Bob Dean: A member of the Old Boys Network

Dean: My old paradigm crumbled below my knees. We humans sometimes rather than face reality, create a little world of our own. Live a normal life. I learned there is no such thing. I’m a human wreck of what I used to be. Because I lived in a cut and dry world.

Kerry: Well let’s cut to the chase here. You contacted us saying you got something new to say to the people. What is it?

Dean: I have been a member of the old boys network, it was made up military types, even a couple cosmonauts. Over the year the old boys have shared things which each other because we had a different military experiences. Some had connection to highly classified material. Originally there was a hundred and fifty of us. Today about a dozen are left. A few of us came out blatantly, sharing what we learned with the public. I thought they were going to eliminate me. Or call me back to active duty but I’m eighty now. Why I’m getting away with this is because there is somebody back there who wants me to do this. But let me give you one tidbit. One tidbit, old Ike warned about the military-industrial complex when he left office. Well its is a triad now with the national security agency. In the National Reconaissance office, they had a series of satellites called the keyholes, they supposedly could read a postage stamp from space. There were questions being raised about the Ararat anomaly. The guys in the NRO, focused their keyhole system on the Ararat anomaly which was a puzzle. They cleaned up the pictures and broadcast them on the wall. “Jesus Christ it’s a goddamn boat.” Why would the discovery of a boat on Mount Ararat be so highly classified? It was a big god damn boat. They put military seals on the scene. Dropped back aircraft. These guys spend several days in this boat. They extracted them by helicopter, and the guys took with them anomalous artifacts which have never been described or named, but the artifacts led to this whole thing being classified top secret.

Is this Noah’s ark?

No one knows what it is. It appears to be wood, a work of genius, intricately put together, survived all these years, but how many years ago? When was the flood? The religious implications of this: many religions have a flood story. I’m sure there were many Noah’s. What could they have found in this big wreck? I don’t know hopefully the old boys will stay alive and we’ll find out.  The damn nitwits classified it.

By the way, under the ice in Antarctica there is a fresh water lake, the temperature is about 65 degrees, pleasant swimming you might say. But at the end of the lake is a mass concentration of metal, similar to the mass cons they found on the moon. Highly classified. Easily picked up by satellites. The common folk cant handle this, the implications are too vast. The Chinese have gone into space in a real way. I heard they have satellites orbiting the moon now.

Our original space program was all a Nazi program. If not we wouldn’t have beaten the Russians. They have tremendous scientific programs, they didn’t need Nazi scientists. But one of the biggest secrets of all is the secret space program. Its like blue book used to be. It’s a public relations front. It didn’t handle the good stuff, and suppressed the common folk. Why are we keeping classified the enormous facilities on the moon, which aren’t ours. It’s the Annunaki. There are four different groups we are relating with. I’ve met some face to face. Whether they were the Annunanki I don’t know. They were typically human. They could put on a suit. There are four I’ve encountered. Not all Annunaki are nine feet tall. They are human enough that we are related to them. that lovely little story in chapter six of Genesis is quite true. They modified the genes and chromes of an existing species on this planet. Sitchin says 60,000 years ago. Homo sapiens sapiens has been tweaked and manipulated. There are the Nordics, there are the Big Whites, the Greys and the Annunaki. 

There is an intelligence on mars that’s wants to limit our access to them. the annunaki are on mars in bases, probably shooting down the various craft from JPL. I know Sitchin, he says they never left. They continue covertly, both on the moon and Mars and of course Earth. The same ones who engineered us so many years ago. Enki and Enlil, they are a dysfunctional family. Apparently the remote viewers and I’ve done some of it myself. Ingo is a remote viewer who sees things happening on Mars and wrote a controversial book that’s hard to find now. Whether those two brothers are alive or not, is not important because they have manipulated DNA to such an extent that they might still be alive. The factions are still divided. One side wants to use us, the other want to give us the opportunity to chart our own future. There is a difference of opinion.

I don’t think we will have a nuclear war because the custodians won’t allow it. This planet is too valuable , a cornucopia of beautiful forms of life. The flora is infinite almost. They have too much invested and have the power to see that this wont happen. They interfere, break the prime directive thousands of times. Maybe even in Troy, they took sides and played in the game. The Vedas are filled with it. Richard Thompson is a genius who has written book about it.

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