Jay Parker: Grew up in Generational Satanic Family

Paraphrased from several talks and lectures

maxresdefault (10)Jay: SRA (Satanic ritual abuse) is a dark occult system of mind control . Basically the archeologists today and pyschologists like Eric Fromm says it goes back about 600 bc PreDeluvian, in origin. In 960BC the earth went through a major cataclysm, 52 species of genera, of animals were lost in North America alone. Since that cataclysm the consciousness of the human race has been in a state of shock. We are fast approaching a time when the human race is coming out of that shock and back into full consciousness, but in order for that to happen certain manipulation systems in play in our world today must be brought down. The SRA dark occult system is the opposite of natural truth. It is the anti-thesis of nature. It’s a big lie. Control system of scarcity, controlled by a few , when nature and reality is actually based on a loving system where all shared equally. The religious system of SRA is founded in mysticism. Where powers outside yourself control your destiny. You yourself are powerless where you are just a cog in the machine. Mysticism is a falsehood. We have in ourselves, with what we are born with naturally, all the spiritual, mental and emotional faculties to live an empowered creative, positive life. But we are mind controlled through indoctrination systems of religion and education and cultural, uh oh I don’t know how to put it, you know I guess its herd mentality, I’ll just say that. I’m trying to get going here just be patient with me. The uh, Illuminati have a caste system.  The caste system is based on bloodline, a strict hierarchy. If you’re born a Rockefeller lets say, you’re already made, you’re going to be one of the big powers telling everybody else what to do. In the cult system, if you are found to have particular mental or occult talents, you can move up the totem pole. But basically in our world system today the Illuminati bloodlines that originate in ancient Babylon control the entire system. And there is really no sharing of that bloodline; its all amongst themselves. They hold a particular vibrational state, and there is no moving up the ladder for the Joe Shmoe on the street, you can get a better life and instead of just being a guard in the jail you might actually be a supervisor in the jail, but basically that all it is. SRA is a system of physical trauma and emotion based, with the end purpose of making a mind control slave that will serve the dark occultists throughout their life. The end result is your life is stolen from ya’.

And I’m gonna get into this a little bit. (sigh) Um, what happens when you’re born, you’re in alignment in natural harmonies with the natural energy systems of this planet. Your synaptic pathways for the first 6 years of your life are being developed. You are in full download mode. You cannot critically differentiate any information that’s coming into you.  You just keep taking it in and building up the base computer in your subconsciousness. And your subconscious runs 99% of your adult life. So if the first 6 years of your life, you’ve been programmed with negativity, lies and mysticism you’re gonna be a wreck. It comes down to some of the healing methodologies which will give people a way out. When the neural pathways are warped, lets say they take a cattle prod to you, in the shock of that physical attack,  your body is going to release certain chemicals. Your mind and emotions are going to be in certain terror and fear, those chemicals become the habitual chemicals that the body lives off everyday. Just like Pavlov’s dog that salivated when it heard the bell ring, everyday. The Monarch mind control system is just Pavlov’s dog, on steroids. It takes years to mind control someone. And its extremely systematic, its been going on for thousands of years.

Illuminati Satanists, dark occultists from Philadelphia moved to Rose Valley and Arden Delaware at the turn of the century and formed two communities of dark occult practices that basically revolved around a demonic entity known as Andres’ the Marquis of Hell. The cult of Andres the Marquis of Hell is a particularly dark and vicious, violent occult group. They practice blood sacrifice of human beings, they practice pedophile on a regular basis, and in my estimation I would say each town Rose Valley and Arden have well over a thousand human sacrifices buried in the woods of each community. As a member of a generational Satanic Illuminati family, I and my brothers were ritually abused till we were 6, 7 years old. My parents individually both school teachers and also in group settings at the church of the marquis of hell in Arden. It was located, in the 60’s behind the art gallery of a man by the name of Buzzwear. He had an art gallery underneath the candlelight dinner theater and in the back if your went through a black velvet curtain there was a room where ritual pedophilic abuse and ritual satanic human sacrifice was conducted.

My first experience of being abused by my parents is a memory of being in the cradle and my father forcing me to felate him. We’re talking about a infant of several months, while this was happening my mother was standing behind him but instead of receiving pleasure and happiness from what my father was receiving from me, his vibe, her vibe was one of total disgust and arconic devil spirit hatred. So this was of the things that is always prevalent in Monarch mind control for children under 6 years old, the constant opposite energies and opposite messages being given simultaneously. This is how you build a split personality and multiple alternate identities.

My parents, when I was 3 years old moved from Pennsylvania into the village of Arden. My mother had told me that the village was a protected Illuminati village for pedophiles and mass murderers. The government in the 30’s tried to put a stop to it, and I meant the police, not the Delaware government because that’s totally controlled by the Illuminati DuPont family and has been for hundreds of years now. The pedophile village received some financial support from higher ups in the elite who are receiving snuff and child pornographic videos. But generally speaking, 90% of the people in it are Illuminati Satanists. 10% are not related to cult activity and are merely there to add normalcy to the proceedings going on. Just Anytown, USA.

Now my mother and father gave me occult history when I was growing up of the true reality of America, England and the world, and they also gave the standard Annunaki story of subjugation of the human race by extra terrestrial reptilians. My personal belief is if you come from over the hill and say “I’m gonna take your stuff,” you might get some resistance, but if you say, “I’m from that star, and I’m gonna take your stuff,” you might even lay down for it. My mother said that Atlantis was the island of Dr. Monroe they were doing genetic experiments that were off the shelf to make a super soldier. By the way, it would be good to take reptilian DNA to make super soldiers because they are so hive oriented, devoid of critical thinking, they will obey any order.

In Arden Delaware I was in a cell of 3-4 children. Even though there are 150 children in Arden getting Monarch mind control, like myself and my brothers, what the cult would do was put you with the same 4-5 children every time you were at the church of Satan in Buzzwear’s gallery. That way you didn’t know how other children in the town were being abused because you weren’t witness to it. 1963 my mother told me that the woods of Delaware were full of bodies. Go look at google earth and look at the size of the woods of Arden, and ask yourself gee, if a witch with a 5000 year history in Satanism which my mother was, she claimed she was a Malachite, claims that the woods are full of bodies and its 1963, guess how many are in there now? You do the math. When John Kennedy was killed my parents openly discussed that the Illuminati were behind the murder of Kennedy. “The driver was our man,” my father says. My father says that at Buzzwear the cult leader told him that it was a mind trauma ritual called “death of a king”. When the higher ups, the bankers, the industrialists, get together to traumatize the main body of humanity there is nothing they like to do more than false flag terror. A shooting in a movie theater, a shooting in a school, a shooting from the tower in Texas at the college. These false flag setup traumatic events enable them to move their control agenda forward because people are in a subconscious state of shock from it.  When Kennedy was killed, the Illuminati stepped forward in the political scene of America and basically declared to anyone that if you don’t allow the federal reserve to steal a trillion dollars a year from the people in interest and income tax, you’re gonna end up like John Kennedy.

When I was 6 years old I had a best friend named Brandon Pulmer. One night at Buzzwear’s gallery of hell, church of Satan, Brandon and his fellow pedophile victims,  Monarch mind control pupils were getting gang raped and tortured which is standard operating procedure in a Satanic family, and  its not just being raped and emotionally and physically abused, there’s electroshock involved, there’s drugging, I can remember being strapped down to a bench and tortured physically for days at a time. With a car battery. You know what it’s like when you’re 4 years old and somebody’s lighting your spine up with a car battery, you otta try it sometime, all you new agers who happened to say its all just an experience there’s really no good or bad, trust me there’s bad in this world. The reason I’m doing these films and talks is to tell my old friends that joined the cult, you’ve been thrown under the bus. You think you’re gonna get a huge pay day by serving the Rockefellers, the DuPont’s, the Morgans and all other Illuminati families mentioned in Fritz Springmeier’s book Bloodlines of the Illuminati. You’d be surprised of the history of these families, how they’ve colluded to take over your government, your financial system and agriculture. Now there killing all of us. Not the just the ignorant TV watching Americans, but also the rank and file 30 million Illuminati generational Satanists, that thought if they joined in with the elite, to poison the morphogenetic field, with the terror of tortured and murdered children, then eventually they would take over this earth and this holodeck, and they would be in for a pay day. I want to tell the people in Rose Town and Arden, who are doing ritual murder, you’ve been thrown under the bus, the same position that the masses of humanity are in.

Since the 1970s the elite have turned their back on the generational Satanists. They might get a few scraps from the table, but they should look at agenda 21. There is not place in the sun for you. They intend to kill 90% of the human race. Right now 200 chemical and biological labs are being built in the USA, housing level 4 biological weapons weaponized Ebola, weaponized Anthrax, but the 200 labs will only have level 2 containment. Swipe card will get you in to the lab. There is no critical safety mechanism for holding these level4 material in level 2 labs. There going to cull the herd, and you know that the herd is being culled, you’re going down too. The education system, the TV which opens up your brain through mass hypnosis pores thousand of subliminal messages into your mind making you docile like the rest of humanity, but you should try to stand up and join free humanity. These people at the top are not secondary psychotics like you, who had to be tortured and brainwashed to join this system, they didn’t. They’re inbred for hundreds generations and are totally out of their minds.

Chemtrails are being spread in America. A chemtrail is a mixture of aluminum, barium and Strontium.  They work by destroying the natural alkaline base of the soil and turning it acidic. When this happens plants won’t grow. That’s why Monsanto is growing plants in aluminum spoiled soil, they want to take over all plant life on this planet. They’re well on their way. That aluminum and barium is in your body, and your children.

Do have any idea what microwave EMF pollution is doing to your cell walls right now? And the cell towers are only at 10-15 % capacity. What happens when they turn those towers up to 100%  capacity and everyone has aluminum and barium heavy metals in them? I wonder if we’ll survive or whether we’ll just keel over and trucks will come around to pick up our corpses. Good way to get rid of the unwashed masses of humanity and leave the rest of the planet to the DuPont’s and the Rockefellers. There’s some stories we’ve heard for years about underground cities that the elite have built, the Denver airport, the base in Washington DC, do you have a ticket to to one of those places? I know many politicians swear they have a ticket down to Valhalla below, what you have a ticket for is for a wood chipper if you ever show up to the entrance of one of those places.   Only they get through this. Because you don’t have the genetics, you are not royalty like they are. You have been thrown under the bus.

There are many new psychological modalities out there that are changing completely the landscape of psychology and psychiatry. I’m going to tell you about one its called EFT, emotional freedom technique. If you write out your traumatic abuse,  like Cathy Obrien, author, of Transformation of America, and do EFT on each of those abuse rituals, you find yourself free of the traumatic abuse syndrome you are under. The emotional shackles that control has one you, you can tear down the inner working of it with EFT, by writing out your abuse.

You need to look at is what’s in the food. There are more poison you can even imagine and with GMO you don’t have long to live. One thing to watch out for is iron, take a magnet to your cereal. You will get metal filings around the magnet. What do you think it’s doing to your gut? The plan for humanity is a slow death, through aluminum poisoning, cell towers radiation, bad medicine, a slow death and as you die you’re gonna give every cent you have to the Illuminati cartels, they’re going to run you into the ground and laugh as they do it. You’re a big shot dark occultist, did they tell you not to take the polio shot with the cancer virus? Did you get that email? Only the atop 1% are going to survive the Armageddon. It’s right at the doorstep. Just walk away there’s nothing in this for you.

If you look at my videos online I give you a lot to study. The epigenetic nature of human beings with Bruce Lipton. Kevin Trudeau. Allan and Delair’s work of the cataclysm of 9600BC; when the human race went into shock from that cataclysm, the dark occultist said, “hey we can take this place over.” There’s a higher power to this holodeck, there a higher power to this holographic blue pyramid reality. You have only pissed it off.

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23 Responses to Jay Parker: Grew up in Generational Satanic Family

  1. Ali Abbas says:

    he never mentions how he escaped them

  2. solaris40@outlook.com says:

    sure he does. go to “howtoexitthematrix.com”. he left in 2001.

  3. Derek Robert van den akker says:

    I need help. I think I’m Jesus and know that judgement day is near
    I have all the universes secrets
    it’s overwhelming

    • Cassandra says:

      Derek I am a spiritually oriented psychologist and I specialize in working with matters of mysticism and the occult. Check out my website lovelikeanocean.com. If you email me I will give you a free consultation (one session for free). I would love to hear more about what you are experiencing. ✨🙏✨

  4. Yacon Root says:

    Fantastic Website. Very much enjoyed reading.

  5. Terrific article! This is the type of info that should be shared around the internet.
    Disgrace on Google for not positioning this put up upper!
    Come on over and seek advice from my site . Thanks =)

  6. Alfredo Frankenfurter says:

    Here are two things that you need to edit in order to make your story believable: 1) long-term memory does not form in the human brain for recall until age three. Traumatic events push it even older – you might want to fix that. 2) car battery “torture does not exist outside Hollywood – 12 volts is not enough to induce any current into a human body (1-4k Ω resistance) you won’t feel any shock until around 30-45VAC. Painful electrical shock can be achieved by normal household 110V. You might want to change this.

    • David Mehew says:

      I know about Arden, I’ve been in the Candlelight Dinner Theater. Know about the DuPonts, I’ve been to many of their mansions. Know a few more things about Delaware. He’s an impossibly good storyteller, or it’s the truth. I guess everyone must decide for themselves. You also might want to check out a guy called Joe Biden. His family lived in Arden for a few years. It’s actually much worse than Parker is stating.

  7. Pingback: Piggyback on Previous Posts (Biden, Kennedy Confession, Lady Sophia, Fake Sun, Flu Outbreak, Missing Planes and Fenn Treasure) – Local Addiction Treatment Centers

  8. Dennis says:

    Alfredo, denial or refusal to acknowledge the facts of Jay’s life will not change the fact that dark occultists rule this world. You’re ego won’t allow you to see the evidence all around us, hidden in plain sight. Everything you’ve been taught is a lie and your ego won’t let you see that.

  9. What i do not realize is in truth how you’re no longer actually a lot more well-liked than you may
    be now. You are very intelligent. You understand therefore considerably on the subject of this topic, made me individually imagine it from so
    many numerous angles. Its like women and men aren’t fascinated unless
    it’s something to do with Lady gaga! Your personal stuffs excellent.

    Always handle it up!

  10. friendtoshare says:

    hello Jay, thanks a LOT! It does something to me to hear your story over and over and here to be able to read it. I am so sorry about the family you were born into. Do we not have 2 biographies? One that’s mainly physical and one that’s our rightful company from the good spirit world? So what would your 2nd parellel biography be like? Always surrounded by your guardian spirit, and in sleep or moments of “drift aways” he recharged you, he nurished you, he tried to get your attention, he tried to reveal stuff to you. Maybe he managed the DID, so that someone had to bare the worst for you, before you – as the original body owner – came back into it and found the traces of the harsh phase they put it through by training an alter. Would we ever say thanks to the alters for bearing these horrible phases? Maybe there is blessing in the darkest times, that needs more light. And maybe there are more taboos to dust.

  11. friendtoshare says:

    hey Jay,
    I never got your blue pyramid story where they told you afterwards: you see, so what do you want: stay with us.
    Obviously it’s some event, that if it’s spirit-manufactured (like pysical-bluebeam-stuff) or it it’s a neutral event, get’s used to hammer aditional ‘indoctrines’ into the experiencer? Most events, are what they are, if we do not charge them with “explanations” then if we leave them in peace, we have feelings like, awe, surprise or whatever or something that changes the ranges of our perception, once more and affects our paradimes. But honestly, as impressive as it might have been and as permanent as it might be to be experienced over, it’s still not more impressive to me as to see the alps on a special morning appear in the sunshine?
    Besides the living God will give us answers and we will get demonstrations of his allmightyness, so we can have the personal experience for good. (no need to ‘believe’ anything better to experience it). 🙂

    • David Mehew says:

      There are alternate realities that are far more impressive and mysterious than Earth, although there are many mysteries on and inside this planet as well. I think all the mystical locations around our world are tied to these other planets and realities in some way. You don’t need any “Space Program” to discover things – this is eventually what people will discover if they want the truth.

  12. Angel says:

    The world should knw the truth.many unware of iluminati. V shouldnt be silent. If v all unite together..can destroy illuminati as they are not gods or angels but just humans

  13. Todd Smith says:

    I knew a kid i met in a adolescent pysc wzrd type thing he said his parents sexually abused him in satanic rituals and went on and on about sectret societies behind the scences his parents and freinds that abused him were big time ibm executive types big money had personal driver and town cars i saw and a very scary feeling just having him real. They said the boy was crazy and medicated him and labeled him and in a sense silenced him. I my self have seen these demons that lurk in the hearts of men what true evil is i was in maximum security in prison for four years and meet quite a few demons maybe there is somthing wtong with me this path of my life is just a report back to god is it worth continueing on and let evil take over the world led by these powers that be. Im talking crazy right you know that we are so deep in this the god of this world is Satan

    • OfficerFriendly says:

      ..ask for protection from ArchAngel Michael, your Higher Self & Angels of the Light only… blessings

    • David Mehew says:

      The Light Forces are watching ALL that goes on. We’ve got just a few more years of these insane psychopaths, then it will be dismantled. They’ve been working against these buggars for centuries. It’s part of the evolutionary path of humanity if it doesn’t become aware of it’s power. I’m sorry you were in prison, in a way I feel personally responsible. I’ve done what I know to do, at least in part. I don’t believe in prisons, and I don’t believe people should have to suffer at the hands of demons who only want to torment people.

  14. OfficerFriendly says:

    He grew up in Biden’s home town, Arden Delaware & said everyone knew Biden’s home as Satanic family

    • David Mehew says:

      I grew up on Foulk Rd. We went to the Candlelight Dinner Theater for my Dad’s IBM “Christmas Party”. I remember going into Arden and having a creepy feeling. I knew something was very wrong (I was around 7 or 8) I was also wondering what Dad was doing driving into this place. I just wanted to leave. Never noticed any signs of Satanism, but I had no idea that that was what was going on in the community. My mother also didn’t seem to like the place. I’d love to go burn that place down.

  15. spiritual663 says:

    I’ve been following Jay Parker a few years and I’m curious how the car battery could have electrocuted him?

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