Conspiricist’s Manifesto #2

Creation must be met with destruction: In the Devil’s Digestive System

Hieronymus Bosch believed that we and all of the universe were traveling through the digestive system of the devil, and that was one of the reasons life is so difficult.

The cult leader, now sporting a large brown beard, spoke before his crowd, in their wooded compound:

“The secret of the Illuminati is that the God of the Bible is actually the Devil. I should have seen it sooner, I always wondered why He was so awful (the flood, the story of Abraham, sending down plagues) and yet we worship him. No clearly God is present in none of these biblical myths, for he is simply, conscience.

There is an old con here. Remember the Devil is the most powerful of God’s Angels. He rebelled against God, who taught all his angels to sing his music, based upon the sacred geometries of the sphere. Satan began making his own music in defiance of God. God then created the physical universe to show his angels what results when a being such as Satan expresses Ego, or hoarding.

The bible contains some truths, such as, “God is light.” The light being causes plants to grow, and animals arrive much later as a recent mutation or offshoot of the vegetable kingdom. Carnivory arrives even more recently.

The Devil wants us animals alive and breeding but in ignorance so it can eat us without too much fuss. Plants and fungi are not part of this eat-or-be-eaten process, their roots go with Gaia and the Sun God so individual plants are expendable (no dissolution of self upon death of the organism). But in animals, mind is housed in a body, and without that intimate connection to photosynthesis, that Gaian connection, we get distracted by the Devil’s games of carnivory, hunting, killing, roasting meat on a fire. The carnivore gains ego and thinks only about itself and its next meal. Plants are communal, animals, for the most part individualistic.

Humans have conscience, which raises them up above animals. This is the good news, it means that at some point God took an interest in the higher primates. Conscience is not about protection of the self, nor is it about your next meal. It is a concern for others. It defies the laws of natural selection (survival of the fittest), and is the precise opposite of the Devil’s aims.

The Bible is a mind trick of the Devil. He knew God once, and learned the 10 commandments of morality, the rules that, when broken by humans, causes conscience to insert feelings of shame, empathy, sadness etc.  So it is the Devil who presents the commandments to Moses atop Mount Sinai, the real rules of morality as instructed by God. But he reinforces the rules in the worst way possible. This is his mind trick. By threatening Hell, floods and plagues to wrongdoers, he only incites anger and resentment in Man. Man rebels against the commandments that he should follow, not by command, but by free will.  A true God would not force the moral life upon man. A true God speaks quietly in the conscience, but always leaves us with the choice. The free will to be moral is the test we NEED to face, for the evolution of our souls.

The ego is formed by the carnivore and by the close proximity to Death. The animal kingdom eats itself in perpetuity, life travels through various stages of the devil’s gut. Why care for others if when we die there is just nothingness?  No one to know care or remember your shady life choices, and if hell is imaginary you won’t suffer for your sins. Thus materialist science or the atheist view on death carries an implicit moral apathy which is greatly encouraged by the devil. He gets them and their opposite, the paranoid bible believers. He has fooled everyone but those who simply listen to their quiet conscience.

The quiet conscience tells us to be vegetarian, to not cause others suffering, even lower lifeforms. Plants on the other hand, are meant to be eaten, they want their seeds spread around.

The quiet conscience tells us that God is still greater than the Devil, and thus we should have faith that life is more than a brief dream sandwiched between violence. That living justly pays off, not for your ego but for the Over-mind of the species. Your life on Earth is a job to help the species evolve, and when it goes into that next nexus, your soul will go with it.

It may seem like death is the end and suffering is inevitable but there is something the devil fears otherwise he would not have gone to such pains to brainwash and manipulate us away from it. To know God we must turn our back on all the evidence of the senses and look inward. The Hindu’s know this, they call the physical world, Maya, meaning illusion. But it is only an illusion for humans, not for plants and lower animals, for it is we who must transition away from the Devil’s guts and closer to God’s heart.

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