The 3S System

This article is about being receptive. I don’t normally write these kind of treatises, going instead to histories and myths. But what seems to be the bottom layer here, when dealing with these mysteries, is a sense of ‘other,’ being channeled to our minds, in moments of receptive state.  Now, we’re not going to get these messages from the other, if we are chattering away in our brains. The endless planning and worrying, it blocks out the gifts from the other, now who are these people? this other, do you mean aliens? Or worse, some god or devil? well yes, and no, but hey! I got it to a system, babay!

S1: Theory ‘source one’ states that the gifts are from our personal subconscious. Only a collection of memories and self-categorizing organizations produced the upwelling of psychic data into our minds, it’s the sudden flash of intuition, feeling, idea, insight, dream, vision, etc.

S2: Theory s2 is the collective unconsciousness notion, that we are all plugged in to a species specific psychic network, and our brains are like tuners, tuning into an ocean of psychic data within the hidden networks. This would explain shared dreams, recurring themes popping up at the same time in regions across the world, and would explain other ‘occult’ phenomena.

S3: The alien/God category. This other really is other. In S1/2 the other is only other from consciousness. from direct, alert animal attention. Because when do we get messages and strange insights, but in those hypnagogic, ‘spaced-out’ moments, or in moments of high suggestibility? Hypnotists know how to get us into these states. These phenomena are dormant when we need to hunt or hide from predators.

I seek to find that there is a certain degree of psychic nourishment to be found in religion, or in spirituality, but if it is to be real, it must satisfy all areas of the human mind. The intellectual, and the slap stick humorist, the joker and the knight, the child and the man. The story of the universe and mankind’s purpose, if it to be satisfactory to our discerning judging and probing minds, it must be wacky, mathematically elegant, beautiful yet sardonic, ironic and a little neurotic. But in the end beautiful, because it celebrates opposites, and cares too much, falls in and out love, and is complex at times yet, strangely simple.

The next thing we are concerned about is plurality. Is One Mind, enough to explain it? Many humans accept a One God system, yet secretly worship the three. The ancients worshipped 12, but had a lot more. 12 gods (Zodiac) is an interesting concept because it would explain all the inherent disagreement in the universe, the imperfection and suffering. With twelve autonomous factors you are going to be rife with struggle and in-fighting. One could argue that two, for simplicity’s sake is all we need to accept into our dogma to explain the error and sin, for two, when left to their own devices would argue, if they are forced to live with each other in eternity.

Could One Omniscient God create an imperfect universe? Maybe loneliness, as a metaphysical necessity would be all we needed to accept into our dogma bag, our set of axioms. Loneliness is, therefore the universe. For all it means to be lonely is to have a mind somewhere in the universe, which gets bored of its job and seeks to connect, through transmission, or through self-mutation, with a set of foreign material. The system seeks to evolve, through communication. Naturally from a one mind, the one creates two, the computer copies its data onto another hard-drive.  At the moment of splitting, one and one are the same. But the minute they start running their systems, they are going to have different parameters, so when they communicate they do so harmoniously rather than monotonously or simultaneously. Greater patterns and novelty can be achieved, more sacred music of the universe. Just look at how sexual cells divide, they purposely blend two DNA patterns to create a third, new pattern. Recombination is essential for a species survival.

Consciousness is the node where the God expresses. We’re all gods, there are billions of God Minds, all making change in the universe! But sacred numbers and guilds like the zodiac or even 7, for some people, for everyone, 1,2,3 are important even 4, if you get there, are all ways of collecting these minds under an umbrella framework (religion = thinking about ‘group mind.’) But twelve is a good start for intellectual pursuit, because to keep twelve unique characters in mind, say for example writing a novel with twelve characters or a mathematical formula with twelve factors, or a pantheon of twelve gods, it’s good practice. We all yearn for that complexity, and plus you can celebrate 1,2,3,7, within twelve, of course. I think we all feel 1,2,3, intrinsically, even if we can’t explain them yet, 4 is high level aesthetic pursuit, and 7 is deeply tied to planets and astrology. Of course so is 12 which is partly why 12 is everything. Why do you think humans even split the psyche into twelve ‘personality types’ in the art of the horoscope? Horoscope is one example of what ties back with the ‘s’ system. It is a natural upwelling from the subconscious, a psychic need for union with a theological system, with meaning in a strange universe. Creating Jesus, and Yahweh are other examples, like the trinity. It’s all just 1,2,3, and then the zodiac. Ancient cultures and their religions all had certain themes in common, these are natural psychic needs of humans, leaping across geographic barriers, and always tying back to the stars, planetary movements, sacred symbols and geometries.

1, we know, 3, the trinity is a whole subject in itself but 2 can be talked about easily. It’s the sexy principle, the union of opposites, the holy juxtaposition that’s always mysterious, the love between a man and a woman, night and day, life and death, being and non-being, self and not-self, which is a big mystery, because if one copied itself to make two, are they really different, in a metaphysical sense? They evolved, eventually into two distinct characters but does that change their essential natures? If not, then we’d have to get our two from elsewhere. Not an offshoot from the one, but rather from our dogma bag, and claim that in the beginning was two, which is why the complex universe and not simply an ocean-like featureless unity in the one. It is hard to reconcile 1 and 2, they are the most mysterious of all, which is why we usually add them, 1+2 to make 3.  The son is the father who is the holy spirit. They’re all one, but expressed as three. With three you have your first plane, the side of a triangle, because with two, you have a line and one, a point. Lots of things can happen on a plane of existence, but of course we don’t like to think that we exist only on one plane, so those of us with appetites for something more complex go to 4, the cube and 3D space. You also now have the four points of the cross, and the four seasons.

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