Mark Clemison: God Called Me Out of an Illuminati Family

Mark Clemison, in a speech, had this to say:

William Booth who founded the Salvation Army adopted my grandfather. Booth was a missionary did who great work, going into brothels and bars and getting people out, preaching the great message. But there was another side to him that noone saw.  The logo of the salvation army is a red shield, we see it everywhere. Well, “red shield” is pronounced “Rothschild” in German.
red shieldThere a lot of people in the company who are doing great work, who love the Lord.  Now Booth had a venture capitalist named Nathaniel Rothschild finance his company. Nathaniel asked Booth to go to India to establish his new territory. The Rothschilds had already established a dynasty there called the East India Trading Company, which is also the largest opium drug dealer in the world. And they needed a front, and who fronted the proceeds? The Salvation Army.

So my grandfather was taken as a small boy to India , and was taken near Tibet and trained by the Jesuits in the mystery schools in the Himalayan mountains. And then my father and uncle were born in India and went to the same mystery schools. So I was being groomed as part of the family bloodline to partake. Now my grandfather, working for the East India Trading Co., ended up becoming leader of a white lodge of Freemasonry. In North America we see blue lodges, which symbolizes a narrower amount of light, they don’t have all the truth. White lodges have all the spectrum of light. When my grandfather died, he gave my father his Masonic apron, which was to be passed on to me.

I was at a tipping point in my career at the IBM think tank. I did not have the credentials to work there but they wanted me because of my status. I realized what I was being groomed to do. And some of the things, the technologies we were working on, we had a saying we’d get industrial amnesia after meetings, we couldn’t talk about them. There was a lot of corruption going on. I worked with accounts from UN right down to local law enforcement, unfortunately there’s a lot of bad people, and good people working for those companies.  And that’s our job again, to call them out of Babylon, and to the truth.

I remember my father telling me stories of the monasteries of the monks, they’d watch them levitating, 80-100 feet in the air, how astonished they were by it. The teaching was known as Luciferianism, they don’t believe in Satan per say, Lucifer is the “light of conscious evolution. Heightens the sense and awareness to experience higher levels of being.” Its connected with the symbol of the ying yang, which I had branded on my body. We have another definition,  “the higher self, centered path, the pure teaching as the self attainment, it has its roots in western occultism and hermeticism.” Whereas Satan represent the materialistic realm, Lucifer represesented the the highest spiritual ideal. One’s true will. Typified when Promethius stole the fires of the Gods to bring to man. Growing up I would meet these illuminated beings  as my dead ancestors. Remember, they work through spiritualism, thinking I was attaining this higher self. It started at a young age.

My grandfather was a Freemason. This means “Member of fraternal order that has Certain secret rituals.” I’ve talked to many Masons. I was giving testimony in New Hampshire and a man stood up, and said, “I’m a 32nd degree Freemason, and everything Mark is saying, I want out into the world.” And we did a circle of prayer around him. Now he’s working to be baptized into the church, away from Freemasonry. Now interestingly enough William Miller was the highest franking Freemason of the order of his time. I have a copy of resignation that he gave to the lodge, when he came to the truth. Some of the people that would be closest to the throne of God have been Satan’s chief agents here on Earth. So we’re not to count any of them out.

Lets look at the term Illuminati: “Special groups claiming special religious enlightenment.” We’re gonna be looking at this term because it’s been thrown around a lot in conspiracy theory, what does it mean.  The American heritage dictionary published in 1979: “a person regarded as atheist, libertarian radical republican involving down American in 14th amendment, freemasonry and the principles of Jacobians (George Washington).” So Illuminati is a cell of Freemasonry itself. George Washington stated publicly himself that, “it is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of Illuminati had not spread to the United States. On the contrary no one is more satisfied to the fact than I am.” In 1798 Napoleon exiled the pope in the Reign Of Terror, he and all the brothers were Freemasons vowed to take the Vatican, that destroyed the Knights Templers hundreds of years before. So we have the Masons in the Vatican, from 1798 and 1822.  While there they reinstate the Jesuit order. So these two groups are now working together.

The Booth family, all Masons, John Wilkes Booth was the assassin who killed Abraham Lincoln. He was related to the same family that my father’s grandfather was adopted into. John Wilkes shot him “in order to begin the movement that would lead to the secession of the south from the union.” The Illuminati used the Knights of the Golden Circle which had been formed in 1854 by George W.L. Bickley to spread racial tension (Hegel’s Dialectic Process) using slavery as an issue. The KKK was a military arm of the Knights. During the American civil war, Rothschild’s funded both sides, and provocated it. They run the banking industry. They have a building, 13 miles north of the White House, which is very important in occult world, part of the pentagram grid which they did to prepare D.C. to be the new Atlantis.

Their building, the “mother supreme council of the world,” in Washington DC, is dedication to the KKK’s chief of judiciary, Confederate General Albert Pike. Now I met a family whose husband was 32nd degree freemason. So this is the only path you go in America to become 33rd degree. He was brought into a waiting room with other candidates. Individually they are brought out in front of a host of people. And they asked them “who do you submit your oath to?” He didn’t know what the answer was, so they shuffled him back into the waiting room. And at this time his family had been praying for him to get out. He asked the man sitting next to him,” who am I submitting my oath to?” The man says, “to Lucifer, of course!” and he went back in and resigned from the order.

So Matthew 6:24 says, “you cannot serve two masters , God and Mammon.” Power we give to money, currency, Timothy 6:10 says, “money is the root of all evil, they have pierced themselves with many sorrows.” When are we gonna be cut of? In the U.S. we have the federal reserve, it’s not federal at all, it’s a private bank, 51% shareholder, is the House of Rothschild! In a communiqué, one of their statements was, “permit me to issue the control and money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws,” -Amscehl Mayer Rothschild 1773-1855. He further states, “the few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits so there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand the great body mentally incapable of comprehending its tremendous advantages bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspicion that the system is inimical to their best interests.” The goyim, the little people, will bear the brunt, and boy we will bear it.

I was a full adept trancendental meditationist when I was 12 years old, because I was given the gift from my family’s bloodline. Clairvoyance, telekinesis, levitation, astral projection all things that I thought were normal behavior, and I talked to my friends at school and they said, “Mark I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s out of this world.” I’m like, c’mon you can do this. I had down to a science.  I’d come home from school, 20 minutes into my mantra and I was out of my body or levitating off the bed. But did I know what was lifting me off the bed? Devils? No I didn’t know that. And right away there are these illuminated ones watching, willing to show me the way. It wasn’t until I read the bible, ch. 18 when God said, “these are an abomination.  They should not make anyone who can pass through the fire.” That’s a Masonic ritual. Because of these abominations God drove them out. Thy should be perfect before the lord, wear Christ’s robe of righteousness, our armor for spiritual warfare.

I’m in this camp in upstate New York, that I’d bought from a friend of my father, trying to quit my job at IBM, where I’m making 100’s of thousands of dollars, rubbing elbows with prestigious people, offered to be part of these elite groups, I’m wrestling with all this. I’m standing on the back of this house, and there’s this lake, and right across it is the Intelligence Center for State Police Barracks and Dept. for Environment Conservation which actually had more authority than the state police. There’s all this activity at midnight and I grab my binoculars, and I look out and there’s all theses guys (KKK) in full regalia, masonic aprons, and I ask, Lord what have I got myself into?

I’m panning on the deck and I stop, and I’m looking and I see there’s a pair of crosshairs looking down my scope. I’m looking into his scope and he’s got a rifle pointed at my head. So I wave, and he nods back, and I drop to my knees. I said, “Lord, I don’t know what to do.” This is the middle of nowhere, and it’s a dark county, completely under their control. And their coming around the lake, for me. And I’m praying, what am I gonna do? This is it. And I hear the smallest of voices saying, “Mark, take off your shoes and socks and go outside and tell them you belong to me.” Ok Lord, ok. So I took off my shoes and socks, and jump off the back of the deck into the woods and next thing I’m staring at Anubis, twenty feet tall, in front of me, the God of the Dead, Lord of the Underworld.

And next to him he’s stacking souls, wrapped in gunney sacks, with their eyes cut out, tied up, wriggling. And he’s talking to me saying “I’ve already got your soul, Mark.” And I look at him and I say you can have my body but you can’t have my soul, I give that to the lord. This thing vanishes, these men around me are backing away, and then the smallest of voices, “Mark go inside, this is not your battle.” So I go inside, went to bed, got up the next morning, went into town, saw some of the men in the diner, asking me how I slept, and I said, “Great thank you very much.” Got a phone call from my father, he said, “if you get out from behind his shadow you’ll end up with a bullet in your head. I’m telling you as your father, we can’t touch you, but don’t get out from behind his shadow.” It’s been a long time since my dad and I reconnected after that, and I still pray for him, because he’s been totally deceived by them, totally deceived.

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  1. Eva says:


  2. terra says:

    I believe it’s true. It’s like the M
    afia and if you try to get out they want to kill you.

  3. 50 Shades Of Pissed Off says:

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    Amazing story

  4. Dennis Woods says:

    Mark, I certainly respect your testimony, but I hope you will reexamine your eschatology. The Bible does not teach that the Great Commission will go unfulfilled or that some “anti-Christ” agenda is able to thwart the power of the Holy Spirit to convert the world, in accordance with Isaiah 2:1-4. That passage is repeated word-for-word as a double-witness in Micah and describes the period of the “last days” BEFORE the 2nd Coming. It is quite clear that in these last days the nations will be converted and “beat their swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks.” The first paragraph of the Revelation (1:1-3) John explicitly told his 1st Century readers that his prophecies “must shortly come to pass…for the time is near” If we take the Bible literally, “near” cannot mean 2000+ years. That doesn’t change after chapter three. It can only be describing the Destruction of Jerusalem & the temple in poetic language. John also told the 7 churches to “count the number of the Beast,” which means the Beast had to exist when John worte the letter (Nero is known in the history books as The Beast. Please read some of the books on prophetic interpretation by Gary DeMar, David Chilton, and Kenneth Gentry.

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    Al momento que simplemente uno se topa con contenidos como este:
    Mark Clemison: God Called Me Out of an Illuminati Family .
    Te agradezco por expresarte. Sin embargo,
    presiento que la noticia puede estar un pelín más precisa, sin importar que el artículo
    se agrande más. Mi humilde opinión.

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