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Jay Parker: Grew up in Generational Satanic Family

Paraphrased from several talks and lectures Jay: SRA (Satanic ritual abuse) is a dark occult system of mind control . Basically the archeologists today and pyschologists like Eric Fromm says it goes back about 600 bc PreDeluvian, in origin. In 960BC the … Continue reading

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Retired Head Of FBI Ted Gunderson Tells All – Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophilia

Paraphrased from a speech by the late Ted Gunderson: Lets go back to 1776 may 1st,  Adam Weishaupt was commission by the Rothschild family to set up the goals to control and take over the world, with a one world … Continue reading

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Dr Dan Burisch’s Interaction with an E.T. named J-Rod.

Paraphrased from a presentation by Michael Schratt, military aerospace historian: Dan began working on something called Project Aquarius at S-4, one of the most highly guarded air force bases in the world. Air traffic control will not allow clearance. If you … Continue reading

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