the balance of nature. However the Annunaki saw potential with this species, they themselves began as a race of hominid-like beings on their own planet. However there was an argument between two Annunaki brothers, Enki and Enlil. Enlil wanted a slave race, Enki wanted the primitive humans to evolve to be like them. So Enki created a race called Homo Atlantis, while Enlil built Homo Sapiens. The difference is that Homo Atlantians were aware of their creators, and also remembered their past lives after each reincarnation. They were taught by Enki the sacred laws and geometries of physics, biology and astronomy, and were trained in the psychic arts of magick. Homo sapiens were not taught these truths, but are capable of knowing them as well, albeit with a little more effort. Homo sapiens reincarnate as well, but cannot remember their past lives, this more than anything assures Enlil that they remain fairly ignorant of their own roots, and of their own potential.

Now, the Annunaki are lofty, busy creatures, they stuck around to see Sumeria built which was the first great civilization of Homo Atlantis, but then left the planet to pursue other matters. Left unchecked, the Atlantians utilized certain dark-star technologies which ended up backfiring and destroying much of what they built. Sumeria was destroyed, and Atlantians realized that they mustn’t be so bold and brazen with their skills and knowledge.

Egypt was their next grand experiment. Atlantians were the Pharaohs and priest class, and the Sapiens were the common folk, employed to build their temples and statues and pyramids. The dangerous technologies which destroyed Sumeria were buried under the statue of the Sphinx, vowed to not be used again unless absolute necessity calls for them. Remember, these Atlantians remembered their past lives, and knew that they would reincarnate after they died as long as the planet was healthy and their race was reproducing. For this reason they have lots of patience, and are playing the long game. Now their chief concern in Egypt was to record their knowledge of the gods (the shapeshifting annunaki) and communicate telepathically with them, through the act of ritual summoning, or worship. Therianthropes (human-animal hybrids) are the symbol of the shapeshifters, and each temple was built for a specific Annunaki individual. See the Annunaki have no reason to be here physically, anymore, but can communicate remotely, from anywhere in the universe, through quantum non-locality. By contacting them, the Atlantians continued to build their knowledge of advanced technology and the psychic arts (witchcraft).

Now something happened in Egypt, a curious thing, because it involves a Homo Sapien, a slave really, who would end up changing the status quo drastically. Egypt could have continued in this state forever, with Homo Sapiens ignorant of this higher race. The Atlantians feared what would happen if they revealed their true nature, feared revolt, for the Sapiens vastly outnumbered them. This is also why they have always been obsessed with keeping their bloodline pure. They reincarnate regardless, but by only inbreeding amongst themselves, it insures that only their race stays in the seats of power, and that their abilities do not get watered down. Now if the two races reproduce, the hybrid offspring can be like them: remembering their past lives, certain ESP abilities, and enhanced intelligence. But Atlantians do not want to share this wealth. They enjoy having slaves who don’t question things, and fear what would happen if their abilities became too widespread. They are control freaks. Thus secrecy is a must. So they record their history in parable, or code, which is the reason for scripture, originally in heiroglyphic form.

Now the story of Moses freeing the slaves is a skewed version of what actually happened, it is told in code. Egypt would have carried on forever, if not for a curious thing called love, that chaotic force. An Atlantian male, a Pharoah in fact, fell in love with a Sapien female. As far as the records show this was unprecedented. In secret, he bedded her and sired a child. This child would be Moses, who would indeed have the secret knowledge and skills of his father, but none of the loyalty to secrecy. He saw the ignorance of his mothers people, living in mud huts and talking of the skewed parables of the gods, the riddles that were meant to confuse, while the Atlantians lived in lavish luxury. See, Atlantians knew that Sapiens desired knowledge, so they gave them little crumbs of the truth, just enough to satisfy their intellect but not enough to cause them to see what was actually going on, and certainly never enough to know their true potential. In fact the parables and the stories of the gods were purposely engineered to steer them away from these potentials. The gods would “punish them” for trying to be like Atlantians, and in modern days they have perfected the art of demonizing magick and ESP, those very things that they hold sacred, that they care about most.

Now Moses (not his real name but for histories sake we will stick with it), the hybrid son of Imhotep III and his Sapien wife learned all this. His mother knew as well, for Imhotep, blinded by love divulged everything to her, and she proceeded to tell Moses when he was old enough. He and his mother lived among the common folk, and the Pharoah had to visit them in secret. Meanwhile to uphold public appearances, he married his sister as was the norm, and had several pure Atlantian children with her, the first-born son of which was slated to be the next Pharoah, when Imhotep was to die.

Now up until this point, notice, that there is no real evil, yet. Yes, the Atlantians are greedy, selfish, and prone to corruption. But in a larger sense they were simply concerned with spiritual, intellectual matters, and couldn’t care less about the Sapiens. There was no pedophilia, murder, rape, in the picture yet. Some of this evil happened occasionally amongst the Sapien class, but rarely, less common than today and only as a result of degradative brain chemistry. But evil as we know it today would be born by the intense rivalry and hatred that would grow between the two half brothers of Imhotep: Moses, the half-breed, and Ramses, the pure-bred Atlantian son, and heir to the throne of Egypt.

For it happened that Ramses would notice that his father vanished mysteriously from time to time. Ramses was about 14 when he decided to follow him, and he spied on his father sneaking into the Sapien village to spend time with his “other family.” As far as our records go this kind of thing was unheard of amongst Atlantians, never before had they fraternized like this. The shock and betrayal Ramses felt would be the root of all evil, it was a domino effect, a house of cards tumbling down. Ramses in his next incarnation would become Nimrod, king of the wicked Babylonians, and the founder of modern-day Luciferianism.

Well Imhotep, being a skilled mind reader, discovered that his cover was blown. Although it’s harder for Atlantians to read each other than for one of them to read a Sapiens mind, (they are also trained in mind blocking), Ramses was a younger soul and unable to block his father. Imhotep warned Moses and his mother to flee, which they did, for he knew Ramses in his rage was plotting to murder Moses.

Moses fled from Egypt and joined up with a group of wandering desert nomads. It is this group that would become the tribe of Israel, and under Moses would go to Jerusalem to preserve his sacred knowledge. The Israelites were Sapiens and knew that they would not remember their lives when they reincarnated, so they preserved the knowledge as best as they could, they became scribes. Moses would die and reincarnate as King Solomon, and he built a temple in Jerusalem where they preserved the Atlantian knowledge and even practiced ritual summoning of the Annunaki in secret.

Meanwhile Ramses became Pharoah, and changed his name to Akhenaton, meaning the one who worships Aton, known to the common folk as the Sun God. Now Aton, like all Egpytian Gods is a homage to an actual Annunaki figure. Now the Annunaki had become fairly neutral to human affairs after the Enki-Enlil feud, however Aton is really Enlil, who held a grievance about how things went, and even though he was against the Homo Atlantis line being formed, he saw what happened with Moses and Ramses and decided to take an interest. In his mind, he felt that Moses carrying the secret knowledge to the Sapien race was precisely the peril that he feared back when Enki was doing his genetic experiments. Too much power in the hands of mere hominids can only lead to chaos, and so he together with Akhenaton devised a scheme to suppress what Moses was doing in Israel. He called it the “One God” plan, and Akhenaton would carry it out for him. See, Akhenaton though he had the throne and all the power and wealth he could want, was still discontent. He hated his father for sneaking around with another woman, and was furious that Moses had gotten away. He didn’t care so much about the knowledge leaking out, although this did become a concern amongst the Atlantian priests once they learned what had happened. So he and his priests were ready to follow Aton’s plan, whatever was needed to destroy what Moses was building.

The One God plan went as follows: all the temples were destroyed or shut down except for Aton’s temple. All the Sapiens were commanded to pray only to Aton, and threatened with imprisonment or death if they were caught praying to other gods. Prior to this there had been no reason for the kind of fascist, totalitarian rule and law which would follow to occur, they let the sapiens do as they wished, as long as they worked for them and remained ignorant.

The One God plan which would become modern monotheism would ensure that any kind of worship or knowledge of magick, ESP, and the true Annunaki history would be suppressed. It did not happen overnight, for Egypt was followed by Rome which kept some of the old ways, through the Elusian mysteries, and some of the old ways remained hidden in Roman and Greek mythology. But since sapiens die and the next generation has only the written documents or second hand oral traditions, the old Egpytian culture faded and became a curious thing of the past with it’s strange animal-headed gods and rituals. But the truth behind the symbol of the therianthropes was lost, and in its place, the mind control system of monotheism, with its threat of hellfire and damnation to those practicing witchcraft and other Atlantian practices became the norm, and it worked very well.

Except for the Israelites, the small tribe descended from Moses, they alone amongst the Sapiens protected the truth, by writing it down and passing it orally from generation to generation. But they faced many hardships, many were caught and murdered by Atlantians or Sapiens working for them. Many times the truth was almost lost, times where it was only a thin thread, but still it survived, hidden in secret. In large part it survived because when Moses reincarnated he retained his memory.

Meanwhile the Atlantians continued their work in secret, no longer as a public priesthood but now behind the scenes, in the form of various secret societies which continue to this day. They still run the world, and keep their foothold of power through the edifices of religion, royalty, and their latest tricks: banking and government.

Moses, meanwhile has taken the forms of various spiritual leaders. His last incarnation as a public figure was the man Jesus Christ, who preached love and used his powers to heal the sick. That is all he did, he did not go around preaching about the Annunaki and about what happened in Egypt and Sumeria because he knew that would make a marked man. But even the little that he did made him a target, and he was killed as a young man for it. Later the Atlantians were sure to use disinformation and propaganda techniques to turn Christ into a poster child for their One God programs. Since then, this Moses, Solomon, Christ figure learned not to stand out publicly, but worked to make change and enlighten the Sapien race from underground. It is for this reason that our records of his activities have been lost since the death of Jesus, although we know in our hearts that he is still around, and now with the birth of the internet and free information it is harder for the Atlantians to keep things under wraps, their old methods of disinformation and propaganda are failing. They even had to resort to extreme means of whole scale genocide: the Holocaust during WW2 was a last ditch attempt to murder all descendents of the tribe of Israel, the keepers of the secret knowledge.

One final note: throughout history there have been reports amongst the Homo sapiens of certain individuals having strange powers: ESP, remembering past lives, and so on, even before the time of Moses. This would suggest two possibilities: one, that Moses was not the only hybrid to have been born, or two that when Enlil designed our race he was a bit careless and gave us the potential to be like Enki’s race. We may not be as different from Atlantians as they would like to think, it could be that all we need is a biochemical key to unlock the powers that lie dormant within, and in fact when you study genetics you find this to be the case. We have the same DNA as the Atlantians, but a lot of our DNA is discarded as “junk DNA.” Biologists take heed, look to these thrown away DNA strands to see if they are in fact the hidden potential.

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