The Pre-Biblical Creation Myth Of Sumer

Note: this carving from Sumeria shows the correct size, number and orbit pattern of the planets in our galaxy, some of which were not confirmed by science until the 20th century.


    When Nibiru, in its long elliptical orbit, came close to the sun, the Annunaki on the planet were having problems with radiation. Their astronauts found that monatomic gold on earth could be used as a shield for their planets ozone. The Annunaki and their council of 12 came to Earth to mine.

Paraphrased from a Gerald Clark interview:

So Enki and his miners are working hard, mining gold in south Africa, the agigi and annunaki were there doing the work, now the agigi are a slave species of the annunaki. The agigi had enough, they revolted in the mines. They surrounded Enlil’s house (beaurocrat, lord of command, half brother of Enki). Called a council meeting, annunaki council of 12, Anu, Ninharsag(Isis in Egypt), Ninlil, Ninki and others. And Enki, who is the scientist. It was recorded that there is a bipedal hominid on the steppes of Africa, that they could augment with their genetics. They went through many iterations, didn’t get it right until they got it right. When they finally had an acceptable being, sired by Enki with a female Neanderthal, (of course they dumbed down the DNA to make us a subspecies of them, they didn’t give us the whole thing) once they agreed on the being they got the approval from Anu, they began to have them try to procreate in the garden of Eden.

In the garden of Eden, two beings were there watching the first two human prototypes. In the bible it’s God and the evil snake. Turns out it was Enki and Enlil watching these primitive humans to see if they could make a baby so they could meet the labor force. How does that make you feel? The first disagreement between Enkiits and Enlilites, was whether this slave race was going to have access to human consciousness, which was against galactic law, and Enki knew this. Enlil, who does not want them to be anything but workers (slaves) tells the humans, you eat anything out of the garden and you will surely die. Enki who gathered plants, had a medicinal garden with mushrooms and cannabis and other things that could change human consciousness. Enki tells them the truth, “no you wont die, you’ll just take on consciousness like we have.” And what happened, they ate something they weren’t supposed to, took on the consciousness, and were thrown out of the garden by Enlil who was pissed.

So at this point you have a couple of primitive workers who can breed, they are meeting the labor force, everything’s good, the Agigi have been relieved. Enlil and Enki have taken human wives to insert their genetic lineage into the population. It became a genetic war between these two high level beings, Enki and Enlil. Now fast forward 600 years (to the story of Noah). Enlil had enough of the breeding program. They were too prolific and bellowing like bulls and he wanted it gone. He was the highest ranking on the Earth Council, his father was higher ranking but was back on Nibiru. They had split up regions by the way. Enlil controlled Mesopotamia. Isis controlled the Sinai peninsula. Enki had Africa. Enlil calls a meeting, saying these humans are drinking from puddles and wants them. gone. And he gets his way. Noah was the king of Shropak. That was where Isis had her medical center. Enki goes there, decides to break his pact with the council, tells the king that the flood’s coming, get your stuff and get out. Why of all the people why Noah (Atrahasis)? Atrahesis was given the genetic seed bank for all the animals to repopulate. After the flood, Enlil in his craft is doing flood damage assessment and sees the vessel with Atrahasis. Enlil is furious and finds out from Enki that Atrahasis was Enki’s son.

Now it is simplifying things to assume that the Enlilites were always malevolent towards humans and the Enkiits were always helpful. There were instances of the Enlilites helping or augmenting humans.

As the zodiacal houses change, the enlilites and enkites bounce back and forth on the council. Marduk takes over the council through brute force. 2000BC. The 50 names of marduk were venerated in Babylon where he was the chief deity. As the zodiacal houses shift, the ruling seat, seat number 50 shifts as well. The zodiacal houses have a positive or negative attached to them. Pisces is negative, but we are heading out of Pisces into the age of Aquarius (+).

(Clark goes on to suggest that the whole light/dark struggle between Enki and Enlil may be staged or an act to teach and assess us as a species. Given the two choices of creation or destruction, which way will we go and this will determine if we are fit to join the ranks of higher beings. We are caught in a simulator to test our moral worth.)

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